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Hey, anon! Thank you so much, I hope you’re having a lovely day as well! I’m going to bold the ships/characters so it’s easier to navigate and locate people’s favorite ILITW character. I also linked the songs with their titles, so definitely check it out. I feel like this is a playlist….yikes kinda went overboard


“The boy who murdered love” by Diana Vickers.

“You’re the boy who murdered love
Cold hands and a heart of stone
You’re the king of pain and hurt
You encourage my desire, then you put the arrow in my back, and I’m
Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot like a bullet”

I mean just listen to the lyrics. It says everything. Although, this song is more in reference to the guy being a player but we can also agree that Noah, to a certain degree is considered ‘heartless’ and ‘closed off’. The lyrics of him being in pain and hurt, but still reeling all of us to love him definitely suits him A LOT. I’ll be lying if I didn’t say I listen to this song when I make a short story of Noah. Spoiler: he ends up breaking our hearts. 

Dan x MC: 

“In my head” by Peter

“You say it’s all alright
But you’re not who’s up at night
This feels like all a lie
While you tend to try and hide
I’ve waited way too long
Yeah, I know you’ve changed”

We can all agree the traumatic event has caused a toll on everyone, but we can also agree that next to Noah, Dan is most haunted by it. He can’t turn back now. This song gives me a really sad undertone to it. Dan knows things aren’t the same, and he constantly is up at night, pondering on things. Give it or take, one can also use this song for Dan x MC - their friendship/relationship has drifted, but he so badly wants to repair it because MC is his world. Also, guilty of using this song too as inspiration for my own stories. 

“She is Love” by Parachute

“I’ve been beaten down,
I’ve been kicked around,
But she takes it all for me.
And I lost my faith,
In my darkest days,
But she makes me want to believe.

They call her love, love, love, love, love.”

Can we get a round of applause for MC who helped Dan vanquish his demons? I like to think that Dan thinks that MC is his pride and joy. He absolutely adores her for everything she is, everything she will be and everything she has done for him. I mean, just look at the lyrics and tell me not that this song is basically them. 


“Hotter than hell” by Dua Lipa

“He calls me the devil I make him wanna sin Every time I knock, he can’t help but let me in Must be homesick for the real I’m the realest it gets You probably still adore me With my hands around your neck.”

I mean Ava is literally everything, lets be honest. I think everyone knows she’s a bit over the edge, dangerous, but that’s the very reason why everyone in the fandom loves her so much. She doesn’t confine to the norms and she makes MC want to do crazy things. 


“Gasoline” by Halsey

“Do you tear yourself apart to entertain like me?
Do the people whisper ‘bout you on the train like me?
And all the people say
“You can’t wake up, this is not a dream
You’re part of a machine, you are not a human being
With your face all made up, living on a screen
Low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline”

I can’t picture a song that’s ‘calm’ for someone as vibrant as Andy. That boy shines like diamonds. I think this song really captures his failures and his fears and how it constantly runs through his mind. Despite Andy coming off as strong, he also wonders if there’s something wrong with him - he’s low in self esteem. He questions himself a lot. So, he runs, runs until he’s so drained from life. He sometimes feels like he’s putting up a show. Everything is in the tips of his fingers, but how long before they disappear, you know. 

Lucas x MC: 

“BITE” by Troye Sivan

“Don’t you wanna see a man up close
A phoenix in the fire So kiss me on the mouth and set me free
But please, don’t bite. 
You can coax the cold right out of me. Drape me in your warmth”

This song captures how MC is Lucas’s means of escape. She can definitely ‘coax’ the cold out of him, make him open up about his problems instead of facing it alone. But as always, Lucas is still scared of what’s to come (let’s be honest who wouldn’t). so he prays he doesn’t get his heart broken in the long run. 

