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Angst Prompts

*some I’ve made up, others I’ve gathered from my favourite tv shows.

This is for the anon.

This was really fun to make. Feel free to reblog and use them. 

Specially Cry Gate writers. @rileywrites-93 and @spiderling–parker you both make me cry too much.

01. “Oh please give me a break the only reason you aren’t fighting for us is because you’re still in love with her" 

02. “I’m sorry, I still- I love her/him" 

03. “I just want you back." 

04. "Don’t let this be the last time we see each other." 

05. "Are you crying because of me or because of him?" 

06. "I’m just a little bit broken." 

07. "She’s the one I give a rats ass about, not you.”

08. “I’m scared as hell to want you, but here I am, wanting you anyway." 

09. "I love you. I’m in love with you. You’re the love of my life.”

10. “My very feeling is controlled by the look on your face. I can’t breathe without you. I can’t sleep without you.” “That’s not healthy at all." 

11. "I belong to you." 

12. "I watch for you, I wait for you. I exist for you." 

13. "I am not a toy you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny!" 

14. "I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me. Earn me. " 

15. “You can’t leave me, I am not losing you again." 

16. "You ruined me. I’m ruined." 

17. "I asked you to save me and you said no." 

18. "Whatever happens next, I want to make sure that you know that I loved you." 

19. "Stay away from my future wife!" 

20. “I never meant to hurt you.”

21. “That doesn’t really matter, because in the end, it all hurts just the same.”

22. “Part of me just wants to find the right words to hurt you the same way you hurt me." 

23. we go days without having a meaningful conversation and I used to miss you so much when that happened. But it never seemed like you missed me and I guess because of that I stopped missing you." 

24. "I want us to be together.”

25. "Just wanted to make sure you have everything you need.” “You mean other than you?" 

26. "I still love you, I always will, I just can’t trust you." 

27."I’m afraid that this conversation is going to end with goodbye." 

28. I’m getting really tired of fighting." 

29. "I wanted you to fight for me. I wanted you to say there is no one else you could ever be with. And that you’d rather be alone than without me." 

31. "I never stopped believing in us.”

32. “Why won’t you ever just let me all the way in?" 

33. "I’m not pushing you away, I am holding on for dear life. But I need you to need me back." 

34. "I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke. You don’t get to call me a whore." 

35. "I can’t remember our last kiss." 

36. "why didn’t you try harder? You just left." 

37. "You took a piece of me and I let you." 

38. "I’m always going to love you, but I don’t want to love you. I want to be happy." 

39. "I’m exhausted." 

40. "You called me and a woman answered the phone." 

41. "You didn’t love her! Because you don’t destroy the person that you love.”  

42. “She doesn’t make me sick to my stomach thinking about -another man- touching her with his hands. I would do anything not to be looking at you." 

43. "I’m gonna get her back." 

44. "I’m not your girlfriend, I’m not even your friend." 

45. "How did we end up here?" 

46. "I wanted you to be my forever." 

47 "You shouldn’t come back." 

48. "You messed me up so bad, I don’t even know where to start to fix myself." 

49. "You wrote that for me but she/he thinks it’s for her/him and I’m just so tired of hiding while you live your life in the spotlight with her/him." 

50. "I’m sorry that I fell in love with you." 

51. "I used to think I could count on you for everything. I was so wrong." 

52. "I love you! I do, but I don’t love this situation. This is toxic." 

53. "I don’t want you to be okay with this! I want you back." 

54. “Love is irrelevant to people like us.”

55. “Love is just temporary.”

56. “I’m so sorry for the pain we’ve caused each other.”

as a white™ to other whites™ in the omgcp fandom i feel like a lot of y'all are afraid to write poc because you dont want to get shit wrong but like fr. its not hard. just dont talk about being black or asian or latino if you dont know what its like. thats it. you can still write them, and have them be your main character, and allow them to be complex. you can be white and write a black character!!! all you have to do is not write about the black experience because you dont personally know about it. that means that you can still have them be black, like things that are typically associated with black culture (if thats what the character is like), and still have human emotions!! it can be done well, like if you take a gander at @geniusorinsanity who writes an amazing nursey!! and if you REALLY don’t feel comfortable making content like that, you can always reblog it!! support those creators, like @hoenursey and @omgcphee and @duanlarissa and @oluranurse and like a billion others!! follow accounts like @omgpocplease !! dont be afraid to show interest in those characters because even if you get called out, its a learning opportunity man. if someone calls you out then you just learn about what you did wrong like nobody is perfect but if you recognize your mistakes, own up to them, and strive to be better itll be okay!!! like the characters you want to, but dont be deterred from the ones you do because you dont want to make people angry!! its just a process of life my friends, we are all on a learning curve. (make content for non-white characters broski. it will enrich your life.)

"Actually, can I ride you?"

YO sO I Wrote A FIc anD it’s SmuT Im GoINg StrAIght To HELL i HoPE to See u alL ThEre alONG wITh dan ANd PhIl excePT tHEY arE Not GOIng stRaiGHt to HelL cUz thEY Be NOt stRaighT oOps

Also I am a child what am I doing with my life and this is my first fic and i can’t write if my life depended on it so ignore the mistakes also I haven’t reread it so :c
Tags?: SMUT (yes we r all sinners oops), masturbation, high school au I guess, riding and idk I kinda forgot what happens haha
Anyway read it if u want here we go.

Dan and Phil were in school. They hated it. They were both bullied for being gay. They were both teased for their relationship. They hated everything about to school. It felt like them vs the world, like everyone was against them. It was lunch and dan and Phil were both sat outside on the bench under the tree which was their usual spot. “Do you still want to come over tonight?” Dan asked while cuddled up to Phil. “Ye.” Phil relied. “You might as well stay the night, I’ll ask my mum.” Dan said as he grabbed his phone and texted his mum. She replied within minutes. Phil had a really good relationship with dans parents. They were always polite and it felt like home, he could just walk in whenever he wanted and it wouldn’t be questioned. “She says sure.” Dan said with a smile. “I’ll go home first and then I’ll come over because I need to get my stuff.” They spent the rest of lunch enjoying being in each other company. The bell rang and they went off to their lessons.

Dan came home and slung his bag on his bed. He immediately got changed and made sure his room was presentable enough for Phil, not that Phil would care but it felt like the right thing to do. After he had finished tidying dan received a text from Phil saying “Hey, I’m just gonna do the dishes and wait for my mum to come home from work so she can drive me because i really can’t be bothered walking. I’ll be an hour max. Xx <3” Dan smiled and replied. Dan thought he would use the time he had left logically. Dan, after all is a teen, and Dan and Phil hadn’t had sex yet. Which is obviously understandable, they had made out(a lot) and on a few incidents they had come in their pants but haven’t had sex. He figured that because he didn’t want to make it awkward when he enviably got a boner while they were sleeping next to each other he would quickly sort himself before Phil got there. To try and prevent and awkward situations.

Dan rushed to his room where his laptop was, took off his super tight ripped jeans, with struggle. And he proceeded to remove the rest of his clothes and opened his laptop. He searched for some gay porn and propped his laptop at the perfect angle, throwing his head back. He was already hard, Gotta love being a teenager. He poured some lube onto his hand and slightly stroked his now extremely hard dick. Using whatever lube was left on his hand he began fingering himself with one finger. Lot long after he added another, and another.

