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3 Days (M)

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Summary: 3 days. That’s how long your family was visiting. You had to endure 3 long days because Yoongi was a master at teasing and you had no self-control.

Genre: !Yoongi! + smutsmutsmutsmut + fluff (rated m of course)

Word count: 9.6k+

A/N : Surprise again? Idk how I ended up writing this fic but yes. 9k+ of Yoongi smut. I’m just going to leave this here and disappear. I hope you like it!!!!!!

When Yoongi woke up, it wasn’t because he wanted to. He would have gladly remained resting in the land of dreams where he was comfortable and warm until nature called if it wasn’t for the other side of the bed being completely empty of your usual figure.

Actually, he would have remained resting even if your side of the bed was cold because here you were, standing above him, shaking his arm violently and calling his name which was slowly but surely enough increasing in pitch until he was certain he was going mad. He would’ve exchanged a cold bed over this any day.

Yoongi groaned into the pillow and tried to shake you off because it was too early and too loud to hear your voice at this ungodly hour of the day but you were persistent and soon enough you were shrieking so loudly that he couldn’t possibly endure or even ignore you any longer

“In the nicest way possible” Yoongi croaked, cracking one eye open to glare at you, his lips pursing together tightly in a very well shot scowl, “Can you fuck off?”

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parallels in the ones who walk away from omelas

after actually reading the story i am here to analyze the parallels we see so far. im gonna assume you guys have seen the summaries because they are EVERYWHERE but basically the story centers around a utopian town called Omelas, who’s perfection relies on a singular miserable child. every citizen of Omelas knows this and must make the choice whether to stay knowing the cost of their happiness, or to leave and face whatever is out there. 

in the description of the summer festival, it says the horses were adorned with “streamers of silver, gold, and green.” the concept photos must be from before they knew the truth, while they were happy at the festival.

in the teaser we see someone running out of a door (that kinda looks like a bus door to me), through the snow, and into the warm light of Omelas. “I incline to think that people from towns up and down the coast have been coming in to Omelas…on very fast little trains and double-decked trams.” i think the snow symbolizes the cold world outside the utopia of Omelas. 

the rest of the similarities all happen in the last paragraph, when the narrator is describing the people who know the truth and choose to leave. 

the first one is jungkook standing outside Omelas at nighttime, and all of them running between the buildings. “Night falls: the traveller must pass down village streets, between the houses with yellow-lit windows” and “…they walk ahead into the darkness”

next is jimin walking through the field, “They keep walking across the farmlands of Omelas.”

and lastly, all of them going out together. this is where the story and the video start to differ. in the story, it emphasizes that every traveller who leaves Omelas leaves alone. “Each alone, they go west or north, towards the mountains.” or “Each one goes alone, youth or girl man or woman.” clearly, this is not the case. 

they are all walking together, determination in their eyes. “But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.”

The art store had a massive sale the other day and because I have no self control I bought new watercolors that work really well for Alya. They’re so smooth and silky on the paper, it’s great.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

yoongi from tonights stream ( c. )


Hyoyeon & Yoona with Mamamoo HOLY SHIT THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME

Vampire AU. Is there such a thing already? I didn’t find any but I wanted to draw it anyway. 

Everything is pretty much the same except somewhere along the way both Marinette and Adrien sorta became vampires (they can still get out during the day as long as they don’t get direct sun light though, thanks to their miraculous). Adrien got 100x more reckless while fighting akuma because he can. Marinette got a little more sarcastic and their uniforms changed ‘cause of their new condition. And they obviously have enhanced senses. 

They know about eachother, but they still can’t let other people find out about them, so this leads to all sorts of bizarre/funny situations 8D

idk it’s 2:25AM, I got a cold and this sounds fun in my head right now 8′D.


Hugging Astro from behind

Masterlist: x


It was thirty minutes before one of Astro’s biggest stages. I mean, of course they have performed before, but never for an audience of 30,000+ people. Jinwoo’s nerves were clearly getting the best of him as he was pacing around, muttering his rap in Clap Clap. You being the great girlfriend you are, decided to come up behind him and hug him!

“What was that for?! And, can I have another one?!”

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Vernon - Bowling night with a touch of love

Request: can i request a scenario where vernon x s.o have a love-hate relationship and one day their group of friends (17) has to do something idk so they left them alone and that leads to them confessing and making out?
Note: I guess you don’t mean S.O. then because they’re not together yet lmao my smartass again ENJOY BECAUSE I REALLY ENJOYED MAKING IT
((I didn’t proofread it yet sorry))

You hated his confidence and how he was so loved by everyone. You were friends with Seventeen and you were very close with some of them but you and Vernon always seemed to get into arguments over the most stupid stuff. When you wanted to see a movie, he would rather eat his shoe than go to that movie.

You just didn’t seem to understand him, you hated the side when he talked to you and also the side of him on stage. He could just act so cocky like he was the best rapper on stage. But then again you knew he also had an adorable side. As a close friend of Seventeen you of course watched all their interviews and you had to admit he did have a nice side. Or stories  the others told about him.

