idk if this will be really small but most likely


Your lips are cold, dude

I just saw a woman walk out of the grocery store with a red cherry slushie… She took a sip out of it, did a little dance, and stood there beside the doors enjoying her beverage with the most sincere expressions of glee… it might seem trivial but idk?? I just really like knowing there are strangers out there taking the time to revel in small delights??? like fuck yeah lady you deserve that slushie

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What do you think exo dicks look like? Are they short and thick, long and slim, etc.? I love your reactions 😊

Ahh thank you so much, I am so ready to do this analysis I’m a hoe for this types of things~


He may not be the biggest but that girth will be enough (amirite) Boyy fills you up so good, goddamn that stretch is amazing

Around 5 ½ inches


Okay….. these thighs are homing a good ass package, not the biggest but it is girthy enough to have you screaming his name, this man knows how to use his schlong dong??? idk don’t question it

5 inches


MY MAN GOT A CUTE LITTLE FRIEND… HIS PENIS IS KAWAII!!!…Okay moving on, this boy is definitely small, he got some big balls tho, it also looks thin but who knows

4 inches


Has a small girthy one but it is hella thick so who is complaining, he got a cute dick

5 inches


Okay it isn’t that big but the girth has you wanting more, size doesn’t really matter unless they know how to use it and you bet he does

5 ½ inches


One of the members with the biggest package, He is hard in the picture below but I still think he isn’t so small, most likely only grows a few inches when erect

7 inches

Also I seen a picture of him in suit pants and you seen his whole dick, like everything, I wish I saved it but my dumbass didn’t It was long tho


Hella girthy, he may not be the biggest but he is up there and that girth, gotdam

5 ½ inches


Is a grower, when flaccid it isn’t noticeable which makes me believe that he is on the smaller side, but when hard his dick grows a few inches

Flaccid= 4 Hard= 6


Has a big dick, long but still has good girth, literally blessed, he is handsome can dance and has a good dick is this man heaven on earth?? he has way more good traits about him bout that would be a super long post so lets not rn

6 ½ inches

idk man i feel bad for taylor sometimes in a small quiet way because every time she comes on here she just gets hundreds of people effectively screaming at her why they need her help the most or appreciate her the most and that must get overwhelming like how do you even begin to choose who to to give recognition to how do you deal with knowing that helping one person will make a handful of the others jealous or upset and how do you ever really get to know the people behind the blogs if the only content they post is specifically curated for her to see it might just be me but i think maybe it would be Nice to just turn it down a notch unrealistic yes but it would be Nice

bf! mark lee minhyung!

you can find the others i’ve written at the tag #bf series!!

•when the guys found out you were dating they weren’t surprised bc you two are the most obvious kids out of all of them

•isn’t really a pda person and usually the most he does is give you a kiss on the forehead

•likes holding hands the most bc it’s a small and sweet action especially when your fingers are intertwined with his

•pet names like princess and baby and something creative and long like fluffy cuddly cupcake idk

•strictly no cooking for you bc he knows he’ll burn the food

•even if it doesn’t burn he won’t let you eat it for your safety bc he’s scared it’s inedible and it’ll accidentally poison you

•he’ll write silly raps just for and about you and you think it’s sweet but at the same time you feel like laughing idk why

•mark - “you’re as fluffy and warm as cotton shirts”

•you guys wouldn’t have fancy dates but mostly indoor dates like staying in his studio or dorm bc most of the time he takes part in making the next song and at the same time he wants you to stay with him

•he’d say his iconic lines in the nct songs like that one time you both were lining up for the rollercoaster he saw the track and he’s like “that’s a long ass ride”

•when the dreamies found out that you and mark were dating that was the mark of the start of his teasing days

•like they’d reenact what you both did like hugging or exchanging cheesy compliments especially chenle and haechan and mark would grow red and throw pillows at them

•talks / texts about random topics at any time of the day

•mark - “what if we’re all just in a game that glitched and we can’t log out”

•you - “conspiracy theory!!! but mark wtf it’s three in the morning”

•you’d be off stealing his clothes and he wouldn’t realise until he looks for that specific piece

•mark - “baby have you seen my- is that my hoodie”