Phil opened the door and walked in, surprised Dan wasn’t downstairs waiting for him like he usually is. He assumed dan was in his room and just hadn’t heard him so he sprinted up the stairs and turned left then stopped as he started hearing small whimpers almost moans coming from the room at the end of the hall, Dans room. He slowly walked to his door and pushed it open to reveal dan completely naked spread out on his bed, his fingers up his ass, laptop open and releasing moans. Dan somehow still hadn’t noticed the surprise visitor at the door, too busy pushing his fingers in and out of his ass quickly. Phil could feel himself harder than ever and pulsing inside his jeans. “Preparing for me, are we?” Phil said with a smirk, he didn’t really know what happened he just kind of blurted it out. Dans eyes shot open his cheeks burning red from the heat, hair sticking to his forehead. He yelped. Grabbed his quilt to cover himself and shut his laptop as quick as he could. Phil walked over to dan. It felt like it was in slow motion Phil removed his shoes and his pants, his t-shirt slowly following. Dan was still in complete shock and unable to tear his eyes away from the huge bulge in Phils boxers. Phil sat at the end of the bed and pulled of the quilt before getting on top of dan and locking their lips. At this point dan didn’t care anymore and devoted all his attention to the present. Kissing Phil felt amazing like every time they kissed sparks flew. Dan began tugging at the band of Phils boxers before pulling them off completely and tossing them to the side. “Lube?” Phil asked out of breath. “Top drawer.” Dan replied also out of breath. Phil broke apart their kiss to reach over and grab the lube. He poured onto his hand and spread all over his dick. “Are you ready?” Phil said still on top of dan. “Actually, can I ride you?” Dan asked shyly turning even brighter red which he didn’t think was possible. Phil nodded and rolled over so he was on his back laying next to dan. Dan sat up and looked at Phil who was smirking at him. Dan lifted one leg over him so his ass kinda lined up with phils dick. He put his hands either side of Phil to stabilise himself. “I’m ready, are you?” Dan asked. Phil moaned and nodded in response because even the thought of dan riding him was enough to send pulses straight to his throbbing dick. Dan lowered himself onto Phil slowly as soon as they made contact Phil whined in pleasure and couldn’t help to let a few moans escape his mouth. Dans eyes shut quickly as he pushed further and further down. Dan stopped when he reached the base of Phils cock. He lifted himself up an slowly building a rhythm. phil was completely gone, a moaning mess. Dan picked up the pace slowly but surly and making sure to keep trying to angle himself so that phil would hit his prostate. And there it was, dan moaned and screamed in absolute pleasure. Phil smiled because he knew he had just hit his prostate. Dan stayed at this angle moving even faster. Hitting his prostate every time. “Da…Dan I’m gonn….gonna come!” Phil groaned. “D…do yyyou want to stop?” Phil continued. “No phil, IIII don’t care please cum for me. In me.” Dan replied in absolute awe. “I think I’m clo…close too phil.”
Phil took this as a sign to start stroking dans dick which was throbbing and leaking, this made dan scream once again. “DANNNN!” Phil yelled as he came into dan, dan still bouncing on Phil helping him ride out his orgasm. As Phil finished than couldn’t hold it any longer and he came hard onto Phils chest and hand. Dan finished and rolled of Phil to lay down next to him. “Sorry.” Dan replied looking at Phil covered in his cum. “Don’t be it’s fine. It was more than fine actually it was hot as hell if I’m being honest.” Phil replied making them both laugh.

They stood up and started to dress, Phil looked over at his incredibly hot boyfriend who was still flustered and he could already feel himself getting hard again. Dan spotted Phil looking at him and he smiled back and he looked down and saw his boyfriend was completely hard. “Round 2?” Dan asked giggling. “Fuck. I hate being a teen.” Was all phil could reply with as he locked their lips. “I’ve never been more happy about the fact that my parents work late.” Dan chuckled. “Shut up and take of your boxers.” Phil replied both of them laughing so much that it hurt.

***************** Okay so why r people actually reading this I’m so confused aha thanks I guess
Bruised and Battered: Epilogue

Dean Winchester x Reader

950 Words

Story Summary:

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A/N: I had first expected this story to be a one shot, but it was meant to be much longer than that. Thank you to everyone who read, liked and commented on this story, I really appreciate it. 

6 months later

Laying against the headboard of the hotel bed, you sighed in contentment. Tossing the empty pie container on the night stand, you smiled over at Dean who had blueberry filling on his face.  “That was probably the best blueberry pie I’ve ever had.” He muttered, rubbing his stomach.

“Isn’t that what you said about the last one?” You chuckled, and he just shrugged his shoulders at you.

“What can I say? I love me some pie, and these last two stops have been amazing.” He answered, before groaning.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 19] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: angst?? idk really kinda a filler chapter

Warnings: bad writing?? Really crappy chapter?

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}


A/N: I almost forgot to post this today. Anyways this chapter might be really crappy. idk writer’s block hit me pretty hard. Idk when the next chapter will be out but it might be soon?? Idk. I don’t know if I want feedback for this one, it’s just not feeling it for me. IT IS LITERALLY JUST A PAGE. This one is gonna be real disappointing. I’m not even tagging everything like I usually do. low key hoping the gif makes up for the bad chapter

~ Admin Brooklyn


It felt good to relax by yourself. It used to be annoying and restless, but now it was quite nice. Ai was curled up by your side. You were annoyed by this cat. The last time you saw him you thought he was injured or worse, but nope. Today the feline struts into the room and hops onto the bed, quickly reclaiming his spot on your lap. You had raised an eyebrow at him. He brushed off your gaze and continued to watch your laptop screen.

“Love you too buddy,” you mutter, focusing back on the screen as well. A few minutes into the relaxing time you had a knock sounded by the door. As you pushed the laptop off your lap, the door opened. Your eyes widen as you saw Daesung. He was breathing heavily, and his eyes screamed panic and he seemed very on edge.

“Infirmary now.” You nodded your head, hopping off of the bed and heading straight out of the door. Daesung shuts it behind you and rushes with you, both of you walking at fast paces. Although with Daesung having a longer leg span, you’re forced to do a little skip to catch up with him every few minutes.

“What happened?” You ask, still trying to keep up with him. His face still held the look of urgency and panic and it seemed to put you on edge. Daesung had always been the most optimistic towards you, looking for the happier and brighter side of things. Seeing him like this was a big change and it was one you didn’t want to see.

“Mr. Kwon collapsed,” he said. Your eyes widen, the news seeming shocking even though, considering his age, you aren’t exactly surprised. Still, Mr. Kwon was somebody close to you. He might not be the closest or the nicest person you’ve met, but he was still there for you. You still confined some of you emotions to him. He meant something to you, and you could only imagine how Ji Yong is taking it right now.


Ji Yong held his father’s hand as they rushed him towards the infirmary. Constantly checking his pulse as he ran, although he had a hard time doing that and running to catch up with him. At one point he just gave up and ran alongside him, watching as he gets carried on a stretcher. As he walked into the infirmary he started to get angry at your absences.