Stacy x MC:

“Girls Like Girls” - Hayley Kiyoko 

“Tell the neighbors I’m not sorry if I’m breaking walls down Building your girl’s second story, ripping all your floors out. Saw your face, heard your name, gotta get with you Girls like girls like boys do, nothing new Isn’t this why we came? Gotta get with you” 

MC has broken Stacy’s walls down. MC obviously is smitten by Stacy and hence wants to get with her. I mean just listen to the song, and tell me it does not scream Stacy and MC (if your MC is a girl) like…..c’mon now. 

Dan x MC x Noah:

“The good side” by Troye

“So many thoughts I wanted to share
But I didn’t call because it wouldn’t be fair
Then I got the good side of new
Found arms to fall right into
I know how it looked, it wasn’t the plan
And some day I hope that you’ll understand”

THIS IS THE SONG I’M USING RIGHT NOW TO GET IN MY FEELS. MC got the ‘good side’ and better end of the stick in terms of her and Noah. She just wants Noah to be happy, but she knows he’s still healing - hurting - so she feels conflicted wanting to talk to him but know he’s only going to get more hurt because she’s with Him. She sympathizes with Noah and can relate with him, but she can’t help but falling for Dan. 

“Why did I fall in love with you” by DBSK 

“Why couldn’t I call out to you at all? Every day and night growing emotions. And words overflow. But I realized that they’d never reach you again.” 

This song heavenly influenced my story ‘Lighthouse’. Noah wonders why he fell in love with her. He’s hurting. I’m hurting. Everyone’s hurting. 

Noah x MC:

‘Fixing me’ by Chase Coy

“I’m growing up, I’m working on these flaws of mine I’m letting go of pride and shedding this disguise I’m facing all the facts, I’m trying to improve I’m cleaning up my act and I’m doing it just for you ‘Cause I am broken (I am broken, would you fix me, baby?) But you are perfect (You are perfect, would you fix me, baby?)

And I never thought I could ever be with you And I never wanted to change before but now I do ‘Cause I am broken and you are perfect” 

MC is fixing Noah. Enough said. MC has helped him in my opinion to get a grip in terms of reality, Noah is broken and MC to him is just darn perfect and he questions how she can ever love him. I like to think that maybe in a different universe, MC is fixing Noah. I may make a fic based off of this song. 

‘Six Feet Under’ by Billie Eilish

“Help, I lost myself again
But I remember you
Don’t come back, it won’t end well
But I wish you’d tell me too”

I actually based off my short story “Home is Six Feet Under” off of this song - the haunting feeling of a lost love. Granted, I don’t think it specifically caters to them individually, but I really think that the aspect of a relationship (platonic or romantic) has fallen apart aligns well with Noah and MC. MC constantly wonders if they can rebuild their relationship, but often questions if it’s already past the brink of repair: the pain and the memories taking a toll on them. Noah loses himself, but all he can remember is MC. 

‘Please Don’t…’ by K.Will 

“I know what you’re going to say, please don’t say it
Don’t know why Don’t know why
I want to draw out each minute, each second
But the empty road rushes me on” 

I used this song inspiration for “If Only” (definitely watch the music video too!). I think the longing aspect of wanting to stay in the moment reminds me a lot of MC x Noah. Noah, constantly, wants to stay in the present - to forget the memories - and just be with MC. MC, however, is already in a relationship and Noah knows he’s too late….but he just doesn’t want to face reality. He torn, and he breaks down. 

“All I want” by Kodaline

“All I want is nothing more
To hear you knocking at my door
‘Cause if I could see your face once more
I could die a happy man, I’m sure
When you said your last goodbye
I died a little bit inside
I lay in tears in bed all night
Alone without you by my side
But if you loved me, why’d you leave me?”

THIS song hits me in the feels for MC x Noah because honestly, let’s be honest, it captures the essence of lost so much. Noah often reminisces why everyone kinda drifted away from him, especially, MC. If MC loved Noah so much, why she leave him to grieve on his own? Ouch. But he can’t help but want her and she can’t help but want him. I’M CRYING NOW. 

