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danny phantom hcu

in reference to the danny phantom ageing thing, i personally like to go with the immortal idea. like danny keeps ageing, albeit reallllly slowly, until he reaches about 40 in ageing years.

his ghost core is made to keep regenerating itself, and because his ghost half is so perfectly intertwined with his human dna, it starts doing that with his human cells too. his ghostly regenerating powers work at a rate way faster than the human body, and so eventually it catches up with danny. his cells are now regenerating at a rate faster than they can age, keeping danny from ever being able to grow old.

i think, even in the show, danny couldnt die.. because, and lets be honest here, if he couldve - he wouldve. surviving the portal once was lucky enough as it is but, 2 times? 3? 4 if you count what happened in the ghost zone on pp?? nah. i dont buy it. there is no way danny could’ve survived that if he couldve died. so, logically, he cant die. his ghost half wont let him.

i think eventually danny wouldve came out to his parents about his ghost half - they were bound to find out anyways. i refuse to accept what happened in pp as canon, so were going off the basis that that never happened. i dont think danny wouldve told anyone else his secret though. danny would be horrified if people learned his secret and thought, hey.. danny got his powers through an accident with a portal.. maybe i could get powers too! nah. theres no way in hell danny would let that happen, besides, i think he likes being able to live a normal life. well, as normal as a part human part ghosts life can get.

eventually they all start growing up. danny’s parents died a few years back, he was really upset but it wasnt anything he couldnt handle, he had support from tucker and sam of course, and thats all he really needed.

its not until one day, sitting on the porch with his friends, does danny realize anything is wrong. sams got bags under her eyes and tuckers hair has started going gray and danny. well you look exactly like you did when we were 40! the laughter from this comment quickly dies off as they realize just how accurate that statement was, realization dawning on them, danny quickly takes off towards clockworks tower.

a few breakdowns later and danny finally comes to terms with his fate. he was going to live forever, while everyone he knows dies. clockwork tries to assure him that he’ll always be available to talk to, but danny knows clockwork is very busy, and even then its still just not the same. he was alone. danny fakes his death soon after, it wouldnt be long until someone else started noticing his predicament.

he continues to visit sam and tucker until the end, and they make him promise not to lose sight of himself.. and not to forget who they were. he swears through shakey breaths and salty tears. sam is the first to go, and tucker dies too not long after. jazz died years ago in a car accident. he was alone now.

he moves to germany or france or some place foreign and begins a new life - he had always wanted to visit a new country anyways. he never stays for too long in fear of someone finding out who he really was. he always uses a different name and never visits the same place twice unless he is certain no one will remember him. he still thinks about his old friends and the adventures they use to go on, but less and less as the years go by.

it had been a couple hundred years since he last visited amity park. the ghost attacks had decreased greatly when his parents his died and the portal was shut down, and it had been barely 100 years after that when the ghost-human treaty was signed - there was no longer any need for danny phantom.

amity was no longer the small town it was when he once lived there, however, the ‘ghost capital of the world’, birthplace of ghost technology, was now a major city. it made danny a bit sad to see his hometown filled with major businesses and tourists, it no longer had the rural charm he onced loved - but things were different now and he had long ago accepted that nothing would ever stay the same. he wasnt depressed about the past anymore he was just.. existing

he walked along the boardwalk and smiled sadly as a strange sense of deja vu washed over him. this was his town, but at the same time it wasnt. he stopped in the center of the plaza and glanced up at the statue in front of him. a signed told him that the statue was commemorative tribute in honor of the ‘world’s first ghost researchers’ - jack and maddy fenton. he didnt realize his eyes had glazed over until he saw another person staring at the statue with same sad longing that he had.

he immediately froze.

he had completely forgotten about him. in all his years of accepting his lonely fate, it had completely slipped his mind that another person shared the same fate with him - the only other half ghost in existence. vlad seemed to notice him too because his eyes had suddenly gone wide with recognition. they rushed at eachother.

danny hugged vlad like it was the last time he would ever be able to hug another person - and vlad hugged him the same way right back. after a few moments of clinging to eachother they finally broke apart. danny, of course, immediately began questioning vlad. asking if he was still up to the same old evil plots. vlad sighed, filled with exhaustion and remorse, he explained that he long since realized that happiness was not something that could be obtained through his evil doings, and that now all he was trying to do was life his eternity peacefully and without being found out.