You rushed through the door about a minute later, quickly washing your hands before going towards Mr. Kwon. Ji Yong looked at you annoyed, and he couldn’t help the comment that slipped through his mouth. “Well looks like you finally stopped being lazy and decided to work.”

You send a harsh glare at him, making him watch his mouth. You quickly get to work, first checking for a pulse, then seeing if his pupils will dilate under a light. You get out a sphygmomanometer and check his blood pressure.

“He’s got low blood pressure. He’ll wake up soon,” you say. Ji Yong’s eyebrows furrow. “Thank goodness that it didn’t get any worse.”

“What does that mean?” Ji Yong asked.

“It could’ve been much worse,” you say. “Fainting, compared to going into shock, is much better. Especially when we don’t exactly have the medical equipment we need available.”


“Ji Yong calm down.” He glares at you. “He’s okay now, we can stop it from happening.”

“I don’t care,”  he says. He turns to his unconscious dad. “He’s the only family I have left and I need him. I don’t want anything happening to him.”

anonymous asked:

(part 1) ur gonna roast me for this but im legit curious why mafia AUs are so bad? im asking in a non confrontational way, i get it romanticizing mafia is wrong, but i also believe that 1)most mafia AUs are a really toned down type of mafia;2)they do make for some interesting kinds of dynamics with fanart and with fics; 3)in a fic specifically u can create your own world and call something mafia and still make it so they don't kill innocent people but only idk members of other gangs or sth

(part 2) plus theyre a way to put ur charas in a completely diff context and see what theyll do. i mean i dont believe that writing ships in a certain context (like mafia) equals romanticizing that context. mafia AUs arent even my fav things to read (in fact i almost never do), im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

I’m not gonna roast you don’t worry xD okay wait let me check if I replied to this already if yes I’m gonna c/p because it’s half past midnight otherwise I’ll just go at it again wait *checks tags* fff obviously I don’t have a general post but anyway pls read this after you’ve done with my post and then this which is also choke-full of links. plus for a (not nice) laugh: here. AH WAIT I FOUND THE POST.

okay, so, let’s have it out of the way: I have nothing against mob aus or crime aus. I have a problem against calling them mafia AUs because in the US mafia = organized crime at large, in Italy mafia = ACTUAL EXISTING ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE ACTIVELY HARMFUL. now that I introduced the topic I’ll c/p you the reply I gave to another anon who while discussing the issue pointed out that most writers don’t even know Italian mafia is a thing, which is pretty much on the same discourse so…

*The thing is - in the US it might not be enough of a deal anymore and I honestly do get why people make the mafia = regular mobsters, since the mafia was the first foreign organized crime being exported to the US via italian immigrants (sorry if this sounds horrible in English but I just woke up and I still didn’t have coffee) so I understand that mafia became the umbrella term.But the thing is that - as you said, these people don’t even know that there’s a mafia in Italy anymore or where the word comes from.

 I’m going to link to italiansreclaimingitaly’s tag about the mafia and its perception outside Italy because they posted about this extensively and it’s an excellent resource, but meanwhile I’m gonna do a very short bullet point list and about the topic:

  • Mafia might not be a big deal in the US, but it still is here. We have the beauty of four different mafias (Cosa Nostra - the Sicilian one, camorra which is the one in Campania but has tendrils spread everywhere, the ‘ndrangheta which is in Calabria and the Sacra Corona Unita in Puglia) which are all active [especially camorra and 'ndrangheta] and whose actions have direct impact (negative) on our economy and on our society. Actually mafias are one of the main reasons we’re currently economically fucked up, and if I start talking about how mafia culture keeps some areas literally backwards I could talk about it for three months.
  • There are still people who are killed for standing up against them. These days the most prominent personality is Roberto Saviano who is a writer who dared to put together a book documenting minutely the way camorra works and he’s been living under protection for years by this point. Like, they want him dead because he wrote a book. And I’m sorta sure that he was talking about leaving Italy and going to the US after years of sticking with it here because he can’t take it anymore but I don’t know if it was a taken decision or if it’s still debating it.
  • It wasn’t even thirty years ago that we had the stragi di mafia - in english it’d be something like the mafia slaughters, basically around the beginning of the nineties there were a number of bombs planted by the mafia targeting people who were trying to oppose it including judges Falcone and Borsellino, actually the anniversary of Falcone’s death is like… tomorrow. And they’ve killed people for way longer than that. Here is a list of only Cosa Nostra victims including the ones from the eighties/nineties. And people are still dying because of it. The slaughters I’m referring to are just the ones in the nineties which are enough of a number.
  • They also perpetuate a culture where if you testify against your mafia-employed relatives you’ll be shunned forever. There are women who testified against their families and couldn’t see their children anymore never mind that they weren’t automatically considered a relative anymore the moment they sided against the mafia. Some people have committed suicide after becoming witnesses also because our police force/justice system can be terribly non-supportive in this kind of situation so they got left on their own. Never mind that back in the day - it was the beginning of the nineties? - I recall at least a particular story of - I think, correct me if I remember wrong but I can’t remember the names for the life of me - where this guy testified against the local mafia when he either used to work for them or was forced to pay them the pizzo and in retaliation his six-year old (or five? Anyway he had a son younger than ten for sure) got kidnapped, killed and thrown into acid to dispose of the body. That happened in what, 1993? 1994? It’s pretty much yesterday. And now the camorra is doing the same - there’s a list here of camorra victims among which accidental passerbys that got killed because they were in the way which I can tell just by glancing is not complete. And I’m not even going into the 'ndrangheta. That is to say, here mafia still kills people and cripples our country.

Now, I get that it’s a word, but the point was: let’s say that instead of the Italians the Japanese came to the US first and the umbrella word for organized crime was yakuza rather than mafia and let’s say yakuza was still what it was originally in Japan while in the US it stopped being a big deal and people write yakuza!AU instead of mafia AU. Let’s say someone Japanese gets angry at that and goes like 'listen the yakuza is a real deal it does this this this and that and it’s a plague in our country so can you please at least look it up before writing your fanfic’, which is what had happened way back then when this whole mafia and fanfic thing blew up. A bunch of people told us to get over it because it’s just a word and if it’s a problem in Italy it’s not in the US so why should they care? Now, if we had been Japanese (or Chinese or Russian or Mexican) would they have said the same thing? Considering the general tumblr attitude I’m pretty sure they would have received either an apology or 'this is an important deal let’s keep that in mind’ with signal boost reblogs and stuff. 

It’s the fact that we should get over people not knowing that it’s still a real problem for us and that they can’t take five seconds to google it that is the problem imo. Especially when instead of mafia au you can just say mobsters au or tag it as organized crime and everyone is a lot happier, mostly because as the tag above explains romanticising the mafia is a good thing for them because it means they can act outside Italy with less stigma because everyone thinks that the mafia is dead or not relevant anymore, if I’m explaining myself. (And it’s active outside Italy - like, there was a mafia kill in Germany in 2007 where six people died (sorry the link is in Italian but there isn’t an English wiki page, if you look the city up you’ll find something probably) and it was because of the 'ndrangheta.

