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you were a lifeguard? :OO

Yeah it was one of the most chill jobs I ever had cause I could test rides before the park would open idk if you went to this water park but it’s called water country 

here’s the only decent pics of me when I wasn’t being a derp 

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Could you write something with Jealous Lovino?

Summary: Idk, why, but jealous people are cute sometimes.
Lovino would never call himself jealous, he was a reserved man who liked to do things on his own, but when he found Antonio it felt like a fight or die kind of situation. This man was different than his asshole boyfriends, he was there for him even when he wasn’t even there for himself. So in Lovino’s brain, he was a goddamn keeper.

Always at noon is when Antonio got his lunch break and Lovino did as well, so they met in the middle. He would walk the block to the tattoo parlor, pick up Antonio, they’d have lunch at Feliciano’s bakery, then Antonio would go back to work. Easy, 10/10, best plan in the world.

Scratch that out when this customer kept coming in. Lovino would come at noon, dressed in red swim shorts and a life guard wife-beater and his boyfriend wouldn’t be there waiting there. Of course he asked the nice lady with large gauges at the desk if she had seen Antonio and she pointed to the back room. ‘Just go in,’ she drawled in a common southern accent, ‘he’s just finishing up his last appointment. This lady really likes his work.’

Swallowing the molten lava that seemed to push up from his stomach he headed to the back and knocked. There was a giggle before he heard Antonio tell who ever to come in. Inside was his boyfriend hanging over this lady’s chest, tattooing the skin between her breasts. She looked goth, kind of like the girl everyone would imagine Antonio with. Huge gauges, a v cut bang haircut, heavily tattooed. Here he was standing in the most white boy life guard outfit, the only thing marring his skin were bunches of freckles and sun spots.

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let me be your shelter ( never leave you all alone )
     ↳ ( ao3 )

Rating: PG-13
Word count: 6125 

Relationship: William Nylander & Alex Nylander
Characters: William Nylander, Alex Nylander
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Brotherly Love, concern, cuddling, bed sharing, protective!Willy, idk this is really just a lot of Wholesome clichés

Or maybe—

—Willy doesn’t know when this started. Doesn’t know what this means, only that he loves Alex more than he loves anyone –than he could love anyone. And there will always been some part of him that needs to protect him.

Some people don’t understand it; he’s long stopped expecting them to.

brother let me be your shelter
never leave you all alone
i can be the one you call
when you’re low
brother let me be your fortress
when the night winds are driving on
be the one to light the way
bring you home

     - “brother” // needtobreathe

When he was born there was no way he could have known that Alex was to follow, but Willy doesn’t remember a time before him; doesn’t remember what settled in the then empty home of protectiveness that surges up every time Alex is hurt.


—it starts when Willy is only six. When Alex gets stung by a bee and starts to cry, and Willy is there not seconds later. Even then there’s a sense of responsibility, an innate desire to make the pain stop and still the tears. He needs to do something, anything , because even then he knows he hates seeing Alex like this.

But he’s six and there’s not much he can do besides pull Alex toward the house and yell for mom.


—it’s when Willy is ten. When Alex gets hit in the face playing shinny in the street, rubber ball promising to leave black and blue marks. He sees it happen in slow motion, the snap of a stick against rubber, the way it careens the wrong way too quickly, the way Alex drops to his knees with hands clapped to his face.

He doesn’t hold back his anger when he yells, no matter how misdirected it is. Logic slips his mind and he says what needs to be said, shoves a little harder than he needs to, and collects Alex under his arm to bring him home to get ice.


—it’s when he’s fourteen and they’re out on the crisp ice hardened over the lake. An early spring makes the ice crack beneath Alex’s feet, and all Willy can think is how much it sounds like a gunshot. His breath is knocked from his lungs, ice running through his veins as if he’s the one plunged into the frigid waters below. (And in a way, it is –Alex has always been some part of him).

He doesn’t hesitate to slosh knee deep in freezing water to haul Alex out. Alex shivers in the crisp winter day, and he doesn’t hesitate to peel soaking layers from his brother’s skin and wrap him in the warmth of his jacket.

It’s a cold walk home –he hardly feels it.

Or maybe—

—Willy doesn’t know when this started. Doesn’t know what this means , only that he loves Alex more than he loves anyone –than he could love anyone. And there will always been some part of him that needs to protect him.

Some people don’t understand it; he’s long stopped expecting them to.

Willy knows Alex best; knows his favorite food and what song the surround-sound should play to lighten his mood. It is Willy who can read the truth from blue eyes and the slant of shoulders when everyone else is willing to believe the lie. It is Willy that Alex turns to again and again without fail.

These are just truths (constants that can’t be undone so easily –not even in the wake of angry words and raised voices), not a measurement of care. Because Alex is loved by those who matter the most; more than loved.

Just sometimes Willy feels like some things just fall naturally to him –the gift of being the eldest child, an anomaly in his childish nature. Like now when he thinks that Alex maybe looks a little pale at the breakfast table this morning, a little drawn and tired, like he’s about to put his head down in his pancakes and take a nap right there.

He’s not the only one throwing worried glances though, Dad pauses at his place over the stove, Jackie blinks and frowns before reaching across the table for the strawberries.

No one says anything, and Alex remains oblivious to it all.

Dad gives him a significant look as Alex pushes strawberries around his plate, but Willy doesn’t ask either –he knows he won’t get a straight answer out of Alex anyway.

This is not a new thing either, and Willy knows.

He leaves his bedroom door ajar that night; some part of out a gnawing instinct that pauses his hand before the handle clicks into place, some part out of a habit cemented into muscle beside slapshots and dangles (not erased even through months).

He’s not really asleep when the door whispers the rest of the way open, not yet –just laying with his eyes closed and waiting for the tick of his thoughts to slow to a bearable pace ( waiting for this persistent worry that’s been festering over Alex’s dark circles to subside, and knowing it won’t).

“Willy.” It’s a quiet admission, laced with exhaustion and heavy with resignation. Willy twists, finds himself letting out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding.

“Alex?” He doesn’t need to ask, but he does anyway.

“Did I wake you—I’m sorry. I—“

Alex—“ Willy interrupts, sheets rustling as he pushes them back. “Just—we’ll talk about it in the morning. C’mon.”

This is routine.

And they won’t –talk about it, that is. He’ll wake first and gently extract himself from Alex’s clutching fingers. He’ll tuck blankets tight in his absence and pad quietly to the kitchen to make coffee and avoid Dad’s gaze. But maybe they don’t talk about it because they don’t need to –because this is something not said so much in words.

The floorboards creak under Alex’s weight and again as its sudden absence as the mattress digs and Willy wiggles over so that he’s not so much sprawled out in the middle of his bed anymore.

It’s been a while since they’ve done this –Willy’s been playing five hours away in Örnsköldsvik and Alex has learned to cope without him. They’ve grown in ways that can’t be seen through a screen or pressed through the speakers of phones. Yet—the way the mattress dips is anything but foreign.

And Willy thinks that maybe he had been waiting for this too.