that was all danny needed to hear and he immediately accepted vlads words as truth. after all, he knew that all vlad really ever needed was a second chance, his encounters with dan had shown him that. and besides, it was all in the past anyways. he could hardly remember vlad being his enemy.

they decided to have lunch together at a nearby café. they talked all afternoon about what they had been doing all these years and laughed at how different things were in the future. a strange sense of melancholy passed through the pair as they reluctantly decided it was time to go their own ways - but not without giving eachother their contact information, of course. you never know when u might need someone to talk to about the past with.

a few years went by and, much to both of their suprises, they ended up moving to the same town to start a new life. they decided it wouldnt hurt to get a flat together, after all they are the only people who truly understand the other. its hard at first, despite their obvious similarities, they still were two very different people. it takes a while but eventually they learn to get use to eachother, even growing a bit fond of eachother in the process. thats why, when they decide its time to go start a new life somewhere else, they decide to do it together. it couldnt hurt to have a friend.

it gets to the point in their relationship where they know every thing there is to know about the other. vlad knows exactly what things tend to trigger danny’s panic attacks, and he also knows that the best thing for him is a warm mug of hot chocolate and some old movies on the couch. danny knows that when vlad gets too stressed out or angry all he really needs is some of his favorite tea and perhaps a book to read.

they still use their ghost powers - by now they have both mastered them - but not as often as they once did or for the same reasons they once did either. now they only rlly use them out of habit to make things easier. danny can barely recall ever being the hero that was danny phantom, but his jumpsuit serves as a permanent reminder of what he once was - although hes began to forget where the design even came from.

by now their first life is a bit of blur to them - they cant seem recall why they were ever enemies in the first place. they laugh a lot about how much of a “crazed-up fruit loop” vlad use to be and vlad admits he doesnt even remember why he was so infatuated with maddy back then anyways, it all seems like a weird dream to them.

eventually it gets to the point where danny cant remember ever /not/ being friends with vlad. it seemed too distant, too weird. he cant imagine how he managed to survive all those years without him. he still has days where the past consumes him and hes left feeling empty, but he has vlad to help him through that.

he vaguely remembers a promise he made to someone once, a long time ago, to never forget them - but he cant really recall to who or in what life.. everything seemed mixed together now a days.

the thought use to upset him, but hes gotten over it. he may be immortal and be stuck living new lives for the rest of eternity - but at least he doesnt have to do it alone.


i raise you: overwatch park rangers au!!

lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with park ranger horror stories, from search and rescue operations to tales of creepy encounters with cryptids in the woods. this takes place in yosemite, or somewhere in the pacific northwest, idk. here goes:

-tracer is the educational ranger! she’s a rookie, but a talented one, and has already proven herself to be a skilled naturalist. a jack of all trades, she’s usually the one who leads the hikers and campers on tours throughout the park. all the kids love her, but the adults are sometimes exasperated with her because she can’t go 5 minutes without mentioning bigfoot at least once. she swears up and down that she saw him once, even talked to him! lúcio is the only one who believes her. she’s also adamant that their gps system, bastion, is sentient, and even lùcio is reluctant to believe her there. tracer is always the one who tells scary stories at the campfires. only ones with happy endings, of course.

-lúcio is tracer’s partner ranger, and an expert on the history of the area. he’s also fascinated by cryptids & the paranormal, and has had more than a few weird experiences since he joined the rangers, which he always writes campfire songs about. granted, he makes these songs using an app on his ipad, and they don’t have actual lyrics. they sound more like they belong at a party than around a campfire in the woods, but he claims the beats and tones of each song tell a story about the goings on of the forest. tracer is the only one who can interpret these songs.

-captain morrison, also known as 76, is the quiet & intimidating head ranger of the park. he’s ex-military, and he mostly stays behind at headquarters to do paperwork and deal with department heads. no one really knows what he was like back when he worked the forests with everyone else. everyone calls him 76 because apparently when he was a rookie, he was separated from his squad in the dead of winter during a rescue operation and had to survive 76 days on his own, living off berries/raw meat and fighting off bears and mountain lions. mccree says he killed a grizzly with his bare hands once when it tried to take the fish he caught, but 76 has yet to confirm this.