I’d really like to not get worked over it because it meant it was a thing of the past y'know, but the problem is that it isn’t and I’d rather spread some awareness in hope some of these writers look it up (because it’s a good thing that people know what mafia is since as stated they have tendrils everywhere - if you read Saviano’s book the entire first chapter is about how camorra regularly deals with Chinese import/export in Italy for one) than shrug and figure that since they’ll think everything is good for fanfic then it’s not even worth my time.*

Now, ^^^ that was the c/p-ed reply that should answer most of your doubts. What I didn’t address was:

im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

aaaand as we say here in Italy, this is where the donkey falls (sorry we have weird sayings), because in theory there’s nothing wrong with that… except that in 99% of the mafia aus I’ve seen around the thing is that they’re supposed to be cute.

like, I see a lot of shit with TINY MAFIA BOSS STEVE ROGERS with RUSSIAN ENFORCER BUCKY (????? bucky isn’t even russian???) and the yoi thing I saw before had the japanese character being the leader of a russian mafia gang which is… like… guys it doesn’t happen it really doesn’t, and a lot of them re-use wrongly terminology taken from the godfather without context or knowing what the hell it means, and it’s always from the criminals’ pov and they’re somehow seen as criminals doing justice where the police can’t (???) and like… no. mafia bosses/enforcers/employees are bad people period, and at least here if you try to leave or repent they kill your family in retribution. like, not even ten years ago there’s been a woman who used to belong to a mafia family (or one colluded with the mafia) who testified and her entire town/family shunned her and she couldn’t take it anymore and… killed herself drinking acid if I don’t recall wrong. it’s not even special cases. this shit is not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not adorable and it’s not good fodder for your imagine your otp scenario (srsly I saw one like.. let me find it,

LIKE. just look at this shit. in a regular context, the enforcer goes to the show owner to force them to pay a monthly sum to their boss lest they destroy their shop and their lives and their family’s life never mind that mafia culture is deeply homophobic so the mafia enforcer flirting with the shopkeeper is like completely fucking out of the question. I mean, people here like to shit on the sopranos but that show was actually excellent representation of Horrid Criminals Who Were Never Supposed To Be Good People and the small arc that happened when one of tony’s friends turned out to be gay (closeted) was REALLY well done. btw, it ended that when they found out he was gay most of the crowd rejected him and thought badly of him until I think they killed him also for other reasons, but that spiraled from finding out he liked dick. and that’s american mafia that they actually based on well-done research of the culture in Italy it came from, I assure you that here it doesn’t work that differently. like. the shit above is so inaccurate and frankly offensive, it’s like… I get people romanticizing problematic stuff but the thing is that when you tell them that it’s actually offensive you get brushed off as ‘ah well you’re being too sensitive it’s just a word u__u’. now, I’m all for exploring shit we wouldn’t be into, but not like THAT, because that’s like mafia romantic comedy and that’s not how it works. now, you wanna do a fic where the mafia characters are deeply flawed and bad people and the police tries to catch them? fine, great, go ahead. you wanna do a fic where the enforcer above deals with dunno an entire life of internalized homophobia when he finds the shopkeeper attractive and feels conflicted over having to con money out of him and doing horrible shit for a living and maybe understanding that crime isn’t worth it and then he actually collaborates with the police and gets shit from about everyone he knows and loves for that? okay, awesome, go ahead. nothing bad in that.

but the shit above is not exploring things we wouldn’t/writing darkfic, it’s THINKING THAT A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION WHICH IS STILL A THING IN OUR PART OF THE WORLD IS CUTE AND ADORABLE. and that only plays in their favor because it takes the bad aura out of the word and we really should not let that happen. like. that is what is bad about mafia aus and mafia discourse, that people don’t realize the mafia is alive and well and thriving and not a thing that doesn’t exist or a generic word for organized crime.

you wanna write the shit above? okay, CALL IT CRIME AU or mob au, not mafia au.

btw, add-on: idk if I mentioned it in the above post or not, but in case I didn’t, I said that people would balk at the idea of a mexican cartel au. sadly since then I’ve found out a fandom where not only there is one but it’s also extra cutesy and people apparently love it and it has a bunch of kudos/comments and idek I’m not even touching that with a ten foot pole but like… I’ve avoided it and everything that author wrote because to me it’s just… nope. like, nope. if you do mafia aus don’t make them fucking cute. (also: in the same fandom I had to mute a v. famous fanartist whose art I actually liked but did cutesy mafia aus and.. like… haahahhaahahahahaha nah sorry. can’t go there. nope.)

A Fairytale Ending

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Request: Could you do a Tyler storie/blurb thing where reader is his girlfriend and she is a singer on youtube, she gets a sponsorship from Disney for Beauty and The Beast and gets to record at one of the Castles at Disney world dressed in a Belle style dress and she has Tyler be her ‘Beast’/Dancing Partner for the music video and he proposes in at the end of it??

Summary: Fem!Reader is filming a Beauty and the Beast music video when boyfriend Tyler proposes and everyone cries :)

A/N: Hey y'all! Don’t know what it was about this fic that was really difficult for me to write? Anyway here it is! It’s based on the Ariana Grande and John Legend music video, just pretend there’s no John Legend lol. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1086, the hardest fics are always the longest why to heck

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry dudes!

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Admins's favorite fic in 2016!

omg sorry for the long wait!!! this took us half a year bcos it was waaaay tougher than we thought 😅 so most of us have more than one fic, hope it’s ok!

Admin Y: 

If My Yesterday is a Disgrace - (parallel universe au) i’m always impressed by w-anderingheart’s writing, but this fic surpassed all expectations. it’s an incredibly poignant work and broke my heart one hundred times over. 

Admin H: 

Quicksand - both ksoo and jongin are authors! (and rivals) i loved the plot, it’s simple and easy to read but the way the author had written it…touched a nerve (in a good way) so ksoo had troubles with writing and the conflicts/thoughts that he had rly spoke out to all the writers out there. and jongin, ‘his enemy’ indirectly helps him out and their relationship is the cutest!!

Steady Now - this was one of the best slowburn fics ive read in 2016 and oh my gosh, zerrin is brilliant. i’m a sucker for slow burn and this monster fic (69k) managed to capture everything, romance, fluff, a bit of comedy and angst. basically ksoo wants to save his orphanage from being bought (tada by jongin’s company) and he befriends jongin bc of that so go figure ;)

Admin J:   

The Loneliest Place to Be - poet/writer + model, friends with benefits au, the poems were the highlight sobs i love ;u; I admire strange-seas a lot and her works were the ones that left a deep impression on me when I started reading fics thus when she came with a new fic in 2016 I already knew I’d be a goner :)))

Smile - one of the best hurt comfort fics I’ve read and their love is just…goals. soo suffers from ptsd and doesn’t feel worthy enough for jongin but jongin loves him unconditionally *^* I came across this when I was randomly checking the tags on AO3 and i consider it as the discovery of the year lol  .

