idk ignore me i love this man

Peterick vs Ryden #52
  • Pete: idk man, i kinda feel like you’re ignoring me
  • Patrick: aw babe, im sorry. i know we’ve been a little distant but i love you more than anything
  • vs
  • Ryan: idk man, i kinda feel like you’re ignoring me
  • Brendon: read at 9:45pm
  • Ryan: … this is a verbal conversation

• when you’re feeling a bit insecure and you talk to your best friend jin •

fanon Elide is so gay here’s some proof okay:

  • “Elide,” the woman says, and she wants to weep at how her name sounds so beautiful on her tongue, soft and clear and wondrous. Her smile is sharp, a flash of teeth and curved lips. 
  • …. Elide can feel the tug of her heart, the telltale string that has begun to wind around Elide’s very being that pulls her towards Manon.
  • “I am not wanting for anything.” It is a lie, because Manon sits so closely but is too far away, and the light casts a glow upon her hair that looks like a halo. Elide drops her gaze to full lips and bright teeth before forcing herself to tear her gaze away.
  • Need, not want. The bond has only grown stronger, and continues to do so with every passing second, every stolen glance and fantasy. Need.
  • Elide is rlly gay ok
  • Her eyes are dark against her skin, the darkness of the night compared to the brilliance of the moon. Her fingers are comets, and Elide feels like she has seen the universe.
  • tbh this is more like proof that metaphors and similes can help make things 10x more gay ok bye 

( @athenax im drowning these gay witches s o in lo ve this isnt even realistic they’ve known each for like two days hel p??)

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I don't know how you do it, but i am so stoked for everything you write. It's just amazing, how you go and do your best to squash ignorance, promote knowledge, sustainability, and write about gritty, relatable, real, oddly hopeful people and things in what you put to the page. I love reading about your rural life, about your characters, and the experiences with elitist ignorance. Idk it just resonates a lot with me. Thank you for being here and sharing, I'm so grateful for you doing you.

Man. MAN. I try so hard to make relatable, interesting characters and work information into my writing in a way that isn’t preachy. Thank you so, so much for letting me know that it is, in fact, working.

I am also tickled that you enjoy my anecdotes and videos about life in the middle of nowhere, and that it isn’t me screaming info and shit-posting. (Well, it is, but also tHANK YOU)

Fuuka - 08


> This was magical to see.

>> O man will we getting a fuuka and koyuki version of climbers high and the town where the star falls… unless koyuki’s singing voice is actually the artist. IDK lol, i tried figuring this out.

> Sounds about right!

> “call me” she says “We don’t talk much” she says… LMAO!!



> for him - Definitely worth the ignored phone calls. Just give her a big smooth and I’m sure she will sing just fine.

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for the sleepover thing -here's a confession - I don't really like jasmine that much... pls don't shoot me like I know you love her a lot but idk I just don't really get what the hype is bro like she's just a person

me, reading this ask: (ง'̀-‘́)ง

idk man, each to their own. if you don’t like her that’s okay. i just love her bc she’s amazing and beautiful and a goddess and she spreads a lot of awareness and positivity and she loves her boyfriend so much (I low-key wish I was Anthony at times like get me someone like that) and also she’s nice to us and her voice is like an angel and she’s just G O O D

don’t feel guilty for not liking someone it’s perfectly okay and ignore anyone who tells u that it’s bad bc you’re entitled to ur own opinion

man i kind of grew up on this site, and i’m 50% incredibly thankful for that, because i think it made me really conscious about like, gender and race and social issues in a way that i wouldn’t be otherwise. but there’s also definitely a lot of problems with some of the culture on this site that i think kind of fucked me up as a kid/preteen. i think i probably would have realized that i was a lesbian and come out quite a few years earlier had i not been here, but a lot of the like, pressure on young kids to choose an identity, and the idea that rarer or more specific identities make you a better person, really messed my young gay brain up. like, i think as a young lesbian, when you’re totally not attracted to boys, and just barely managing to repress your attraction to girls, you look to latch on to anything that can prove you aren’t gay - and in my case that was the identity-hyperfocused “queer” community on here. and instead of coming to terms with stuff like i would have, i identity hopped from asexual to pansexual to polysexual. and this was definitely fueled by the rampant, vicious homophobia that was super prevalent in that circle then (less-so now, but it’s still there) which told me that lesbians were fucking evil, and disgusting, and that it was good to be anything but a lesbian.

