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one thing I really love about Eliot is that like, he’s not looking for redemption. not because he doesn’t regret the things he’s done or want to change but just because, as far as he’s concerned, there is no redemption for someone like him. 

As far as Eliot’s concerned, he’s damned, and there’s nothing he can do to change that, whatever he does, whoever he saves, he’s still going to hell, and, everything he does is in spite of that.

Like, I think, it’s easy to miss how, completely selfless Eliot’s actions are. He’s not doing this to try to atone, he’s not doing this looking for redemption, all the people he helps, all the lives he saves, there’s no ulterior motives just Eliot doing good for the sake of doing good.

and idk I just, always really apreciate that the show never like, justifies who Eliot used to be, or the things that he’s done. You’re always supposed to understand that Eliot’s done terrible things and you’re not supposed to excuse those things. The focus is never on making you feel bad for Eliot because of the things he’s done, it’s on who he is and what he does now, in spite of, and because of who he was. 

Eliot’s past is a part of him, and he’s not trying to undo that or make up for it, he’s just trying to live with it.

It was going to be a happy sketch but then I re-watched the season 2 finale and it was not happy so I thought I would share the unhappy. 

IDK what happened here.  Maybe for whatever reason Marco couldn’t use his dimensional scissors to find Star and he spent the entire summer looking for her. 
Star got in a big battle with Toffee some place in Mewni and barely escaped with her life… and that’s when Marco finally manages to find her.  Disheveled and hurt, but alive. 



Look at this pretty elf man.

Yasso Surana: ex-Circle mage, Hero of Ferelden, lumberjack, tired of all this apocalyptic bullshit

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I know you're not big on kpop but theres this song by super junior called It's You and the lyrics make me think of jian yi. At the very end when theyre saying its you its you its only you the voice fits jian yi for me idk its a sad song. "Whatever curses me I'll only look at you, even when im born again its still only you"

awww it is a good song! i know our love is wrong but i cant give up i cant let go

also jian yi is right about guys being captivated by his looks 


can someone pls tell me how this became this?

Me, Too

Are you still taking requests? Could you do one were when the team finds out that reid likes the reader they keep trying to help him and give him signals to stop rambling or whatever when he talks to her? But then the reader thinks that spencer doesn’t like her anymore because he wasn’t as animated and she thought the rambling was cute? Idk it sounded like a good one shot idea

I can do this.  I hope you enjoy your one-shot because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha.

“Did you know that, out of the 7 billion people that live on this planet, over half of them indulge in some sort of-”

But just as you turned your chair to look at your colleague to pay closer attention, you saw his eyes flicker back to you as you looked up at him in awe.

You loved his rambling.  You never got to hear it enough because you were such a light talker, so you never really said anything to get him going.

But today, he had decided to approach you.

And you were so excited.

“But…uh…” he stammered as Morgan kept waving his fingers in front of his neck.

“Stop,” J.J. mouthed to him as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Reid?” you ask lightly as his eyes flicker down to you.

“Um, sorry.  My, uh…my phone’s ringing,” he stammers.

“I didn’t hear it ring?” you ask.

“Yeah, it’s uh…it’s on vibrate,” he says as he pulls his phone from his pocket and promptly walks away.

And you furrowed your brow as you watched him backtrack.

It stayed like that for weeks.

He would begin rambling, something would distract him, and he would abruptly stop.

Had you done something wrong?

Did you make him upset?

Did you stink?

You thought that the two of you were getting close, and you had to admit that you were hoping for a chance to be around him outside of work.

But suddenly he was beginning to back away, and it broke your heart.

You were mindlessly sipping your coffee from your desk as Spencer pipes up from across the room.

“Did you know that coffee is one of the biggest-”

But he abruptly stopped again, and this time you whipped your head up and turned around.

And you turned around to see Emily and Morgan turning their on a dime.

You squinted your eyes as you looked slowly back at Reid, who now had a look of nervousness on his face.

“What about coffee?” you ask.

And you see Spencer’s eyes flicker behind you

“I don’t give a damn what our co-workers think of your rambling,” you spit as your eyes take on a hardened glare, “all I know is that someone took my rambling Spencer away from me, and it hurts my soul and makes me angry.”

Her Spencer?

Her Spencer?

Did…did you just refer to him as “yours”?

He was stunned by your outburst.

“I love your rambles,” you breathe as you dart your eyes to your lap, “and I don’t know why you took them from me.”

And you felt someone drop down beside you as a hand descends upon your knee.

