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a bloodborne-ified percy derolo bc i imagined whitestone under the briarwoods to be all corrupted like yharnam

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(i don't know if you have done this before but..) NCT 127 Reaction when their girlfriend is too short and can't kiss them.. Thank you. i love your blog

A/N: Thank you^^ Enjoy


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*teases you for eternity*
He’d legitimately find it hilarious.
He likes to feel superior in instances like these and would tease you, both with his words and actions. He’s also a proclaimed perv-
“You may not be able to reach my lips, but you can reach something else.”


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He’s such an angel.
He’d think it was a bit humorous, but would ultimately bend down, patiently awaiting your kiss.


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*sends you a fake kiss*
He’d joke and act like that was it, but wouldn’t fight at all when you tug on the strings of his hoodie, pulling him down. He’d chuckle a few times before apologizing [bc he is one of those ppl who apologizes for everything].


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*most definitely makes himself taller*
This ass would stand taller, mocking you playfully.
His facade wouldn’t last long, he’d swoop down, caressing your warm cheeks gently.
“Is this what you wanted?”


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*simply watches in amusement*
Does nothing but watch you struggle. You might get the vibe that he’s judging you, but he’s not, he’s just appreciating the adorableness.
He’s very pliable tho and would let you do whatever, even pulling on the collar of his shirt so he can meet you half-way.


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*thinks it’s super cute*
“You’re blushing-”


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He’d react very much like Yuta, but he wouldn’t be as ‘mean’.
He’d think it was totally cute and like Johnny would give into you.
“You’re so cute”


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*a mix of Yuta and Johnny*

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If he was feeling in a super cuddly mood [he alternates between cool bf to cheesy bf a lot] he’d squat to your height, doing the work for you.


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*sighs while trying to hide his grin*
“You know what this means right? It’s a sign we’re not meant to be together…”
He’s such a prankster, he’s 100% joking, but likes to tease you anyway, don’t worry, he’d surely give you what you want, after teasing you a bit more of course.

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because luna is canonically a lesbian, is there any chance we could have louis/piper/luna as an ot3 where piper is (consentually) dating both louis and luna but louis and luna arent dating each other? Idk if im making sense but it's just an idea~

As much as i post about LunaXPiper, i dont actually think a relationship between them would work out. The interactions I show to you guys are are just few of many, and within the in-game universe Luna and Piper simply do not mesh well. They have a lot of conflicting personality traits, and their conversations usually end up tense, awkward, or even argumentative. 

Fanon Liper is a great concept, but their canon sims just arent meant to be more than (hopefully) friends.


Pairing: Jhope x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Non AU

Summary: Y/N works at a small local art supply store while she is a university student studying art in Korea, and one day she receives a really unexpected customer at the worst of times.  (Or the one where Y/N has the pleasure of meeting one of her idols, but of course it had to be when her hair was a mess and she was covered head to toe in paint splatters.)

Word Count:

A/N: This was a request from the lovely @kdrawvh , who has recently been sharing in my lack of loyalty and slipping into hoseok’s lane along with me,,,,thanks for always being there with me lmao.  Hope you enjoy this, lovely! (Btw: Fine pupper ;))) )

Whenever the dialogue in quotes is bolded, it means someone is speaking korean  idk korean so im writing it in english but pretend they’re speaking korean they’re in korea okay

I imagine him looking something like this for this story (the image isn’t mine): 

It had been a pretty slow day at the small art store.  Not too many customers, not too many deliveries, and not too many interruptions in general.  Y/N was fairly pleased because this meant that she had basically had the majority of her 7 hour shift to herself to work on her painting behind the counter at the front of the small store.  Her unlimited access to all of the supplies the store sold was one of the main reasons she took the job in the first place, so it always brightened her mood just a little more when she actually had time to use those supplies.  

Y/N was just in the middle of re-tying her hair up in a ponytail after it had fallen out for the umpteenth time that day, when the bell above the door rang.  With her hands full, she couldn’t really take out the paintbrush she was holding between her teeth while she finished tying her hair.

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I know everyone at this point already post their scenes and I’m over here like day late with a goddamn mocha coffee sO–

First of all, sweet deerling alex honey pls stop working too much im crying at the last scenes, and also I don’t remember them actually cursing?? holy shit?? (for everyone, i’m still on season 2 so ye)

Second of all, the scenes with them with MC is just hHHHHHHHH I LOVE!!! But it also make me realize that it meant, Medusa story and Alex story is not in the same world, sure, it is same world just….different verses of the same world I guess? also that relevation of the crown!!! 