I mean I have a lot more songs….but like…..this ask is getting too long haha. I would love to do a playlist if anyone is interested, but as of right now, these are the top songs I can think of. I haven’t included everyone in ILITW because I don’t have a song that I think connects with them all as much as these songs do with these characters. I’m sorry I ended up doing pairings….

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hi again! idk if you remember me but i am the anon that you helped with my abusive ex problems a lil while ago! (i’ll call myself anya to make things easier) and i saw the awful things being said about you by jakemckenzic. i just wanted to reach out and say that you are valid for leaving school, for whatever reason. it’s not important why. you are kicking ass at life, you’re happy, and that is what matters most. kudos to you! & i hope you never look down on yourself bc of them! ๐Ÿ’œ

you are so kind ofc i remember u. i love you and thank you for reaching out you have no idea how much i appreciate this. thank u. honestly having left school is still something i think about and doubt myself about but it has done so much for my mental health in a positive way–it was right for me to do. i love u and i hope ur doing well! thank u for coming by you have no idea how much it means to me

This was on mine dash early december or smth… i wanted to post the screenshot then but decided not to start shit. Idk if the other ‘caps are from jakemckenzic but…
The merc one has to be? At first I didn’t know what it was (i didn’t know who mercedes was lol) so i just kinda ignored it but… it seemed shady 👀👀👀

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You are a hideous attempt of a human being. Stay anxious.

Lmao what? You want to explain that, babe, or just stay vague or like? Okie dokie 🤷🏻‍♂️

Edit:: You’ll be thrilled to know I didn’t get anything else so idk what this was even about 🤷🏻‍♂️

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hi hello i haven’t been following you for long but i have a question. do you read fanfiction? could you recommend some to me if you do? it’s all good if you don’t. thank you and hope you have a good night ^^

Hi Hii. I do, sure but idk what kind of fics you read exactly? I read mostly yoonmin so if you want those…? Thank you, hope you have a great day/night too! 😄

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lol ur anons are wild, anyway just wanted to let u know seeing ur posts about realising your butch identity and how youve become more comfortable and confident ever since has really helped me to accept my own butch identity and now im looking forward to the future when im at uni and can finally cut my hair and dress the way i want to etc. so thank u for that, i know it sounds a bit cheesy but seeing your posts about being butch been very inspiring for me! xxx

my anons have been wild the past 24 hours idk what the hell that’s about but luckily the block button and also my therapy-hardened self esteem exist so they got nothin on me

also oh my god this is so sweet… don’t worry it doesn’t sound cheesy it sounds very sincere and lovely and i’m so so happy for you! becoming okay with my own butch identity was such a turning point in my life and i’m so so happy i could be a party of that journey for somebody else. trust me - cutting your hair is going to be the fucking best. it might be a shock at first but once it settles in it fucking rocks. i’m so so happy for you - take care and congratulations on your wonderful self discovery <3 <3 <3

I’m doing Garnet +4 other gems, she’s the most done so far! : ]

happy holidays from everyone’s favorite member of the Blue Man Group

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heyyyyyyy canni have some headcanons about kaz (figuratively) adopting wylan please????

