idk ignore me i love this man

  • Can we appreciate the fact Hades offered Nico a room at his palace in the Underworld in case his son dies in battle, because he doesn’t want Nico to feel like he’s got nobody and that he’s got his Dad no matter what? That’s some special treatment there. Nico doesn’t even need to be judged or whatever to be placed in Elysium or any fields in the Underworld–he’ll go straight to the palace.
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades’ gift to Nico’s birthday was a French zombie–who was a professional racer–to be his son’s chauffeur that Nico can summon anytime and anywhere to take him literally any destination in the world?
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades protected and saved Nico (and Bianca) when Zeus wanted to kill his Italian children, because Zeus didn’t want any child of Hades to be the child of the prophecy (and lost his beloved Maria di Angelo in the process)?
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades wanted Nico to be an exception from all his children in the past, and wants Nico to be genuinely happy despite fate’s cruelty to any child of the Underworld?
  • Can we just appreciate this one last fact that Hades loves Nico so much and obviously his favourite child because he knows his son suffered the most than any demigod simply because Nico is his father’s son?
Peterick vs Ryden #52
  • Pete: idk man, i kinda feel like you’re ignoring me
  • Patrick: aw babe, im sorry. i know we’ve been a little distant but i love you more than anything
  • vs
  • Ryan: idk man, i kinda feel like you’re ignoring me
  • Brendon: read at 9:45pm
  • Ryan: … this is a verbal conversation

fanon Elide is so gay here’s some proof okay:

  • “Elide,” the woman says, and she wants to weep at how her name sounds so beautiful on her tongue, soft and clear and wondrous. Her smile is sharp, a flash of teeth and curved lips. 
  • …. Elide can feel the tug of her heart, the telltale string that has begun to wind around Elide’s very being that pulls her towards Manon.
  • “I am not wanting for anything.” It is a lie, because Manon sits so closely but is too far away, and the light casts a glow upon her hair that looks like a halo. Elide drops her gaze to full lips and bright teeth before forcing herself to tear her gaze away.
  • Need, not want. The bond has only grown stronger, and continues to do so with every passing second, every stolen glance and fantasy. Need.
  • Elide is rlly gay ok
  • Her eyes are dark against her skin, the darkness of the night compared to the brilliance of the moon. Her fingers are comets, and Elide feels like she has seen the universe.
  • tbh this is more like proof that metaphors and similes can help make things 10x more gay ok bye 

( @athenax im drowning these gay witches s o in lo ve this isnt even realistic they’ve known each for like two days hel p??)

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sorry if I post Sunday school things every week lol but this cute little 2-year-old boy recognized me from last week and he was running around and when he spotted me he ran towards me and gave me a hug it was the cutest thing!!! and when Sunday school ended I asked for another hug and he did and I carried him and he would ignore everyone who would try to carry him and would hug me tighter until his grandma appeared lol idk man I love children so much they’re such precious tiny humans

mien-cat replied to your photo “Uhh Idk man, it’s for fun? Also the cats are anthropomorphized to heck…”

I love ur headcanons never let these anons get to u man

ah, thank you <3 i think, tho im not sure, i think anon was just unaware/ignorant and not malicious in intent… at least i hope so

and tho i like making my own headcanons I also like hearing other ppls! So pls feel free to keep sending them!

edit: OH GOSH i just checked your blog and your art style is super cool omg i love it!!

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One of my favorite OCs is a time traveler that has like no special talent but all of his friends are super cool and he falls for this immortal guy super hard and he's really nerdy and awkward and likes pineapple on his pizza. He's short and snarky and like, everyone's kinda crushin on him in some form and he's just like "Luc is so annoying and pretty, why is he like this, oh my god I hate this idiot but I love him and I'd kill to protect him" idk man he's my favorite!!

ajsgdasdgf he sounds like a gem im gonna ignore the part about him liking pineapple on pizza bc i dont need that but pls give him happy gay ending

tell me about ur ocs!

In an attempt to focus on the positive, here are some happy thoughts/things I loved about the episode..

