idk im sorry i just really really like this musical


it starts out like a trailer for a horror movie. it’s like the 17th century and a man is on trial for aiding a witch, so he’s about to be burned alive. he doesn’t burn. they try to sink him. he doesn’t drown. they try to cut his throat but the blood just bubbles out and comes back in. the only solution is that they bury him deep underground in a part of the dark forest where nothing would grow where he would stay, always starving and lonely. 

cuts to 2017. the forest has long been wiped out for a neighborhood complex. it’s just a mom and her son (i was the son in my dream lmao) in the newest house. there’s a flash of a conversation where the contractors explain they’ve been trying to build on this certain plot of land for years, and it was perfect because it was flat and had no vegetation. but no matter what they did, every foundation they scrounged up ended up collapsing in on itself. 

the mom and the son take that as a good omen bc they’ve had a rough couple of years. the dad isn’t in the picture, most likely for more concerning issues. the mom and son live in the house for around a month before the son starts to hear it: footsteps. they’re sporadic and just sound like the house creaking so he doesn’t pay any mind. 

HOWEVER: one day the mom goes “alright, you have the day off but I don’t. I’ll be off around 4. the dishes better be done when i get home.”

and the son says, “yeah, yeah okay, whatever.” and waits until she’s out the door to get started. 

cue the ominous music as he starts washing dishes, cut to the dark hallway just behind him as a door opens up and the black frame of a man walks out. he’s slowly lumbering down the hallway towards the boy who’s trying to connect his phone to the surround sound speakers in the house. 

the ominous music grows as the distance shortens until it’s at a crescendo. the man is just about to step over the threshold and you can tell he’s got white glowing eyes and a dark face, long overgrown with a shaggy beard and mane (but otherwise would’ve been handsome) when the speakers pick up the boy’s music and start blasting it:

emotional fire by cher

the man goes from ominous and foreboding to wtf?? while the boy starts washing the dishes and gyrating his hips and wailing along to cher. he takes a ladle and mimes the guitar solo. he does one hard twirl and sees the man, standing in the doorway with  a dumbfounded look on his face. the boy screams and runs into his mom’s room and calls 911. 

cut scene to like 2 months after that. the boy is kinda wary but he’s mostly over it. he’s been trying to look up stuff about the house and finds out about the witch trials, but doesn’t think the man  he saw is the man Proctor Guthrie, who was buried alive. the boy is sitting at his computer and starts playing some music, just chilling, and the ominous music grows again as the closet door behind him opens the man from before steps out. his white eyes are glowing again and he stakes two steps forward but stops as the boy turns around. 

right when they make eye contact another song starts playing

you can call me al by paul simon 

i can’t remember really what happens next, but the two basically just listen to 80′s music and the boy calls the “ghost” Al (bc of the song) and showing the man stuff on the internet like youtube cat videos

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Dude i can't stop thinking about them T_T I was listening lights by journey and i just thought he tian loves 70-80's rock bands hc. He and guan shan at he tian's (their) house, sun goes down, guan shan makes something in the kitchen, the only voice in the house is the song that he tian plays. Lights by journal (or something else from 70-80's) . At first it's not guan shan's music type but he used to listen and loves these songs after years that they spent together. He tian hugs mo from back..T_T


sorry if im gonna take some liberties with this, but im listening to that song and crying because all i can imagine is he tian reading a book on the couch while guan shan is preparing dinner, music playing in the background, and then this song comes up and after a while guan shan starts to hum along with it absentmindedly, and he tian looks up from the book and sees guan shan there, bathed in the golden light of the sunset coming through the windows of the apartment, and he suddenly feels so lucky to have him that he gets up and hugs guan shan from behind

they stay there for a while, swinging slightly on the spot, then he tian takes the spoon from guan shan’s hand and puts it on the counter, taking his hand in his own and tugging him towards the centre of the room with a soft ‘come here’. guan shan gives him a look that says ‘what the hell are you doing’, but he tian has such an intense look on his face that guan shan just goes along with it, and then he tian puts an arm around his waist and they start to slowly move along with the music, the light casting long shadows on the floor

at one point he tian tries to dip guan shan and they end up laughing softly together, guan shan muttering how ridiculous he tian is, but they keep slow dancing until the song ends, foreheads touching, a small smile on their lips, feeling happy and content in each other’s arms

(okay, sorry again, im just very emotional right now, i really loved that song and your headcanon!!!! and i never thought about what kind of music he tian would like but i really can see him enjoying the songs from the 70-80s)

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(cute sfw hc) hinata's first kiss turns him into a giggling mess and it was sort of on accident and the kisser was someone from the team (idk who though i could go with anyone really) and they end up just falling in love with him like wow look at this cutie giggling at his first cute gosh thats fucking adorable. and every now and when he gets a surprise kiss he just giggles like his first kiss so his lover gives him a lot of surprise kisses just to see him giggle and im so sorry i cant

That’s so cute it’s disgusting!
The kisser would be so infatuated with him. Hinata’s little giggles would be like music to their ears and they literally can’t go a day without hearing it.
I really want to write a kagehina fic on this now omg.