  • there was this persistent nagging in the back of kaz’s mind to check in, check in, check in even when he knew wylan would be fine on his own
  • and he had jesper, jesper would help him
  • but like any concerned parent friend would worry about their child friend out there in the real world, he lost sleep wondering if wylan was handling the business okay
  • he staged a casual run in with wylan. complete with feigned surprise, i didn’t think i’d see you here, but the second he saw wylan’s gray ringed eyes he dropped the act and asked, “don’t you sleep?”
  • wylan blushed and looked away, muttering something about having too little time for himself these days and how stressful it was. kaz wanted to wring his neck for neglecting his health just as much as he wanted to get him tucked in bed
  • the reddening nose and the slight cough wylan had didn’t make matters any better
  • he ended up dragging wylan back home, and wylan, embarrassed, admitted he had paperwork to take care of but he was waiting for jesper to get home to read it to him
  • the two sat on the couch and kaz read wylan his papers, surprisingly soothing. by the end, wylan’s head drooped onto kaz’s shoulder and kaz went tense. but at least he’s sleeping, he thought. he remained there until he was struck with a bright idea and carefully readjusted wylan, arranging his head on a pillow, absently pushing curls from his eyes
  • kaz pulled blankets over him and forged his signature on the paperwork so he wouldn’t have to stress about writing, and he placed it on the coffee table where he could see it 
  • before leaving he told the servants wylan needed soup and to have an extra place setting at dinner that night because he’d be back
  • kaz returned with an overnight bag and a prepared lie for wylan and jesper’s questions, “the slat is leaking again. my room needs to be patched up.” he didn’t ask to stay, he simply brushed past them both before they could get in a word and he picked one of the guest rooms for himself
  • kaz would return often, stay a few days, help wylan where it was needed, but say things like “you have no idea how easy you’re making it for me to rip you and your new merch partners off.”
  • but wylan knew why kaz really came around as often as he did. he was worried, especially after he witnessed how bad wylan was adjusting to his new life. and wylan needed help, kaz could teach him so much
  • kaz knew wylan knew his true intentions, but neither of them said anything about it. they both appreciated the company of each other

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spideychelle prompsoal headcanons!

ahhh, hello! sorry it took me a while to write these ones. i fell asleep and also prom is such a funny thing. bUT. here are some headcanons :)