💖I’m cleaning out my inbox again! There’s only about 50ish this time. Included re the rest of the Pica Power Hour asks from a couple weeks ago, and the Candy Discourse™ asks from a while back, along with a bunch of others!

i’ve also been meaning to make this post for…. a while now… so there’s a few more asks in my box that i’ll be answering later

(also there’s several pieces of fanart i haven’t posted yet because i am The Worst. if you’ve sent me drawings and i haven’t posted them yet, ive seen them, i love them, and im overwhelmed with gratitude!!!! and i will post them soon when i find the words ;v;)

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no but idk how i thought of this but during a meeting they get on the topic of dicks and the girls are concerned and start asking questions like how do dicks work and shit and belgium quietly asks “if you’ve got a big.. you know, and you get one of those boner things.. how the fuck do you hide that?” and ivan, who’s sitting across the room just smirks like “a large winter coat usually works.” AND REALIZING WHAT THAT MEANT EVERYONE JUST STARES AT IVAN LIKE “IVAN OH MY GOD”

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wait they showed who daishous ex was?

Yup! Her name has been translated as both Mika/Shika, unfortunately I think that’s just about all we know about her at the moment. She’s first mentioned (around ch 190 i think?) when Kuroo brings up the breakup during his and daishou’s little salt war

Although he denies being dumped, and says he dumped her, It seems more likely that Mika dumped Daishou. However, she appears after the Nekoma vs. Nohebi game! (Ch. 206)

look how cute she is!!!! im in love goodbye @ world

Honestly I’m really happy that Furudate added this part in. It really warms my heart that Mika in the end realized how hard Daishou had worked for Volleyball and she’s interested enough that she wants to get involved and share that part of Daishou’s life too! idk this scene just meant a lot to me <3

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so ive been more or less vegan for almost a year now, but I'm technically not 100%. like my kitchen is vegan and the groceries that i buy don't contain animal products, but i work at a food place and sometimes get the chance to take food home, and while they're vegetarian, they're not vegan. like im against dairy farms when they're treated bad, but im not morally opposed to milk. also idk if, when eating out, it really makes a difference when there's no vegan options unless you modify the meal.

I’m morally opposed to drinking milk that is meant for the babies of other species. There really isn’t a reason to consume milk when you are no longer a baby let along milk from someone else’s mom.

To the guy I love.. to the guy I hurt

At the end of the day I can truly say that what I felt for you was sincere.. our relationship wasn’t at its best place and even though I was cold with you that never meant that I didn’t love you.. me following guys on IG doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I never cheated on you and I could put that in everything. I know I can only do so much for you to believe me but idk if I even have the strength. Going to school for 12 hours a day, and working on my days off is tiring.. I’m dealing with Anxiety & Depression and I still tried to make you the happiest guy on earth. If I fucked up im sorry. I’m sorry for everything I did, I’m sorry for not being perfect and realizing what I had infront of me and now that you’re gone all I can do is cry and wish that things were different. If you fee like this is the best for you, than I completely understand. I take all the blame for this, I really do. All I want you to be is happy and if it’s not with me than so be it. You deserve the world and much more.. I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you.


Someone that will miss you so much

honestly i feel like…..y&m really isnt meant to be played live like its such a fucking banger and id still die for that song but it just doesnt work very well and im sure theres gonna be other songs once mania comes out that will be better suited for live performances so part of me hopes they’ll drop playing it live for smth else

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Hello, hope you're doing well! I wanted to ask if you could tell me wcif the jumper that Hyde's wearing in this post /post/161115417694/king-idk-hyde-might-be-onto-something , and also will you be posting something new in hkng1?

@ past me add a little more noise i can almost see the fucking screenshot,

 also!!! thank u for taking interest lol rn im working on escape to LA the prequel to hkng1 so u can get to know the characters a little more before i destroy them!! lmao!! but i will update hkng1 once each character’s backstory is at least introduced

guess who disappeared from Tumblr for almost a week so she could binge watch two seasons of BoJack Horseman and really start working at her job? 


guess who also ignored any other responsibilities besides work and BoJack Horseman?


also there’s 94 of y’all what the hell? if i hit 100 i’ll like… idk do a thing to celebrate? Maybe finally post my angsty shit? who knows its a mystery 


TAEKOOK SERIES: if jungkook was taehyung’s secret santa

in which jeon jungkook is that one shy anony that likes to complinet taehyung (aka, the model he works with) and make sure that he’s alright, because he might have a soft spot for the model.

“so, how’s everything going with tae?”

“nothing is going, yoongi, he’s just a friend…”

“sure, that sounds fake, but okay.”

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sorry if this is like weird but thank u dearly for being so like openly in support of converted jews, esp in comparison to a lot of ppl i follow, I still sometimes feel strange calling myself a jew instead of "converted jewish person" b/c ethnically im not at all jewish and didn't grow up with any of it and idk i still sometimes feel like im appropriating even though I'm literally jewish now so yeah thank you and i love your poetry and writing

yikes @ anybody you’re following being dicks about converted jews :/

you’re just as jewish as anyone else. the fact that you had to go out and actively search judaism down to know that it’s where you’re meant to be is incredible! that’s a lot of work & effort, and i am so proud of you for finding hashem all by yourself without being born into it. welcome home 💕