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I would come off anon but I don't want to because its super embarrassing but I'm having a bad day and idk what I can really do to cheer up. Are you good at giving positive messages? If not I'm super sorry for bugging you /w this you don't have to answer it if you can't/don't want to

I hope tomorrow will be a lot better for you and there’s always tomorrow. Just do something productive now, and remember to look forward and have things that can cheer you up, ex: video games, cool objects, people, ect! these are called Anchors. keep em close, sprout. interests are a really important part of being happy

im alwyas here if you need help okay, i really wanna help people. whenever i think of Nice Things, like going on vacations, or eating good food for lunch, i get really happy idk haha

i hope this helped a little bit

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hellooo i just want to ask your opinion-- what do you think of the narrative of the possible denial? for me it still kind of sounds like het louis to me since they still claim he had sex with her idk but dont get me wrong im happy (SO HAPPY) we're almost getting a denial but the story is still kinda shit :(

I think that it’s good really, it means were heading towards the right direction. We still don’t know when the denial will take place, it might take weeks or several months. But the fact that the smaller media outlets are reporting it is a good sign that they’re getting the fandom ready for an oncoming denial. 

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。.:.。.:*solovet and hamnet in 172. as dark as you please ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*

You asked for it, anon.

“…Solovet once locked Hamnet up in that very cell for a full month because he crossed her at a war council,“ said Nerissa. "No light. No human contact. He was not the same when he came out.”

“Vikus was fighting at the Fount. The council was completely under her control. There was no one of power to intercede for Hamnet. To suffer this at his own mother’s hands … many of us think it contributed to his insanity at the Garden of Hesperides,” said Mareth.” -Code of Claw, Suzanne Collins. 

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recommend some ao3 fic's pleaseeeee

this is so vague….what fandom….what are you looking for…ive never read a single thing on ao3 so idk if i can help but i can search for different fic recs if you tell me what u want

Okay but being best friends with Ashton where he’s slowly but surely falling in love with you yet you’re totally oblivious to it because you guys ALWAYS have your Friday night movie nights and you ALWAYS cuddle with him in your big comfy bed, so being in close proximity to one another wasn’t unusual. But it wasn’t until one rainy Friday where you noticed how Ashton stiffened up when you leaned into him and how his breath hitched in his throat whenever you played with his long fingers, so the only thing you knew to do was sit up and sling a leg over his waist so you were straddling him and you were so close to his face you could feel his breath on your lips as his hands fell to your waist. He cocked his head to the side and chuckled nervously before asking “Uh, Y/N, you okay?” you answered his question with a smirk as you draped your arms over his shoulders and tugged on the hairs at the back of his neck before grinding down hard on him, causing a whimper to rise from his throat as he gripped your hips tightly, “Do you like me Ash?” you breathed as you leaned down to press kisses along his jaw, “Does the thought of fucking your best friend raw turn you on baby boy?” You smirked as Ashton groaned and flipped you over, hovering over you and kissing your forehead lightly and chuckling to himself, “You have no idea what the single thought of you does to me pretty girl, but I could show you, if that’s what you want of course.”

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Movie 'She's the Man'

So this has been sitting in my ask for awhile from the song/movie/book requests from awhile go and I finally got the time and inspiration to finish it. 



“Wait, you’re a dude?”

Taemin freezes mid-change, his shirt still half-pulled up and covering his face and he can feel the padding in his bra slip out and fall to his feet. 

Shit shit shit shit-

“I’m just really flat chested?” Taemin squeaks, pulling the shirt down hurriedly and realizing quickly how lop-sided his chest was. 

Jonghyun’s head is cocked to the side, his arms crossed against his broad chest and there’s a crooked smile on his annoyingly good-looking face.

“I’m guessing Taeyeon isn’t your real name?” The older boy asks, somehow not looking disgusted by the fact that the girl he had finally asked out just fucking yesterday was a fucking dude.

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I'm in love with your delinquent au and I wanted to know if you have any ideas for what laws crew, shachi, bepo and penguin, are doing in it, or how they look. I hope it's okay to ask!