Will hasn’t been taller than Alex for years now; somehow, that still doesn’t matter. Somehow, it’s as if they’re still kids, upcast in a life bouncing across the states with a change in contracts. Somehow , it’s nearly the same, the weight next to him and Alex breathing “I couldn’t sleep” into Willy’s chest as he tucks his head under Willy’s chin.

It’s easy to fit his arm around Alex’s shoulders even if they’ve broadened. It’s easy to let their breaths fall in sync. This protectiveness –Alex will never outgrow it; not even time can wear it down from where it rests next to Willy’s heart.

“I’m sorry.” Alex whispers.

“You don’t have to be.” Not for this .

“I just –couldn’t sleep.” says Alex, and it’s more than that. It’s so much more than that, but with Alex here curled into his chest and eyes screwed tight as if to hide the truth the dark doesn’t obscure –Willy gets what stretched into the silence, what’s say in the dig of Alex’s nails and the uneven way he breaths.

Of course he does.

“I know…” murmurs Willy into golden hair. Alex, somehow feels small huddled like this in his bed, and Willy pulls him close, tugging blankets snugly over their legs. “I got you.”

I always do .

Alex sighs and Willy feels the tension start to drain from his shoulders. It’s with Alex’s head heavy on his chest that he listens to his breath even out into the throes of slumber before drifting off himself.

The fighting isn’t really a surprise when it inevitably surfaces. They fight about everything –tv remotes and dirty laundry and is that my fucking shirt, I knew you took it . Verbal, physical, there’s really no telling what’s coming next, when he might end up on the floor because Alex has a bone to pick (and yeah, sometimes, sometimes , it’s a valid point).

And this is an accident really. They’re wrestling on the bed for some stupid reason or another ( maybe Willy had stolen Alex’s favorite sweatpants again, maybe he’d eaten the last of the chocolate ice cream out of the freezer too). Whatever the reason, Alex has got Willy pinned against the mattress with a knee digging painfully into his side. But Willy’s never been one to go easy and upends him to start the tussle anew.

Neither of them see the edge of the bed, but they both definitely notice when they go right over to collide with hardwood floor.

This is also far from the first time that’s happened.

“Ah, fuc—oommppff.”

Gravity does its worst as Willy lands hand on top of Alex, who promptly shoves him off as he bites back a wince. “ Asshole .”

Willy shoves back, a laugh already primed to roll off his tongue when Alex’s face involuntarily screws up in pain again. “Oh shit—“ It dies quickly in his throat, weight shifted back to his heels as he regards Alex from an arm’s length. “—you okay?”

Fine .” Alex replied haughtily, but Willy thinks his voice maybe sounds a bit tight. However, any further contemplation is quickly dispelled as Alex gives him another rough shove to the shoulder, pushing him down into hardwood floor as he scrambles to his feet. Willy watches from the floor as he gets flipped the bird. “You better wash those.” says Alex, before slamming the door behind him.

It’s at the dinner table later that Willy is roughly reminded of the tussle as Alex winces while reaching for the salad. A sharp prickle of guilt pierces his gut. Eyes narrow in his direction, a not so subtle kick angled beneath the table at his shin. I’m fine , Alex mouths. Asshole.

Still,  Willy knows what he sees, knows he’s not exactly the lightest person in the world nor is the floor in Alex’s bedroom made of feathers. So later, he drops an ice pack into Alex’s lap while he’s sitting on the couch, brows quirked challengingly upward. “Take it or Dad’ll never let me hear the end of this.”

Alex rolls his eyes, crosses his arms. “It is your fault –you took my sweatpants.” The ice pack remains untouched.

“As if you don’t have any others!”

“Not as nice as those .”

“Just – ice your fucking shoulder.” Willy drops down on the cushion next to him, exasperated.

Alex shoves at him again, fingers digging sharply between his ribs, and Willy pushes back sparking the fight anew.

Eventually, they tire and Alex ends up sprawled between Willy’s legs, ice pack wedged between his shoulder and Willy’s stomach.

Sweden is not new . They’ve been here every summer and even a summer house counts as a home.

And sometimes, when Willy thinks of home, he thinks about Mom and Dad and Alex and the girls instead –because when you’re shuffled place to place, home stops being tethered to brick or stone or wood siding, and more with a feeling –the warmth that curls around Alex’s laugh and the smell of smoked salmon.

In some ways, their house in Sweden is the only constant through the years. That an hockey –the two tenants of the Nylander name.

( And tennis , Jackie would budge in, indignant).

But Dad retires and they finally take up deeper roots in the country of blue and yellow.

And with summer drawing to its inevitable end, and Willy returning to the states, one warm night they party hard.

Probably too hard, but what’s a summer without going out with a bang?

Willy’s got one eye on Alex as best he can to make sure he’s not going too wild and doesn’t wander off. But he’s also good at multitasking, and pretty soon the bottle he’s got his fingers wrapped around feels significantly lighter. He switches his bottle for a colder, heavier one, briefly loses track of Alex (panics), and then promptly finds him again by following the unmistakable sound of his laughter.

He’s pretty far gone himself by the time he gets an arm around Alex and drags him from where he appears to be attempting some form of ‘dancing.’

It takes a while for them to get to their friend’s house despite the short distance, distractions plenty and giggling abundant. Alex is something close to a dead weight hanging off his shoulder, swaying between laughing hysterically and petting Willy’s hair. But they make it back eventually – miraculously.

Willy drops Alex onto the guest bedroom mattress and tugs off both their shoes. He strips down to his briefs, briefly considering the merits of sleeping on the couch before deciding he doesn’t give a fuck and passing out on top of the comforter next to Alex.

He wakes to a too bright sun and a rattling in his head –hangovers are the fucking worst , but this one doesn’t even crack his top ten. Thankfully. Alex is still passed out beside him, grumbling about something in his sleep, legs pulled up toward his chest.

Willy’s still debating whether to search for some Gatorade and aspirin (knows he should, but also kind of wants to just close his eyes and drift off again), when Alex rolls right into him, limbs thrown out so he’s half-sprawled over Willy.

“Ow.” moans Alex into Willy’s ear, and it is far from endearing. Amusing perhaps, but Willy’s also only half awake at the moment. “Fuck, ow. ” repeats Alex, eyes cracking open a fraction before sealing shut once again.

Willy half-heartedly pushes at Alex’s shoulder, trying to lever his heavy body so he’s not suffocating. He gives up pretty quickly and just lies there with his eyes closed. It’s another ten minutes before his gets himself moving again, wiggling out from under Alex and stumbling down to the kitchen to retrieve Gatorade and water from the fridge.

He returns feeling sufficiently more alive, and pokes the ice cold bottles into the sensitive back of Alex’s neck, earning a sound between a yelp and a groan. “Fuck off.”

“You need to drink this.” Willy insists. “Really.” Any response is muffled by the pillow Alex has his face buried in. It sounds vaguely like another Fuck off . Real creative.  Willy leaves the water on the nightstand next to a small mound of aspirin. “Well, when you really wake up then.”

Alex shuffles into the living room nearly three hours later, rubbing at his eyes and dragging fingers through hair already sufficiently mused. “He wakes.” Willy says dramatically from his position on the couch. “How’re you doing?”

Alex just kind glares sleepily at him and shuffles toward the bathroom mumbling about a shower.