Wildflower - tattoo artist/florist au, idk but this fluff is just my style! i mean kd going on dates, help each other and just being supersoft together? yes pls. honourable mention to sleepydanceur because I think she’s amazing yet so humble and she deserves all the recognition  

Admin I: 

aberration - hs!au with photographer!soo and dancer!nini, how do i describe my love for this fic except for being ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ every time i so much as think about it :’( the writing is so beautiful, i love the imagery and i just love the way the story develops. definitely one of the best of 2016!! 

dust to dust - post-apoc!au, the actual best post-apocalyptic fic i’ve ever read, ever. it’s very character based, which i love, especially kyungsoo’s character (and kaisoo’s development will make you cry). i love the hurt-comfort theme as well, it makes the whole thing feel very human~ as an apoc-lover, this fic is v special to me ♡

the third path - medieval!au, fantasy!au, this is definitely my fave fantasy fic i think, it’s so good and honestly speaking, we are blessed to have hojichadust in our fandom. the writing is magnificent and the ending still haunts me :”( 

Admin Q: 

priceless - my all time favourite college!au !!!! written by our lovely booboo, admin Y. As a student who’s main focus is english/literature, I absolutely loved this fic and the areas it covered in relation to how people feel about their majors! I’m kind constantly being told “your exams gonna be easy you just need to analyse a poem” or something like that and it rly upsets me??? bc my friends are the ones saying it but anyway READ THIS FIC!!! i love it and it’s so well written im babbling ok i love how accurately jongin’s emotions are portrayed as an english major being tease;;

tranquil as a forest - Our very lovely Jumpthisship wrote this! (during 10KFR) and I had the honour of being assigned to her and I remember how excited I was after reading her first check-in. Kyungsoo’s ongoing dialogue in his head was so amusing I screamed so many times while reading this. It’s a travelling!AU which i absolutely love! 

mine and yours - by thatweirdo!! Y’ALL this fic was so absolutely beautiful (and filthy ;–))) i loved it so much;;;; It’s a jongkaisoo + doll concept fic and I think those words together should be enough to reel you guys in (-:

prince of cats

chapter three: the gentle fine is this

on ao3 || on ffnet
1 | 2 | 3

two things:

1. i remembered what i was going to say last week: this is a really REALLY cliche fic, so if you’re not into that you may want to rethink your reading, but also, this is me so i think everyone expects dcom
2. i accidentally put the wrong tags in ch1, and that’s been changed, but just so we’re clear, i’m using #proc ml and #prince of cats ml for this fic


“You are not my cat,” Marinette says simply.

Plagg meows in response.

She sighs and drags a hand through her hair. She now has to add ‘return cat’ to her list of things to do today. She would just leave Plagg be and let him run back to Adrien, but something tells her Plagg isn’t much of an outdoor cat. That something being Adrien’s reaction to Plagg making a break for it.

Also, Plagg looks comfortable in his patch of sun. If Marinette knows anything about cats, it’s that Plagg isn’t moving any time soon.

She crosses her arms. “You’re going to have to wait for me to change,” she tells him. She refuses to go knocking on Adrien’s door in a pair of ratty old pajamas with Sailor Moon on the pants.

Plagg just closes his eyes and turns his face toward the sun.

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I thought I could handle it (DT)

hey guys! here’s a requested imagine for the twins! Unfortunately the original request was deleted but basically its about the hate the reader gets after they are in more and more snapchats/posts and fluffy twin comfort. hope you enjoy! 

Requested by @badwolfgirlatbakerst ILY BBY <3

Warnings: like one curse word lol, hate comments

Word count: 1199

“Y/NNNNN!” Grayson sang as he thrust his iPhone camera in my face, recording a snapchat.

“Gray, stop! I told you I don’t want you to put me on the internet!” My hands flew to my face in an attempt to conceal it.

“Oh, come on,” he whined, lowering his phone finally. “Is it really that big of a deal?”

“Yes, Grayson,” I sighed, running an exasperated hand through my hair. “I told you, do you know how much hate you would get if your fans thought you were hanging out with a girl? How much I would get? I don’t want you guys getting hurt. And you know I’m pretty tough, but I already have too much on my plate, I don’t need the extra stress.”

“Sorry,” He whispered, looking down at his feet. I sighed, realizing too late that I had hurt his feelings. “Look, it’s not your fault. I know I’m your guy's’ best friend, and you want to show me off.”

I tipped his sharp chin up, looking into those bright hazel eyes. “Ughh,” I groaned, breaking at the sight of those puppy dog eyes. “Fine, If you really want to post something with me in it, you can.” How bad could it be? I could handle it. I was a big girl.

“YES!” He jumped up and down like an overly hyper rabbit. “Can we take an Instagram picture?”

“Sure. But be careful there, sonny, or those sweatpants are gonna come down with all that jumping,” I giggled, shaking my head.

“Bet you wouldn’t mind that to much,” he said, sticking out his tongue and wiggling it.

“You’re disgusting!” I yelled, waving behind me as I made my way into the main floor of the warehouse. He followed not far after me, ready to snap a picture.

A few days later I flopped down on my bed, trying and failing several times to unlock my phone with the fingerprint, and eventually gave up and put in the passcode. Already people had found my Instagram and twitter even though the boys hadn’t tagged me, and I had gained dramatically. I opened the twitter app and scrolled through, trying to avoid the hate comments as best as I could, until one particularly nasty one caught my eye. And then another. And another.

@twitteruser: Ewww wtf is wrong with her? Do you know how many people want to be in her position. Ugly ungrateful slut

@fanacct: she doesn’t deserve to be friends with them

@fanpage: why are they hanging out with someone like her, gross

This was under a repost of the snapchat video Gray had posted of me that day, when I was covering my face.

I almost choked on my own spit. Jesus Christ, how could people be so cruel? They didn’t even know me!

And then I couldn’t stop scrolling, scrolling and scrolling through hate comment after hate comment. My Insta and Twitter were spammed with them, and even though I tried to not let them get to me, of course they did. And soon, the tears began to fall.

Goddamnit, pull yourself together! I snapped at myself. I took a quick shower to try and calm myself down, but to no avail. So what to do now? Call Grayson? No, he would immediately know something was up just based on my voice. E would too; they knew me too well.

I gave a small laugh through my wet cheeks as I thought of how the boys and I had met. I had literally tripped and fallen right into Ethan’s arms, earning the first of many snarky comments his brother would make, “Yo, did you just fall for him?”

We had talked for a few more minutes, and then agreed to keep in touch. And here we are now.

I decided to text Ethan, just to ask if we could talk. What I was going to say, I had no idea.

Y/N: hey E, you up?

It was only a matter of seconds before the three typing bubbles popped up.

Eth: yeah whats up

I typed for awhile, trying to work out what to say, but eventually gave up.

Eth: are you okay? Why did you stop typing

Y/N: oh sorry I’m fine

Y/N: idk why I texted lol nvm

Eth: do u want me and gray to come over

Y/N: no, dont I’m fine

Eth: i can literally tell youre not over text

Eth: best friend brain power

Eth: yee haw

Eth: idk what that was lol

Eth: anyways G and I are on our way

Y/N: ethan stop you don’t need to really im okay

Eth: be there in a few

Fuck. Now I had both twins already on their way to my apartment. I moped around for a few minutes, trying to configure what I would say to them. How would I explain? I was never good at talking about my feelings.

A soft knock on the door woke me from my thoughts, and I went to answer it. I looked like shit, my hair still wet, eyes red from crying, and only in shorts and a sweatshirt that I had nabbed from Ethan’s room when he wasn’t looking, but I honestly didn’t care.

“Hey,” Ethan said brightly as he entered the living room, Gray trailing not too far behind. E immediately pulled me into a hug. “What’s going on, Y/NN?”

