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*makes second EP lyric video nearly a year after the first one* 
It is for my Percabeth song ‘Into the Darkness’ (beware: House of Hades spoilers!) 

I was extraordinarily lucky to get to commission the amazing @eerna for the absolutely beautiful and feel-inducing art of this video! Please check out the rest of her work if you haven’t because it’s honestly so breathtaking ;-;

I hope you enjoy this if you give it a listen! <3

[video for “Human”]


winter things ➳ 3 days until christmas

❝This fallen love becomes an arrow to me
That points to where you are…❞ - On The Snow by EXO


destiel meet cute, like 800 words, college!au, whoop!

part two | part three

Dean rummaged through his backpack for his set of keys, groaning as little bugs brushed across his face, attracted by the orange light above him. It had been a long fucking day and all he wanted was to kick back in his boxers and binge-watch Netflix all night. His feet ached from walking all the way to his classes, to the garage, and home again, but he was damned if he was gonna take the bus again, especially this late at night. He’d had one too many creepy experiences on there.

Finally locating his keys—at the bottom of the bag, of course—he unlocked the outside door to his shitty apartment complex and trudged down the hall towards the stairs.

As he rounded the corner, he jumped in surprise. Sitting on the steps was a young man, probably another student, as he looked about Dean’s age, with dark curled hair and those black square glasses that hipster-types wore. He was wearing jeans and a loose blue t-shirt, elbows on his knees and chin in his hands. He was sitting right in Dean’s way.

“Uhh…” Dean started, not really knowing what to say.

The guy looked up, startled. Like he hadn’t even noticed Dean was right in front of him. “Oh, hello,” he said. His eyes were deep blue, kinda captivating actually.

“Hi—” Dean started.

“Sorry, I’ll move,” the guys cut him off, scooting to the side.

“It’s fine—oh, yeah okay.” Dean just stopped talking, annoyed he was coming off so awkward. The guy’s voice was ridiculously deep, almost growly, and it made his imagination run wild for a second. “Thanks,” he muttered as he stepped by, though he didn’t really know why he did—the guy was in his way, after all.

“Mmm,” the guy responded, slumping back down again.

Dean stopped at the first landing and sighed. He looked so forlorn. Dean wasn’t really a “people-person” and he was tired as fuck, but couldn’t leave this guy alone without at least checking on him.

It also doesn’t hurt that the guy’s a babe, he thought, but quickly shut that line of thinking down.

He turned around slowly. “Hey, uh. Are you….you know, okay?”

The guy twisted to look at him, eyes squinted in confusion.

“Are you waiting for someone or..?” Dean continued, and the guy’s eyes lit up in understanding.

“Oh, yes. Well, I was, but. My brother lives here and he said I could come over when I wanted to get away from my dorm, but he’s having a party, and he said I could stay but…” he trailed off.

“You’re not really a party person?” Dean guessed.

“No, I’m really not,” he chuckled.

“Well, why don’t you just go back to your dorm?” Dean realized a second later he probably could’ve said that more politely, but his filter had sort of stopped working from the fatigue.

The guy didn’t seem offended, though. “My roommate doesn’t…approve of me.” He scoffed and said, more angrily. “Well, actually he’s a homophobic asshole. It’s exhausting to live with him.”

Dean’s eyebrows raised. “Damn, I’m sorry. Can you switch rooms or something?”

He just shrugged in response.

Dean re-adjusted his backpack, weighing heavily on his shoulders. He really, really wanted to lie down. “Well, do you wanna hang at my place?” he finally said. “You know, until your bro’s party is over or whatever?

The guy looked at him like he just spoke Klingon.

“I’m gonna binge-watch Friends,” Dean added.

The guy looked mildly more interested. Hah, everybody likes Friends.

“I don’t know,” the guy finally said, turning away.

“I swear I’m not a murderer or a creep or anything. Plus, your brother’s in the building so I have no reason to try anything. Not that I would, I just—” Dean wiped his hands down his face. “I’m tired, and I’m just trying to be nice, but I totally get it if you don’t feel safe or whatever. Sorry.” Dean started up the stairs again, cursing himself.

“Wait!” The guy jumped up and climbed the stairs quickly. He caught up to Dean who had turned back around to face him. His eyes were much bluer up close, deep as the ocean, and his cheekbones looked like they could cut glass. He was smiling this adorable, gummy smile, and oh yeah, Dean was in trouble. “I love Friends,” he said brightly. 

“Who doesn’t?” Dean gave him a tired, but genuine smile in return. “Alright, let’s go. I gotta get this backpack off me before my shoulders detach from my torso.”

They climbed the three flights up to Dean’s room in silence. Before Dean could open his door, however, the guy put his hand on Dean’s arm. “Thank you,” he said seriously, staring right in his eyes.

Dean stared back for a moment, sort of getting lost. He finally remembered himself and cleared his throat. “Uh, you’re welcome,” he said gruffly.

“My name is Castiel,” he guy said, sticking out a hand. “I figured we should probably at least know each other’s names before I come in so we’re not complete strangers.”

Dean chuckled and took his hand. “I’m Dean, nice to meet you Castiel.”

“Nice to meet you, Dean.”



Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 2,373

Written For: @thetourguidebarbie [fic giveaway #3]

Pansy meets him on the very first day of junior high.

Her summer sunburn is peeling off the freckled tops of her shoulders, and her hair is freshly cut, sleek and slightly stiff with baby-pink glitter, and Draco Malfoy—who now smells like mocha Frappuccinos and the Hugo Boss counter at Nordstrom—is red-cheeked and haughty and furious as he calls Harry Potter ‘four-eyes’ in front of their entire morning-block math class.

And it isn’t a particularly funny, or witty, or clever insult, but Pansy still giggles like it’s the best thing she’s ever heard.

Draco smirks.

Potter glances at her like she’s an insect.


Draco breaks up with her at the eighth-grade dance.

It’s humiliating, and she’s shrill and breathless and a little hysterical as she pours most of a can of Diet Coke all over the front of his ugly mauve and green Express button-down; instantly, he’s pouting, glaring at her like she’s the one who’s betrayed him, and she spins on her too-high platform stilettos before stomping out of the badly lit assembly room and heading blindly for the very last place anyone would think to search for her.

The soccer field.

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Welcome to Hell secret santa gift for @frostios !!
Some dorks in sweaters; hope you like!! ^u^

okay so there have been a number of dexnursey fics involving nursey and his poetry? but in all of them dex figures out pretty quickly that they are about him, or nursey tells him? and I just like the idea that dex is completely oblivious to the fact that nursey is completely gone on him, and instead thinks that nursey must be crushing on someone else and so constantly chirps him about them. meanwhile poor nursey is doing everything in his power to keep his chill while desperately trying to keep dex from realising who they’re actually about?