“You’re welcome!” Willy yells after him.

They’re at some hole in the wall pub, not the cleanest place around but one with the best food and cheap beer. Alex is in the middle of a story, eyes bright even in the darkened placed, arms moving enthusiastically. Willy watches fondly, content for now just to listen.

It’s by chance, really, that he spots the bruising running up Alex’s arm.

“Where did you get that?” Willy asks suddenly, leaning forward and reaching for Alex’s wrist. He tugs the mottled arm closer to him, a gently finger running over the bruising. Against his thumb, Alex’s pulse races.

Bruises and marks are not uncommon with them –comes with the package of being a hockey player, part of the life they’ve both chosen and love. And yet, the markings twinge at a spot a worry, furrowing brows and layering voice with thinly veiled concern.

Alex tenses beneath Willy’s grip, pulls his arm away as he mumbles, “Nowhere. It’s nothing.” He doesn’t meet Willy’s eyes either.

“You don’t get marked up from nothing. ” Willy says.

“I said it’s nothing.”

Alex— who did this to you?”

“Just –stop worrying about it, Willy. Stop worrying about me.”

“Tough luck, then. I’m always going to.”

Alex stiffens at that, but dissolves into stony silence, and for a moment, Willy regrets silencing the laughter from not moments before. This was supposed to be a fun, relaxing night. Luckily their waitress comes back with their food not too long after, and eating stifles the silence into something bearable.

And this tension persists even under the light conversation they pick back up, while Willy drops money for the bill, while he looks with a worried gaze and Alex refuses to meet it.

Prying is in Willy’s nature, and he’s learned to reign it in because he’s learned just how much it can throw up Alex’s walls and strengthen them to impervibility. So in Stockholm’s back streets, he is quiet, loops an arm comfortably over Alex’s shoulder and does not press the matter of bruising.

Alex turns his head to look at him, smiles a slow sort of sad smile. “I’ll explain—“ he says, “Soon. Not yet, but soon.”

It’s late when Willy’s phone starts its incessant vibrating. (It’s been vibrating ever since the game ended, but maybe this is the only notification that really matters).

“Congrats.” says Alex, voice tinny and sounding far away even with the edge of his phone digging into his ear. “That was quite a goal.”

“Thanks.” says Willy.

“Always skating to impress.” And it’s an old joke, and yet—

“What’s wrong?” He asks instead of laughing, because he can hear it, even with six times zones between them and shitty cell service –the way the upbeat tone of Alex’s voice isn’t pitched quite right to be genuine.

There’s a pause then, “I’m – I’m not going to ruin your night, Willy.”

Bullshit , Alex.”

There’s silence from the other end of the line, just staticy noise and the whir of a fan.

Alex— “ says Willy.

“I just—“ There’s a hesitation, palatable even across an ocean. “—I miss you.” Alex’s voice drops to barely a whisper at the end, and Willy can imagine him on his bed, back to the headboard and knees pulled up close to his chest.

“I know,” He says, going for lighthearted. “I saw your Instagram post.”


“I know.” Willy repeats, more solemn this time, one hand carding through his hair.

And he’s been excited for his opportunity to live overseas, for the independence and everything. But he hears Alex’s voice, the longing, the melancholy, and has never despised this distance between them more. Because he’s not the greatest with words –some things are better done than said, right? Because a good hug says a lot more than any words could, you know?

And in this moment, there’s nothing he wants more than to curl up with Alex until the pain drains from his voice and homesickness bleeds out from both their veins.

He wants, but what he wants can’t happen in this reality.

“I miss you too, Alex.” he says softly.

Alex sighs on the other end, long and wistful, and it loosens something, washes over this silence that only seemed to amplify the distance between them. They talk as they always do, until Alex on the other end is gasping for breath from laughing too hard, and Willy shows a rare moment of maturity and declares they both need to sleep.

There’s a pause after Alex tells him goodnight, and Willy waits –what is one more in this conversation that’s been riddled with them?

“—don’t hang up.” Alex whispers finally, and Willy smiles.

“I won’t.”

He falls asleep with Alex’s breath in his ear. It’s not perfect –an imperfect simulation that lacks all physical presence. But it’s something; some tenuous thread that Willy finds he needs just as much as Alex does.

If he sleep better than night too, well, then it’s more than worth getting yelled at the next day for racking up their phone bill.

They’re lucky to be unplagued by sickness throughout their years; the products of too much sunshine and dirty limbs, cool lake water kissing sweaty skin, too many dares, and a tendency to eat food off the floor.

But they’re not immune. A grim reminder that reaches Willy with his head in Kappy’s lap, phone vibrating from where it’s fallen deep in a crevice of the couch.

In his post-nhl retirement, Dad had enthusiastically taken up the mantle of caring for them in sickness. But now, Dad still has a team to coach in Mississauga, and Willy’s there almost the moment he gets texted in as backup. He might have already been on his way the moment Alex’s ‘ not feeling too good’ text had pinged into his phone, but no one needs to know that really.

The truth remains he would have come anyway, regardless of necessity or not –of only for his own sanity.

(They probably already guessed).

Willy lets himself in and finds Alex on the couch wrapped in several blankets looking like death only slightly warmed over. The little seed of worry that always seems to be wedged next to his heart quickly surges to full bloom even before he’s kicked his shoes off and flung his coat into an empty chair.

“How’re you doing?” He asks quietly, maybe a little obviously.

Alex, for his credit, attempts to fix him with an unimpressed gaze, but any effect is acutely ruined by the red of his nose and the fact he starts sneezed piteously only seconds later.

“Did you take anything?” Willy tries instead.

Alex nods, reaching for his tissue box. “Yeah,” he rasps between blowing his nose, voice sounding positively shot. “’Bout an hour ago. Dad—“ He waves his hand in the vague direction of the counter where pill boxes and an extra-large bottle of that cherry cough syrup sit.

Willy wrinkles his nose at the thought of the taste. “Gross—I brought you ice cream.” He says, even though it’s not Alex’s cheat day and it’s definitely not his. The way Alex’s face brightens when he asks if it’s chocolate makes it more than worth it though. Willy rolls his eyes. “—of course.”

He leaves Alex with the TV remote and the rapidly melting tub of ice cream while he rummages through the kitchen for something of more nourishment.

He’s no chef, and any attempt at replicating the soup their mom used to make during childhood bouts of sickness probably wouldn’t end up great. But he’s not stupid , heating a can of soup up on the stove is well within his repertoire.

It’s almost fifteen minutes later that he returns to the living room to shove a bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup into Alex’s hands.

Alex sips at the broth and only gets through half the bowl before he starts to doze off, and Willy just manages to tug the ceramic bowl from increasingly lax hands before he has a bigger mess to clean up.

“C’mon.” He says, tugging one of the blankets from where it’s tucked carefully around Alex’s legs. Alex pouts piteously at him, but Willy remains adamant. “You can’t sleep on the couch.”

He ends up half carrying him the thirty feet or so to the bedroom, only struggling a little to keep him upright and yank down the covers of his bed. Alex’s eyes are already drifting closed when his head hits the pillow, and Willy moves to click off the bedside lamp.

