idk if this looks good sigh

ksoo: i wanna stay

sm: why

ksoo: umm /looks around, trying to find an excuse/ 


ksoo: /sweating/ i want to… i want to.. watch that musical! yes, that’s why!!

sm: that’s dumb


sm: fine, fine, you can stay /sighs out/

ksoo: /leaves the room, taking his phone out/ we’re good baby

jongin: yEEES

You Aren’t Wrong

Request: Could you please do number 14 with jaebum from got7 ????- thank you ❤

14) Your bias wants to pick out your clothes/give you a makeover

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Got7′s JB x Y/N

Type: Idk…it turned into something a little smutty? Idk…fluff/smut?

“Mmm undressing you with my eyes isn’t nearly as good as doing it with my hands,” JB growled from his position on my bed, He was laying belly down, his chin in his palm as he looked up at me through his lashes. 

I tried on yet another outfit in front of him, sighing in defeat. I spun, placing my hands on my hips to give him a disapproving look. 

“Jaebum,” I moaned disapprovingly. 

“Don’t sound so enthusiastic when you say my name kitten,” he cooed, sliding up to sit indian style. “You may give me impure thoughts.”

“Your thoughts are already impure,” I grumbled, spinning back around to face the mirror. JB leaned around me and I could see his reflection looking me up and down. 

“You aren’t wrong.”

I grumbled to myself as I began to mess angrily with the straps on my shirt before finally spinning back around in frustration. “That’s it. I’m not going!”

JB’s eyes grew wide and his eyebrows shot up before a playful smile appeared on his face. “Let me dress you.”

“I’ll be damned!” I gasped. 

JB crawled across the bed on all fours before stepping off the edge. “Ah, come on jagi,” he cooed, placing his hands on my hips. He placed his lips carefully on the small area behind my ear. “Please.”

“Fine,” I pouted. “But it doesn’t mean I’m leaving the house.”

“Like I had the intention of doing that anyway…” JB scoffed. 

“What?” I asked, furrowing my brows. 

“Nothing,” he smiled, disappearing into my closet. 

I plopped onto the bed and crossed my arms, waiting out my boyfriend’s attack on my closet. I tried to pay as little attention as possible to the crashing sounds behind me and the swipes of color flying past my peripheral. 

“Okay!” JB called. “You ready?” 

“I suppose,” I sighed, standing. 

“Close your eyes,” JB growled. 

“How the hell am I supposed to get dressed if I close me eyes?” I muttered, crossing my arms again. 

“I’m going to dress you,” he said like it was the most common sensical explanation in the world. 

“Jaebum,” I said bluntly, completely unamused. 

“Kitten,” he said in the same tone, but the smile never leaving his face. 

“Ugh,” I groaned, finally closing my eyes and standing, placing my limbs out in front of me. 

As I was plunged into a dark world of my own doing, I jumped as JB’s voice appeared in my ear. 

“I could pick out underwear too,” he whispered hoarsely. 

I felt something flicker in my core as the words passed over his lips. I was in trouble. 

I felt JB’s calloused fingers glide over my skin and pull at the bottom of my tank top, slowly working it over my head when I heard it drop onto the floor. JB took in a sharp breath before letting it hiss out audibly. 

He moved slowly, placing his soft lips against mine and biting my bottom lip suddenly. He pulled it toward him and made a growling noise into my mouth. He quickly let go, trickling kisses across my jaw and down my neck, stopping only at my shoulders to suck small galaxies into my skin.

It was killing me not to open my eyes. I felt his fingertips trace patterns on the skin on my hips before finally beginning to unbutton  the clasp of my shorts, which he quickly shimmied down my thighs. He groaned and I felt his breath unpredictably near my waistline. 

“I have to open my eyes,” I breathed heavily. 

“You do not,” he hissed. I felt a gentle kiss on my hip that caused me to shiver. “I’m not too good to cover your eyes with something.”

I knew he wasn’t. 

I heard JB grumble as he began to stand. His back still wasn’t what it used to be, but he made due. 

“Arms up,” he whispered. I obeyed and stuck my arms straight into the air. I felt a thin, silky material slide over my arms and down my body, falling tightly across my bust, but a little bit looser on my hips. It clung to me, fitting me like a glove. I had no clue what Jaebum had picked out because I was fairly certain I had nothing in my closet that felt like this. 

