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Can you explain why you think Dia was so against Chika's idol group from the beginning? I don't really get why she was against it still, even after we found out the reason the 3rd year's group broke apart was because Kanan wanted the best for Mari.

Sure! From what I understand, a lot of Dia’s initial resistance came from her believing Aqours wouldn’t be able to handle being crushed by inevitable failure. Her experiences in her first year allowed her to know that oftentimes, idol groups aren’t met with overwhelming success, and that groups like Muse and A-Rise could be considered fortunate outliers. I think she was, in a way, trying to protect them, especially once her sister joined.

Another thing I think bothered her was their way of going about their idol activities. A lot of their earlier goals were aimed at achieving popularity and a high rank so they could enter the Love Live, win, and become famous and legendary like Muse. It’s likely that rubbed Dia the wrong way considering her love and respect for idols. She understands that you can’t just become famous by wanting it enough. To be a good idol, one has to put their heart and soul into what they’re doing, and she just wasn’t seeing that with the early Aqours. Plus, seeing them use Ruby to rake in views just added fuel to her fire tbh.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if seeing Aqours so happy-go-lucky about everything brought up some bad memories. When she was in her first year, she was as enthusiastic as the current Aqours was. She, along with Kanan and Mari, really believed they could be idols, and for a while, they could. But reality set in. Injuries, the future, and a lack of any real defining success were instrumental in shaping Dia’s views on idols, and we can see that when Ruby thinks back on the times she and Dia bonded over idols. 

Overall, I think she was kinda projecting her own (credible!) views on idols onto Aqours. At first, Aqours seemed to be the same as everyone else. They weren’t going to put in the necessary work to become a great group, so they would simply be average. But perhaps her resistance also be considered a test for Aqours. I mean, after all, she was the one who wrote Aqours in the sand and gave them their name.

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why is everybody talking about rebranding ? what did they say ???

the past few months dan and phil have been hinting about rebranding (esp dan) and a lot of us have come to the conclusion that tatinof is the conclusion of the danisnotonfire and amazingphil branding (or at least the llama lion bits) because (idk if this is a spoiler or not shield your eyes if you don’t want tatinof spoilers maybe?) the whole show is a summation of everything they have done in the past seven years or so branding and all. so i’m hoping with the the release of the films and the dying down of all the excitement of this year they will slowly be changing to dan howell and phil lester

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I imagined Takahiro Sakurai and Ono Daisuke singing "Hips don't lie" and boy did I cry laughing (yes I did)

Actually I’d both laugh and love it ♥♥♥ (Hello, anon, btw)

Which reminds me, I obsessively watch any anime that includes OnoD and Sakupyon doing anything because sinja has ruined me.

Someone posted an audio in which they seem to be having sex but they actually aren’t. Idk which series the audio belongs to, but here it is if you want to listen to it.

Just pretend it’s sinja and you’ll love it! ♥

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Yooo sorry to break up the massive line of anon naming and trump hating but i could use ur help! I want to come up with a sticker design for a chibi Hunk from voltron (or the whole squad) but idk what pose to do him in! Do you have any ideas? <3

him in that pose when he makes the laser gun sounds? I couldn’t find any of Hunk in that pose on redbubble so maybe that??

TID Appreciation Week  |  Day 6: Favorite family  |  Fairchilds~

That’s Henry, Charlotte, and little Charles. I didn’t get to color it yet, but I still wanted to post something in time. The Fairchilds are, and probably always will be, the cutest family in any Shadowhunter series ever to me.

fanfic directory

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you guys can always send me prompts and I’ll add them as I write!

Okay but being best friends with Ashton where he’s slowly but surely falling in love with you yet you’re totally oblivious to it because you guys ALWAYS have your Friday night movie nights and you ALWAYS cuddle with him in your big comfy bed, so being in close proximity to one another wasn’t unusual. But it wasn’t until one rainy Friday where you noticed how Ashton stiffened up when you leaned into him and how his breath hitched in his throat whenever you played with his long fingers, so the only thing you knew to do was sit up and sling a leg over his waist so you were straddling him and you were so close to his face you could feel his breath on your lips as his hands fell to your waist. He cocked his head to the side and chuckled nervously before asking “Uh, Y/N, you okay?” you answered his question with a smirk as you draped your arms over his shoulders and tugged on the hairs at the back of his neck before grinding down hard on him, causing a whimper to rise from his throat as he gripped your hips tightly, “Do you like me Ash?” you breathed as you leaned down to press kisses along his jaw, “Does the thought of fucking your best friend raw turn you on baby boy?” You smirked as Ashton groaned and flipped you over, hovering over you and kissing your forehead lightly and chuckling to himself, “You have no idea what the single thought of you does to me pretty girl, but I could show you, if that’s what you want of course.”


stealing a smoochie, hell yea

hnnn nnononono im so sorry this isn’t what you wanted and i took ALMOST A MONTH to do this piece of crap ridiculous drawing ghhhhhh i dont deserve anons as NICE and AWESOME as you

but! i listened to this while i drew this and i hope it makes it better, that it makes everything better


B&B lockscreens/wallpapers (750px x 1334 px) | requested by anon 

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