•you -“yeah”

•he’d pull you close and hug you real tight bc he thinks you look cute in his clothes especially when you wear his hats like the fishermen looking ones (idk what is that called)

•when you visit the dorm and he’s really tired, he lies his head on your lap and a cartoon is played in the living room you stroke his hair

•you can see him struggle to keep his eyes open and you giggle and kiss his cheek and tell him to sleep and he says no in a soft voice but he falls asleep within a minute you secretly take a picture and keep it as a good luck charm

•he’d teach you how to play basketball ball

•imagine how cute it’d be when he teaches you how to shoot the ball as he stands behind you and takes your hand to position it oblivious to how red you are (omg) then eventually you’d be better than him and he’ll whine when you win and it’s even cuter

•when you won’t give in to him he’d act cute just to make you and after he accomplished his mission he’ll be very very embarrassed and shy away from you

•mark would definitely talk to johnny or haechan about you

•mark - “hyung!!!! (y/n) is too nice for me!!!! and–”

•johnny - “calm down bro”

•when he’s comfortable enough he’d definitely share his problems with you and he’ll be really really emotional and sensitive you’d be there to shower him with hugs, kisses and compliments to make him feel assured

•haechan would be the one to spill mark’s unheard secrets in the dorms and during training days

•haechan - “there’s that one time mark hyung ripped his pants nearly a clean half when he was dancing”

•and mark drags him away into his room and nobody knows what happens to poor hae

•sweet surprises from mark like flowers and all (advice from johnny)

•i think mark would be the very cute inexperienced boyfriend whose always in a blur unlike inexperienced boyfriend haechan who does his research lol(all dreamies are inexperienced i guess)

•mark is your inexperienced boyfriend whose all soft and fluffy!!!

thanks for reading!!

Find a way - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Hey love, can you a write a Sirius x reader in which reder reader is best friends with James and Remus but with she is constntly fighting over ridiculous thing with Sirius and they dont really get along. AND one day J and R had enough and they lock them in small place (like a closet) until they clear things up and when they unlock them they’re in front of a making up session between Sirius and the reader. I know it has a lot of details but yeahhh…
Warnings: My English, language, idk sarcasm, a bit suggestive? Gif and image aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.
Word Count~1.7k
Pending Requests

You didn’t really know why you would always fight with him over the most ridiculous things. You didn’t really know why he annoyed you as much as he did. You couldn’t stand each other. That was a bit of a problem, considering that you were both friends with James and Remus. It just meant that you had to tolerate him while he was around but he didn’t make it easy on you. On the contrary, he was trying extra hard to piss you off.I
t was one thing to act all arrogant and it was another to display his hatred for you in front of everybody. You didn’t hate him; you didn’t particularly like him either but you didn’t hate him. He, however, seemed pretty clear about his feelings for you. He was always so moody and angry and… infuriated whenever you were around. And it kind of sucked.
You were currently studying with Remus and James had tagged along-dragging, quite literally- Sirius with him. You had been explaining something that made all of them a bit confused. Until Sirius started humming a song and distracted you. He didn’t pay attention. Of course. Why did that even surprise you? You coughed to let him know that he was annoying and gave him a pointed look.
“Me pretending to listen should be enough for you” he replied without even looking at you. You really wanted to hit him with a book. Or a table. Whatever.
“You know you will be the only one who would survive the Apocalypse. Zombies eat brains. You’ll be safe” you retorted as you went back to reading and writing down some notes. James snorted and Remus chuckled, things that only made him more… extra.
“If you wrote down every single thought you ever had you would get an award for the shortest story ever” he said overly sweet and you felt like you could throw up. On him. You just forced a smile and looked at him with a cold expression.
“I’m smiling at you…that alone should scare you enough to make you shut up” you raised your voice a bit because he was exasperating.
“Do you know who I am?” he asked all defensively and his voice was betraying him- he was a bit angry. But guess what? So were you.
“Why? Have you forgotten?” you asked him in return and gained yourself a death glare. Well, it was worth it. He was fuming. Why were you fighting again?
“Do you want a piece of my mind?!” he exclaimed and Madam Pince came rushing over to your table. You knew you were about to be thrown out of the Library any time soon.
“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly take the last piece” you used sarcasm as your way out. But it only made things worse.
“Great, guys. Thanks a lot” Remus scolded you and you felt terrible. He, on the other hand, didn’t. Or at least he didn’t show it.