  • peter’s a bit worried about prom. not because it’s prom or because it’s supposed to be this huge high school thing that you remember for the rest of your lives.
  • that’s actually what he’s worried about
  • last time he went to a school dance? not the best experience. homecoming sophomore year was one of the worst days of his life. not only did he have to leave behind liz allan, the girl of his dreams who turned out to have a villain as a father, but he also had to fight said father and almost died while doing it.
  • he still wakes up some nights, screaming out as the building falling on top of him disappears. his screams turn to tears as he stares at the bottom of the top bunk bed and may comes in and holds him tight to her chest. it’s been over a year, but he still gets the nightmares.
  • so he’s not excited for junior prom. sue him.
  • ned’s been trying to convince him to go. the decathlon team is all planning on renting a party bus and heading over together. which, peter admits sounds fun. a part of him really wants to go. but he can’t shake this feeling that something will inevitably go wrong and his night will be ruined and the nightmares will never end.
  • and then mj asks him to prom. well, kind of.
  • it’s a boring wednesday during lunch, ned is still getting his food because he had to speak with mr. harrington after class. so it’s just peter and mj at the lunch table. (she sits across from them these days.)
  • “so, my parents have been asking me about who my date is for prom and i want them to stop, so can i just say it’s you?”
  • “what?”
  • mj groans, lifting her eyes from her book so she can roll them at peter. “my goodness, parker, for a genius you’re really dense. can you be my date to prom so my parents get off my back?”
  • and. he’s honestly stupefied. because: “wait, you’re actually going to prom?”
  • “yes, peter. i’m allowed to want to spend time with my friends, you know.”
  • “yeah, of course, i just-” he doesn’t actually know what he thought. she did go to homecoming for the last two years, so it makes sense she’d be going to junior prom. but then: “wait, is this how you’re asking me to junior prom?”
  • michelle’s cheeks tinge slightly more pink and she looks back at her book. “i told you, my parents-”
  • “i know what your parents want, but what do you want?” he doesn’t know why he asks that. mj is his friend. has been for the better part of a year. she joins he and ned on their snack breaks and movie nights and study dates. he doesn’t want her to be his date to prom. he’s not even planning on going to prom. but then
  • “i mean,” she coughs, keeping her eyes trained on her book. “i guess it would be fun to go with you.”
  • his face lights up and he smiles all bright and wide. “you want to go to prom with me!
  • “no, i don’t!”
  • “that’s literally what you just said!”
  • “shut up, parker. that’s not what i said.” and she slinks further into her seat and scrunches her eyebrows together and she’s putting her head even further into her book and she looks so adorable. and, oh. oh. he doesn’t expect the sudden quickening of his heart or the flush that rises to his cheeks. he doesn’t like mj that way. he doesn’t, he never, they’re just friends.
  • and then ned plops down into the seat next to him and peter can’t say anything further and michelle is leaving before he can answer her and he feels badly because she looks disappointed. but he doesn’t, he didn’t even think about the possibility that he could have feelings for her in that way until like five minutes ago when she asked him to prom.
  • so, when their last period of the day rolls around, he sits next to michelle and scratches out a small note, which he hands to her when their teacher starts talking about the mitochondrial dna.
  • i’d say yes if you asked me properly.
  • when she finally looks up at him, shocked, he smiles and whispers, “you have to at least buy me dinner first, mj.”
  • she shoves him lightly and then pays attention to their teacher drone on and on for the rest of the day. she seems to have a small smile on her face but she doesn’t say anything else on the matter.
  • peter wonders for a brief moment if he’s messed this up and she’s decides to just ask someone else. and he tells himself he shouldn’t be disappointed because he didn’t want to go to prom anyway. but that was before he knew mj wanted him to be her date.
  • but then at decathlon practice the next day, michelle is grilling him on russian history around wwi when suddenly she asks: “true or false. on may 8, 2019, michelle jones asked peter parker to the prom.”
  • and
  • is she for real?
  • he looks around at all his teammates, who all have their eyes trained on him. they seem to be excited, sitting on the edges of their seats. they also must surely see the blush on his cheeks.
  • “uh,” he manages to get out. “true.”
  • he hears her whisper, “oh god.” and then ned comes in (and wait, when did he leave?) and he’s carrying this big bouquet of red roses. but as ned gets closer, peter can see that there are a few white roses in the mix. and the white roses spell out the word “prom”.
  • ned hands the bouquet to michelle and she walks over to peter. she won’t meet his eye as she hands him to bouquet and opens her jacket to reveal a shirt with a “?” across the middle.
  • and, peter is shocked. it’s been one day. did she already have a shirt with a question mark on it? how did she get flowers so quickly? she told the whole decathlon team without him knowing? how did she arrange this?
  • and then, sensing his confusion, michelle sighs. “my dad is a florist. i’ve had this shirt for years. logistics aside, will you go to prom with me, you loser?”
  • peter stares at her for a few moments, dumbstruck. and then he nods his head, smile growing when he hears the decathlon team cheer. mj smiles. she smiles in a way that’s small and as if she can’t help it. like she’s tried keeping it off her face, but the joy is too powerful.
  • so peter stands up and he hugs her tightly. her arms slowly wrap around his torso and the team cheers even louder. he thinks he hears flash yell: “get a room, you dorks!” but peter doesn’t care because he’s pressed up against michelle and her hair smells nice and it feels good against his face.
  • “thanks for asking me properly.” he whispers, moving so his face is smushed even further into her hair.
  • “thanks for saying yes.” and at this peter pulls back, and michelle looks so…vulnerable. and peter wants her to know he’s not going to hurt her. that she is giving him a gift by letting her walls down with him and he won’t ruin that.
  • “for you, anything.” and michelle punches him in the shoulder and laughs, calling him a loser. but peter just smiles. because michelle jones has a crush on him and she got him flowers and he’s going to go to prom with her.
  • wait until he tells aunt may.

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Hey :) Just saw a swap au by a very talented artist (iacediai) and idk if you already know about it, but I'd loooove to read your thoughts! Have a nice day/evening/night!

Ahh! Yes! I’ve seen that post. It’s actually sitting in my drafts waiting to be queued, because I p much add things to my queue in batches of 100-200 about once a month. (Here’s a link for anyone who’s not sure what we’re talking about.)

First of all, A++ designs, I love them so very much. Loverboy Hunk and Sunshine Pidge are probably my favs, but I love them all.