“—Stay?” Alex says quietly from the fringes of consciousness, and Willy freezes, hand still a few centimeters from the switch. He feels the smile tug at his mouth, knows the affection that glints too easily in the depths of blue eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere. Dad’s not gunna be back til late anyway.” Willy says fondly, moving to tug the blanket straight. He had plans that included crashing on the couch anyway. Alex may be going on eighteen now, but Willy wasn’t going to just leave him.

“No—” Alex’s flush deepens as he stares off at some point over Willy’s shoulder, gaze catching his before it quickly flits away again. “Um –stay. Here?”


“ –sorry. I don’t know why I—“

“No—“ interrupts Willy, finally reaching to turn the light off. “Of course.” Anything for you.

He wiggles from his jeans and carefully crawls next to Alex (and he remembers when this wasn’t such a rarity; and for a moment, he misses ). Alex’s skin feels hot to the touch, yet he still curls in towards Willy, breath whistling slightly through his nose as it evens toward sleep. It’s dark, but Willy can sense the peacefulness settling between them.

And Willy reaches to nudge him once in the ribs, gently, amusement cracking his voice.

“I swear to god, if you get me sick I’m going to kill you.”

Wins in overtime get the rowdiest, especially after some obscene surge from behind –doesn’t matter how many times it happens; winning never runs dull. So it’s really no surprise that it’s ages before Willy even touches his phone.

It takes even longer to scroll through all the congrats text messages and media notifications, he
really needs to take a better look at his settings, maybe get this obscene number of red numbers a little lower.

But it only takes him a moment to realize Alex’s is strangely missing.

Not exactly shocking, but a rarity, especially when they’re not in the midst of some argument or another. It nudges at something, plants a seed or worry in Willy’s gut, but Auston’s doing some weird shit over with Mitch that’s making him laugh his ass off. It’s really far too easy to set his phone down and saunter over, shedding his gear as he goes. His mistake.

He doesn’t see it until much much later, a twitter notification hidden amidst all the others. Nylander takes bad hit does not return to game. Willy’s out of his seat almost before it really sets in, phone digging into his ear as he pushes out into a chilly Toronto winter night, the stench of alcohol still strong in his nose.

The phone rings too many times and Willy counts them. It’s one away from Alex’s voicemail when he finally picks up.

“Alex?” He says the moment the line is live. “I just saw, are you alright?” There’s a beat of silence, and Willy’s heart drops at it.

“Yeah–” Alex says finally. “It’s nothing severe –just, precautionary.”

Some of the tension he’s been carrying tumbles out with his sigh, fingers picking absentmindedly at
the brick wall he’s leaned up against. “Good. That’s good.” I’d been so scared. “—hope they got him good for that.”

“Yeah– yeah. I’m alright, Willy.”

“You’d tell me if you weren’t?”

“What kind of question is that? —-you’re always the first I want to tell.” Another beat. “—I wish you were here.”

Willy sighs, leans his head back against the wall, eyes screwed shut as he wishes there was something he could do besides stand outside some stupid bar hours away from Alex. But there’s nothing, he’s just a voice at the other end of the phone.

“I know–” Willy says quietly. “–me too.”

Alex’s bedroom door is closed –which isn’t a rarity . He is a teenage boy after all and teenage boys need their privacy for —— stuff . But it’s odd now, because it’s just him and Alex and dad right now, and this is a time when most doors remain flung wide-open. There aren’t many secrets between them.

But now, Willy is faced with the solid oak of Alex’s door. “Alex?” He says, exasperated. “Dinner’s ready.” He waits, hears nothing but silence. No reply. No nothing. “ Alex. ” Nothing. “For fucks sak–” Their doors don’t lock and Willy almost tears open Alex’s with a few choice words on his tongue because he’s hungry dammit.

They dissipate almost immediately.

Alex hasn’t cried in years. Neither of them have, not over anything meaningful anyway. (If Willy tears up during some cheap movie no one needs to know). And it’s been so long that Willy is almost shocked into freezing at the sight of wet tracks down Alex’s cheeks. How long has it been since–? A surge of protectiveness automatically rises up in his chest not half a millisecond later.


“Fuck off, Willy.”

Willy looks at Alex, at the curve of his back, at knees pulled close to his chest, at the way his body seems to cave in on itself, and absolutely does not fuck off. He doesn’t say anything either, just steps over the threshold and shuts the door behind him.

“Need a great comforting hug from your best big bro? I have on pretty good authority that they’re top notch.”

Alex does not laugh, only tightens arms around his legs and bites his lower lip.

The grin fades from Willy’s face and he crosses the room, sits almost gingerly next to Alex. There is no hesitation in the arm that wraps around quivering shoulders, in the way he hugs Alex the best he knows how.

Alex cries silently into the fabric of Willy’s shirt, curved less into his own body and more into the solid lines of his brother. Willy lets him, doesn’t mind the weight –welcomes it, relishes it.

(He would do anything for Alex’s happiness, you know.)

“It’ll be alright.” He tells Alex quietly, empty words though he still means every syllable. Alex just grips him tighter, and Willy rubs circles into his back.

Eventually Alex runs out of tears and they sit in silence, while he leans his head onto Willy’s shoulder and fidgets with bracelets circling his wrist. Questions burn in the back of his throat, but Willy gives Alex the quiet solidarity of his presence.

In the end, does it really matter why ?

“So–” asks Willy finally. “Is there anyone I need to hurt?”

“No.” says Alex beside him, small. Plaintive.

“Are you sure?”


“Are you okay?”

Alex manages a watery smile, small but genuine –bumps his arm against Willy’s briefly. “Better now.”

This is real. The air always feels more alive in times like this, cracking around his skin and making every centimeter tingle. It’s not a home game, but the arena still roars in the wake of their victory because it’s Buffalo and to the Leafs Nation two hours is hardly a commute at all.

(There is more –Willy thinks– then there is of blue and gold).

And this is real, the noise and the smile on his face as he skates hard into Auston, because this is two points closer to playoffs.

Alex is here too, already disappeared down the tunnel; and Willy wants for a moment, but it passes quickly.

To put it very lightly: the Leafs have a good game; the Sabres do not.

Everyone loves winning, but learning to lose is most nearly as important. And the Leafs have learned to lose, Willy has learned to lose –and he’s learned not to become comfortable with it.

Alex meets him outside the visitor’s locker room, a small smile crossing features, if albeit rueful.

“You had a good game.” He tells Alex, an olive branch of sorts, and it’s the truth even if the rest of the team in navy and gold did not.

“You too. Nice shot.”

“You’re not going to cry because you lost are you?”

“I know who I’m playing for, Willy.”

This tugs a laugh from Willy who in turn flings a friendly arm around Alex’s shoulders. “Great, because I don’t think I could stand radio silence from you all night.”

Alex rolls his eyes again, but does not shake off his arm. And if he leans in close as they exit the arena like some two-headed monster, well, Willy gets it and that’s their business alone.

I need you. Says the text from Alex, and the three words send Willy’s heart hurtling painfully against his ribs. He calls back the moment he gets it. Alex doesn’t respond.

