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Imagine (26) - Percy Jackson

Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys:I’ve sent in like 4 requests I’m so sorry 😅. But while I’m at it… Here’s another 1! Can u do an imagine where Luke (pjo) sneaks back into CHB after he has already turned to the bad side and asks the reader to go with him back Kronos but she is loyal to the Gods so he gets all mad and yells at her until she’s crying and as he turns to leave she says I miss u or something and he falters and switches back to the other side for her. Idk u can modify it and make it better.

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Luke Castellan

When I’m alone, I think. When I think, I remember. When I remember, I feel pain. When I feel pain, I just can’t stop hurting.

“Luke, I- I can’t do this, ” you said while looking down from the cliff, legs feeling wobbly. You see, 3 giant creatures were headed towards both you and Luke while you were on a mission, and heights weren’t exactly your forte.<

“I’ll help fend them off, you get this to Camp Half Blood,” you instructed and passed a scroll to Luke before taking a step back, unable to conquer your fear of heights. 

Luke shook his head aggressively, refusing to leave you to your demise.

 “I’m not leaving you here,“ rebutted Luke as he grabbed your wrist to prevent you from moving further behind. 

“I really can’t do this,” you replied, breaking into cold sweat.

Luke still refused to let you go. His hands made his way from your wrist to cup your face. Bending down to face you, you could see that sense of desperation in Luke’s face. He couldn’t leave you behind, he needed you. 

“Yes you can. Look, we’ve always conquered everything together, I don’t see why this is an exception,” he said, pleading you to overcome your fears. 

“Just trust me on the count of 3,” he added and you remained silent to his words. From getting away with pranking Mr. D to rescuing demigods, you’ve somehow always conquered it with Luke. Perhaps this time round, you could overcome this with his help. You trusted him. 

“1-” said Luke and you closed your eyes. 

“2-” You gulped down your throat.

“3!” You took a leap of faith with Luke and the next thing you knew, you were in mid-air, heading straight to a waterfall.


You found yourself in the pool of water with Luke holding your hand, and hurriedly swam up to catch for air.

“I’m not dead!” You exclaimed and smiled broadly at the thought of ditching the monsters and overcoming your greatest fears. You could have sworn that you’d almost wet your pants a few minutes ago.

“I told you, we’ll conquer everything together, always.” Luke flashed a smirk and within seconds, his lips were on yours. 

We promised to conquer everything together, but why did you now leave me alone?

“Are you alright?” Asked Percy while you were doing combat practice with him.

“I’m fine,” you replied, forcing a smile.When a girl says she’s alright, she really isn’t. I mean, how could you possibly be fine when Luke was the mastermind  behind Zeus’s lightning bolt incident and had now fled from Camp Half Blood to join Krono’s Army?

“Percy, she’s obviously hurting, a lot more than you think,” Annabeth whispered to Percy. Being best friends with Luke, she knew how much you and Luke had meant to each other. Unfortunately those words couldn’t escape from your ears, and you cleared your throat as a response.

“Annabeth, I’m right here,” you waved and said sarcastically , causing Annabeth to shoot an apologetic look.

“But seriously, I am alright!” you exclaimed and gave a pat on her shoulder, causing Percy and Annabeth to exchange worried gazes. 

That was probably the most pretentious tone and expression they’ve ever seen in their entire life.

“Y/N, if you need to talk, or need anything, I’m here,” Annabeth gave you an assuring smile. 

“Thanks Annabeth, but I believe that Grover need you guys over there right now,” you pointed them to look in Grover’s direction, where he was frantically waving for their attention.

“I hope it isn’t about helping him to chase girls again…” grunted Percy as they made their way to Grover.

After Percy and Annabeth had left, you started strolling around the compound, feeling a mix of emotions, with the exception of happiness.

Sad because you didn’t know Luke’s intentions to join Kronos. Angry because you felt like you could have prevented Luke from doing so. Confused because you didn’t know why Luke had acted that way. 

You found yourself standing on a patch of grass, unofficially claimed by you and Luke because of all the times you’ve confided in each other and had heart-to-heart talks at that same spot. 

“Y/N,” You heard someone calling your name from behind. A voice you haven’t heard in a long time. A voice you’d missed. A voice you’d loved.

“Lu- Luke?” You uttered and turn around, unable to believe he was standing right in front of you. 

“It’s been long, Y/N.” He said, eyes full of emotion.  2 weeks and 4 days to be specific. 

“Is- Is that really you?” You said, lips trembling. You were unable to believe that Luke was in Camp Half Blood, standing right in front of you.

“One and only,” he replied, flashing an easy smile.

You immediately ran over to him and wrapped your arms around him, hugging him in the tightest way possible. He did the same. 

“I knew you’d come back! Don’t worry, I’ll be with you no matter what Chiron and the others decides to do-”

“What?” Luke scoffed.

“You don’t expect them to accept you with open arms after what you’ve done do you?” You asked, causing Luke to chuckle.

“Y/N, I’m not retuning to Camp Half Blood. Neither am I going to apologise for what I’ve done. I came back for you,” explained Luke.

“What are you trying to say?” You released him from your grip, not liking the direction this conversation was going towards.

“I want you to be with me. I want you to join me in helping Kronos’ army.” Luke said.

Your heart instantly shattered. 

“Are you out of your mind?!” You said angrily and pushing him away from you. 

“You know, you could have made it easier for both of us if you just come back!” you added and was on the verge of tears.

“Y/N, I love you,”

“I love you too, until you had the guts to ask me to betray my family and join you in your evil ways. I’m not helping you,” you said coldly.

“Why do you not understand?!” It was Luke’s turn to get angry. 

“Excuse me? You’re the one who isn’t getting it. How could you betray your family?”