I don’t have thoughts specifically about that role swap combination, but a while ago I saw pepplemint’s role-swapped!Lance art, and boy did that give me ideas. Specifically for a limited role swap AU where the only real *swap* is that Lance went to Kerberos in Shiro’s place.

  • Lance and Keith trained under Shiro after graduating from the Garrison. They were rivals, not least of all because Keith and Shiro were so obviously friends that Lance felt ignored outside of training
  • Shiro was originally supposed to pilot for the Kerberos mission but was in a car crash or something similar that injured his arm to the point he needed to have it amputated. This was, like, six months before launch, so at first the mission is just delayed–there’s no one to take Shiro’s place, and everyone at first is hoping that if the Garrison pays for the top of the line prosthetic maybe Shiro will still be able to go. (After all, they’ve already pumped so much money into this mission and into Shiro specifically.)
  • But Shiro’s recovery is slow, and PTSD + reduced dexterity mean he just can’t fly at the same level as before. So the Garrison decides they’re going to find a new pilot and have Shiro train them, since he knows better than anyone what this mission is going to require.
  • This is about the time the show would have started–one year after the original launch date. And the Garrison needs some gimmick for the media to “salvage” the mission from a PR standpoint. Shiro was literally the face of the Kerberos mission, and the public is more concerned about his recovery than the Garrison’s expedition (which is… you know, a good thing? But the Garrison cares about the publicity. They want the Kerberos mission to drive recruitment and all that.)
  • So they go to the next graduating class of fighter pilots and say, “Hey, guess what? One of you is going to be the youngest solo pilot in history, and you’re going to go farther than anyone else has ever gone. Ready? Cool. Now duke it out for your spot on this crew.”
  • (In more PR-friendly terms, obviously, but that’s the intent.)
  • Keith and Lance are the two top contenders, so both get to undergo training with Shiro. They’ll both have the full training, just in case there’s another car accident or something, and the Garrison is running it almost like a reality show, getting the public invested in the Big Question of Who’s going to pilot the mission???
  • The decision is ultimately Shiro’s, and he’s as pissed off about the spectacle of it as Keith is. (Lance, conversely, is absolutely loving the attention.) He doesn’t know what the public opinion is, and frankly, he doesn’t care. (It’s about 60-40 favoring Lance, but the Garrison bigwigs are split the opposite way, because Keith is Iverson’s golden boy the same way Shiro was–just a little less inclined to put up with bullshit.)
  • Lance is sure Shiro’s going to pick Keith. Frankly? So is Keith. Both of them are shocked when Shiro picks Lance.
  • Lance and Keith have a big fight after it’s announced, and they didn’t talk once in the last month before launch.
  • It’s now about two years later than canonverse–Lance is 20 for most of the mission, but they launch when he’s still 19, purely for the headline “Teen Pilots Landmark Mission to Kerberos”
  • The Galra still attack, and the disaster still goes down in history as pilot error.
  • Pidge didn’t have to sneak into the Garrison–she entered openly a year before the mission launched, has her own crew, and is the top communications cadet in the Garrison. She wants to wreck shit when Sam, Matt, and Lance are declared dead, but Shiro talks her down. (He stayed friends with the Holts even after he was removed from the mission, and through him Pidge knows Keith.)
  • So Pidge takes a week or two off from classes to grieve and to talk with Keith, both of them stoking the flames of their anger. Pidge doesn’t buy the official story and when she returns to classes she starts hacking the Garrison computers–secretly–looking for the truth.
  • Keith, in contrast, fully believes Lance was at fault and blames him for killing Pidge’s family. He doesn’t think any of them survived, and he has no outlet for his anger, so he starts going on long flights into the desert–which is where he stumbles upon the Blue Lion’s cave.
  • Hunk graduated along with Keith and Lance, having been Lance’s engineer as in canon. He spent the year/year and a half after graduation working on Garrison ships, but when Lance “dies” he quits and opens a restaurant/gets a job as head chef at a restaurant instead. He can’t stand working at the place that reminds him of his best friend.
  • Shiro is a regular patron at Hunk’s restaurant, and the two are pretty good friends, all things considered. He knows Pidge and Keith distantly–Keith mostly as “Lance’s rival who’s actually a pretty cool guy” and Pidge as “Shiro’s friend who’s always on her computer looking at technical diagrams.”
  • Pidge and Keith both wind up at the crash site in the desert as they do in canon. Lance has visible scars and a white streak in his hair, but he has a cybernetic eye and maybe a prosthetic leg, too, instead of the arm Shiro has. Keith and Pidge break Lance out mostly to get answers about the Holts, and once they have him, they kind of panic because, hello, they’re now fugitives.
  • Keith calls Shiro and tells him exactly nothing except that Lance is at their shack in the desert. Shiro was at Hunk’s restaurant when he got the call, and Hunk overhears. He rips off his apron and demands that Shiro bring him along, so the five of them are once more all together in the Blue Lion’s cave when she chooses Shiro.
  • Shiro still kind of thinks of himself as Lance’s mentor and it takes a while for them to get used to the changes. Because Shiro is still happy and mostly healthy and he wants to protect the younger paladins, Lance especially, but he can’t deny that Lance is far more suited to protecting the rest of them. He knows the enemy, he has practice fighting, he’s a scary good sniper and just as deadly in the heat of battle. Lance ultimately becomes the team’s leader, while Shiro acts as their emotional support.
  • There’s also friction among the younger paladins–a much deeper rooted conflict between Keith and Lance than in the show, and Pidge’s festering resentment about the Kerberos mission (she knows it’s not Lance’s fault, but she and Keith fueled each other, so she can’t quite let it go). Hunk is 100% on Team Lance, so he initially doesn’t get along well with Keith or Pidge, and Lance just isn’t interested in repairing bridges other people burned for him. It falls to Shiro to play peacemaker and get them all on the same page.

