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Monet & Van Gough

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pairing: Jimin x you x Taehyung
genre: fluff. love Triangle. artist au.
summary: You are assigned seating between two of the best art students in class. They feud over two things, art and you.
a/n: I actually controlled myself. I made a one shot instead of starting a whole new series yayy 🌸

Delicate strokes of your paintbrush, classical music flowing through the earbuds as you glanced at the vase of flowers on the table. Dipping your brush in the water you tap it on the side of the glass cup, getting the excess water off. The professor instructed the classroom to paint the flowers the way their mind interprets. You used watercolors and painted on the off-white canvas, your art always looked a bit different. Not bad, just not common.

“That’s really pretty Y/N.” Jimin, the boy who always sat to your right smiled genuinely, cleaning off his brush to continue with a different color. You smiled, taking a peek at his canvas and you were always impressed with his work. It was so stunning, the watercolors were so precise and skillfully painted—you’d like to paint as well as him one day.

“Really? I think yours is much better than mine.” You went back to painting, gaining a bit of confidence form the simple compliment. “But thank you.”

“Yeah, you paint so well.” Taehyung, the boy who sat on your left leaned back in his chair just to get a better look at the picture, yellow paint on his fingers as he pointed at your simple vase.

“Thank you, Tae.” You smiled, adding some white to the purple paint to your paint palette. The flowers were fairly easy but you found yourself struggling to start the petals, in fear you would mess them up.

“What’s with all the yellow?” Jimin commented. You saw he was looking at Taehyungs canvas, there was a lot of yellow but it was still pretty in your opinion. “The flowers are purple.”

“He said to paint them the way I perceive them. I perceive them as yellow.” He cooed, continuing to do his own thing. 

“You can’t perceive a different color,” Jimin mumbled.

“Why do you have a pond in the background? Last time I checked we weren’t outside. You perceived a whole new fucking backdrop…” Tae defended as he cursed innocently in your eyes and Jimin glared at him.

“A different scenery is practical. That’s what you call artistic, it’s creative.” Jimin put down his paintbrush, reaching for a different one to portray a thinner line of paint.

“y/n, which do you like better? His or mine?” Tae broke you from your concentration by tapping your shoulder. You couldn’t understand why they needed to win so much, they both painted beautifully.

“I’m not going to choose, they’re both good in their on way.” You were about sick of them fighting over this, you focused on your painting, trying your best to ignore them and make the teacher believe you weren’t apart of this fued.

Jimin grinned. “You know you like mine better, you can say it. It’s okay to hurt his feeling a little bit. My art is-”

Tae flicked yellow painting on him before he could properly finish, some of that yellow pain got on his painting. “Oops, my fingers slipped.” He chuckled.

“What the hell?!” He looked down at his white sweater, “you’re gonna pay for this.”

“Mr. Kim and Mr. Park, since you two paint so much you can stay after class to clean up.” He glared at the two, seeing that their attention was more of each other than him. “Class dismissed, put your paintings up and we’ll continue next class. Have a nice weekend.” He packed up his things and he was out of here.

Meanwhile you watched the two of them passive aggressively putting up their material. The class room slowly started to empty but you purposely took your sweet time, watching them argue like children.

“That’s the wrong one, put the blue one there.” Jimin mumbled, pointing to the correct cabinets.

“You do it.” Tae shoved the bucket into Jimin’s arms and he had no choice but to hold it as he glared at that kid. “Quit bossing me around…” 

Jimin leered at the eccentric boy. “If you stop half doing stuff I wouldn’t have to-”

“Guys, do you want me to help?” You offered, you wanted to calm some of the tension between them.

“No, it’s okay, there’s no reason for you to be punished too.” Tae looked at you with a genuine smile but you grabbed the brush from him anyway.

“I’ll help you anyway.” You took the brushes from the back of the class so you could put them in the sink. 

“Thanks, Y/n.”Jimin walked behind you. “Y’know, I saw the mural at the dance center, you did a great job.” He stood beside you, getting a cloth to dry the brushes you’re washing. He referred to the mural you did last week, they told you there was a paid mural painting opportunity for art students, getting paid was enough for you to volunteer. 

“You did? Thank you, I tried my best.” That the first time anyone had complimented you on them,it took a lot of time so a compliment like that means a lot from an artist like Jimin.

“So,” Taehyung came to lean against the sink counter and smile. “I wanted to ask if you’d like to go to that new museums grand opening, I hear it’s supposed to be really nice. It’s tomorrow, at 5. Do you want to go?” The mere mention of a museum had you smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh my gosh Tae, are you serious? I’d love to go.” You giggled, giving Tae a big hug despite your wet hands getting on the back of his shirt a bit.

Jimin had to quickly but in, seeing as his plan to ask you was being ruined. “What a coincidence, I have tickets to the same museum.”

“Oh yeah?” Tae said sarcastically. “Well, pity you’ll have to go alone.” He snickered.

“Y/n, do you want to go with me?” Jimin had to ask, with those puppy dog eyes and the sweet way he asked, how could you turn him down?

“No, she wants to go with-”

“How about we all go together!” That was a brilliant idea. “It’ll be fun!” 

Tae made a slightly disgusted face. “All three of us?”

Jimin cringed at thought. “Together?…”

You nodded eagerly, running over to the desk to grab your backpack with delight thoughts of you and your two good friends going out to look at art. Going with one of them would be more than enough but the both of them would make it all the more exciting.

“I’ll see you guys 5 o’clock sharp!” And you left them, leaving them speechless.

The two of them stood there glaring at each other, trying to adjust to the fact that they’d be shoulder going out with each other and not just you like they had in mind. Of course, you were oblivious to that, you just thought you were going out with you good friends and having fun. But little did you know, they’d be at each other’s throats just to get you to themselves. The two of them would be competeing for your affection—but how could you pick between them?


“Father Mulcahy hauling Frank bodily out of the OR in The Kids” -requested by @brinnanza)

The Flower-Maker

Fandom: Noragami

Summary: Hiyori comes across a small gift, mysteriously placed for her to find on her way home from school. When the reappearance of these colorful flowers happen daily, she seeks out the one leaving them around. But the flower-maker wasnโ€™t anyone she had expected.

Notes: Fluff and friendship because why not? Two-parter

Song Inspirations:ย โ€œHeavy Heartโ€ by Anthony Greninger


Hiyori started to loose the belief that it was just a mere coincidence that she had always spotted a paper flower on her way to and from school. The first day she was with her friends and had paused to take a picture of the beautiful origami made flower, crafted with clean lines and folds and tucked delicate between the branches of a bush.ย 

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Poem 461

These days my sweatshirt feels so draft
Like there’s room in it for two
But my house is overgrowing
With a little room left for meI imagine that’s what spurred me
To clear some space inside my head
And now I feel that vacancy radiating out around me


~ Cristiano Ronaldo moodboard ~