Childhood friends, Shachi and Penguin, are Law’s assistants. Due to lack of money they’re both med-school drop outs and are currently being trained by Law. Both of them are skilled muay thai fighters.

idk how to draw dogs but Bepo is a trained cadaver dog. While he’s best at searching for human remains he is also able to sniff out drugs and explosives. (and fight bc hell yeah) he’s an albino German shepherd. Law literally stole him from a K-9 unit.

these designs aren’t final since I(once again) made them up on the spot lmao. I’ll mess with them a bit later


It was a shabby, inelegant solution, but the Doctor couldn’t think of anything else to do. A wig, fake beard, sideburns, a bit of eye makeup to change their general look, and sunglasses settled the face; his usual suit was traded out for thin-cut jeans and a button-down, though he kept his favorite canvas sneakers. He was unrecognizable, especially for someone who had forgotten him totally. And that was all that was necessary. 

What with everything he was going through, the need to see her was desperate; Donna Noble, the most important woman in the universe, his rival in wit and his equal in snark. He missed her terribly, and though this was a poor sham of a reunion, it was better than nothing. 

He caught her outside the office she was working at as a secretary; he’d watched her before, and she looked happy. But today he didn’t just watch, he approached her, and when he spoke he carefully lowered his voice an octave. 

“Donna Noble,” he said, and she looked up from where she’d been focusing on the mobile phone in her hand.

“Uh…hello,” she responded, one of her eyebrows raising, her heavy lips parted slightly, showing her skeptical attitude. 

“John Smith,” the Doctor introduced himself falsely, holding out a hand. “I work at the Tesco’s just around the corner and I see you walking home from work sometimes, and I always tell myself that I need to take such a beautiful woman to lunch." 

Her eyebrows raised. "How very forward of you, sir,” she said in that uppity tone he had grown to adore about her, so very, very human. “And how am I to know you’re not actually some creepy pedo that I should be buggering off from immediately?" 

The Doctor shrugged. Good old Donna, worried about all the wrong things as usual. "You can always decline,” he said, knowing she wouldn’t. Her curiosity for the intrigue hadn’t changed, no matter that there wasn’t a light of recognition in those beautiful brown eyes of hers when she looked at him. 

“You’re paying?” she asked after a long pause, and the Doctor nodded. “Well then, Mr. Smith. Lead the way.” And she took her arm in his. 

A flash of pain crossed the Doctor’s heart when he remembered she didn’t know how much she was comforting him. 

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Did you draw Meenah and Feferi together because Pisces is your zodiac sign? (I think) :^)

yess it is B) and idk I wanted to draw my headcanons for them in the same pic

Anon:In that beach comic thingy I noticed that sollux is holding a thing in the background. Is that a phone?


Anon.Is it okay to use that one sollux drawing where he’s trying to spell Mississippi as an icon?? It’s just so cute!!

thank you! sure go ahead c:

Anon:SLEEPOVER STUCK! *throws pillows*

I have some sleepover pic in my folder to be finished eventually! ohoh

Anon:You art was featured in Homestuck. Also what about Karkat who fell into lava? Just wondering.

I don’t know what happened to that one in particular ;v;


Request: Heyyyy I LOVE your imagines and this is going to be kinda complicated sorry😅😅 Can you do an imagine where Peter (who had a crush on the reader since she came to neverland bc she’s awesome) finding out she was working for Emma and Regina and everyone back in storybrooke to get back Henry before Peter kills him because they failed and only she could go to neverland bc she was never there(?) lol srry and Peter… Idk can you use your imagination from here? 😅😂 I’m sorry if it’s weird and long..

A/N: it got a bit angst-y in the end(my imagination, everyone!) I’ve said it a couple of times, but I will say it again. I love long requests. It helps me know what you want to read and if you didn’t want to read these, I wouldn’t be here right now, wonderful Anon!

Accidentally in Love~ Counting Crows(more in the beginning)

All of Peter’s attention went to the new girl. Why not? After he practically banished Henry’s family from the island, he could get Henry’s heart at any time. As fun as that game was, his family just kept getting in his way.

When you washed up on the beach, you grew closer to Peter. Closer than anyone else had ever been. The Lost Boys loved you as a mother, Henry trusted you, and Peter enjoyed the chase.

You were probably the only person that could distract Peter from the game. One day, he was being particularly slow and you asked, “What’s wrong, Peter? You’re acting weird.”

Peter scoffed, “Am not.” The two of you continued the chasing game through the jungle. Once you both made it back to camp, the two of you just went to the fire. Sneaking peaks at you, Peter smiled.

The feeling was different for him. Peter’s felt it before in his old life. Only for Rumpelstiltskin’s mother to leave him.

You didn’t ask about his old life and in return, he didn’t ask about yours. Peter knew that you were lost and that was enough for him.

