idk if you guys see hakyeon

Hey guys! Idk if you saw my sisters post, but today I met vixx. Holy shit. I’ve been in LA for a week and i’m here with my friend who isn’t a kpop fan, so kcon really wasn’t an option. I was so upset, because time and time again i’ve had opportunities to see vixx and money has gotten in the way. Anyway its a monday and kcon is over, and we decided to do some shopping at the grove. We were there for a few hours and right when we were leaving, i see this tall guy walk right past me. And. Its. Cha Hakyeon. HOLY SHIT. I did a double take and turned around, and there was Ravi. And Leo. All waiting outside of Abercrombie and fitch with shopping bags in their hands. I slowly walked up to N and I was shaking SO HARD. Every Korean word I know left me at that moment and I just stuttered, “picture? Can I take a picture with you?” THATS ALL I COULD SAY OH GOD and N was like “sorry, we can’t” and their manager ran out of the store (probably helping the other boys) and was like “sorry, you can’t take any pictures with them, i’m sorry” and she continued to tell me that they’re coming back to the US in December! I told her that was okay and then told the boys how much I love them and how much their music means to me. The manager was like “who is your favorite?” And all of them smiled and Leo looked so adorable smiling. I laughed and said that I loved all of them. But guys. Ravi. The sexual attraction was so real oh my god. I know i’m leo biased but Ravi was so hot. He kept grinning at me and then HE GRABBED MY HAND because he saw me start to cry. He was just so sweet. All of my senses left me and i would have said so much more but I just said “thank you so much!” And walked away after we were done talking. I had no idea what I was doing lol. I burst into tears and called my mom and she started screaming so hard omg. I’m just so happy. Like what are the chances that they were there at the exact same time as me in the same place? I’m just so happy. So happy. And I think I might be Ravi biased now. I got a picture because while I was talking to them my friend sneaked a picture! My yellow forever 21 bag is in the corner. Just holy shit, i’ve been crying all day. Best day of my life.

Adorableken, Ravi Est Belle, HOT CHA:

Okay, so I originally started this little awareness of VIXX sasaengs the other day and it spread pretty quickly on twitter and I can see that it’s made it’s way over to tumblr as well. I just want to provide some evidence and information as to what these certain fansites have been doing. So please if anyone is willing to spread this around that would be awesome~

I originally already knew that Hot-Cha and Adorableken were fans who stepped over their boundaries a bit. From their personal accounts to some of the pictures they make public, it was pretty easy for me to tell they were a bit stalkerish. But i came across this tweet [x

whoever this person is found adorableken and ravi est belle’s personal instagram’s and what she found isn’t very comforting. These two basically took the same flight as the boys and took pictures of them during their personal times. As you can see these two are actually quite close to the boys. These two continue to gloat and brag about their actions on their accounts. Meaning they really feel no guilt in the actions they’ve done. Now, I know flights aren’t the easiest things to get and it’s not surprising that they managed to get on the same flight as them but what is surprising is they decided to intrude on their personal time by snapping pictures and getting a bit too close. 

In one of Adorableken’s recent update’s her pictures are a bit….weird. 

now this definitely looks like he’s either boarding the plane or is getting off the plane. Either way these pictures are super creepy. Now i’m not one to officially say when fans are allowed to take pictures or not but this just seems really invasive on the little personal time these boys already have.

As for HOT CHA, I don’t have anything to show because she follows Hakyeon in a way more secretive way than Adorableken and Ravi est Belle. But she does have a secret link on her website that only a very small amount of people she allows get to see. On that private link though she does upload all of her pictures of Hakyeon that she takes at unofficial events while she follows him around on his personal time. She has on her personal account talked about boarding the same flight as the boys. She often talks about following Hakyeon around on her personal account as well.

I ask for you guys to please stop supporting these fansites. The more their following grows the more their behavior will increase.

I was also asked by someone on twitter if I can list any other fansites who do this, but to my knowledge it’s these 3 who cross the line. But if I find more evidence or other fansites I will update this post with them.


So HOTCHA recently tweeted this delightful thing- “150227 용산팬싸 미리보기 #VIXX #빅스 #N #차학연 @CHA_NNNNN #이별공식 차학연 피부색 논란 1. 까만 톤이다 2. 새하얀 톤이다 전 2번이요. 차학연 눈부시니까….” along with this picture 

basically she says: 

Cha Hakyeon skin tone controversy 
1. Dark Tone
2. Pure white tone
I’m #2 because Cha Hakyeon shines….  
(my friend
​ translated this) 

If you don’t already see this as a problem than i don’t know how to make it any obvious for you all.