“My family? You mean the gods who doesn’t give a crap about us,” Luke shouted and punched a tree.

“Is this it? Why you join Kronos? To get back at your father?”

“They deserve this Y/N. Nobody ever cared,”

“I cared. I’ve always cared. Maybe that wasn’t enough for you huh,” you said.


“No!” You shouted.

“For old times sake, I’m going to let you leave and never return again.  And just so you know, the amounts of sleepless nights I’ve had without you, the number of tears I’d shed while you were gone, and the amount of faith I had in you, are all wasted now because of you. I hope you’re happy,” you said. 

“Goodbye Luke,” you added and closed your eyes. Trying so hard to control those tears and contain the sadness.

“Goodbye Y/N,” said Luke as you heard his footsteps drifting away from you.

You knew the moment you opened your eyes, everything would be different. You had to stop missing and harping on Luke. He had became an enemy. 

It took you a whole minute to collect your emotions and opened your eyes. As you opened your eyes, the first thing you saw was Luke. He’d never left.

“I’m sorry, I’ll stay and fix this. I’ll apologise to everyone and help Camp Half Blood. I don’t want to win this war without you.” He said and pressed his lips against yours. 

“Idiot,” you finally sobbed and hit him repeatedly on his shoulders.

“Welcome back, Luke Castellan.”

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hellllooooo a prompt (fic request? idk) for u that is Good: the therapy appointment with andrew and aaron where aaron made andrew choose between keeping aaron and his deal and cutting it off with neil or letting aaron go and keeping neil

oh lordy okay this turned into a fic thing so let’s go

Aaron seemed more irritated than usual when they arrived at Bee’s on Wednesday, but Andrew sure wasn’t going to comment on it. He couldn’t care less if Aaron was mad about something.

Bee, on the other hand, brought it up almost immediately.

“Aaron, how are things with you lately?”

He scoffed, rolling his eyes as he sunk a little deeper into his armchair. “Fucking splendid, thanks.”

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some news for u guys,

i am no longer a fan of the 1975.

why u ask? over a month now, i have felt different about them. i went to the may 4th show this year and was in love! and the fans were very different than they are now. and then i went to the november 4th show in detroit and i loved the performance, but i kinda stood there and felt lost in the crowd of people around me that clearly didn’t like the music or know all the songs ( if you only went to show to hear more of their music, then okay! ), they wanted matty for sex, the pushing was so terrible that i thought i was going to cry because i have horrible anxiety and claustrophobia, and i didn’t get a good presence from the show. matty seemed different. now, idk if he’s going through something or he’s sick or he’s depressed or there’s something wrong with his family, etc. that would break my heart, but it’s just not the same from two years ago.

almost two years ago, the summer of 2013, i saw an ad for them before i watched a video on youtube. it was chocolate and the city, like a montage. and i was like “woah this is a cool tune!” so i looked them up and fell in love. a couple weeks went by where i still thought about them and then saw they had a new video. the girls video. i loved it so much! i went on tumblr and looked up the tag for “the 1975” and saw gifs, but not as much as there is now. i laugh at this now because i remember posting pics and gifs from the videos and my followers didn’t know who they were or i had a few who would reblog stuff. but now, when i post anything that has to do with them or their music or matty, lots of likes and reblogs. MAKES ME SUPER HAPPY! but now that’s changed.

so, here’s what changed my point of view on them: i know matty smokes and smokes weed and drinks wine and i know he’s had a history with cocaine and heroin, but from reading on here and seeing on twitter, EVEN ON HIS PAGE, that he’s trying LSD and coke again. like matty really? i mean, you’re 25, do what you want, but it’s going to fuck you up. and just the excess amount of drinking alcohol and wine and i know a bottle of wine is like 3 cups of wine, but still, every night and probably more after? i’m worried he’s going to not make it or get fucked up so bad. i care about him, but this is a little much. i know people take pain and sadness in a different way than others do, but i’m just watching him deteriorate and fall apart. he’s unhealthy and too tired and not happy. he needs to take a break and go home, i mean hell, he’s been touring for 2 years now and no break! but that’s not the only reason i’ve stopped. it’s the fans and how they only like matty and probably only know chocolate and the city and sex and songs mentioned on here. like have you listened to their old music? their drive like i do? do you spend hours watching every fucking video and interview and concert video? do you actually appreciate him or do you only want him for sex and brag to people that you hooked up with a rock star?? also, all the taylor swift stuff!!!! i like taylor swift ONLY for what she does for people and that’s it. AND WHAT THE FUCK WITH THE TREND ON TWITTER?!?? #SwiftiesWantMattHealyDead ????? first, if you’re going to insult him and wish death upon him, get his fucking name right!!!! BUT STILL!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!! its so disturbing and vile and scary that who ever started it, thought it would be funny and “good” thing to do. and just they are not a good pair. total polar opposites. and it would be too much drama, which has already begun. also, what’s with the twitter post about “matty healy after concerts be like…” and you show a vine of someone self harming???? like are you fucking dumb?!?! he’s had horrible depression in his past and we don’t know if has self harmed and if he saw that, how do you think that makes someone feel?? what the fuck is wrong with people. god damn.

i’m just so tired of coming on here and it’s one thing after another and it makes me sad because i used to be so happy with the 1975 and now i’m just not happy anymore and not excited. it breaks my heart, but there’s too much drama, people being fucked up, the “fans” aren’t really fans except for a good amount of people and you know who you are ( i love u ) and it’s just not the same anymore. ughh i want to cry because i wish i wasn’t saying this or typing this. i will always have a special place for them in my heart and i will still love their music, but that’s it.

i’m sorry and i love you guys, but i feel like this is right thing to do.

- halsey ♡