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Gavin first meets Michael as he’s being thrown out of a bar after being caught pick-pocketing. Gavin made the rather stupid mistake of trying to take the wallet of a guy three times his size, with no backup, no weapon on him, and only his drunken impulses to guide his actions. The huge guy felt his sloppy hands, grabbed Gavin’s wrist, and threatened to beat him to death. Gavin would insist later that he was already making a plan to get out of it, already spinning the starts of lies in his head, the start of a flashy smile. But if he’s being honest he was scared. He was young, he’s been in this trash of a city for all of three months, and he has no way out of this.

“Hey!” A voice calls besides Gavin and he looks to find a short curly-haired man who couldn’t be much older than himself, freckles spattering his scowl. “The dude is like eighty pounds, leave him alone.”

The man gripping Gavin’s wrist turns to the other, his snarl getting deeper. “Fuck off, this is between me and the twink.”

The strange savior insists again he find someone his own size to pick on. The giant again tells him to fuck off. At some point a punch is thrown, the police are called, and Gavin and the stranger get shoved out the back entrance being told to never come back.

“Thanks for that,” Gavin chirps to the stranger, holding out his hand to shake. “I would’ve been ok, but thanks for the help anyway. The smegpot looked outright mean.”

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Hux carrying his favourite ginger. 

Bonus: Kylo enjoys carrying his favourite ginger as well.

I am capable of serious Star Wars art, I swear. One day I will prove that to you all.

One day. 


“What a goddamn tease. How’s he even real?”

I was slain today by the first chapter of this fic and I couldn’t help but draw this moment because hollllyyyyy goooosshhh 

please go read it you won’t regret it

I know that it’s not the same for everyone, but from the few people I’ve spoken to with systems, and from what I’ve seen of systems, I’m glad that those peeps have something like that ;v;

Like of course it comes with other issues and whatever, but like, it’s kinda cool? Having another person looking out for you inside yourself. Idk I’m probs saying something wrong. If I am please feel free to correct me!! 

I just love learning about people. Not in a “i find this interesting in a de-humanizing” way. I just genuinely love learning about peeps and understanding them.

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I really want to be a good ally for people with autism. My little brother was recently diagnosed with autism and I want to help him and protect him as he is growing up. I've always had a hard time establishing an emotional connection with him, and I feel as if I cannot help him since he never tells me what's wrong. Do you have any tips for being a good ally for him and the autistic community?

uhh idk i guess maybe like….. you could go to blogs by autistic people that are like talking solely abt autism related things and try to see if theres any like shit on that sorta thing

and to be an ally to the whole community just… listen to what we’re saying lmao cause so many “allies” ive seen are good in some accounts (not supporting autism $peaks, not using person first language, not using functioning labels, etc) but then turn around and ignore autistics on other accounts and idk im tired so if anyone else wanys to add anything please do so i cant think