“You are being ridiculous Black. Give it back” you yelled at him. You wanted your book back. It was your favorite Muggle book and he had taken it. He was just looking at you with a devilish smirk.
You looked around the common room. It was only the guys and you. You had agreed to help James with Lily and Remus needed a good laugh. Sirius… well, he was Sirius.
He stood up, causing Remus to give him a pointed look but he ignored it and threw the book into the flames of the fireplace. You screamed in agony.
“Are you insane?!” you shrieked at him as you ran to the fireplace, trying to save the poor book. Even James, who usually sided with Sirius, was taken aback. Remus smacked his head, hard as you were practically burning your hands. It was the only thing that you had left of your family. But of course, he didn’t care.
James tried to move you but he gave up as you began to cry. You ran out of the common room in a blur wishing for things to be different.
“What the fucking hell?” he roared once he saw his things kind of… destroyed. Everything in the dorm was intact except his side. It was a big mess. Things thrown everywhere, ripped shirts, broken stuff, burned books. He thought he knew who had done this but he was wrong.
He stormed out of the dorm and almost collided with you in the middle of a corridor as he was trying to find you.
“What gave you the right to destroy my things?” he said almost threatening. You furrowed your eyebrows. You hadn’t done anything.
“I don’t know what you are talking about. I am simply ignoring you. Now, if you’ll excuse me” you answered him coldly. But before he could say anything else, both of you were pushed towards your left into… a broom closet? Really?! And the door was slammed closed.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey!” you screamed and punched the door.
“No. You are not getting out of there if you don’t make peace with each other” Remus’ voice was heard. Bloody hell. Those fucking idiots.
“Cut the crap Lupin” Sirius said in a very dark tone. For once, you agreed.
“No, Black. It’s getting very annoying. Clear things up and then you’ll get out”. That was James. So much for helping him and him being grateful. You huffed.
“Screw you Potter” you whispered under your breath.
When all you could hear was silence, you took a step back, your back hitting the wall. Great. It was tiny. They were so dead.
“You know this is your fault” he accused you a moment later. You were startled. It was pitch black but somehow his eyes were sparkling with anger and something else.
“You’re one insult away from starting a war” you commented dryly. That little shit. He laughed ironically.
“If you hadn’t destroyed my things” he started but you cut him off.
“I told you. I have no idea what happened. But maybe you should consider who else you pissed off before accusing me. Any girl in particular?” you were so close to each other, you suddenly realized. Oh, no. He was about to fire something back but he remembered. Yes, it had been another girl.
“Oh. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re annoying as hell or that-”
“Do you ever shut up? Merlin, you’re trouble” you asked him rhetorically, rolling your eyes.
“You look cute when you’re angry”. What? What? What just happened? You felt red staining your cheeks. You dropped all your walls. You had enough.
“I can’t keep doing this, Sirius. I’m tired of us fighting all the time. I am done” you finally told him. Your voice held all the exhaustion and all the sadness and disappointment you felt. He felt his heart dropped to the floor. Yours had fallen a long time ago. Fallen in love with him. It was such a cliché story. You hated him, he hated you. You had fallen in love and had tried to pretend that you hated him still. But something wasn’t exactly the way it was supposed to be.
“I’m sorry about your book. Remus told me” he stated hesitantly. Did he just apologize?
You weren’t prepared for that. His voice was sincere, honest.
“Make me feel something other than anger or disappointment. Anything” you informed him, pleading him to just let you go. This was too painful for you.
You couldn’t pretend anymore. You were sick and tired of it.
“Isn’t it so painfully obvious that I’m crushing on you?”.

