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its 3:30am and I just woke up in a cold sweat because I realized noragami’s plot is literally a joke.

hiyori’s name is one syllable away from hiyoko, the japanese word for chick, i.e. a baby chicken. she becomes a half ayakashi and is then able to see beings from both the normal world and the far shore, as well as astral project herself and travel to places of the far shore that normal humans can’t. she gains the latter ability after running across the street to push yato out of the way of oncoming traffic.

noragami’s plot is literally: why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side.


I want to redo my mods folder….. again.

Question of the fricken night(cause I still can’t sleep and I’m getting real pissed about it): WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT DICE’S JACKET OMF

( Sometimes I question myself and the unrealistic part of Haru and I’m just like ?? Maybe I should change some things but then I turn around and I’m … fine with it being unrealistic. No sane, well off person would let themselves get involved with the Yakuza. No one who’s aiming to be an Idol would ever let themselves be tied with the Japanese Underground. But honestly ? It’s fun being unrealistic. It really is. I’ve done the research, I promise that much, but, restricting myself to things that could happen right in front of you is just not as fun as making things a little unrealistic. )

I can't believe i'm posting this i'm going to regret
voice meme-turn your volume all the way off for best effect
I can't believe i'm posting this i'm going to regret

7. I’ll sing verses from a song

First of all, why do you want to hear me sing this is insane????? I’m not a singer. I don’t like people to hear me sing. It’s bad.

Second, H A M I L T O N ??? This is something I can’t do. Reason number one being I dont know the song. Reason number 2 being I listened to it and there is no way in hell I’d pull it off hahahah

Okay This song is called Dirty Man by Joss Stone and yeah welp I hate myself for posting this but oh well. Time to go die of embarrassment hahah