idk ill probably delete it

I can't believe i'm posting this i'm going to regret
voice meme-turn your volume all the way off for best effect
I can't believe i'm posting this i'm going to regret

7. I’ll sing verses from a song

First of all, why do you want to hear me sing this is insane????? I’m not a singer. I don’t like people to hear me sing. It’s bad.

Second, H A M I L T O N ??? This is something I can’t do. Reason number one being I dont know the song. Reason number 2 being I listened to it and there is no way in hell I’d pull it off hahahah

Okay This song is called Dirty Man by Joss Stone and yeah welp I hate myself for posting this but oh well. Time to go die of embarrassment hahah

idk why im making this post considering this happened in january but w/e:

look….I love S//tydia, I really do. But I have some huge problems with how they got together on Teen Wolf. Lydia was kind of ooc in some parts of 6a and honestly, the fanservice argument against the ship has a lot of evidence. I just wish they stuck to her actual character a bit more to make this relationship happen. Also not to mention, the way Malia was thrown under the bus oh my god (and how so many people ignore the way she was treated).  I’ll admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of S/talia either but Malia deserved better than to be thrown aside in the way she was….

anyway in conclusion I got beef with jeff davis but whats new ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’m not gonna be uploading a lot of art now that I have so much to do. I’ll probably only come in to drop doodles off on rare occasions until the end of May because of Uni work. So until I finally come back and can properly sit down to draw- here are some quick watercolor doodles I posted on my twitter a few days back.