Panic starts to build beneath his worry, and he tells Auston he can’t go out for drinks anymore. “Alex –Alex–” He fumbles for an explanation of sorts. Mitch just snorts at him, mumbling something about how he’s probably fine, but Auston nods thoughtfully and hushes Mitch. Asshole probably wanted it to just be the two of them anyway. Mitch is probably just salty because now he has to find someone else to buy them alcohol.

But what Mitch wants bears little on Willy right now, and Auston shoos him away with a kind smile. “Tell Alex to feel better.” He says, and Willy nods, already slipping into his coat and shoes.

im on my way. He texts in the elevator down. where r u. An address is all he gets in response.

The address turns out to be what is now dubbed ‘Canalside’ as his taxi driver informs him when she asks if he just wants to be dropped off by the ships. He says ‘yes’ figuring it’s got to be close enough.

The ride seems to take far too long, feet tapping anxiously against faded carpet and fingers toying with his phone, pushing his hair back far more times than is necessary. It’s with a small bit of relief that he finally pays his fare.

There’s still plenty of people milling around, and in the gathering twilight Willy can’t find Alex.

Im here where r u.

“Here.” It sounds far too choked and Alex falls too easy into the arms Willy offers, presses himself close and nuzzles his forehead into the crook of Willy’s neck. Willy lets him, even though Alex has an inch and some on him Willy was made for this, an instinct he was born with and can’t outgrow.

“I’m here.” sooths Willy, fingers tangled in the ends of Alex’s hair. Against his shoulder, Alex breathes a bit easier. Eventually he pulls away, and Willy doesn’t ask any questions.

They walk in silence along the length of the pier, an already dead sun long past the horizon and taking the last glimmers of daylight with it. Willy recognizes it vaguely from last year, though it had been sunnier and warmer the day he’d conducted an ‘interview’ with Alex for Leafs tv.

“Alex–” begins Willy. Alex leans on the railing, stares into the dark water lapping metal retainments a few feet below. “You don’t have to–”

He trails off. It’s dark and it’s by the light of a streetlamp that he sees Alex turn toward him, something vulnerable in his eyes. “I was –thinking too much about too many things.” He begins almost haltingly, “and it just got too out of hand and –and it was so overwhelming . I didn’t think it was going to stop, and I didn’t know what to do but you. You’re you and then you –you stopped it.”

Willy says nothing, stares at Alex’s profile for a moment, leans up against the railing next to him and stares across the lake. A moment passes, wind courses cold down the pier, and Alex huddles into his side.

When Alex was little, thunder made more than just the timbres of their house shake.

Willy’s always loved watching thunderstorm roll in on dark clouds over the horizon. There’s something purifying about rain and light that can split darkness.

Alex did not agree. He never did.

They all learned quickly how much Alex hated thunder and lightning, and how only Willy seemed to be the only one with the ability to calm him. Willy never minded –it made him feel needed; it felt right .

Alex gets over his phobia of storms by the time he’s ten, and though Willy would never admit it, there’s some part of him that misses the way Alex would burrow into his side and hide his face until it was all over.

They’re both older now. They both have bigger things to worry about than flashes of thunder and the booming crack of thunder.

Willy remembers the fight too; the way he’d almost automatically wrapped an arm around Alex’s shoulder when heavy black clouds broke and Alex snapping about not being eight years old and afraid anymore.

(That hurt more than he let on too –but Willy understands growing now, understands convention).

But there are still times like this, when rain snaps at the windows and the house is so large and empty that Alex comes to him, though this is not so much a fear of something else as it is a seeking of something familiar.

And this is more than familiar, something worn out through years and years like a good pair of sweatpants.

“I thought you didn’t need me to protect you anymore.” teases Willy, though his arm tightens reassuringly around Alex’s shoulders where it belongs.

Alex doesn’t stir, merely clutches fingers more tightly. “You always make me feel safe,” he says into the fabric of Willy’s sweatshirt.

“Even through all the pranks?” He teases, and Alex shifts away far enough to roll his eyes and dig an elbow between Willy’s ribs.

“Even through all the pranks,” says Alex, relaxing back into his side, legs tucked up on the couch. “I never realize sometimes –I –I need you, you know.” he continues quietly over the hiss of rain after a moment.

Willy doesn’t respond right away, but there’s a warmth in his veins and a fond smile on his lips. After a moment he drops a kiss to the crown of Alex’s head, rests his cheek against platinum strands.

“Alex –I’ll always be here for you.”

I LIVED UP TO MY WORD FAM. This was a little more disjointed that I would have liked, but hopefully you enjoyed anyway! Always room for a little more Wholesome fic out there right??? Anyway, thanks so much for reading fam and I see and appreciate every one of you. Like/comment/reblog/rec/invade my askbox with all ur feelings if you liked, I’ll love you forever.

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Could you write about Symmetra preparing a romantic evening for her s/o, who had an exhausting day?

Satya had a day off, finally. She desperately needed one and knew you did too. But you wouldn’t get one very soon. She knew that too, and decided to make some dinner, light some candles, just a romantic evening.

She cooked your favourite, found a nice movie to watch, just enough to make your day.

So when you came home, she proudly smiled and greeted you. You smiled, “You did all of this? Just for me?”.

She grinned, “I’d do anything for you, my love”

What to Do if Witchcraft Drains You

Witchcraft requires summoning and manipulating energy. It takes a lot of work. As a result, sometimes spellwork can end up tiring people mentally, emotionally, or physically. If you find yourself drained after a spell, you can do many things:

  1. Eat something sugary, carbs, or fruit. This runs along the same vein as a nurse advising you to eat sugar after drawing blood: The sugar will reenergize you.
  2. Drink tea or water. Stay hydrated! even when not casting spells. In general, oolongs, blacks, and fruity teas can help energize you, whereas green teas and herbals (especially lavender, chamomile, mints and rose) can relax you.
  3. Light your favorite incense or candle. Frankincense, sage, cedar, dragon’s blood, patchouli, cinnamon, pine, and sandalwood are good cleansing and promoting positive energy. Or, light your favorite scent–it’ll automatically calm and re-energize you.
  4. Carry a stone with you. Amethyst, citrine, obsidian, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, jade, and hematite are good considerations for re-energizing and healing spiritual energy. 
  5. …or, carry another special item with you! If you have a special pendant, prayer beads, necklace or other item that means a lot to you and comforts you, it can help restore your energy just by being in your presence.
  6. Take a bath or shower
  7. Take a walk out in nature. Even though you may not feel like working out, exercising can actually energize you rather than deplete you. You can absorb nature’s energies to replenish yours, too.
  8. Take a nap, or get a good night’s sleep. If you want an extra boost, place a healing stone under your pillow to recharge you while you sleep.
  9. Watch a funny movie or video, or read a good book. It’ll relax you, take your mind off your drained feeling, and correct any “off” feelings you may have.
  10. Work on something else that requires minimal energy. This could be crafting, knitting, watering your plants, or even doing your homework. Getting back into the groove of things will help reset your energy and stabilize you for daily life.
  11. Friends! If calling a friend or socializing will relax you, go for it! It’ll make you happier, too.

I hope you may rest well, take care of yourself and have a blessed path! (◕‿◕✿) Sincerely, a witch who’s exhausted after performing spells for four hours.

