idk im just sleepy


Today was my prom, and the realization that high school is over has finally struck. It was definitely one of my most unconventional and surprisingly fun days I’ve had, but more on that on my personal/recovery blog later, since its 5am and I’m dead tired xx

anonymous asked:

i think that anon is talking about getting extensions for having longer and thicker braids? idek

i think i might just be confused with the way they phrased it;  “just imagine” is the kind of phrase that makes me feel as if what im meant to be imagining is something out of the ordinary, strange, even,  but getting weave for braids is…like a really established, frequent, everyday thing but hey maybe im just missing something idk lol im pretty sleepy ngl

I’m beginning to get sleepy but I’ve been thinking today, how nice it was to take a break from my eletronics and social media and really take a look at my life. I felt so much less stressed out and at peace with myself. I cooked up some fresh veggies for lunch and cleaned up my kitchen without glancing at my phone once and something about it was calming. Anyway, my point of this was to say if all you’ve been doing today is putting your energy into using the internet, take a 10 minute break and just be with yourself for a short while. It’s very worth it.