-hanzo is the head of the search and rescue division. he’s a skilled archer and horseman, and perfectly at home on dangerous mountain slopes that many of the others won’t even attempt to climb. he’s the only one who can get more than a few sentences out of 76, and probably the most practical member of the squad– he doesn’t believe in bigfoot or ghosts or the monster tracer says lives in the park’s biggest lake, but something obviously happened to him at one point because there’s a huge stone monolith in the middle of the forest that he gets nervous when he’s around. no one knows how it got there or what it’s for, but hanzo is deadly serious when he demands that no one is to approach it–EVER. don’t touch it, don’t look at it, just keep walking and pretend like it’s not there. sometimes it appears in different spots, sometimes you can hear soft noises emanating from it, but under no circumstances are you to acknowledge its existence. hanzo is usually the one who scares off the new rookies.

-mccree is a law enforcement ranger, and a bit of a vigilante; he’s not averse to breaking a rule or five if it means catching a dangerous squatter or putting down a rabid puma, but 76 can’t fire him because, in all seriousness, the man has a near-100% success rate in his missions at the end of the day. he can often be heard flirting with hanzo over the group’s radio system, much to everyone’s chagrin. mercy says that sometimes, if you’re on the night shift and the stars are perfectly aligned, you can hear hanzo flirt back–but you can’t be listening for it, or it won’t happen.

-genji is hanzo’s younger brother and technically not employed as a ranger, but he sticks around the park regardless to hang out with his brother over ramen and video games and because the local hippie, zenyatta, lives in a cabin just outside the park borders; he and genji are roommates, and apparently have some kind of spiritual master/apprentice relationship going on. mccree thinks it’s a little kinky, but hanzo is adamant that there’s nothing going on between them. tracer thinks they’re cute together. genji will neither confirm nor deny any accusations.

-dr. “mercy” zeigler works as an emergency responder with hanzo on the search and rescue team. she always looks perfect somehow, even after hours of hiking in the woods looking for lost campers, and is basically everyone’s mom, having a seemingly infinite supply of water bottles, bandages, and antiseptic ointment. she has saved both hanzo’s and genji’s asses from dehydration on multiple occasions.

-pharah is mercy’s fiancé, and the best damn firefighter the park has ever seen–she can spot even the tiniest smoke column from miles away. the running joke among the rangers is that if you see a particularly big tree or beautiful deer, you have to shout “thank you pharah!” because most of the park would have burnt down to ashes long ago if not for her. junkrat and roadhog, forest squatters and serial arsonists, are the bane of her existence. lúcio thinks they probably run around the parks all day setting fires just to test her abilities.

-winston is bigfoot, obviously.

I’ll do some of the other characters later lol


hey i decided to make a proper post. around two days ago my cat started wheezing and wasnt eating and was acting really lethargic and needy and we brought her to the vet today. her x rays showed that her lungs were inflamed and she wasn’t getting enough air. this visit ended up being $240, $30 for her check up, $160 for her chest x rays, and $50 for steroid pills to help the inflammation. i already had to borrow $80 between my brother and my mom to cover these costs. they still don’t know what’s wrong with her (they say that it could be anything from asthma to a serious bacterial infection), so we have a check up on monday, which is another $30, and they want to do bloodwork ($70) and an ultrasound (i don’t remember the cost). they also suggested that i send the x rays to a radiologist, which is an addition $100 cost. thanks to donations people have already made, i can probably cover most of mondays visit (the check up cost and the bloodwork cost). i will try to get a copy of the bill when we go in monday, so you guys can see proof and see the costs broken down. just getting a diagnosis is going to cost over $400, probably more if they decide they want to run additional tests, and obviously i will have no idea how much the actual treatment is going to cost until they figure out the source of the problem. i am so devastated and i hate to ask for money but she’s my world and i don’t know what to do. my paypal is, if you have any more questions about the situation you can dm me. i will keep updates on here and will hopefully post proof of the bill when i get a copy of it on monday.

