idk im remaking this

my identity is so weird guys :( i feel intimidated to be myself on my main anymore bc i have so many followers and um. ppl i know in real life so i have like a bunch of sideblogs and i wish i felt more grounded with my identity

idk maybe i should remake ?? and start from scratchhhhhhh but idk

maybe ill erase this blog and use this as a follow from blog? and make my main a sideblog…..?. idk :( my identity feels so chopped up and seperated and unorganized its weirdly stressful.. does anyone have any input?

                                              RELATIONSHIPS / MAINS CALL.

right, so, i decided that i’m gonna go with mains for that ‘verses’ page on the blog.
i’m  totally  open to an undertale cast for mains —– i know @outbraves is my main pappers.  i  wanna wipe the rest of the slates clean tho —–  bc some of the one’s before are inactive.  meaning frisk, tori, asgore – etc – all open.

this isn’t strictly ut cast though.  i just like mtt’s relations w/ some of the cast lol.  but if you aren’t in the ut cast, you’re still more than welcome to ask to be a main on this blog —– meaning when mtt refers to that character —– it’s yours he talkin’ bout.  

but do me a solid and send me an icon you’d like to be used on the page, too.  you can edit it if you want —– unedited works just fine also bc it’ll be edited to match the blog.

any questions or volunteers hmu in im’s. thanks. xoxo

bipedal in the streets, bisexual in the sheets

the thirst for the landsknecht is real