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yooo, plance is so cute, I can't believe I never saw the possibility... Sheith and Plance with high zodiac compatibility? sign me up.

are you referring to this post because fucking S A M E. the two pairings also would be a really fun dynamic together on the team!

just consider:

  • lance and pidge having suspicions about whether shiro and keith are in a relationship or not
  • lance and pidge pulling pranks on shiro/keith
  • meanwhile shiro and keith are in one of those relationship states where they’re so close they’re acting like a couple without actually having established anything and therefore don’t fully realize they’re a couple
  • so sometimes lance/pidge like to do things to try and get them to confess
  • but if they ARE a couple, lance is just baffled because how could someone as cool and amazing and attractive as shiro go for someone like keith??? it just does not compute for him
  • on the other hand shiro is just shaking his head whenever pidge complains to him about lance because she won’t admit she’s charmed by him but shiro knows she is
  • sometimes in their private moments, shiro tells keith about these suspicions. keith doesn’t SUPER care about this type of relational drama but he totally lets slip over dinner jabs and hints that suggest lance/pidge are a thing
  • keith also does this naturally without thinking hard about it. lance is just appalled every time
  • shiro and pidge bond over how exasperating their boyfriends can be sometimes
  • i don’t know just give me all the plance/sheith fun okay i’m dying of thirst