idk im just looking for blogs to follow


If you are awake right now like this or something and I will follow you.


i had to unfollow a bunch of my fave blogs and it makes me sad so now im looking for more spn blogs to follow, so please reblog and i will check you out. what im looking for:

• team free will love
• jensen/jared/misha love
• wank free
cockles as friends or at least tagging as “romantic jensen and misha” so my anxiety don’t go crazy (no hate, just personal stuff making it triggering to me)
• no wincest or at least tagged
• general organized tagging
• no destiel hate


• destiel love
• dean is bi y'all

gracelessloki  asked:

Oh gosh!!! I just now started following you since I saw you and Furaitsu talking! I had no idea that amazing art was from you!! I had just been skimming posts without really looking at the blog titles. I promise to pay you more attention now, your art style is honestly so beautiful. It comforts me??? Idk it's just really soft and pretty. ;^; (....Could I get a hug from Mumen? I look up to his character so much omgosh)

that’s so sweet of you!! :O man im so glad i talked to furaitsu ive been wanting to for months they’re like the senpai to end all senpais. and im glad it comforts you!!! AND YES YES YOU CAN, mumen is very happy he was requested he doesnt get a lot of screentime

livelovegood  asked:

Heyyyy ;) Love your blog babe!

First impression: i scrolled so far down to the point where i saw ryan reynolds saying hes not an adult and i couldnt stop laughing at that point
Truth is: I have just followed you and im later on gonna read all ya writings
How old do you look: idk what you look like
Have you ever made me laugh: nope but i believe that you eventually will
Have you ever made me mad: Nopeeee
Best feature: Y O U R  K I N D N E S S (btw i love your blog too)
Have I ever had a crush on you: no because I’m loyal to all 4 boyfriends
You’re my: idk if im honest but i am happy i followed you :-)
Name in my phone: I donut have your phone number
Should you post this too? I don’t know what this means, but yes :-)

Send me a ‘hey’ for one of these!

jesus christ the only thing that keeps me from just wrapping this fucking card up is the arms

i need serious advice/feedback, do they look weird/absolute shit or not (keep in mind these are meant to be child proportions)