“Did you know that coffee is the biggest imported commodity in the US?  The only thing that beats it is oil.  The average American consumes, in total, three cups of coffee a day,” Spencer says.

“I drink more than that on a good day,” you snicker.

“Me, too,” Spencer smiles as you look up from your lap and into his eyes.

“You think you might be able to spare me a cup today?  Maybe…around lunch?” he asks with a nervous smile on his face.

And a massive smile graced yours as you nod your head.

“I would love that,” you say lightly.

“Me, too,” Spencer says.

Then, as you watch Reid approach his desk, you hear Emily and Morgan mumble behind you as you listen intently.

“I guess we should’ve stayed out of his business,” Emily muses.

“I think we should give him space from now on,” Morgan says lowly.

“Me, too,” you pipe up and say as your eyes raise up and connect with Spencer’s.

And the two of you share a knowing look before going back to your respective paperwork.

The Full Moon Attack

Sister Winchester : The Full Moon Attack

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye Colour

Summary: Werewolf attack in a motel room where Dean and Sam are knocked out quickly by the monster. It’s up to you to protect your brothers, but at what cost?

Warning: Blood and death and all that stuff that you would imagine that comes with a werewolf attack idk

A/N: Idk if this will be any good I literally just came on here to look through my feed and then found myself writing this. But it’s a little fluffy and a little sad so whatever floats your boat, take what you need from this. It’s more of a Sam x sister then Dean x sister btw. Lots of love xx 

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Shattering glass and a deep growling ripping from a human’s voice box pulled you awake from your light hunters sleep. Your hand gripped around your mother’s gun under your pillow as Dean’s voice rung in your head, “shoot first, ask question later”. So you jumped up into a kneeling position on your dead and pointed the familiar gun towards the werewolf pinning Dean down on the kitchen floor as you let the bullets fly, echoing around the room as Dean lay frozen on the ground. The werewolf looked up and growled louder, I guess you didn’t have the silver bullets in this gun. 

The werewolf now had it’s attention on you as it prowled over to you. Panic was creeping up your back and fogging your mind but you stood strong and confident in the werewolf’s wake. You could handle this, you had to, you had too so you could protect your injured brothers. The werewolf came to a stand next to the also unconscious Sam as it lent down to sniff him as he started to drool. It’s mouth extended and it’s pointed teeth glistened under the swinging lights. 

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Iwaizumi's, Oikawa's, and/or Tendou's (you can choose whichever or do all if you want) S/O collapses (for whatever reason) and how they react scenario... (idk how to do asks... sorry.)

Well, I enjoyed these. A concerned BF is always good, even if for them it doesn’t feel like it at the time. I actually had to look up a few things that caused collapse and fainting, so I’m unsure of the specifics for some of these. If things seem wrong please let me know and I can be aware!

Panic was his first response. Iwaizumi’s heart seemed to stop when he had turned to see them on the ground, unmoving. His own body froze, he forgot how to breath, and he thought his own legs were going to give out. Giving a hoarse call to them, he was quickly moving, dropping to his knees beside them with hands unsure of what to do next.

“Hey, come on,” he finally spoke - or yelled - as he reached to pull them up against his chest, shaking them gently. His heart was suddenly pounding against his ribs, thoughts running one thousand miles a minute, “come on, [First Name]. Shit!”

He saw their eyes flutter, allowing him to breath as they started taking in the world again. They turned to him, brows furrowed before their hand rose to their forehead, “It hurts…” was all they were able to croak.

Cursing again, Iwaizumi secured his arm around them, hoisting them up as he stood. They had probably hit their head on their way down and he wasn’t about to leave them unattended in case they had a concussion. “Just one step at a time,” he guided easily as they made their way down the street.

Luckily, there was no concussion, but they had been dehydrated. Obviously, Iwaizumi was going to have to keep a sharper eye on them.

Oikawa hadn’t seen it coming, but when he saw them go down, he reacted immediately. His hands reached out, taking hold of their waist and securing them against him. Their head lulled back and terror filled the pit of his stomach, his hands instantly began trembling in their hold.

“[First Name],” he called out despite the act feeling hopeless the moment it escaped him. He swallowed thickly as thoughts bombarded his mind. But he didn’t have time to think, not right now, he needed to move, to act.

Without another second wasted, he lifted them against his chest, grip tight and adrenaline racing. He wasn’t sure where his feet were carrying him until he found himself moving through the hospital doors, demanding for help. Oikawa answered any questions given: no, he didn’t know what was wrong. No, this hadn’t happened before. They were fine just before.