I felt a gentle push on my shoulder, causing me to fall backwards onto the bed. I felt the skirt of whatever dress he had placed onto me be pushed up carefully, resting along my waistline. He separated my legs and kissed the inside of my thighs slowly, gently. 

My natural instinct was to pull away as goosebumps erupted on every inch of my skin, but JB held my legs still, kissing near my panty line and taking a daring lick over the fabric of my underwear. 

“Jaebum!” I gasped, springing forward, but immediately falling back again. 

I heard him chuckle lightly as he went in the opposite direction, kissing down to my kneecaps and pulling away from me. I moaned in disappointment. He was such a tease.

I felt him lift my leg, sliding some sort of shoe onto my foot, followed by the other. 

“Hands,” JB said simply. I lifted my arms into the air again to find Jaebum’s hands as he helped me up. He straightened the fabric around me again and walked me towards what I recognized to be the opposite side of my room with the mirror. 

I felt Jaebum’s palms snake around my body, resting around my waist and his chin light on my shoulder. “Open.”

I opened my eyes and gasped. JB had found the little, black dress I liked to forget I owned. 

“Yah, Jaebummie,” I whispered. “I thought I burned this.”

“Why would you do such an injustice to this world?” he chuckled, running his hand up my abdomen. “I thought you loved me!”

I pulled nervously at the fabric that clung to my thighs and rested only a few inches beneath me crotch. I looked down to see he had matched it with a pair of spiky, but chic black heels. 

“You don’t think I can go outside like this, do you?” I coughed, totally taken aback. 

“Oh, I know you can’t go outside like this,” he whispered, spinning me around so our faces were only inches apart. “Going outside was never part of the plan.”

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Just saw one of my best friends from high school for the first time since like….3 years after high school, and the first thing I noticed her do was look me up and down. Like I know she didn’t do it to be mean, we were super good friends, but all it did was make me self conscious and want to run. I weighed 165 when I graduated high school, and I weigh a lot more than that now….sigh. I know I’ll never be that weight again (more than likely, let’s be honest), but… Idk. That was a struggle mentally.

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*sigh* I was looking forward to Nanami in DR3 because woah! she's actually human!...But she has even less flaws than her AI (even her cute "always sleepy" quirk is gone...), has no room for character development (imo at least, she's perfect what's the point?), and despite being a main chara she has been given no backstory or personal motivation for six eps now...I really hope they will have something good for her later...

Tbh despair arc in general is just sorta off when it come to characterization, idk but it seems like Hinata and nanami were hit the hardest with the mischaracterizations

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Hey. Who would you say the most underrated Exo member is? 😊🌻

Probably Sehun, Xiumin and Lay..?? I think among other members these three seems abandoned(?).. 

Xiumin entered the company with his vocal but he barely had any lines.. I’m happy that now he had his work with OST together with Chen and Baekhyun.. I wish he gets more recognition..

Sehun is so good looking and good at dancing, he used to have little to no parts in EXO songs but now he is getting his portion well.. i’m so glad..

For Lay, he is multi talented.. overall perfect.. i know that Lay got lots of works in China, he got packed schedule in china alone, so he is not really underrated, but it ticks me off when EXO’s Chinese ver. songs were not given to him.. its not like this before.. idk what changed before Monster.. sigh..

this is just my opinion.. i’m not saying that other members are overrated, but i just wish i can see more from these three members soon.. ^^ 

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"Humiliation's not really my thing." Spencer says before he can stop himself and he grimaces as Brendon perks up. "Okay, than what is your thing?" Brendon parrots back at him and Spencer looks at him hard before he sighs. "Holding people down or tying them up and, um, teasing them? Making them feel good for hours." Spencer says, face bright red, "And the Daddy thing, I guess." He adds. (also idk if we want to work in ageplay but little!mermaid!B being mesmerized by his own tail would be cute af)

(ahh that would be adorable!! I love it we should work that in at some point)

Brendon frowns at him. “You want to tie me up?” He asks, sounding wary, and Spencer can’t believe what a terrible turn this conversation is taking. “Not to hurt you, B. Just to hold you still so you can’t do anything when I’m pleasuring you. And-never mind. I wasn’t going to do it to you, anyway. You’re not ready.”





Other words, 70 Malaysian RInggit DAMN WELL SPENT

Apparently his original price was 90 or 110 MYR. Idk why they sold him for so cheap though, ESPECIALLY SINCE HE’S THIS HUGE HOLY FUCKBALLS.