That night, the two of you were by the fire as the rest of the Lost Boys went to bed. “Y/N, you’re special.” He saw you roll your eyes. “You are!”

“Compared to my brother, I’m normal,” you revealed.

“Brother?” You stiffened slightly when you realized what you said. “How could anyone make you seem normal?” Peter overlooked the obvious fact about you to turn it into a compliment.

Your heartbeat quickened at the little space between you and Peter. “Uh, he solved this big problem,” you found yourself saying, “Everyone wants him.”

“Not me,” Peter whispered before placing his lips on yours. Throughout the kiss, you couldn’t help, but think ‘Yes, you do’.

Regina adopted two children. While Henry was convinced that his mother was the Savior, you were convinced that he was just super imaginative. Once Emma lifted the curse, people loved Henry. He actually belonged, but you were normal.

When Peter took Henry, you stayed at Storybrooke with Belle. What you didn’t expect was for Peter to banish them.

You offered to go get Henry. Being non-magical, you crossed the border and whispered the two simple words: I believe. The Shadow took you, only to realize that you were a girl over the ocean of Neverland. You got yourself to the beach and then, you were waking up in the camp.

Peter convinced Henry that he needed to save magic. You explained what Peter hid from him. The two of you planned your escape.

Then, Peter Pan kissed you.

The group described a demon in the guise of a boy. You only saw the boy. Peter was quite scary when he was mad, but he normally wasn’t to you.

Kissing Peter was wonderful. How he was a good kisser after being on an island with all boys, you’ll probably never know. You probably don’t want to know.

He pulled away first. Peter looked deeply into your eyes. “I want to tell you something.” You nodded, still stunned from the kiss. “I’m older than I look.” You already knew that. Neverland stopped people from aging. “I mean, I came here as a man,” Peter hesitated, “Then, traded my son to become a boy again.”

Your eyes widened. He noticed your reaction. “Are you scared of me?”

“Peter, in my world, you could never be a villain,” you consoled, “I believe that you have good in you.” None of it was lies.

He smiled a bit. “Tell me something about you. Where did you come from?”

“A small town in Maine,” you answered vaguely, “Time almost stood still there.”

Peter listened, recognizing the description. He hastily excused himself and left you by yourself. “Felix, look after Henry,” he ordered. The loyal Lost Boy nodded.

After that, you went back to your tent. When you woke up, you felt something hard. Knowing that you weren’t in your sleeping bag, you woke up hurriedly. You were in a hanging wooden cage. “Enjoying the view?” You looked down to see Peter looking especially evil.


He sneered, “That’s Pan to you. Don’t think I didn’t notice. Your brother that solved a problem and people want him. Time stood still in your town. I should have known that they would have sent someone.” Peter glared at you with hatred. “That’s what I get for actually thinking that villains could be 'once upon a time’ in love.” His tone was dripping in sarcasm by the end.

You stared at him. “What are you going to do with me, then?” You demanded.

“Why, I thought it’d be funny,” he smiled harshly, “To put the two girls in cages, especially when I only needed their brothers.” You knew about Wendy.

Peter flew up to my cage. “Do you still see good in me?” He asked mockingly.

You said firmly, “There once was, but I’m afraid that the evilness won. Congratulations, Pan. The only reason you can’t have a happy ending is because of yourself.” After that, you refused to talk.

Storybrooke found a way to get Henry again. You were presumably dead, killed by Peter. The town mourned you for a while before returning to their normal lives.

Pan kept you in the cage for a while. When he died, the island started dying. You remained in your cage until the end.

You found out that even normal people didn’t always get happy endings.

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Maybe reverse racism doesn't exist in your country but in some places it does. You can't say to white people who have been bullied their whole life that it was all just in their head. You wouldn't say to a kid who's been bullied for being skinny that because they are skinny they don't get bullied, would you now? My best friend is white and the area she used to live in she was constantly oppressed because of it. I understand where you are coming from but it does exist.

i spent a four months abroad in costa rica, where i was the minority being white. it made me uncomfortable as hell and yes people did make jokes at our expense quite often (particularly since i’m from the US), but it’s still not racism. 

if someone’s been bullied for being white their whole life, no it’s not all in their head. but it’s also not racism. one person being bullied does not mean hundreds (thousands??) of years of oppression. literally people of color have always been oppressed as a “unit,” if you will. by white people. universally.

for the one white person that’s been bullied for being white, there’s probably at least five people of color who have been killed for not being white.