Your eyebrows were furrowed in an attempt to recognize any signs of irony or sarcasm. But there was nothing but those naked words. And suddenly you felt so exposed and hyped.
“Right now, I don’t know if I should kiss you or bang your head against the wall” you huffed. How many more fights and how many more broken hearts was he going to waste?
He chuckled and heaven felt closer than ever.
You could make out his soft smile and his lovely grey eyes fixed on you.
“You gotta stop doing that” he said as he took a step closer. Oh, no.
“What?” you asked breathlessly. His scent was all over the place. He was all over the place. Intoxicating you in the best possible way.
“Saying things that make me wanna kiss you. And if I kiss you, I don’t know if I would be able to stop”. He was dangerously close. His one hand found your cheek and cupped your face while his other hand held a strong grip onto your hip. Oh Merlin, oh Merlin, oh Merlin. Okay, breathe. Just breathe. But how could you be okay when all you could see, smell, touch, sense was him?
“Sirius…” you slightly warned him. How could you do this? He had thought of it before. In his wildest dreams, you were his.
“We’ll find a way” he breathed out and you almost melted under his words and his touch.
Your fingertips were exploring his toned torso, over his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it but your hands were shaking, so you just gave up and reached for his hair, fingers getting lost in his dark locks.
His lips were finally on yours. It was a hungry kiss. It was almost desperate, frantic, erratic, wild. Maybe because you had both suppressed those feelings you held for each other. His lips were hot and you gladly opened your mouth, wanting more. Wanting all of him. He explored your mouth eagerly. He tasted of cigarettes and sugar. You were too drunk off of him to care about how fast things were escalating.
Your hands had finally ripped his shirt off. You would be cocky too if you had a body like that. His hands squeezed your bum as he wrapped your legs around his waist and slammed you against the wall.
His lips were on your neck and your hands everywhere on his upper body, as you rested your head in the crook of his neck, mimicking his actions. He found your sweet spot making you let out a low moan. His hands moved underneath your shirt and he -
“Okay! Show’s over” James sort of yelled. That was anticlimactic. Sirius, though, didn’t let you go.
“Shame. You know, she has an amazing mouth. All those possibilities…” he trailed off. You blushed even more but you did answer to him.
“You’ll be using your mouth as well, love” you whispered seductively. He gave your thigh a squeeze as he smirked
“I was counting on it”. 

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What kinds of tattoos do you think the different mbti types would be most likely to get?

oo this is a fun form of procrastination

also idk if this was meant to be funny or serious so i kind of threw both in there

INTP: a barcode (and then goes and scans themselves at every store)

INTJ: something minimalist and black & white

INFJ: a deep, maybe personal or inspirational quote

INFP: a small symbol that has personal value (like a cross or yin & yang)

ENFP: most likely to get a large tattoo and complex tattoo art

ENTP: a really, really long shrek quote

ENFJ: tribal pattern tattoo

ENTJ: a symbol representing their goal(s)

ESTP: is dared to get a “no ragrets” tattoo jokingly. actually gets the tattoo.