It just seemed he really disliked you, with the occasional exception. Like when you’d forgotten your wallet and he payed for your ice cream. Or when he was in a good mood he joked with you about the others. He even got you a birthday present. You cherished those moments because it was nice to know he didn’t totally hate you.

You were chilling in a sofa in their practice room because they’d promised to go to a bowling alley with you. The song ended but you knew they’d do it just one more time because Vernon jumped too early. So of course to annoy him you said “Yah Hansol-ah looks like you really don’t wanna go!” 

“Don’t call me Hansol-ah Y/n, let’s just do it again.” he snarled. it seemed he was definitely not in a good mood. But I mean it was worth a try. You saw them do the song again but this time he made a mistake at another time. You decided to be quiet now because you saw that the rest was getting a little annoyed as well. “I’m sorry I’ll get it this time.” S.Coups as leader answered him. “Also the next times I hope, just relax. You know this. You’ve done it a thousand times before. Again.” And the all too familiar song started playing again.

You started to feel sorry for him, what could be on his mind? Did he really hate going bowling with you that much? Nah that can’t be it. This time he finally got it right, thank god. It’s not like you could ever get tired of watching them dance but you really wanted to go bowl. And maybe you were glad Vernon finally got it right so he wouldn’t feel bad about himself. Maybe.

So finally after this you could go bowling. While you were all walking to the place, because I mean how else would you get there with a group of 14 people? So while you were walking it happened you were walking next to Vernon at the end of the ‘herd’ of Seventeen members. You noticed he still seemed annoyed. You knew the feeling so teasing him would make it even worse. “You’re not still annoyed about your mistake right? I mean everyone has those days. You’ll do just fine when you have a stage.”

He looked almost surprised by your kindness. “I don’t need your pity Y/n… but thanks. I guess there’s just been a lot on my mind lately.” You sensed the tension between you two, but for some reason it excited you. “Sorry I just don’t like the annoyed Hansol.” He laughed a little. “Didn’t I tell you to stop calling me Hansol? It’s weird when you do it.” He said, the last sentence a little quieter. “I’m sorry MC Vernon it is then.” you joked. “Damn right. I like that one… MC Vernon.” 

“Can I ask you though, what’s been bothering you?” You asked trying to keep the conversation going. “Ah well… let’s say I’m not good with words and stress so I fuck up with certain people pretty often.” “Hmm.” You were wondering if this was about you or maybe someone else but decided not to question it because the subject seemed to make it awkward. It certainly didn’t help that you accidentally bumped your hand against his like 2 times. “You want my mittens? your hands are kinda cold.” 

WELL THIS IS AWKWARD was what went through your mind “Yeah actually it’s hella cold.” he laughed at how easily you accepted them. “Normal people first say like ‘Nonooo it’s not that cold and don’t you need them?’,” he said in a ridiculous voice. “And then the other has to insist on it for you to accept them.” You looked at him while taking his mittens “Well yeah my hands are really cold, do you expect me to suffer? I’m sorry it didn’t go as in your planned conversation” you teased. “Always ruining my fantasies Y/n”

You looked at him with raised eyebrows. “You fantasise about me, Vernon?” “He sure does especially at night huhehe” Jun interrupted. He slowed down so he got in the middle of you two and put his arms around you two. “My two illegitimate kids finally getting along!” He said while squeezing you closer. 

“I do NOT.” he persisted, getting out of his death grip in the process. “Hmmmm sure I’ll leave the lovebirds alone.” he winked to Vernon after leaving. “Jun… He really does live to embarrass others doesn’t he?” Luckily the awkwardness quickly stopped as you arrived at the bowling alley.

You’d reserved a few lanes because being all in one lane would take way too long. The rest had been there for a while because apparently you, Vernon, Jun and Joshua had been stepping very slowly. So everyone already had their shoes. Joshua and Jun quickly got theirs while you went ask to get the lanes activated. For some reason Vernon had followed you so you suggested to get your shoes changed. 

It was a small room filled with those shiny bowling shoes which you entered. You quickly recognised everyone’s shoes. “Urg I guess coming with a big group on a busy night  has its disadvantages… I can’t find my size.” Vernon complained. You sat down on the small sofa in the room. “Then just get a bigger size, bigger is always better.” 

“Ah here are your mittens back by the way, thanks.” you shyly said. “No problem… You know Y/n when I was talking about ‘certain people’ that I fuck up with a lot. I mostly meant you.” 

“No shit.” “Ah sorry about all the times I got so annoyed or annoyed you on purpose. It’s just I kind of get nervous around you.” Now he definitely got your attention. 

“You know I always liked the days were you were nice to me, like today walking here.” he looked you in the eyes and put his hand on yours. “I… I’ve… arg this is so hard!” Y/n I like you and if I fuck up whatever we had as friendship- I’m sorry can we just act like this never happened?” He was visibly frustrated. “Vernon listen to me. I like you, especially if you keep acting as nice as before or like, at the ice cream shop. Remember?”

“Heh I actually took your wallet and put it on the counter so I could pay for you.” You laughed and hit his shoulder. “You did not! Omg you’re so cheesy! But that’s so cute to be honest.” 