I promise this is my last pic today. No more of my face I swear 😂 I took one more pic with the view before I jetted ✈️️


100% inspired by @punziella

so not to be That Guy but why do ppl trust cam like, at all? he’s done nothing to earn our trust at all. the first thing he tells the boys is to always choose forsake - but not for him? no, he’s totally trustworthy, definitely dont put him back in the vents!! he’s already lied to the boys about not being able to do anything (turns out, despite having the boys carry him everywhere and take on all his sacrifices he can float! and cast spells! cool, definitely not sus!)

the big thing is we don’t know why lucretia left him in wonderland (for all we know she thought he was dead,) and ultimately we don’t know a damn thing about him other than he’s a liar who knew lucretia at one point. both clearly reasons to jump ship and distrust lucretia who’s…trying to save the world and make it a safer place? sure, whatever floats your fake moon buddy but don’t be surprised when cam finds a way to betray the boys

Blog(s) UPDATE- Announcement!

Mira: The past month, I have been almost non existant here. (Or has it been longer? I can’t remember the exact days)- and this has been caused by a number of factors on this blog as well as many of my other blogs.  A big factor being motivation and constant inability to focus because of the changes at my job.

Other giant factors is my health hasn’t been too good. Before any of you get worried, it’s nothing serious, but it can get serious if I don’t take proper steps to tend myself. It is also a very PRIVATE issue, so I wont discuss what’s wrong with me here, but I am more than willing to discuss it in IMs, Skype or Discord if you are interested.  The smallest of all these factors is that my Soul was eaten by The New Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild .

- I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is that I’ve had a lot of time to just think and realize that I’m not 100% happy with my blogs, how I run them, how they get handled or anything. I don’t plan on deleting or leaving the fandom (sorry to those who was hoping that’s what sorta post this was-) But I am considering a BIG CHANGE that may or may not make you never wish to follow me again, or not even care- who knows. I sure don’t. I hope it’s the latter rather than the former.

Just know that this change may or may not happen for the sake of my own sanity and motivation to be here. I want to rp. I want to have fun and enjoy ships and non ships and love on these characters who have been with me in my heart for so many years despite what’s going on in the manga. This post may end up meaning nothing, or it may end up meaning everything to me keeping all my blogs and not quitting RP-

So, I suppose, the true point of this is to state that I’ll be gone for a bit longer. My health is starting to get a bit better thanks to finally being able to see my Doctor Again- and I’ve realized through my foggy-haze of a mind, finally, what I want to do .It’ll probably just be a week as I get all my little ducks in a row and make my decision.

I may still be active on two of my blogs during that time, just to pass the time and see you guys- but, see you when I see you and thanks for understanding!

anonymous asked:

I would //love// to hear any of your trans Robin headcanons! (or if you've already shared them, point me to the post?)

i think i might have shared some before but i cant remember so ill say em all anyway. they might be under my headcanons tag, but idk. in the future ill tag em trans!robin for accessibility 

- Dick was out before being orphaned ((did i pharse it like that just so i could say “Dick was out" you ask? the answer: yes. okay now its out of my system))

- He knew at a young age, and his parents loved and supported him ((i cant write supportive families but i love to hc them))

- His name and gender are legally changed, but he doesn’t know if he wants surgery

- He’s been on Lupron (puberty blocker)

- He identifies as a boy, but he doesn’t care about being masculine. He loves sparkly stuff and painting his nails

- Alfred also loves his trans grandson

- When Bruce finds out Dick is trans (after like a week of the kid living in the mansion alone) he is extremely supportive

- Bruce realizes that Dick’s school doesn’t have an LGBT group, so he gives them money to start one

- For some meetings Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychologist from a local clinic, teaches them important stuff about gender and sexuality, but most of the time they just hang out and talk

- Dick is the unofficial leader of the group. They all love him, and think his dad is awesome for giving them a place to be themselves

- Some kids cautiously approach Dick in the hallways. They say that they want to join the club, but they’re closeted and don’t know what to tell their parents. Dick thinks about it, and tells them to call it the Batman Club. 

- Now all the kids call it the Batman Club (and sometimes they do actually talk about batman)

- Because of this, it becomes a running joke in the club that “the B in LGBT stands for Batman”

and thats the story of how Bruce Wayne accidentally started the Batman Club