ESFP: tattooed eyeliner

ISFJ: something that reminds them of the thing that makes them happiest

ISFP: all things floral

ISTJ: a small and simple reminder them to push themselves

ISTP: tattoo sleeve

ESTJ: minimalist inner wrist tattoo

ESFJ: s/o’s name

Cuddling with Chenle
  • my son just got the cutest request i’m- :’)
  • lately i’m super soft for him so i guess i got lucky lol
  • let’s start right away~~
  • oh, and btw, taeil and kun are the only members left without a “cuddling with” master post,,,, just saying 👀
  • but anywAys
  • so,,,
  • first thing first,, lele would be such a touchy boyfie <3
  • not clingy really, but really really touchy
  • he would love to have kinship with you and somehow he always find his hands over you 
  • but hey,, no one is complaining so,,,
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he really loves hugging you and holding your hands, and loves it even more when you’re the one starting the skinship
  • he gets SO soft, oh my god it’s ridiculous
  • however, cuddles with chenle is something that happens once in a blue moon
  • is not that he doesn’t like them, he actually lOves cuddles with passion
  • he gets quite shy and flustered and a lot more silent that he normally is but also really smiley and giggly and <3
  • but the reason why he isn’t that into them is because he sees them as something really personal and romantic, and prefers to let them for when he’s in the mood for some cuddles™
  • he really hates the idea of cuddling just becauseonce you tried and he was like “nO, y/N IT’S NOT SPECIAL IF YOU DO IT WHENEVER YOU WANT”
  • and he would want to cuddle whenever he’s really tired or feeling quite sad/homesick
  • he would run to your arms for comfort right away because he knows perfectly that your cuddles never fail to make him smile again <3
  • and same thing with you, if he sees you being quite down he would immediately wrap you in his arms and invite you to a lazy date where you can cuddle and watch some funny movies
  • because zhong chenle is an angel, confirmed
  • and that’s why they happen so little, you have the sun itself by your side, how could you even dare to feel sad around this ball of happiness??
  • and there’s not an specific position that he likes the most but if he had to choose it would be the sweetheart candle probably
  • he’s probably really talkative even in moments like this, so he want to be facing you the whole time as y’all talk about different things 
  • also, he wouldn’t feel comfortable by idk being the big or small spoon because that’s way too intimate for him ya know
  • back hugging you like would be too much for this small baby, especially if y’all end up sleeping or smth 
  • don’t look down on him okay lmao
  • oh, and yeah, when he’s sad or tired, is not a surprised that both of you end up snuggling together as you sleep with each other <3 aw
  • but let’s go to the story now,,,
  • it was a cloudy, spring day and the view outside was making chenle feel quite homesick and needy for some affection ya know <3
  • so we can already tell where this is going, right?? :’)
  • he probably just randomly appeared in your house without even telling you and with some pastries and movies that he just bought
  • and as soon as you opened the door and saw him being extra happy and smiley you already could tell what he had on mind
  • so y’all smiled at each other like ( ಠ◡ಠ ) ya know
  • because, when the days are like that you just can’t refuse am I right
  • from where I am the day is exactly like this
  • and some cuddles from chenle wouldn’t hurt tbh ;-;
  • before you know it he’s already choosing and playing the movies as you made some tea and bring some bed sheets and pillows
  • and the cuddles started right away lol you guys literally didn’t waste any second
  • him having one of his arms around your shoulders, hugging you as both of you share your warm under the bed sheets and laugh at whatever is happening on the movie
  • and y’all would be like that the whole time except for the occasional kisses in his cheeks and hands that you would give him to make him all flustered and blushy <3
  • and when he’s laughing bc he just can’t stand when he’s happy lmao
  • he’s such a bright and cheerful kid I’m in love <3
  • goals af tbh
  • and y’all would spend the whole day like this probably, lmao
  • I can’t judge any of you tbh, it sounds like perfection
  • why can’t be all my days like this
  • but the fact that this little cuddle sessions are so uncommon in between the both of you trully makes the moment extra special
  • but shh, don’t tell him bc we all know how extra this guy is
  • “you see, I was right”
  • “I told you that is better like this”
  • “i deserve like a hundred kisses for being so cool”
  • “I'll recommend you to start from now”
  • jfc this child
  • lmao, and the end I guess?? I don’t have more creativity, lol
  • this was v cute <3
  • bf!chenle is my religion, lmao
  • bye <3
boyfriend6: dowoon

Originally posted by somethinginkorean

a/n: the final boyfriend for this series! get ready for single dads next! not edited, so i apologize if there’s typos and stuff!! {warning: contains a little bit of smut}


  • alright here’s the #1 boyfriend ok like u may have thought about fighting me on this one but he has,,,,,,,,,,, an advantage ok
  • the reason why i saved him for last was because initially he was going to be #5 since he is shy and introverted and idk how that would work since communication is a big component…… but then……………… then i realized
  • who does brian love to support the most? 
  • who’s the only one who doesn’t have a hate/love relationship with jae?
  • who does sungjin naturally respect and isn’t embarassed by?
  • who does wonpil cling onto the most? 
  • itS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! ((honestly it kind of makes me sad when dowoon doesn’t think he’s contributing enough to the band but he’s their rock tbh!!! like brian and wonpil compose/write while jae and sungjin do a lot of promotions/variety gueststarring bUT dowoon!! he’s always thoughtful to their health and laughs at all their jokes and just!!!))
  • i believe there’s a reason why he’s hardly ever excluded when they split up for radio interviews. like not only does he get along with everyone, but their manly maknae is just really unselfish and dependable tbh
  • but you know his advantage isn’t the fact that dating him would also mean you’re getting 4 extra boyfriends brothers. i saved him for last bc he possess the pros of all the boys which makes him unique!!
  • like he would be rational and loyal sungjin, but still supportive and empathetic like brian!! worldly and thoughtful like jae, but sentimental and straightforward like wonpil!! plus, he brings his own sweetness as well!! i think living with them/being surrounded by ambitious people has really changed him positively. plus, being observant, he can see what his hyungs are doing wrong/right and act accordingly LOL