“So… it’s mutual? Our feeling I mean, would you mind if I… kiss you?” you took his question as an invitation and made the first move. The kissing quickly changed into making out. He pulled you on his lap which surprised you, he noticed and smirked.

“If you’re gonna let us keep waiting we’ll start withou- NEVERMIND Dino walked in but quickly got out again. You immediately got off his lap and your heart was beating even harder than before. You’d been caught… In the distance you heard “We asked you to get them Chan where are they?” “Uhm… busy…?” Dino murmered. “What? With what where they busy?” “Well… each other.” “WHAT?” “TOLD YOU GUYS” The last one had to be Jun.

You guys had quickly put on some shoes and rushed out of there to stop Dino from spilling the beans but both of you were too late. Both with noticeable blush on your cheeks 

The teasing that night was at a maximum but at least you could sit on his lap while waiting for your turn…

 “Call me Hansol again from now on, it’s even weirder when you say Vernon.” he said while leaning his head on your shoulder.



who asked for a super cheesy embarrassing comic? well, no one, but u are getting it anyway.

aomine, im so sorry that im 2 days late and brought just this with me, but tbh i wasnt planning on drawing something special for this occasion because, do i even draw anything besides aomine? but i still decided to post this. happy birthday, the best boy. i never thought u would mean so much to me, but you do. oh, you do. i loved a lot of characters in the past, but i forgot for a long time how having such a similarity with one of them felt. the fact that so many people love this beautiful disaster means so much to me, and i couldnt be happier to discover his character in what i thought was just a silly basketball manga.

im sure, that hes definitely going to be alright in the future. with the help of his friends and boyfriend, of course.

ya ever have That Tiny Feel When u don’t rlly wanna be around other ppl but ur too tired to explore outside so u like just wanna chill in a nook in the wall

everything is loud and too much and i wanna just chill out in a borrower nook someplace

some of my fonder memories from the glory days of the homestuck fandom:

  • ke$hastuck and fandomstuck and guidestuck
  • endless crystalmethequins covers/remixes
  • octopimp videos
  • people having update cosplays completed within literal hours
  • “homestuck is my favorite anime”
  • pretending squiddles was a real show
  • scouring the nearest convenience stores for faygo
  • quietly slipping ww’s and vv’s into your texts or using eight of a letter/punctuation mark consecutively just in case
  • dante basco meeting up with homestucks wherever he went
  • fandom-wide debates over how long someone’s sleeves were
  • update art on goggles
  • the internet imploding every 4/13
  • “eridan is a metaphor for the obama administration”
  • when you went to a con in homestuck cosplay and anyone else in homestuck cosplay was instantly your friend and you could hang out for the rest of the day and go to the photoshoot together
  • really just seeing people with homestuck shirts on anywhere and being instantly friends, that fandom may have been a mess but hell if it wasn’t the best fun any of us ever had

i picked up inquisition yesterday and am preparing myself to fall head over heels for this mustachiod man

Why is it hard for people to understand that a genderfluid person doesn’t have to be one day feminine and the next masculine. They don’t have to have long hair some days and others short. They don’t have to wear colorful dresses some days and baggy jeans and a plain tank others. Gender has nothing to do with appearance unless they choose to. A genderfluid person can be feminine all their life and some days identify as a boy or vice versa. Gender identity doesn’t have to go with your clothes.

in which Jimin overworks himself and Jungkook waits up for him

jikook / 1,143 words / Rated  G / AO3

Jimin comes back to the dorms completely worn. He feels kind of noodle-y with his limbs stretched and shaking and over-exerted while also feeling tense, like he can’t unbunch his shoulders. His drooping eyes are screaming at him to go to sleep, and mentally, he feels like a deflated balloon that’s sunk to the floor as the helium slowly leaks out of it.

Basically, he’s tired, he’s cranky, he hasn’t rested all year day, and he would really like a shower and a 12 year long nap.

He comes in the door as quietly as possible, seeing as it’s almost four in the morning, and drops his work out bag by the door. He toes his shoes off and lets both his jacket and his snap back drop to the floor, since he’s not sure he’d be able to remember where the hat and coat rack are if he even cared to try.

Jimin drags his feet toward the kitchen where the light over the sink remains on. He’s focused entirely on the fridge and thinking about downing one of his chocolate protein shakes when he spots Jungkook slumped over the kitchen table, his head resting on his arms and a blanket over his shoulders.

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What A Girl//Andy Biersack Smut

fantastvic: you could do one where (band member) is being annpoing to Y/N or something or where they have to work on a project together at Y/N / (band member’s) house and THAT happens (im so awkward omg) orrrrrr idk that’s all I got at the moment

A/N: yooooooo first imagine on this blog here we gooo! also i chose andy because he was so cute with long hair and as my angel face said: “andy his my gazelle legged lover”

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anonymous asked:

I have a supercorp hsau where kara is on the soccer team and glee and her art teacher is like "honey ur good at everything but not art and u gotta pass ur final to pass this class" and kara is like ok what's the final and idk they have to make something pottery and the teacher offers to set her up w her best student which is (you guessed it) punk!lena Luthor and long story short that scene from the movie Ghost is in it so if you wanna know more like lemme know I can talk abt this for DAYS