Do you ever just read so much fanfiction for a couple that isn’t canon and then you rewatch the original material and you’re like????? I could’ve sworn you were dating in this???? Who is this random dude you’re calling your boyfriend excuse me the love of your life is right there??????

like i understand this is a sports broadcast and fisher is on the team while carrie is obviously not, and i’m not saying nbc should sit around and lament about all of carrie’s achievements during the middle of a hockey game – tho like i wouldn’t complain if they did – but carrie underwood is one of the most successful country music artists of all time. carrie underwood is a 7 time grammy winning artist, a 10 time billboard music award winning artist, 4 time ‘female vocalist of the year’ winner at the CMAs. she’s widely known as the most popular female artist in country music and is responsible for continuing to grow and shape the genre. calling her ‘mrs. mike fisher’ like her only accomplishment in life was marrying a mediocre hockey player who happens to now be the captain of the predators feels bad, scoob. 


Ok, so this is a thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and only just got to doing it. Because, you know, life happens :/

Anyway, “Love like you” is probably my favorite song from Steven universe and I thought these lines fit pretty well with my favorite pair of brothers :)

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I was watching my brother play xbox when I realized... professional sports teams have video games. With avatars that look just like the players and have their stats. Sooo professional exy teams could have a video games.. and when Neil and Andrew went pro they would see their little video game selves

okay so listen:

  • andrew never pays attention to literally anything going on with his exy career
  • like seriously? he goes where they tell him and does what he’s contractually obligated to do 
  • so when he had to wear a weird suit and pretend to block a bunch of fake shots he thought it was probably some weird form of monitoring his health or muscles
  • of course he doesn’t tell neil about it in their nightly skype calls becuase it’s unimportant in his mind
  • unknown to andrew, neil also did the same thing but doesn’t much care for video games so he also says nothing
  • basically a literal day after it’s happened they’ve both forgotten about it 
  • but then the game comes out 
  • and everyone starts tweeting them about it
  • and making funny vines with 6-foot whatever kevin day being checked by 5′0″” andrew minyard
  • (it’s probably some thing where you can just like assign the players any position for fun idk)
  • neil picks up on it an favorites a bunch of videos on twitter
  • (poor boy didn’t know other people could see his likes)
  • and of course matt calls neil the day it comes out
    • “neil! you didn’t tell me we’d both be in a video game together?!? how sick is that! you totally have to come over and play, bro”
  • basically neil loves it because he gets to play as andrew and ends up mimicking him as he does it 
    • “my names andrew and i squish garbage in the can until it’s too full and i refuse to take it out”
    • “hey guys, watch out! i have the ball and i’m not afraid to beam it at your ankles if you look at me the wrong way!”
    • “i’m andrew and i pretend to hate the cats but wheni think neil’s not looking i make kissy noises at them and hold them in my arms”
    • “neil’s bothering me so i’m going to pretend he’s a vegetable and pretend he doesn’t exist”
  • of course andrew catches him doing it one time when neil thought he was home alone and was playing online with matt
  • (he was home alone but had jumped into a monologue as andrew and was too distracted to hear him walk in for his weekend visit)
  • of course andrew decides to get him back by doing the same thing as neil
    • “my name is neil and i’m an idiot who has no self preservation”
    • “watch out kevin, i’m here to steal your one true love away, the court”
    • “did you guys know that i leave my socks all over the apartment becuase that’s where they belong?”
  • it definitely turns into a way for them to get out their petty aggression on one another
  • and if one of the foxes just happens to post multiple videos of it online and create a small phenomena, then that’s between them and the thousands of views
Wanna know what I want to see more of?


*robots having to spray silicone sealant on their joints so they don’t have to worry about anything important rusting over (if Ratch catches you skipping this crucial step he will weld you to a med bay and do it himself. It’s not pleasant)

*Robots pitching a fit when they get sand in their unmentionables and having to take a 45 minute shower just to get half of the damned grit out of their grilles.

*Robots playing in the water!! Dunking each other and having splash fights and all that cute shite!!

*“Hey guys the ocean is full of free dogs!!”, “SIDESWIPE, THAT IS NOT A DOG PUT IT BACK!”, *Great White: :D*

*“WHAAAAAAAAALES!!!”, “Wheeljack you cannot just rush up to them they are classified as endangered by the humans-Wheeljack? WHEELJACK NO!”

*“What is this nonsense?”, “I believe it’s called ‘seaweed’”, “…I don’t like it”

*Big ass beach umbrellas for taking nice long naps under.

*Could you imagine the sand castles though?!
“It’s a bit excessive don’t you think?”, “I don’t understand why you would say that. It looks perfectly fine to me!”, “…how many sand castles do you know have foyers, Hoist?”


*“Didn’t we have more people with us?”, “idk, man I’m still trying to get over that horde of jellyfish”, *back at the beach, Ratchet slumbers underneath six feet of sand only to awaken and emerge like some eldritch horror. People are screaming, he scratches himself at growls irritably at them before transforming and moving on.*



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sooo i don't really have a question but i would like an analysis of the new amazingphil video if you have one,, or just your favorite moments, idk i just want you to talk about it, i love your "reviews"

hahaha of course i’ll talk about it!!!!! it’s interesting bc when i first watched this i was actually like not that into it??? it just felt like 10 very calm and chill mins of dnp hanging out which is obviously great but i think i was sort of distracted so i was like mmmm it wasn’t as entertaining as their usual collabs, esp bc on first watch i was like, dan keeps going for these weird dark jokes about torture n maiming and it’s all v Standard Fare but then i thought about it more and realized ,, if this isn’t the biggest evidence yet about how far they’ve come and evolved since last year then idk what is??? like i just can’t believe it’s gotten to the point where i could watch 10 minutes of dan softly playing around with phil’s hair and both of them being a bit calmer and more muted in front of the camera, freely touching each other and joking around about more Mature Themes (hats off to the dildo joke and the “safety word” bit) and have all of that feel completely STANDARD and unsurprising!!! it’s just crazy to me that they’ve normalized these behaviors so much that a video like this could feel so completely expected and ~chill~ 

but then i watched it a second and third time (bc duh) when i was less distracted and there really were so many little moments that stood out to me and so many cute smiles and soft lil jokes that made me wanna melt and it was all just so good. it’s nowhere near their funniest or most captivating video but it’s just vv vv v v soft and chill and natural. when comparing it to something like pastel edits which is probs a close parallel in terms of them playing dress up and touching each other a bit in direct response to a fan request, you can see how this one is far softer and a little bit less performed–they seem less ‘on’ for lack of a better term, and a lot more laid back, dan doesn’t spend as much time demeaning the idea or teasing the fan base for wanting it, and all of it is just so enjoyable to watch. i’ve included (way too many) timestamps below (plus way too many screenshots, as usual, of stupidly cute moments ugh): 