And yeah, idk where the plot goes from there except more or less the same way canon goes, but there’s lots of angst. ^.^’

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Have you any imbalance of power or doomed relationship type fics? Like king/servant or something like that? Thanks xx

Hello! This was a very interesting request, I tried my best:

The King’s Omega by HunterMay18, Styles_Tomlinson_123:

Summary: An omega with a really dark past becomes the King’s new love interest.

Word count: 8,314

This thing called Fate by Centa0592:

Summary:  Louis’ a king and has recently acquired new servants. One of them is Harry, a bright eyed boy who he just can’t seem to dislike and treat like an actual servant. Harry’s nervous to believe that the king would genuinely like him, so he tries to stay away from his advances. But eventually, he gives in because who wouldn’t fall for the beautiful king? A bit of forbidden love but eventually they rise above it, cause soulmates. or

The one where Harry doesn’t understand why someone like King Tomlinson would give him the time of day
Louis doesn’t understand why Harry has to be so perfect
Liam doesn’t understand why all the food keeps disappearing from his kitchen
Zayn doesn’t understand why people keep insisting on waking him up before midday
Niall doesn’t understand how any of them even function without him

Word count: 5,885

You Deserve A Raise, Baby, Because You’re Making Me Shine by AggressiveStress:

Summary: Harry is a miserable prince that has to marry soon, but then comes along the kitchen boy that decides to insult him in a way of saying hello. Louis is really endearing, and Harry’s infatuated.

Word count: 8,605

Felt the blood rushing through my veins, I still remember by Samcgrath:

Summary: Harry is the heir to his father’s estate and wealth and he knows he is the most eligible bachelor in all of England. Louis is the stable boy who everyone loves and adores even though he can be a touch too bitter sometimes. They can’t stand each other, and the pride of one and the prejudice of the other disallows any other feelings they might have.