I nuzzled into his shirt, smelling his musky scent. “I told you this would happen,” I mumbled.

“What?” Ethan said carefully, gently releasing me and taking me over to the couch.

“I told you guys this would happen. I thought I could handle it, but I guess not.” I scrubbed at my eyes and tear-streaked face.

“What happened?” Gray reiterated, sitting down on the other side of me and taking my hands in his.

“Have you guys checked your Twitter comments recently? Or the instagram ones on the photo we took to together?” When both boys shook their heads I sighed and continued. “They’re writing awful things about me, guys. Some stuff I don’t even-” My voice broke. “-don’t even want to repeat.”

Both of them looked horrified. “Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry, this was my idea, I shouldn’t have pushed you-” Grayson gushed, but I interrupted.

“It’s not your fault, Gray. But it just hurts, that’s all.”

“Listen,” Ethan said, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. “You are worth so much to us. So much you don’t even know.”

Grayson nodded fervently. “Don’t listen to them, Y/N. We love you so much.”

“I know, but it’s hard, ya know?”

“Oh we definitely know,” Ethan said. “But you can get through this. You’re a smart, kind, strong, and beautiful woman. And we won’t stand for this. I’ll tweet something out as soon as possible.”

“I will too,” Gray interjected.

I sighed happily, pulling both boys into a hug. “I love you guys. Thank you.”

“Anytime,” they both said simultaneously, earning a shocked look and a laugh from all three of us. We sat together for a bit, chatting, until Ethan looked down at me. “Is that my sweatshirt?”

I grinned sheepishly. “Maybe.”

jake oettinger/joseph woll primer

Okay so Jake oettinger is getting drafted this year and could possibly be a first round pick and we all know how rare that is with goalies and such so that means hes very good. I want all of u to love him and his bff baby leafs goalie joseph woll as much as i love them and as much as they love each other. ok here goes:

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Gimme that sweet sweet poly ship fic, anything with Lance, Allura/Lance/Nyma , or Shiro/Lance/Matt , Or Hunk/Lance/Keith ; First meetings? or domestic, you pick im starving

Domestic Klunk sickfic. Because yes.

Lance whined, his head aching and throbbing, digging his cheek deeper into the pillow in a futile attempt to lessen the pain, “Everything hurrrrrrrrts.”

Keith ran his fingers through Lance’s short strands, “I know, kitten, I know,” he said, “Hunk is almost done with the soup, okay?”

“Mmmm—ah…aaah…” with a vicious itch in his nose, Lance hastily pointed at the box of Kleenex tissues on the nightstand, at which Keith hurried to grab the box and handed it to him, “ahh-choo!

Lance looked at the thick green snot with disgust and groaned, congestion apparent in his tone, “Being sick is so groooooss.”

“It is,” Keith agreed, moving out of the way for Lance to throw the tissues into the wastebasket by the bed, which was filled past the brim with more used tissues.

Lance whined some more when it bounced and landed on the floor, and he collapsed on Keith’s chest, “I still can’t breathe through my nose.”

Keith held him tightly, fingers back on Lance’s hair, “Relax, I’m here…”

“Baaabe, I’m gonna get you siiiick.”

In retaliation, Keith’s eyes narrowed, holding him tighter and wrapping his legs around him, making his point abundantly clear.

“Right, you don’t care, you just want to take care of me,” Lance said, and Keith simply nodded, “Gotcha.”

For a while, they laid there in silence, the only accompanying sounds of Lance’s sniffles and Hunk cooking in the kitchen filling in the quiet. Every once in a while, Lance would blow his nose, creating a bigger mountain of tissues in the wastebasket.

“When do I take my Mucinex again?”

“In…” Keith grabbed his phone from the end table to look at the timer, “Four hours.”


Keith rubbed Lance’s back gently, “You still need to eat before you take it.”

“I know, I know,” Lance said before he blew his nose again.

As if on cue, Hunk walked through the cracked open door with a bowl of steaming soup on a tray table, “Soup’s up!” he announced excitedly.

“Come on, sit up,” Keith patted Lance’s side gently, “You have to eat.”

“Mmnnn, I don’t even have an appetite,” Lance muttered quietly to himself, not wanting to fight neither of his boyfriends on this. He knew they were just taking care of him.

“We heard that,” Keith said, “You still need to eat.”

“I know, I know,” Lance complained.

“You don’t smell what I’ve been making you?” Hunk frowned.

“I can’t smell.”

“Oh, right,” Hunk blushed, laying the table tray on top of Lance’s lap, “Well you’re going to love it.”

Lance glanced down at the soup, and his eyebrows rose at the familiarity. He took the spoon and stirred, looking at the texture of the soup as it moved, poked at the chunks of plantains, and took a spoonful in his mouth.

“Hunk,” Lance smiled after swallowing, “Is this really sopa de platano?”

“Mmmhmm,” Hunk nodded proudly, “Called your mom for her recipe, too.”

“Is that why you took so long in the grocery store?”

“Heh, yeah, sorta,” Hunk said, rubbing the back of his head bashfully.

“Huuuuunk,” Lance flailed, “I wanna kiss you so bad for this, but I’m already gonna get Keith sick, and I don’t wanna get you sick, too.”

To that, Hunk leaned down to give Lance a chaste kiss on the lips, “Here’s your kiss anyway, now come on, eat up.”


okaaaaay so since i’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the pricing + shipping of the zine im going to be fully honest with y’all about our production/shipping costs so you realize NO, we are not overpricing and YES, it really is that expensive.

tell us a little about the pricing of each individual book

for a book of about 300 pages, with ~35 color pages, it’s $11 to produce. that means that by selling it at $25, we make $14. double that to get add the second book. that means for 200,000 words and ~44 pieces of art, plus the extra time for designing, we’re making $14 each. for reference, i charge $10 per 1,000 words of my commissions and hina charges $38 per art piece in her commissions, not including if there’s more than one character or the background is complex. to say that we are undercharging is a massive overstatement, but we wanted to fit within the brackets given to us by the survey and we know that, for example, charging $200 for a fanfiction is not gonna fly.

okay well you could still stand to make less

the amount of money we want to amass, total, is around $3,000 and it is ONLY so we can meet each other and i can show hina around my country and hug her and kiss her. we’re not looking to make a living, okay, we’re just trying to pay for ONE trip.

about those bundles tho

so the “bundle” is $50 with the additions of stickers and bookmarks, we make $25 per bundle (so, less than selling them separately). ultimate bundle is the best deal for y’all and the worst deal for us. we make only $29 off of the $66 we charged bc the extra $37 is $11 x 2 (volumes), $9 (concept art), $6 (extras). so not even half of what we’re charging.

okay so your prices are suuuuuuper fair. but that shipping,,,,

united states (domestic) don’t even touch me. you know usps. you know they’re a bunch of bitches. you can pay $7 shipping. as for international, i know it’s ugly, but you can scan the usps international price listing yourself and see that those really just are the prices.

because of the complaints, i did another test weigh. weighed a 600 page book of similar size, then added another 400 page book that was a little smaller and had lighter pages to make up for our heavier pages and the concept art zine and the extras. together, it weighed just a touch over 48 ounces/3 pounds. THIS IS THE REAL WEIGHT. AND THE REAL COST. have you tried shipping a three-pound envelope overseas?? i don’t think so, it’s fucking expensive unless you’re in canada.

i was playing it safe and using the flat rate envelopes, but because people have been so shocked, i’m going to use first class international rates for three pounds and lower the shipping prices ~$5. PLEASE note this is a big risk bc if our zines end up being over three pounds, we’re paying out of pocket for shipping. this is the best we can do for you guys given that these things really just are that heavy idk what else to say.