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aesthetic things I’ve noticed

mostly in sun signs but yeah

Taurus: So many Taurus women with long, silky, beautiful hair! Taurus boys like that comfy lumberjack shit with earth tones. Is that cliche? They’re rustica-nostalgica.

Pisces: They love swirls, rainbows, and paisley. Also they like flowy things. If they are grungy, they love glitch art and sweating. Do the boys not wear these big plain sort of ugly sweaters? If they’re self-actualized, they tend to take on a regal affect that’s very enchanting.

Capricorn: Do they not love black? Capricorn fashion is always really deliberate, I feel. Not a fashion statement, but a social one. They’re not exactly clear about why aesthetics are important - there’s so much else you could say with your clothes.

Scorpio: They also love black but they tend to go for really weird, mysterious patterns that seem to refer to something really specific and emotionally weighty but also obscure? Basically I mean, they’ll have really weird patterns that very clearly appeal to them specifically exactly and truly. The color schemes are two steps outside of Virgo-Tasteful. Also, they often like retro floral patterns with big gauche flowers, often on like, a white or black background. Basically Scorpio is like insane stuff you’d find in your grandparents’ attic and if you were smoking pot would think was really cool. And elaborate, tough-girl shoes.

Virgo: An eye for catchy and interesting color schemes, usually really differentiated colors. Lines. Cute librarian glasses. Clothes that fit.

Libra: Fashion magicians. They always express a style, but it’s very rarely like… ironically bad-looking, even if it’s kind of an ironic style. They are the absolute rulers of thrift stores. They just absorb the loveliest stuff from them with complete ease. The boys don’t care about wearing pink or pastel and they’re happy to show off their forms.

Aries: Young Aries tend to not have any idea what they’re wearing, and gradually grow into an understanding of the boldly expressive nature of color.

Aquarius: Clearly doing something. I have no idea what. Are they…. ANTI-AESTHETIC?

Cancer: Idk yall cute! Cuties. I bet y’all wear really cute and comfortable clothes by instinct. Soft sleepy sweaters. I haven’t noticed though.

Leo: Uh, you guys like red! You tend to look good in it. You also like to wear hats more than the other signs - more naturally than edgily. I feel like you guys are the most discriminating about the quality of your clothes?

Sagittarius: You guys always look sleek and sexy. The actual fashion choices you make I tend to see reflected very strongly in your rising sign, moreso than with most other sun signs.

Gemini: You guys like cute small things like pixie dresses. Big glasses so everyone knows how much you see. Little repeating graphic patterns. Little glittery accessories.

but i really want an au where muse a is an ER nurse straight out of nursing school who’d only been working at the hospital for a month so she’s the young new girl who is still trying to get the hang of things. she’s super shy and reserved and lives on her own in the city because she moved out of her parents house when she went to school because they didn’t agree with the career path she was taking. muse b is a rookie firefighter who just joined his new crew a few months ago so he’s obviously the new guy at his job, too. he’s very outgoing and could make friend’s with anyone at the drop of a hat. one day muse b’s crew gets called out on a big fire and something kinda goes wrong so him and a few other fire fighters get hurt so they have to go to the ER where muse a works and she ends up working on muse b who just got a small burn on his arm that’s easily fixed, but he tries to flirt with her but she’s all shy and all cute and blushing but she’s trying to be professional and he’s just determined to ask her out, so over the new few weeks he keeps coming back to ER with the most stupid and dumb excuses (‘oh i got burned again’ or 'oh i took a really bad fall’ idk shit like that okAY) just so he can see her and try to ask her out and eventually she says yes anD JUST REALLY CUTE AND FLUFFY PLEASE come to me for this plot i will sell my soul foR THIS

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How do even draw hands?