It was an hour later that they came to, mind groggy as they stared at the white walls around them. Before they could even attempt to ask questions, Oikawa was answering them.

“We’re at the hospital,” he spoke slowly, “you’re parents are on the way. You had a syncope episode, the doctor said you’ll be fine.”

While they could or could not experience this again, Oikawa knew he wouldn’t be able to drop very far from red-alert.

Thankfully, Tendou’s hands already had a hold of them when they was going down, his grasp instantly tightened, his smile disappearing in an instant. He had witnessed the way their skin paled and how their eyes had rolled back into their head. It was the most terrifying image he had ever witnessed. And for the slightest moment, he thought he was about to do the same thing.

His mouth opened to call out to them but no sound escaped. His throat was closed up and he could feel the stinging prick of tears attack his eyes. What was he supposed to do? Did he call for help? Did he take them somewhere? He held them securely against his chest, cradling them as he sunk to the ground, hand reaching for his cell phone. He was in the middle of dialing emergency services when he felt them stir in his arms, his wide eyes dropping to them.

“Hey, you okay?” he questioned, voice softer than he had ever heard it before.

Their brows pinched before the looked up at him, confusion clear on their expression. “That was weird,” they finally spoke, earning them a not-so-amused snort from Tendou in response. He was about to demand what had happened, but they were speaking before he could, “I just… blacked out. I think my legs were locked.”

He scoffed, leaning forward to brush his lips against theirs, grateful that nothing severe had happened in the midst of that terrible moment. “Not more of that then.”


I suppose this counts as HOW TO DO ART, Pt. 6 : Self Reflection

I made this because I wanted people to know what I mean when I say things like  “I’m not that good, my art looks like shit”

Part of it is standards. I’m not saying my friends have low standards, it’s just that their standards aren’t nearly as high as mine. When I’m drawing, I’m thinking of all the artists I love and wanting to create something just as great–not in terms of style, but in terms of appeal…there’s some artists who draw so well I could look at their work for ages, and I don’t often feel that way about my own art. When my art doesn’t have that appeal that I like to see, I write it off as bad, even if there’s a lot of things good about it.

Some of the things I’ve listed here are my own preference. There’s nothing wrong with using references, I just don’t want to be as reliant on them to create a good picture as I am right now. I like what I do now, but I also want to do fanart that goes beyond just drawing a photo in my style.

Also, people seem to like my style (that’s the impression I get from reading all the tags of everyone who reblogs my stuff), but I just…don’t…I guess my biggest thing is that it’s too tame and I’m not pushing things as much as I could be.

Some things I’ve listed, though, would be beneficial for all artists. Like learning proper anatomy and how to basic backgrounds could really improve any piece, I think.

The moral of the story is: There’s nothing wrong with disliking your own work or focusing on the flaws. In fact, I think it’s natural for everyone learning something, whether it’s art or music or a language or whatever. The key is to take those frustrations and flaws, and use them as a motivator to improve your work. 

Always keep in mind, things can’t improve without being bad first. All my drawings may look like shit to me now, but I keep going because I know one day, hopefully, I’ll look at a drawing and be like “…this isn’t so shitty”

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What do you think of "Who´s it gonna be?" by Boys generally Asian? :D

uhh not to be a spoilsport but i really dont like them lmao, for me,, its just really annoying ?? sndakfjda look i dont have anybody making a kpop parody or whatever theyre doing, making fun of kpop fans nd kboos and the kpop culture that surrounds all of this i have nothing against that tbh bdisak i think its a good thing evn to make some people realize what theyre doing lmao but the disrespect (idk i dont think is disrespect i just cant find the right word rn hah) towards the idols is what kinda bothers me idk, the mv got like 5 million views in 3 days ? see there are trainees that work thier asses off for YEARS to debut and then flop with 78k views on the mv and disband after 2 songsbc its not making enough money for the company and all of this u know nd there we have these 5 yt fame guys that jokingly start a “kpop group” nd they suddenly have a huge fan base nd shit ? alright. i also feel like they were making fun of idols leaving the group which reminded me of tao kris nd luhan but i dont want to get into that jnsfkjnfdsda its rlly not that deep ik that myself its just bothering me

i honestly have nothing against people that think BgA is funny and enjoy watching their videos ( i like nigahiga myself, he usually makes good videos im just not here for BgA lmao) but i just think,,, its really ,,unfunny and annoying ??