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Your reigens..,,, are so handsome like,,, my heart can't handle it I can't believe???? thank you for bestowing such good reigens upon us

a  a aaAA  a h thank ghgkghkjgh.

TBH i’ve been trying to learn how to get around that and it’s been the funniest struggle hahaha. LIKE. Mememan is not Hansamu he’s just a Plain Dude but whenever I try to interpret him into my style he just .?.?? does what he wants

I think my initial draw of him feels more like him, where as my newer ones are def closer to canon proportions, so.. It’s been a tossup lately haha.

I think part of it is the hair line but HOO BOY this is the first time I’ve been actively trying to make someone look more plain and it’s not working GEEZ.

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Do you know of any Sterek fics but where Isaac and Stiles have a really close relationship (either as Stiles being like protective or just them being really close idk)


Anonymous said:So i recently just started watching the show, and I have a lot of feelings about Isaac and I just want him taken care of and like maybe in some form of sterek way idk i just feelings

These seem to fit together nicely! - Anastasia

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Different Hues by Look_Im_Just_Trash

(1/1 I 2,115 I Teen I Sterek)

What is it? What am I? Who am I? Who are you? Who are We? We are Us. Secrets. Shadows. Void. Us.

“–iles? Stiles, sweetheart, come back to me.” It’s Derek’s voice. Quiet. Coaxing. Pulling Them back to him back to Derek back to the world. “I’ve got you, Stiles. Take as long as you need, but come back to me.”

Secrets. Shadows. Void. We are Us. No, We are me. I am me. I am me.

“We’re he– I’m here,” Stiles corrects himself. “I’m here.”

Best Friends & Batman by Onlymystory

(1/1 I 3,140 I Mature I Sterek)

Isaac and Stiles have been friends for a long time. On the days they’re really lucky, Derek sends the two of them out alone to deal with an enemy.
See the thing is, Derek will always be Stiles’ mate. Scott will always be Stiles’ oldest friend. But Isaac’s the one who knows why he sometimes smiles as he kills an enemy. Why the song of blood lust is so tempting. And why slaying bad guys will make you both hungry and horny.

Today is no exception.

Voir by MulderScully

(3/? I 6,804 I Not Rated I Isaac/Derek)

Isaac Lahey returns to Beacon Hills after a car accident killed his whole family.He meets his childhood friend,the hyperactive Stiles Stilinski.He also finds his love in Derek Hale and lots of friends; Scott,Allison,Jordan…..but these aren’t his only friends.He has Lydia Martin and a lot of secrets which he cant reveal.

Quantum Superposition by sdlucly

(1/1 I 15,259 I Teen I Sterek)

They are trying to make it work, in a way. They need this to work. They aren’t pack yet, but Stiles thinks, maybe, in time, they can at least find middle ground.

the amber of the moment by redhoodedwolf

(2/2 I 23,202 I Mature I Sterek)

Ever since he was eight years old, Stiles had been running. Fate decided it was time to stop.

Crawling in the Dirt by sourwulfur

(7/7 I 24,097 I Mature I Sterek)

Isaac, the perceptive person that he was, was the first person to notice. Stiles has a problem, one he has struggled with off and on for several years. He does not think that he has a problem, but Isaac is there to help him, whether he wants it or not. Sometimes, it’s not falling in love that helps you through dark times, it’s a friend who is at your side through it all.

Piece by Piece by SirenAlpha

(46/46 I 57,324 I Teen I Sterek)

After the kanima, things didn’t fit together again properly for Stiles. Scott had summer school, and she had information to give Derek. Somehow that translated into her helping Derek and Isaac survive a new threat and rebuild the pack along the way.

Singularity by CumbercakesforLevi, queen_of_OTPs

(18/? I 67,586 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles is pushed from the pack because Derek is bad with feelings and wants to keep the human safe.

Papa Stilinski knows Stiles is hurting, and sends him to New York to finish up senior year with Uncle Phil. And yeah, there’s totally a lot of angst and fluff and really cute Avengers loving on their little Stiles.

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what does M!A mean I think it means magic ask but idk what that means either

// M!A stands for Magic Anon~ baisically an anon can alter your muse for a set amount of asks (if not specified you can choose how long! Well, TBH you can make them as long or short as you want (so you can keep motivation))

An example for this blog could be: M!A Sick Vik for 5 asks~ -Lulu //

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For that anon earlier, at my school when we're checking for mistakes, we find a quiet corner and read our paper out loud. It's amazing what you miss when you only read in your head. Idk, hope this helps somehow.

Maybe. I think that helps more with wording and structure, and sometimes grammar. Honestly, it’s never helped me because my brain still reads things the way it wants them to be and not how it’s written. Just like reading things backward doesn’t help because I can’t understand what I’m reading. BUT it’s not about me, so, anon, if you have never tried this, then go for it! We all do things differently ;D

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It's weird, I felt so nervous for them before the short dance yesterday but today I feel completely calm. I can even tell from the couple of photos we've already gotten today that they seem happy and calm. I just hope they can create the moment that they're looking for. <3333

Anon that is also all I want, I hope they finally get that “moment” they are seeking. <3 I feel happy and calm too idk, just happy to see how much they are enjoying this and that is really what you want to see as a fan. Good Luck to them today!!

for anon

this is for the anon who sent in a message about their personal problems

idk i felt iffy for publishing it because i didn’t want to intrude on your privacy or anything like that ;; so i’ll be replying to it like this. hope you don’t mind!

i’m sorry, i wish i could help you but i’m not sure what else to say or do to help.. :( i hope your days are getting a little better and that things start improving. hang in there, anon! make sure to take care of yourself and your health!! ily stay strong out there in the world ;;

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I know everyone is like losing their shit over the "knot" part but with the veil it almost seems it's more eastern you know. Idk if the Japanese use veils but what I got out of it was "tying the knot" you know? Idk I'm trying to rationalize this the title is fucking awful.

Yeah but its a pun and its more than just the word “knot” - theres a whole sentence to be had here – and a entire meaning with it.

I can understand wanting to rationalize it though – I honestly wish Kubo would stop torturing Rukia’s character – why is he targeting her so much? Its fucked up.

She already had to march a death march in white because of Renji – now she’s doing it again apparently. I’m pissed tbh.

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(sorry for the language, i'm from germany) i've a gf and i really really like her and i'm happy with her. but i can't get over my ex and idk what to do. my gf knows about her but i try to avoid speaking with my gf about my ex bc i don't want to hurt her or something like that. i can't decide between the stronger sad feelings for my ex and the happy not that strong feelings for my gf

I feel you owe it to your current girlfriend to at least tell her you still have feelings for your ex. I can’t tell you who or what to pick. But do what you feel is the right thing to do. Personally, if I was in your shoes, I’d be single. That would give you time to figure out your feelings for you ex and the feelings you have with your girlfriend. And when that is resolved, I would go from there

TID Appreciation Week  |  Day 6: Favorite family  |  Fairchilds~

That’s Henry, Charlotte, and little Charles. I didn’t get to color it yet, but I still wanted to post something in time. The Fairchilds are, and probably always will be, the cutest family in any Shadowhunter series ever to me.


lay lineart requested by anon || lineart set

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