(this being said, if you’ve already ordered the zine internationally we will be refunding you the extra ~$5 you paid in shipping within the next week)

[insert other comment]

shipping from chile is a no-go. hina laughed when i mentioned it.

i know you may have bought a decent-sized novel from online and paid $10 shipping but a) it’s nicer paper b) there are 2-3 books 3) i am not a corporation or a fortune 500 ceo. i am a third-year college student using an independent printing press.

as it stands im holding onto my ass hoping there won’t be a lot of hidden costs or fuck-ups i have to fix (ie paying for the envelopes).

the digital zine is a thing. it’s edited for readability, includes the whole story in one, and has all the art pieces. we may end up selling the extras on their own if we have overstock anyway so you could even possibly get those separate. i know it’s not the same as having the thing on your shelf but it’s supporting us, getting the full story over half a year in advance, and seeing all the art available nowhere else. asking $30 for 200,000 words and 44+ art pieces is incredibly fair. some may call it us ripping ourselves off.

i don’t mean to be harsh but like. we warned you waaaaaay back in december that physical copies were going to be EXPENSIVE because we were already calculating production costs. we weren’t lying. this shouldn’t be a shock. i promised you i wouldn’t overcharge, and i meant it. we aren’t. i won’t call these fair prices because they soooooo are not fair to us. but i want this printing to be a success and i want to be able to hold in my hands my writing and hina’s art, same as you. what you see before you is reality. and also telling artists their prices are too high is kiiiiinda shitty, y’know?

Dating Seungwoo

this is super late IM REALLY SORRY but i hope you guys still like it! 

  • You probably meet somewhere relatively unexciting like the gym or a burger joint unless those places are exciting to you bc thats cool too!!!
  • And he’s halfway through scolding one of his children (probably Hanse) when you walk in 
  • And then he chokes on air and stops talking for a moment because you stole his breath with your subtle beauty and grace 
  • “What’s wrong with hyung?” Sejun asks like a puppy and Chan just starts cackling manically and Seungsik doesn’t notice because he’s trying to help his best son, Subin, flip a water bottle
  • Seungwoo composes himself and shakes his head and gets back on track except he can’t help but steal nifty little glances in your direction 
  • When everyone else is occupied, Chan pops up next to Seungwoo and chimes, “So, are you gonna go make a move or do you need my intervention?” 
  • “Idk what ur talking about”
  • Seungwoo readily averts his gaze like shitshitshitshitshit
  • Chan probably laughs evilly again and then uses a soft baby like Sejun or Seungsik as his pawn and causes then to accidentally run into you
  • You practically squeak and land hard on your butt
  • Sejun/Seungsik is hovering over you worriedly and babbling apologies AND THEN 
  • Cue royal trumpet noises Jinho where u at
  • He gently shoves the boy out of the way and he’s in caring leader mode so he’s scanning over you for any terrible injuries and asking a billion questions
  • And you smile a little because he is concerned and handsome
  • “Thank you, but I’m fine” 
  • ;;;;;;;;;))))))))))))))))
  • It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship  
  • Well okay let’s rip this off like a bandaid because I’ve had this in my head since ep 1 of Me7Nam
  • Definitely the type to t e a s e you
  • He has abs ok ABS like hello SixPack
  • So he undoubtedly walks around, gloriously shirtless, and when he catches you ogling at his toned physique, his head tilts to the side 
  • And he looks like a cute, curious puppy but that is a lie because he is sin
  • Arching an eyebrow, he stalks over to you slowly, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, until he has you wide-eyed and up against the wall 
  • And you can feel the warmth radiating off of him and he smells so good (he probably used your body wash lbh)
  • Brushes his thumb across your cheekbone, dipping his head down so your noses are touching
  • “Baby, you’re burning.” He murmurs, voice low in his throat 
  • Han Seungwoo does not cuddle
  • He S N U G G L E S 
  • “Hello everyone my name is Han Snugglewoo”
  • When you two are laying in bed, he hooks his legs around yours and winds an arm around your waist, effectively locking you against his chest 
  • Not that you’d want to leave anyways
  • Brushes his nose against yours as his eyes flutter shut
  • He likes to press open mouthed kisses to the corner of your mouth, trailing his lips across your jaw, down your throat, to your collarbones, where he buries his face in the crook of your neck and simply breathes, fingers applying slight, uneven pressure to your waist 
  • Enjoys warm silence more than anything, you two don’t always have to talk because the sweet intimacy of your gestures fills the void left by lack of conversation 
  • AND WITH thOSE gREAT HANDS he would give great massages and you’d knock out because everything about him so soothing and warm 
  • I also feel like he’d really enjoy playing with your hair??
  • He does it absent-mindedly, like when you’re chilling on the couch or cooking together or studying 
  • It doesn’t matter the length, but if it’s long he’s toying with the ends and maybe tugging playfully occasionally, and if it’s shorter his fingers are massaging your scalp and tucking it behind your ear maybe 
  • He also likes playing with your fingers, so his fave form of PDA is when your fingers are intertwined with his 
  • And if you’re not holding hands in public, his arm is slung over your shoulder I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIM WITH SEUNGSIK HE JUST WANTS TO BE CLOSE TO YOU
  • He’s the leader, so it’s natural for him to simply take c a r e of you
  • Seungwoo would know you like the back of his hand, even if he’s quiet sometimes, he’s always sending sidelong glances your way to make sure you are comfy and happy 
  • Dates with Seungwoo are usually simple but sweet, he is a busy bee but he always makes time for his baby
  • Dinner and a movie, cooking and snuggling at home, a picnic in the park, laser tag with the boys, late night walks by the Han river where you talk about anything and everything 
  • He wouldn’t be super into pet names because he really just loves your name, but he would probably call you “baby” and “sweetheart” and “jagi” 
  • Fights with Seungwoo would be rare but i n t e n s e
  • He’s quiet and thoughtful but he says what he needs to say and knows how to deal with people
  • But when he’s upset, especially with you, he’s almost scarily quiet and cold
  • I think he would get upset if you broke a promise that meant a lot to him and he wouldn’t know how to convey the fact that he felt deeply hurt, so he’d just shut down and it would take some gentle prodding to coax an explanation out of him 
  • Seungwoo seems really conscientious so everything he’d tell you would be well thought out, even if it does seem a bit harsh, because he knows he needs to be honest with you
  • Making up is easy and quiet, filled with maybe a few tears but definitely a lot of sweet kisses and soft fingers cupping your cheeks 
  • Han Seungwoo is not the jealous type but he doesn’t like others infringing on his s/o’s personal space, so if someone got too touchy with you, CUE INTENSE LEADER SEUNGWOO MODE
  • He’d just stare the person down coldly while keeping you close and then the person runs before they ded
  • But he would totally trust the members with you and honestly you might become Seungsik’s assistant mom because Chan needs to be kept in line and how many times do u have to wash Hanse’s socks istg
  • His not-snuggly kisses are solely focused on you, they’re deep and intense and you have to kinda grip onto his shirt and he smirks when you get all flustered because YOU’RE SO ADORABLE DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND 
  • Anyways, Han Seungwoo is a sweetheart and he is definitely the sort of man you give your heart away to because he would absolutely cherish it 

