idk if you can notice

jeffrinamichelle asked:

Wow. Cut off at midnight? Short leash you're on ma'am lol. Good thing you probably have that white shirt burned into your brain by now.

It’s actually a pretty decent length. She puts up with a LOT of half-naked chicks… Dude too, actually.

And I apparently do not, since I didn’t notice you can totes see bra? Idk. 2 hours 45 minutesand counting….

anonymous asked:

ok so can we just visit something? idk if you have noticed this or if I'm just creeping too hard but I'm convinced bread doesn't wear underwear ever (which certainly is only a good thing cause it just makes him that much more toasty lol) so can we confirm that he literally trying to kill us with the v lines... (ps your blog makes my day, every day.)

oh my gosh, anon. i have not noticed if artemi does not wear underwear, but if you wanna specify which pictures he looks like he’s not wearing any in, please send some links and i’ll take a closer look (AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE COMPLIMENT!) 

kkiyomizu asked:

Say I'm reading one of your "older" stories and see just a smaller grammatical error, would you want to know? Lol like idk if you can fix it since its been posted, but I've noticed really small things. Like a name is wrong but a letter or two and I'm just wondering :) Ps I absolutely adore your stories :)

Definitely :) I can update/replace chapters with new versions. I plan to go through them all one day and try to correct the small errors (I see them so much when I just skim through and it frustrates me lol). But sure! Let me know and I’ll make sure to fix it :) I always want to put out the best version of my work that I can but even after editing like 4 times things still slip through lol :) And thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying them! :)