  • 5 seconds in this is already alarmingly cute w dan grumbling behind the pillow that phil wants to give him a creative nickname and phil giggling and looking down at him when he starts complaining
  • :17 dan gives phil permission to just call him dan and phil looks cute n happy about it
  • :27 dan needs to reiterate he was a nerd in school
  • :34 ‘japes’ k dan
  • :48 i live for the way phil looks so earnest and excited when he asks dan why he decided to ‘embrace the curls’ like he genuinely wants to hear dan explain this .. phil is genuinely obsessed w dan’s curls he wasn’t lyin when he said that in the pastel edits vid :(
  • 1:00 i hope phil was the one who chose that photo as an example of dan’s hair looking good in a pic,, phil thinks dan’s best look is his crunchy 2013 leather jacket n his scoop neck t shirt … #confirmed
  • 1:10 ‘you’ve left me alone!’ calm down phil he’s right next to u
  • 1:12 did phil pick that photo too ..  the one of dan in his tank top n hair straightened to within an inch of its life and silvery earrings making a pouty face ,,, lmao i love that he’s picking the cringiest emo-est throwbacks possible
  • 1:54 phil’s like ‘i thought we could eat 400 crusts to see if my hair goes curly’ and it’s altogether a lame joke but dan is staring at him like he’s the most beautiful person on earth. i’d be uncomfortable if i wasn’t so busy melting. then phil stares at dan giggling and it’s all a bit much for me
  • 2:41 ‘what’d happen if i balded you right now?’ dan is so concerned for phil’s well-being that he forgets how to grammar
  • 2:45 the fuckin dildo joke i s2g why are they making sly references to dildos in a g-rated hair curling video why did phil immediately follow dan saying ‘that looks like something else’ by going ‘ooo’ and shoving the curler near dan’s mouth why are they gross
  • 3:21 dan unnecessarily rubbing the curler all over phil’s shoulder and neck … ok
  • 3:41 phil sounds so serious when he asks dan if he thinks the curly hair will suit him, like he really needs dan’s Hot Take on this important issue but dan’s just shuts him down hahaha. i feel like this is reminiscent of the faceapp vid in which dan was completely NOT DOWN with any alteration to phil’s appearance whatsoever bc (vom) he thinks phil is perf jst the way he is (i might actually be sick) 
  • 3:47 idk why but i’m obsessed w phil saying ‘dan, don’t mess about with it’ and dan responding ‘i’m nOT’ in his whiny voice w his eyes all wide. cute
  • 3:56 lmao dan bringing up babuse (i can’t type that without thinking of ‘let me see that babussy’ i hate the fucking internet) and saying it was the last time he was on this bed, i am living for these bants and also phil’s expression of mock horror
  • 4:08 ‘curl me up, bess’
  • 4:11 dan’s going for ‘teen nick jonas but without the face’ his crush is going strong i see,, and then he can’t even follow through and tell phil his face doesn’t compare to nick jonas’s so he turns it into a joke about burning his face instead, nice save bro
  • 5:01 something about this bit when dan’s like ‘got a whole clump it’s undignified’ and their proximity, the way their arms are sort of pressed together and it looks like dan could be resting his hand on phil’s leg and dan is also sort of just looking down at phil ,,, Good
  • 5:08 when phil kinda squeaks and pulls away all of a sudden i feel like dan is legit actually concerned he could burn phil as evidenced by his voice going all high pitched when he’s like ‘you can’t do that!!!!’
  • 5:13 more completely unnecessary dan playing around w phil’s fringe n brushing it away. it goes on for like 8 seconds plus there’s a jump cut in the middle of it lmao,,, ugh the way he touches phil’s hair is so soft it makes me feel things
  • 5:32 ‘gonna pork you up phil’ does dan know the meaning of ‘pork’ as a verb ??  ? ? ??? ??????  for reference:
  • 5:36 ‘my life is flashing before my eyes’ ‘ooo is it really boring’ dan is showing yet again that he flirts like a five year old who pulls their crush’s pigtails in the playground grOW UP MATE. phil loves it tho
  • 6:03 omg idk why but i LOVED phil saying ‘i’m finding you so disturbing right now’ it feels so authentic??? something about the way he phrased it is so funny??????? like he genuinely needs dan to take it down a notch w the grim humor lmao
  • 6:47 ‘we need a safety word’ oh my god these boring vanilla fucks call a safe word a ‘safety word’ could they be LAMER hahaha (in all seriousness i can’t even believe that’s a joke dan went for at all let alone on this channel and that phil just chuckled n went along with it what the fuck what a time we live in honestly,, the flirting and touching and the whole premise of a dan-curls-phil’s-hair video is already so much but, like, let’s just add a fucking allusion to bdsm into the mix while we’re at it!!!!!!! wtf!!!)
  • the whole sped up montage of dan doing the curling is just rife w gratuitous hair touching so like obvi i immediately turned the speed down to .5 and just sat back to enjoy it (also @kay-okays uploaded a slowed down version here if ya wanna look at that or like bookmark it for ur own uses ,,  whatever ur into m8)
  • 7:18 those two gentle pats that dan gives to the back of phil’s head before phil looks at his finished hair … so fucking adorable bc it’s the way dan pats down his own hair when he’s fixing it pls save me
  • 7:29 dan obvi needs to make it a point to emphasize they have the same hair again as has been his constant refrain about their haircuts for the last like 3 years (tbh i’m convinced that he literally misses having the same hair as phil which is gross and just as sappy as i’d expect from him) and in order to demonstrate how ALIKE they are again he proceeds to mirror phil playing w his fringe bc why not .. 
  • ‘this was the only thing that was separating us’ PLS
  • 7:38 dan’s Hot Take 2.0: ‘you look like a cool australian surfer … like a weird goth one that has never been to the beach’
  • 8:14 dan asserts on phil’s behalf that phil ‘needs’ the edge of his emo fringe and phil immediately agrees. rip to anyone who was hoping quiff!phil might be on the horizon
  • 8:39 dan goes defensive about how he could’ve done a better job and phil immediately jumps in to say that he thinks dan did well in the most sincere voice of all time, accompanied w cute/soft smile
  • and then he cuts dan off entirely to remind him that he didn’t burn phil’s face off and to v fervently thank him (he litro NODS while he thanks him it’s so SERIOUS) and then dan does some weird touchy thing to phil’s chest or arm or both and phil decides to boop dan’s cheek and you should really SLOW IT DOWN bc when you do, you notice it’s more of like a lil squeeze as opposed to just a v light tap and it’s gROSS:
  • 8:59 then, since this video has far too much dan gratuitously touching phil and phil was surely feeling deprived, phil reaches over to give dan a ‘zayn curl’ and play w dan’s fringe a bit n at this point i’ve had Enough of this cute ass shit
  • 9:20 dan couldn’t just leave it there, he needs to take a moment to re-assert the ~dnp don’t go outside or go to parties or talk to people Ever~ branding just in case ANYONE forgot (but also seems like a low key way for dan to gently remind the audience not to get attached to this in any way bc it will probs never happen again)
  • 9:40 phil dubs dan the “original curly man” n idk how to feel about this but i suppose that is a fitting conclusion to this absolute roller coaster of emotions 

ugh. just a really great video. i’m sorry this post is massive,, there’s jst so much here and i needed to have pics of ALL OF IT

(dan curls my hair!

