idk if you guys get it otl

I was supposed to draw something related to Ronin Korra AU fic… but then the idiot samurai got in the way so this happened OTL and idk if I should spell “Korra” as コッラ or コラ but I like how the little ツ looks so I will leave it in that way.

Is a really good fic and I loved it so I recomend you guys to read it! I promise to do something properly and this time I hope Gin-chan doesn’t get in the way also I forgot how to properly draw Korra, I almost gave her Rukia’s hair style, kill me


@lumen-fortuna asked me for an Undyne earlier today, so I went ahead and did a few :u

Tablet wasn’t really cooperating today so did some quick pencil sketches instead! Sorry for Quality, hopefully you guys can still make things out. OTL