idk im just sleepy

andrew claims not to understand neil’s survival instinct but the amount of effort he’s put into his own recovery suggests otherwise. he may not exactly want to live, though he doesn’t care enough to die either, he may not see the point or have anything worth living for (until neil…) but he’s searching. he goes to therapy, weekly, he protects kevin with his life and doesn’t trust anyone else with him (again, until neil…) because kevin promised to give him something to live for. he has been through so much but he is still fighting. he has as much of a survival instinct as neil and i think that’s part of why they understand each other so well 

Hnnn tempted to make a kuromahi college room mate au, if i did Kuro would major in art?? I know nothing is canon about art and him but i really like the idea

and then Mahiru would be home ec?? Might change it later though ajnasduhw I dunno this idea has been in my head for awhile

there are a lot of moments full of emptiness in a sense like… moments that are more just me being held in limbo.. full of a quiet dis-contentedness where i’m not rlly sure what i want or what i’m missing but i feel the empty spaces all the same and it’s not rlly sadness and it’s not rlly depression it’s more just.. frustration.. and anxiousness to move onto the next moment in my life.. and yet, i don’t hate those moments. they are the quietest ones and maybe the only ones where peace is truly felt…. idk what i just spouted off on about but anyways… im sleepy.

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