idk if you don't

J’avais du temps libre, je voulais faire un fanart MAIS aussi tenter le huevember. Et bim.

(même si en toute honnêté j’ai pris pas mal de liberté. je crois que j’ai pas encore bien compris le concept de huevember.)

I just went for a funny gif for tonight’s G’NIGHT FUCKOS post but the more I sit here and try to sum up my day, the more I kind of feel like this is a representation of me.

Much of the time I stay quiet in fandom because everything starts to feel like a fight, that we can’t just leave others to their views, that we have to argue over everything.  So I just scroll past and reblog some pretty gifs instead.  But there are times–especially now that Battlefront II is revving me up for wanting to talk about Star Wars again!–when I just go, “FUCK IT, I’M GONNA DO THIS. I’M GONNA HAVE FUN IN SW FANDOM.”

And I will probably Regret It later at some point, but, eh, well, at least I can make ridiculous gifs of my beautiful darling that make me smile every time I see it.  eta: I think a lot of this was from some other stuff leaking over (thoughts on some family history and loss) that I’ve been trying to put into words for awhile and thinking about it hit some personal places, so I was kind of unnerved.  But I think I’m back to being even keeled.

@thefantasyhasnolimits I got a little too ambitious with your drawing, because your Glaive made me think of a tattoo artist, and I thought, “What if SHE gave Iris her Amicitia tattoos??? O:” Your OC looks so cool with all the tattoos and the hair and eye colors! Some of her tattoos are missing, but I hope you like it, anyway! Thanks for letting me draw your Comrades OC! <3

I cannot possibly emphasize what a constant trial it is being friends with me.

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,


you’re next to me in my life

happy birthday, amanda 💙


The hugodamien secret ending extended cut