idk where this is actually going. i guess i just fee really conflicted. i think this site (and other sites obviously, tumblr isn’t a hivemind, and i more just mean some of the more popular blogs and ideas here) can be a really good thing for kids, but i think it can also be kind of damaging. which i guess the whole world can be, but. yeah

should I get this shirt?


I do not like the Kardashians any of them. I don’t want to pay attention to them but they are LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. Honestly I can tolerate kourtney and Kendall but I have no gained respect for them, they may work hard, but honestly EVERYTHING IS GIVEN TO THEM. All of them are given so many opportunities. And they’re given credit for stuff they didn’t even do. They weren’t born with half the material on their bodies yet the media worships them for it, they need to worship the doctors who gave them their “chic” “original” look. And man screw every black guy that even looks at them. Idk whether to hate them or pity them for their ignorance. I’m down for interracial LOVE not interracial FETISHIZATION. Their love for black dick, not men, really disturbs me.
I really fear for the future especially their children’s what if one of them has a black kid with DARK skin and 4c hair with a big nose? It’s hard for me to believe they won’t alter their children’s beauty in some way, they do it to their own beauty. And it scares me to think that when people look back on 00’s and 10’s they will think the Kardashians created “trends” when black people did long before them.

i honestly love this picture of ryan so much. he looks like a protagonist of some one man against the world adventure story that goes around punching bad guys with sassy one liners and blowing a single strand of hair out of his face before he decimates them. He’s even got his magical animal sidekick that probably sacrifices themself for him at one point idk man i think about this picture a lot

I dunno man I just love Broadchurch so much. I love how it is a literal work of art, with the gorgeous cinematography. I love how the music is beautiful, how it sounds like the sea and how it just blends so perfectly with this sleepy British seaside town. I love how every single life is taken into account, just how much the murder of a young innocent boy can literally rip apart a town. I love how raw it is, how extremely human every single character is, how complex their lives are. I love how deep each character’s pain is and how this show perfectly illustrates the meaning of grief, in all different forms, whether it be having your son murdered, having your husband be a murderer, being cheated on by a spouse. Best of all, I love how beautiful yet so entirely heartbreaking this show is, in the most human of ways, playing on themes like faith and loneliness to portray feelings we can relate to in situations that are so completely imaginable. God bless Chris Chinball for making creating one of the most beautiful series ever.


he acts like he doesn’t miss me when i come home from university for the first couple hours but when it’s time for bed the cuddles are On

man, i just love that ‘real’ shield don’t seem to think fitz is capable of picking a tail. i love that they’re underestimating him that much. i love that they’re underestimating jemma just as much. i love it.

  • Me, when i am home alone: man what a great opportunity to clean, actually eat a meal and be productive !!! What a lovely day !!! I love waking up early !! Open every window get some damn light in here the fuck ((((:
  • Me, when my family is home: i havent eaten a real meal in 3 days bc i would rather avoid everyone than be healthy, my room is a mess and i get mad when i have to clean a plate, sleeps for 16+ hours a day and stays shut in my room with no lights on ignoring everyone

I literally want to cry because team delusional is so precious. Everyone’s like a little family and we’re all so hopeful. Everyone’s theories is what’s kept me going these past few months, after Coda, I wanted to give up on TWD altogether, but then this little light started glowing, Team Delusional, and its just grown and grown over the months. And I know my blog is only little, and I am just a little nerd who really loves Beth and Bethyl, but I really feel so glad to be even a very small part of TD. So thankyou, to everyone who wrote the theories, and the fanfics, and drew the art, and sent the spoons, and signed the petition. I love you all.