Hello there! 

Uhh so first off, I’d like to give you these two small tutorials on how other people draw hands (there was a third one I can’t seem to find??) These kind of helped me a bit with how I draw hands. 

To be honest with you, most of the time I draw hands I don’t really have a specific process aka idk what I’m doing goodness help. Here’s some hands I drew quickly 

Quick pointers on things I’ve learned while drawing hands

  • I usually go with a diamond shape for the outline, squares and rectangles are easiest for me in terms of palms and fingers, but I usually use curves to help the fingers feel a bit looser. 
  • Idk if the purple shows up that well but that little curve of the hand? Helps to actually make them look like hands like 85% of the reason my hands actually look like hands is because of that line I’m pretty sure. 
  • If you want to do a specific hand gesture, try it out yourself! Look in the mirror, see how your fingers curve and whatnot. Most of the time when I’m drawing I’ll do the gesture just to see where my thumb is pointing lol. 
  • Sit down and just draw hands! If you know you struggle with hands, dedicate a page or two in your sketchbook just for hands. Study people around you or try different gestures with your own hands. They don’t have to be perfect! Last semester during class I would always trail off my notes drawing hands. Sometimes I’d even look at my professor’s hands and draw them as fast as I could before the professor changes position LOL. 

I hope this helps! If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask again 

By the way im DEFINITELY not saying that you should only be attracted to the most boring ass things like missionary mitt romney style like, idk if this makes sense but someone wanting to fuck the creature from the black lagoon is 100000% less creepy to me than someone really into hentai because its not like people are pressuring people to grow scales in every advertisement ever. Thats unrealistic on purpose, hentai where its girls with waists small enough to fit into a thimble is just really fucked up because it encourages misogyny real bad among a whole litany of other shit

Laughs bc why not

Callie: has. The Cutest giggle on the planet, its bubbly and contagious, when she’s in a good mood, everyone is. Sometimes a tiny snort escapes her mouth when she’s laughing hard enough

Marie: Usually a controlled, low and mischievous chuckle, good for after sassing others. When she gets laughing hard enough though, it gets higher and wheezier, like a broken squeaker toy. she’s real self conscious over it

Pearl: Loud and boisterous, somewhat guttural for such a small gal. Its not the most attractive laugh in the world, but often times off-screen, she has a (somewhat) softer laugh, when she doesn’t feel like she has to make up as much space as possible.

Marina: A really sweet, smooth laugh, makes anyone melt just listening to it. She laughs at all of Pearl’s jokes, completely genuinely. She’s always conscious of being acceptable to the other inklings, so she’s always nervous that its not real enough sounding.

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what would prompto be like with an over weight girl s/o that doesnt believe he likes them cuz of their weight? idk.. it meant a lot to me that prompto used to be overweight because theres not many characters in the things i like that are/were. *hides face* sorry if that sounds stupid lolol but yeah. If its too specific, just him with a overweight s/o.

  • as he’s been in that position before he wouldn’t really be one to tell his s/o that “they’re beautiful no matter what” because he knows that it feels like a hollow thing to hear
  • instead he’d likely opt to reassure his s/o through small actions
    • example: he’ll pepper soft kisses to whatever part he knows they’re most insecure about
    • or maybe he’ll find a small gift for them that has to do with something that they mentioned in passing one random day
      • because it’d show that he loves them enough to listen, to pay attention to what they say and hang off of every word
  • he’d never get upset or annoyed if/when his s/o needs reassurance that he does truly love them for who they are and he’s not just dating them out of some cruel pity
    • if you need him to reassure you he will do so ten times over and then some
    • he will name each thing he loves about you
    • he will talk to you about his own experiences with being overweight to show that he understands what you’re dealing with and that he’s there to listen to whatever troubles you have because he understands
  • if you ever snap at him because your insecurity may have spiked he’ll be hurt, yes, but he won’t be blind to where the anger stems from and he’ll give you the room you need to cool down
    • but he’ll always come back because “i really do love you” and “you’re one of the most important people in my life”
  • every morning would begin with an “i love you” and every night would end with an “always” because he is there for you every step of the way, no matter what

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Uhhh, sorry but.. What did that anon smoke? lol. I mean, their message made zero to negative sense.. I get where they came from, but it just??? Didn't sound logical at all???? Anyways. Jikook are husbands, can you believe this? Amazing.