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I'm thinking of pursuing a career in psychology but i dont really know if its right for me. I'm slightly interested in it but its not like i have a burning passion. i dont have a strong passion for anything tbh idk. i guess i just haven't figured out what career path is right for me. how did you know that you wanted to study psychology? how did you know it was right for you? and did you go into university with confidence in your career path choice?

I’ve answered a few asks very similar to this so I’m going to link you to a few posts which I think answer your questions:

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Ok, Me being trans myself that anon finally pissed me off a little. how in the loving fuck is sig transphobic!? like, oh it's so horrible not every headcannon of hers has a character being trans =O it's going to ruin the world. Listen up Buttercup. not everyone has to be trans. you should feel happy sig has at least 1 trans au. like, my god. im sorry if sig doesn't do what you want but it's her blog? dont like it unfollow? easy as pie. it's good to have trans headcannons or au but dont force it!

plus, i don’t really bash anyone’s trans headcanons, either. like some might confuse me, or i get bothered by it, but i wouldnt go up to someone and say their opinions are shit, that’s rude af. we all see a headcanon we don’t like, and it happens, it’s just HOW you deal with it and how mature you are about it.

cuz honestly, i’d love to have more trans headcanons/au’s, but i feel like i’m not in the right place to do it. since i’m not trans myself, and i feel uncomfortable when half of a website kinda shames anyone who doesn’t have trans headcanons/au’s, and then is called a transphobe for it. i kinda had to force myself to making one so people can leave me alone.

i’m honestly a lot more comfortable making my own trans oc’s, really. 


The bullshit being your ask.

I’m on mobile right now– I could make a long ass rant against your ask, which is probably what you want. But nah. Because you know and I know that how much I care of your opinions equals none.

So unless you fucking square up and come off anon, do us all a favor and maybe… idk… keep your thoughts to yourself, seeing how you can’t even own up to them.

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I have theory about Black butler relating exclusively to the anime, and i wanted to know what you thought about it. The theory is that a demon's power is influenced by their emotions. Like, before she was contracted to Luka, Hannah seemed to be quite powerful, and gaining feelings for Alois and Luka seemed to decrease her power. It could also be why Claude doesn't show an emotion, because he obviously capable of it. (idk about Sebastian, he could just be naturally more powerful.)

I think this is a cool theory, anon, and there’s a lot of canon basis for it too! I actually agree a lot with your points.

Maybe their emotional state does affect power levels to some extent. I don’t think Hannah became physically weaker after falling for Alois and Luka, but she definitely became more withdrawn- basically, held back more than she would have before them. Still, she won in the end lol but that might be chalked up to Sebastian and Claude’s stupidity.

I’d argue that Claude got weaker after tasting Ciel a second time- not physically, but he became more distracted because too much excited emotion lol. Otherwise, I agree- he only cared about himself which is why he was able to get away with so much.

As for Sebastian, he’s certainly more powerful in the anime than in the manga, but he had a combination of Hannah and Claude’s problem- some attachment mixed with extreme obsession over Ciel. That seems to be why he “lost” to Hannah in the end and why it took him so long to finish off Claude. So I don’t think he’s exempt from getting his power levels messed up by emotions either.

Thanks for sharing with me, anon!

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i love their music so i rly want to get into mcr... what videos do u think i should watch?


ALRIGHT ok so idk how deep you are already if you already like their music.. i was gonna put music videos and stuff in this but that would be way too long and i dont want to make this one of those huge video link posts, so for music videos and official stuff i suggest just scrollin on through the mcr youtube channel and watching things that look interesting. i guarantee you’ll fall down a hole of mcr videos quickly by doing that. (my personal favorite mv’s are famous last words and na na na)

i highly suggest watching life on the murder scene and the black parade is dead. those will get you in pretty deep pretty quickly

anyways now im just gonna put a few of my personal favorite mcr videos.. live ones and random ones and shit. also you can always just throw yourself off a cliff and do the classic “my chemical romance funny moments” youtube search.. some of the videos are old and cringy but its a sure fire way to ruin your life

ok i was gonna keep going but this is quickly turning into a long list of links so im just gonna link you to the best thing ever which is this amazing wonderful list of interviews that even gives nice little descriptions. make ur way through there and click videos in the side bar on youtube and you’re set to ruin your life. if you have any like.. questions? or anything about anything tbh i probably know im the best at quickly obsessing over things and learning everything about them

have a nice time falling into mcr hell