  1. Killian’s worried faces. Allll the worried faces!
  2. Swan Believer interaction!!
  3. Badass Captain Charming Swan strutting down the street
  4. “Everything I could ever want is right here.” AU EMMA GREW UP KNOWING HOW LOVED SHE IS I’M FINEEEEE
  5. Princess Emma’s hair and outfits!!!
  6. Aladdin’s “Ew.” Same.
  7. ‘On this spot Snow White and Prince David heroically defeated the Evil Queen’ lmao
  8. Actual Disney Princess Emma Swan walking through the woods with her lil basket of flowers, humming ‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’. 
  9. Aged Snowing being badass/aged Charming still being fine as hell
  10. Captain Charming bro team up YAS!
  11. Bobby as Rumple was flawless, oh my god it’s amazing how well he slipped back into S1 Rumple
  12. In fact, just the entire Golden Queen scene, that’s the dynamic between them I love!
  13. All of the pilot callbacks were A+++
  14. When Regina threw the palace doors open.. CHILLS
  15. The Charmings being together, happy and regal looking in their palace
  16. Regina and Emma being proud mama bears during Henry’s knighting
  17. Princess Emma’s hair and outfits!!!
  18. JMo’s acting was on point, as usual
  19. “David! Let him go!” Captain Charming bromance was strong tonight
  20. The EQ being turned into a literal snake lmao
  22. Jaladdin were adorable
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I will fight your family honestly how the heck could they ignore such a cute, good friend I’m. How dare.

dfhkjdfkdfhdkjfdh Alo what the heckie you’re adorable ;;;

Thank youuu you wonderful sweetie <3333 kjfhgkjfgh

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I don't think that person is guilt tripping or pressuring anyone. They're just pointing out how people claim to love POC but always ignore media with a mostly POC cast.

yeah thats a good point. but also i see so much shit where people are like “uhhh everyone says they want more POC characters… but dont watch this or this or this!” like idk man people like different shit and they shouldnt feel pressured to watch something bc otherwise  they’ll be seen as a bad ally. it just rubs me the wrong way


I do not like the Kardashians any of them. I don’t want to pay attention to them but they are LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. Honestly I can tolerate kourtney and Kendall but I have no gained respect for them, they may work hard, but honestly EVERYTHING IS GIVEN TO THEM. All of them are given so many opportunities. And they’re given credit for stuff they didn’t even do. They weren’t born with half the material on their bodies yet the media worships them for it, they need to worship the doctors who gave them their “chic” “original” look. And man screw every black guy that even looks at them. Idk whether to hate them or pity them for their ignorance. I’m down for interracial LOVE not interracial FETISHIZATION. Their love for black dick, not men, really disturbs me.
I really fear for the future especially their children’s what if one of them has a black kid with DARK skin and 4c hair with a big nose? It’s hard for me to believe they won’t alter their children’s beauty in some way, they do it to their own beauty. And it scares me to think that when people look back on 00’s and 10’s they will think the Kardashians created “trends” when black people did long before them.

ok honestly it’s late at night but this is all I can think about. I am not one to typically try to contact celebrities I like or admire because I just feel like I’m annoying them and idk it just feels like I am interfering but thatsthat24 deserves all the attention even if he doesn’t want it. Thomas you are honestly one of my favorite people on vine and tumblr and just in general. you seem like the kind of person I would be best friends with if we knew each other in person. you’re so humble and funny and kind and it makes me so happy to see your face on my tumblr dash and my snapchat and you genuinely bring a smile to my face when nothing else will. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but if you do just know that you’ve saved me so many times from doing things because of my depression I would regret later. I first knew you as “that vine guy with the movie trailer voice” and now I know you as “Thomas Sander: the amazing, funny, badass, wonderful man who constantly makes me happy by just being on my tiny phone screen”. just….thank you. thank you so so SO much.


he acts like he doesn’t miss me when i come home from university for the first couple hours but when it’s time for bed the cuddles are On

the thing i really love about this video is that i don’t even think he knew he was being filmed and he just waved at whoever was filming because he’s just a friendly guy

OKAY GUYS I feel like we don’t acknowledge enough that one line Grantaire says! I mean besides all the other lines that Grantaire says! The one that comes right after “I understand only love and liberty” remember that line (my favorite line)???
Yeah after that is my SECOND favorite line: “Never having had any money, I never got used to it, and therefore I’ve never felt the need of it; but if I’d been rich, there would have been no more poor!” THAT LINE.
He’s drunk here and still thinks of how he would help people if only he’d been in the position.
And it’s so interesting to me because Grantaire is speaking of how if he had the chance he would help, but meanwhile there is an actual barricade there with an actual hopeful revolution occurring. And he is not helping.
Enjolras and the other amis have their method of doing things, which is to demand more from the government. But GRANTAIRE (my beautiful son) doesn’t think that way. He doesn’t think going to the government will get them anywhere. He would go directly to the people suffering from the problem and help them with what he has, personally.
He’s surrounded by a bunch of rich schoolboys who have the money to help the poor directly (and also gain their devotion and to raise spirits) but who instead reject the money and challenge a powerful government. But he speaks of how if he was in their economic position he would do something guaranteed to help.
And this is from someone who says he “never (…) had any money” so he probably knows better than them how it feels to be like the rest of society, hardly making it through.
Idk man, this is my son and I love him.