Word count: 42,322

Through Lonely Streets and Neon Lights by sweetly_disposed:

Summary: 1920’s era, Great Gatsby inspired. Harry is a poor boy living in the South Village. Every night he watches the North City come alive and longs of crossing the river to be a part of it and escape his dreary life. The infamous Mr Tomlinson lives across the river from Harry. His parties are the stuff of legend; people on both sides know about them, and all Harry wants is a chance to go to one. When fate swings his way and he finds himself in Mr Tomlinson’s house, he gets much more than he could ever have bargained for.

Word count: 25,107

Elysian by wonderlou:

Summary: “What could be it, Niall?” Harry asks gently with a sigh. He slouches down further into his chair, crossing his arms lazily across his chest. He is bored. He has been bored for five years straight, but even more so now that his one interest has shut himself out entirely. Harry had not even heard from Louis, not since last night, not since he had gotten on his nerves so much that he was torn between knocking him out and smiling in surrender to the slight awe he felt. Louis is opinionated like no one he’s ever seen, but his voice is honeyed; high-pitched and indignant. Harry is nothing short of entranced.

Or, Harry is running out of time to fall in love, but with Louis, it seems as if there’s all the time in the world.

Word count: 81,886

anonymous asked:

Starmora #20 please! Love your writing!

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Takes place after vol 2 

She didn’t intend to eavesdrop; it just sort of happened. She hadn’t even reached his door yet when she heard him talking.

“Do you think I should do something more elaborate?” She heard him say.

“I am Groot!” The little tree wasn’t exactly quiet either.  

“Yeah, you’re right. She’d prefer straightforward.”

She paused with her fist poised to knock, curiosity getting the better of her.

“I am Groot.”

“Okay, how’s this? Gamora, will you go on a date with me?”

“I am Groot.”

“It’s too formal? How else am I supposed to say it?”

“I am Groot.”

“What do you mean, what if she says no? She’s not gonna say no… do you think she’s gonna say no?!”

She’d heard enough. She retreated as quietly as she could, feeling puzzled. Why would Peter be stressed about asking her on a date? True, they’d never been on one before, but they’d already kissed - a lot. She’d more or less admitted that she loved him. What could he possibly be worried about?

She pulled out her holo; time to do some research.

Some time later, with a new understanding of Terran culture and a handful of the reddest flowers she could find, she found Peter messing with some wires in the cargo hold.

“Hey, Gamora!” He said, standing up when he noticed her. His eyes went to the flowers. “What are those for?”

“For you.” She thrust them towards him and he took them, though with a very confused look on his face – did he not understand his own culture’s customs?

She pushed on. “Would you like to go somewhere to eat and then see a movie in public?”

“Like… a date?”

“Yes,” she said, relieved that he got it. “I’ve done some research, and apparently first dates are very significant on Terra. One person is supposed to present flowers to the other, and then they go eat at an upscale restaurant and watch a movie.”

Peter’s lips had been twitching during her entire speech, and he finally broke out into a grin. “Yeah, we don’t get a lot of information about Terra out here. For one thing, I’m pretty sure it’s the girl who’s supposed to receive the flowers.”

“Fine, I’ll take them back –“

“No!” He clutched them to his chest, crushing half of them in the process. “That’s a stupid custom. I’m keeping them forever.”

She tried not to look too satisfied; she’d known he would like those. “So?”

“Oh, yeah. Of course, let’s go on a date!” He looked ecstatic, and Gamora was pleased that she’d taken the pressure off of him. As cute as Peter was when he was nervous, she didn’t want him to stress about something as simple as asking her a question.

But then he frowned. “Wait. Do you even really want to go on a date, or do you just think it’s something we’re supposed to do?”

“I… want to spend time with you,” she said honestly.

“But not at a fancy restaurant, right?”

“Is that not a requirement for it to be a date?” She asked. Maybe she should have checked more than one website for information.

Peter laughed. “Hell, no! I mean, I don’t know if Earth customs have changed, but a date can be anything.”


“Yeah!” He grabbed one of her hands with his free one. “Wanna go watch a holo movie and make out?”

“That sounds like a much better idea.”