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Hey Joan. Can I ask you a weird question? If you were to make your own 'sides' what would they be like? Would you also have an anxiety, morality etc. or would you divide yourself completely differently? Have a lovely night :)

This is actual pretty interesting– or maybe it isn’t! Idk. I’ve been cowriting the Sanders Sides videos since the Valentine’s day episode, and that happened bc I was developing my own series which would’ve been kind of similar to what Sanders Sides has become. I remember watching the “Heart vs. Mind” episode and that’s when I realized that Sanders Sides was turning into something similar to the series that I was developing independently. After watching that episode, I called Thomas excited about the direction that the videos could potentially go in, and I asked him if I could help write them. He said yes, and I’ve been working with him on the series ever since.

The aspects of my personality were very different from Thomas’s. I also had more of them, but maybe Thomas will have more in the future. Who knows?

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Complete this conservation: "Soooo Dean. How did it go with Cas last night? *wink*"

“Soooo Dean.” Sam settles at the kitchen table across from where his brother sits, digging into a bowl of cereal. “How did it go with Cas last night?” He flashes a quick wink at him. 

Dean stops mid-chew, looking up at his brother. “Fine. Quiet.” he says in-between bites. “We staked out that barn all night and didn’t see a thing. I’m thinking that the haunting may have just been kids or something.”

“Ah,” Sam nods and takes a sip of his coffee, a wry smile quirking the corner of his mouth. “That’s interesting.” Dean raises an eyebrow, immediately suspicious of the pointed look his brother gives him. 

“Yeah, if you say so,” he mutters, turning his attention back to his breakfast. 

“Yeah, because I was actually listening to the police scanner last night while you were out, just keeping an ear out,” Sam begins. “And there was a lot of chatter about some strange noises coming from right around the area where you guys were stationed.”

“Lotta animals out there, Sam.”

“Yeah, a lot of grunting and groaning. One guy said it sounded like moaning.” he continues. Dean sets his spoon down and looks at Sam.

“Yeah, there sure was a lot of noise out there,” he says. “Animals go crazy during the full moon.” He punctuates his sentence, taking a scoopful of frosted flakes into his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, you could be right,” Sam says, rising from the table. “Although I can’t think of any animal with a mating call of ‘Oh Cas.’”

Dean chokes on his cereal. 

wakeup call | taehyung

Originally posted by bwipsul

Pairing: Taehyung + Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2.1k

Request: hi <3 idk if i’ve already requested something on here, but i had this idea and i thought you could write it beautifully bc i love your work <3 the plot is: the reader is bffs with Taehyung and they’re at the mall one day & she sees her ex and just says to Tae “kiss me, I’ll explain later” :) ending is up to you <3너의 일이 너무 좋아!

Warning: Slight use of mature language

Reader’s POV

“Did I seriously have to come?” Taehyung groaned for the -nth time that day, as he trudged behind you carrying most of your shopping bags.

Turning around you gave him a sickeningly sweet smile,“ Who else would besides my best friend?”

Rolling his eyes, he retorted,“ If I knew you were going to use this on me, I never would’ve agreed to be your friend.”

Scoffing you teased,“ Well sir, you’re 12 years late.”

Shaking his head, he laughed and said, motioning to the bags in his hand, “Ok but seriously, who shops for their Christmas presents this late.”

You shot him a glare and said,“ Someone who was too busy with stupid work and projects to even leave her dorm for a week.”

Sighing, he ruffled your hair, cooing,“Was my baby working too hard now…”

Yah, Kim Taehyung.”

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Technically speaking, isn’t the use of teleportation lowkey murder? Bc ur basically cloning someone, reassembling atoms on the other side to form the person, and then destroying the original. Bc obviously it’s p impossible to transport the exact same atoms and energy over a wide distance unless using wormholes or something. That being said, would anyone be down for using a transporter knowing that you as /you/ will be killed while a clone of you lives on?

How would jealous IKON be like...

Request: Heeey can you do a reaction about jealous ikon? Pleassseee! Jealous boy are sexy 💖

A/N: Made it into a “how would” because idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also IKON changed some of their stage names, but will that stop me from calling them their original names??? nah.

-Admin KenKen

B.I: Intense. I think Hanbin can either be very jealous or not at all; but when he’s jealous it’s pretty intense. I’m talking death stares that could kill a person and if your talking to someone else at a distance from Hanbin, you could practically feel his harsh glare burning into your cheek. And if the guy was obviously flirting with you he will tell him straight up, “How about you stop flirting with my girl/boyfriend before I kick your ass.”

Originally posted by alittlepessimistic

Jinhwan: Needy. He’s definitely the jealous type, but it’s because he wants your attention 25/8. Like, this boy loves to be the reason you laugh and smile, so when he sees someone else being that reason, he can get pretty selfish. He would wrap his arms around you, continuously leave a peck on your lips, hold your hand everywhere while saying, “I love you so much.” He would become so needy. *you’re the dog*

Originally posted by lk0n

Yunhyeong: Sulky. I can of get the vibe that he would be one to be like, “why do you you go hang out with your new friend, you guys really seem to be hitting it off,” and then walk away with pout on his face. It would be more cute than anything else because his facial expressions would look like a little puppy, but once you kiss him on the cheek his face or show him any sort of affection he would lighten up.

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Bobby: Slighty Protective. Like Hanbin, his stares and overall attitude towards the person flirting with you can be intense, but unlike Hanbin, he wouldn’t let anyone be flirting with you and be far away. He’d be by your side whenever you two would got out because he feels like there’s no one else he’d rather be with. So, when someone is brave enough to come up and flirt with you while your boyfriend is there, he’d just pull you closer to him.  

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Donghyuk: Content. He doesn’t get jealous easily. He completely trusts you and knows that you’d never do anything to hurt and vice versa. There are moments that he’d be a little wary, but that’s because of the one flirting with you because he doesn’t know what that persons intentions towards you are. Other than that I don’t see him getting jealous, but if he did it be subtle.

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Ju-ne: Defensive. I think he would try to deny it as much as possible, even when it was so obvious, “No, I’m not jealous! I just don’t like him/her.” Also, like  Yunhyeong, he would be sulky as well and roll his eyes at every given moment possible. An unnecessary loud groan would come from his mouth every now and then just to interrupt whoever was speaking to you, but when you turn to scowl him he’d just smile innocently. 

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Chanwoo: Subtle. Like Donghyuk, he wouldn’t get very jealous. Of course, he’d get a little sad if you wanted to hang out with someone else than him, but that’s about it. He’d pout about it, but he wouldn’t show that he was jealous; he’d talk about with you, “I know you have friends, but I wish you’d hang out with me a little more.”

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unpopular opinion: jensen ackles and misha collins are gay,,,,,,,,,,, like,,,,,,, really super gay

pFf T !??!? wHAT?? GAY, YOU SAY??? 


how any of this could ever possibly be conceived as gay, I have no idea

this is just two bros hangin out

showin each other their underwear, as bros do

just a couple bros with lots of platonic affection for each other, nothin of the homosexual nature goin on here

“this would look great on our christmas card, bro”

“for sure, bro”

lmao “gay.” boy howdy anon, idk what you’re seeing here that i’m not. just looks to me like ~two broooos sittin on con staaaage, 5 inches apart cuz they not gay~