idk if you can notice

im always a slut for symbolism

rest easy butterfly
you dont have to search for the moon right now
she will come back to you again and again until you will be able to fly to it

dont ever mourn the loss of the time you spent being weak
be frail,be fragile,be small and needy and almost but not quite broken
you dont have to be a moutain its enough if you are just a rock little bugs can live under

take your time in paiting your wings after they fade
try to treat yourself like you should,like you are the only you that ever was and will ever be
take your time,its not a race,you are rebuilding the masterpiece inside yourself

be around people that make you smile,you deserve them
ask to be held,its not pathetic,every scientist will agree that being hugged its the best cure for tired cells
search for joy and warmth and everything you feel that you are lacking right now,you arent greedy
you deserve all the love you are capable of giving and god love is at home inside of you

—  i love you and you should too

i just realized im fixated on someone (in a bad way)

anonymous asked:

32, 34, 36 and 37?

32. What’s the first thing you notice about someone? idk I feel like I can read people very well even if I’ve only known you for a second but in honesty if someone dresses well (what I like anyway) then that attracts me a lot. Basically if you’re wearing black skinny jeans and a nice jacket :))))

34. Favorite hair color? On guys, black or blonde. On girls, blonde probably (but anything it just depends tbh)

36. Ideal height? I’m really tall for a girl, i’m basically 5′10 and I do love tall guys so like 6 foot and over. 

37. Describe, personality-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like? So, firstly i’ve realised i’m majorly unattracted to that whole stereotypical macho thing and that whole lad culture (which isn’t surprising judging by the guys I like but it’s not just physical) like I hate guys who are really competitive with one another, so someone who’s just completely 100% themselves. Someone who talks about things they like, books, movies, art, music. Someone who’s creative. Someone who’s really weird….haha that’s so odd but like I don’t get normal people, they freak me out. Someone who’s socially aware and shares the same political values as me is like the biggest one probably. Also someone who’s super kind but also like an asshole but not an actual asshole just like a badass but also the cutest calmest person but also crazy do you get me…..