Hello everyone! So! Tomorrow morning, I will be leaving for BMT. For those of you who don’t know I have been enlisted into the US Air Force, and I am going to be at basic training for at least 2 months. I will not be able to be on the internet or on my phone during that time, so I wanted to make this post to tell you all about me leaving and I want some specific people to know how much I love them, and I won’t forget them while I’m away! And I will be back, I promise! I’m not leaving forever, I will be back as soon as I can! My entire blog will be on queue after this lmao. Also! You can always shoot me asks and messages, I’ll read them when I have access to my phone <3 

Anyways, If I somehow don’t mention you in this, just know that i still love you and you mean a lot to me !! 

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iswearidonthavet-mbl-r  asked:

Of course, of course! Let me use names, it might make it more understandable :) But feel free to switch their roles! "Modern AU: Clarke can't sleep at night; Bellamy often wakes up with nightmares. He ends up seeing all of her late night Snapchats and Instagram posts. Cue adorable late night talks, etc." Hope this helps!

I twisted it a little bit because Im incapable of writing angst… So it’s Bellamy having weird dreams and Clarke not sleeping at night! Social Media Au!

thank you @bellamybb for reading this over! tagging some people who showed interested in this @francyfifty @prongsno​ and also @selflessbellamy@marauders-groupie@boob-morley@hiddenpolkadots​ because i want your thoughts on this

Keeping me up at night

Clarke Griffin: Should I stop drinking coffee or should I continue not sleeping at night?

           Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, Wells Jaha and 6 others liked this.

           Wells Jaha: you’re gonna die at 30

           Raven Reyes: you could never stop drinking coffee. Rip friend. Nice knowing you.

Clarke wasn’t a big sleeper. Ever had been. Apparently, she didn’t need a lot of sleep to function.

However, she needed a lot of caffeine.

Her phone vibrated with a new Facebook notification: Bellamy Blake commented on your post.

          Bellamy Blake: I knew you were a fake. I don’t sleep at night by my own means thank you very much.

She smiled and immediately answered.

           Clarke Griffin: yeah you’re right. Coffee got me awake since im a baby…

           Bellamy Blake: clearly. Don’t do drugs kids.

She didn’t know Bellamy that well. She only met him once for one of Octavia’s birthday party but they somehow ended up following each other on most social medias. She wasn’t complaining because he was fun and he seemed to not sleeping at nights, just like her, and they always ended up talking through the night… She liked him.

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for him ;

Mark is so, so convinced that Donghyuck belongs on stage. Even if it’s a crappy high school performance. Donghyuck absorbs the light, kind of, and over the years Mark has seen the younger boy under spotlights so many times and the light always shines on his tanned skin like glitter. Mark might or might not love Donghyuck. A lot.
markhyuck / AU: high school / fluff / 943 words / warnings: - 

a/n: a response to this prompt: “CAN U DO "you’re breaking my heart, babe” FOR THE FIC THINGY???? i will actually lov u forever okay bye;;; also i know it’s not a headcanon,, more like a prompt but it still screams markhyuck @ u so!!“” 

ok but that sentence could be both angst or fluff so i went w the fluff bc…. i write too much angst.. but seriously if this isnt enough i can write another version bc i kind of slipped off of the prompt lol just hmu!! <3

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I. Loneliness #4 (Other People’s Letters) — Arcade Fire

“So answer me this, and be honest now: Isn’t that just             trading out one sickness for another?” 

II. To the Edge of the Earth — Michael Nyman

“It’s like this…Icarus made wings out of wax to escape a   prison. But when he was outside for the first time in years there was the sun hanging up in the skye above him and he thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He flew closer and closer and his wings started to melt, but he didn’t give a good goddamn. He kept flying up until he couldn’t fly anymore, and his eyes were probably burning and his skin was probably burning, but he still didn’t care. And then his wings melted all the way and he fell miles and miles into the ocean and brained himself on a rock, that poor stupid asshole. And I’ll tell you what: I’m no better. I’m no fucking better.” 

III: The Gentle Hum of Anxiety — Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

“You piss me off so God damn much. Jesus Roosevelt Christ. I’ve got your number, you reckless fucking dumbass.” 

IV: Journey to the Line — Hans Zimmer

 “Got his patch sewn on my left arm and everything. And I’ll wear it too, until the day I die.”

V: The North Remembers — Ramin Djawadi

 “You’d be heaven for anyone, but you’re especially heaven for a sinner like me.” 

VI: The Rest of My Life — Hans Zimmer, The Magnificent Six, Pharrell Williams & Johnny Marr

“The God’s honest truth is that I ain’t ever gonna love again. She your true north. I know what that means because you’re mine.” 

VII: S.T.A.Y. — Hans Zimmer 

“I’m not worth much, I damn well know that, but I’ll ask you anyway: Stay for me. If you leave me alone in this world I’ll turn into something terrible. I’ll turn into the nasty creature that’s growing inside me. This war, it’ll swallow me whole.” 

VIII: And Just Like That — Abel Korzeniowski

“But then I put my face in your hair and thanked God it was him and not you. I thought, if He had to take someone, at least it wasn’t you. It was the worst thing I ever thought but it’s true.” 

IX: In Noctem — Nicholas Hooper

 “Tell you something. Tell you another secret, because this one, this one I won’t ever tell, not the God, not to a priest, and sure as hell not to you. In that base we burned the bodies in a furnace. I hadn’t eaten in days. The truth is simple. The smell made me hungry.” 

X: The End of Childhood — Dario Marianelli 

 “Bone of my bones. Were you taken from my rib? You must have been, or maybe I was made from yours. And God damn, I want it. I want back inside you…. I used to love you so sweet, the way kids love, the way I was supposed to. Then it turned greedy and true. If theres a Heaven thats fit for me it’d be all your pale skin under my hands for the rest of eternity. I wouldn’t want anything else. Not food or drink or sleep. Just my hands on you and your sweet love-sounds.” 

XI: Some Other Place — Arcade Fire

“So how long have I loved you for? Womb to tomb, sweetheart. Since before I was even here at all. I get it now, you understand. Your ma was right. It really is a stupid question.” 

XII:  One Paticular Moment — Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross 

“Never told another soul this, and I guess I never will, but I think of that orange, that one evening every single time when I’m sure I’m about to snuff it for real. Thought about it in my first firefight and I thought about it when the Germans stuck me full of needles and sliced up the soles of my feet. And when I was shot the other day and so sure it was over — good-bye, motherfuckers, I’m finally going back home — I wasn’t all that scared. In that one minute it was fine — everything was alright I bought an orange. You smiled at me. And Jesus Christ, it was fantastic.” 

XIII: Together We Will Live Forever — Clint Mansell

“I won’t be in the history books; that’s for you. But I loved you first. As long as they get that right, I don’t care what they say.” 

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