(anon is talking about this)

no i honestly don’t know. like i got the basics of what they were trying to say, but it just seemed kind of ignorant to me??? like idk, it’s not impossible for two boys who spend literally every hour of every day together to fall in love? like yeah, we don’t know if they really are or not, but shipping is for fun??? i agree, it didn’t sound logical. oh well 🤷‍♀️ 

Jikook are more than just husbands tbh. they’re like…. super husbands… or something. The Ultimate Husbands™. like i can’t believe i exist at the same time as the sweetest, purest, most beautiful relationship to ever exist. Amazing indeed. 

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wow look at The Ultimate Husbands™ communicating with nothing but eyes and small smiles. When will your favs ever?

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Sorry you probably get this a lot but, what tablet do you use? (*´ω`*)

hello! no worries *7* this is the first time someone asked me on tumblr <3

meet my pen tablet, ichiro!! //slapped yeh I named him and everything here’s the full website page thing that I made for him :’)))

he’s a wacom intuos pen and touch small *0* //the old version;;; I think they made a new version idk

I took a picture to show you how smol he is *7* My close friends in middle school started doing digital art too (at the time I drew with a mouse) and they used a wacom intuos small *v* //I also didn’t know what a pen tablet was asdfjkl;// so I just got the same thing as them and eventually other people did too *7* I got it when it was on sale //mmm like 40% off or something for christmas// and it’s really cute portable ;7;

but in the end, if you plan on getting a tablet, it doesn’t have to be fancy or anything <3 whatever works for you ( ‘ v ‘ )b //but according to a friend of mine, don’t get wacom bamboo because apparently it crashes a lot idk// //most artists use wacom from what I know *0*//

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Which personality traits do you think kacchan looks for in a partner?? :3c

oh man, this one was, kind of rough hard believe it or not

Where to begin, so Bakugou would definitely need someone who is patient. Having patience is the biggest key when dealing with this boy. He’s not very good with his emotions and would need someone who also understands his boundaries and when they need to back off (when he’s pissed) and give him space, or to likely call him out on his rotten behavior.

Although, it would be equally parts frustrating because to him, it would feel like he would hate his crush if they did it all the time. But also he would begrudgingly admire someone who isn’t scared of his imposing aura, granted his crush calling him out on his shit would start some arguments in all honesty.

He also would need someone who doesn’t take almost everything he says to face value, someone who would have thick skin, and or a rather chill personality. Bakugou is a shit talker, so they would need to be able to stand up against his biting comments and not take them personally, as he wouldn’t want someone who is delicate or weak–both physically and mentally (that would only just piss him off). 

He’d need someone who was also independent like him, they would be okay with not going on a lot of dates or being super affectionate (or a lot of PDA for that matter, as the most Bakugou would probably do is; “just hold my fucking hand already”). They also wouldn’t have to not mind speaking all of the time, but that’s not saying that he wouldn’t try to indulge them in small ways, like complaining about why they dragged him to place he really didn’t want to be.

Bakugou isn’t exactly top tier boyfriend material, but he tries. 

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Idk if this is really a "request" but yeah. Who do you think loves bunnies the most ???? I'm curious to know because I love bunnies, they are the CUTEST!!

Hinata would totally love bunnies!!! Hinata is already as fluffy as a bunny, and plus they can both jump, juMP, JUMP! I also think Hinata would be the type of person to follow a bunny around to its home if he were to see one on the road while walking home.

I also think Kenma would secretly have a soft-spot for small, cute animals. He would enjoy the quietness of them as well as the fluffiness. I like to think that he would also like to sit and feed it clovers one at a time just because they’re so cute when they eat. (Also, bunnies could be his video game buddies).

Let’s not forget Kiyoko. She would totally be in love with their sweet and funny personalities as well as their beautiful, soft fur. She’d be the type of person to help pick a bunny off the busy road and put it in some grass off to the side. I also headcanon that she would own a pure white bunny to beautifully contrast with her jet black hair.