idk im just sleepy


so me and @useless-protag started crying at this scene while watching the great gatsby and i promised myself ‘’i’m gonna draw this today or die trying’’

it’s 1 am im still alive B)

How to animated with tweening

So I did promise that I’ll redo the tutorial.. so I now is the right time-

Firstly this is how many (often) ur animation will need drawings/frames

without counting the mouth/lip syncing- often for a tween animation u need around 10 to 20 drawings for a 20 sec.. but that’s just for me it really depends on what u r trying to animate- also ur drawings should be png so it can work-

Now next u open Flash then find ur audio, hold and drag it to ur screen.. if u don’t see it then it’s most likely in your libraly-

and if it isn’t there….. boi what version of Flash do u even have??? idkthen-

U do this same step hold and drag ur first pic and throw it on your screen- ah and make sure to crete layers one for audio another for animation and then background!

Now how to ad more frames? Well u need to press the hot key F5 and it’ll add frames!

And when u want a certain place for ur first pic to stop.. then press the hot key F6 two times!

Then press ur second seprate keyframe(?) and ctrl + z that sh ed :D

And finally for the animation part right click ur mouse anywhere on the center and..

I got lazy :’D I’m sorry-

after this start it and see the result of ur first pic either moved flipped zoomed depending on what u wanted it to do c:

When ur animation is finished open Swifel and turn ur swf file into mp4 file!

there are a lot of moments full of emptiness in a sense like… moments that are more just me being held in limbo.. full of a quiet dis-contentedness where i’m not rlly sure what i want or what i’m missing but i feel the empty spaces all the same and it’s not rlly sadness and it’s not rlly depression it’s more just.. frustration.. and anxiousness to move onto the next moment in my life.. and yet, i don’t hate those moments. they are the quietest ones and maybe the only ones where peace is truly felt…. idk what i just spouted off on about but anyways… im sleepy.

im sad b/c i keep thinkig abt snow losing her last parent and wanting regina to be her mother and ?? not getting that. i miss leopold.