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The way Maggie's mouth drops when she says the person part of 'You don't think I'm a bad person?' Even after all of what Alex has just said, there's still a doubt. A waiting... for the end? Because of course someone like Alex just could not exist. Could not be right in front of her, saying all these things. Being so understanding and kind to her. Wanting to be with her. Because of course this isn't what she deserves after what she did. But Alex is here. And she means everything she's saying. (1)

And oh god she’s here to help you heal… and aklshfgdfkls idk. just. again. FEELS. -angst anon (maybe) ;)

THE.GODDAMN.FEELS. Alex completely surprised Maggie because not only is Alex staying, but she also wants all the good AND bad parts of Maggie. She wants all of Maggie. And its almost too much for Maggie to take in. 

and it is 100% too much for me so RIP. 

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I like the work, but Jefferson and Alexander? Bad choice. Why not do a jokey kind of one and do Lauren and Alexander? Everyone really likes them. Or do just normally, Alexander and Eliza! Just why not Jefferson and Madison everyone likes them together. Sorry, but you made the wrong choice in my eyes. Idk my opinion


i cant believe it

i’ve been blogging wrong this whole time! its not about having fun after all! its all about doing what someone else wants me to do and not giving a shit about what i personally like!

oh gosh, i cant believe it, i’ve been a bad sheep all along :((( 

i never would have realised this without you anon

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5 for COFT please? ( also that latest chapter of TGATNW was super great. hot damn that subtle torture!)

5: What part was hardest to write?

It was really hard starting, because I was so sure - like so sure - that people wouldn’t read it or want to read it. And there was actually a drop off between Game Theory and The Court of Five Thrones (some people love GT and not COFT, some people love COFT and not GT, some people don’t love either etc.)

Additionally, I had just cut off from an intensely emotionally abusive person, who was at the time quite entangled in my writing in a not healthy way. And so I’d not only cut off a relationship that had been super important to me for such a long time, some of their parting words included them strongly urging me not to write COFT because they had zero interest in it as a project. That, combined with the abuse, meant that COFT became a lot more to me than just…a story.

But that meant it also became more intimidating. My self-esteem has never been great, and it was pretty shattered at that point. I didn’t like any of my writing. I felt really burned out (and I was). One of the most helpful therapists I’d ever seen, left the state after confirming that I was in the equivalent of a verbal domestic violence relationship and she recommended a thing called No Contact which was really fucking hard, and I was in a grey area of looking for a new therapist, and I’d also lost a few other friends who I cared about deeply, or alternatively, the friendships changed to the point where we became acquaintances. Like, this irl stuff had a massive knock on effect, but these were often also people I knew on Tumblr, and so I was suddenly like, wait… what?

So I’ll always remember the first 5 chapters as the hardest. Introducing new characters, trying to find my way through a new format, losing friends, almost constantly suicidal for months, unable to reach out here (I felt muzzled by the situation), and also not really sure about myself. Things many people go through, but just felt sharper because of all this other stuff.

I’ve had writer’s block since then, sometimes pretty bad, but nothing compares to that period of time where I seriously was considering quitting writing and deleting Game Theory, and my finger would hover over the ‘delete this work’ button so many times you have no idea because I couldn’t stand myself.

So, so glad I worked through that.

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A magic, and quite Mysterious Anon appeared. "Hahaha! Hello Shotty! You must be human for the... next... um.." The magic Anon's train of thought derailed, but then remembered. "Ah yes, 7 questions. You will be human for the next 7 Questions!" The Magic Anon's hand zapped Shotglass with a power that turned him human. "Toodles~" the magic Anon disappeared into nothing. _____ You don't have to though lol I don't want to show my identity because idk. Keep your art skill up! 🌟💙🌟💙🌟 -Anon

// What art skill 

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messaging anon here: if we're not ur mutual, could we still try to work something out because I really want to have cool friends like u in general

I’m not actively seeking a lot of social interactions, hence closing messages for non-mutuals but honestly a lot of people have back and forth with me via private asks so :\ I am a disappointment and I am not a cool person, if that doesn’t stop you I am not going to do anything to reject either yo

Love Over War

Characters - Peter x Reader, Steve, T'Challa, mentions of Tony

Word Count - 1029

Warnings - Fluff

Request - Hoooooows about the reader being SUPER smart about Peter’s age on #teamcap and set after civil war, when Tony is too big to reach out to Steve for help Peter contacts y/n and the team kinda gets back together ‘for the kids’ sake, cause they’re in 'puppy love’????!!!1!1!!1!? (Anon)

A/N - I went a little off from the request. Idk, I started writing and it just happened. Please let me know what you think!

“Y/N,” Steve mumbled your name after hearing you sigh for about the fourth time in the past half hour.

Though your eyes were glued to the window, he knew that there was a longing dancing within them. Your heart was aching and you couldn’t help the knots that twisted tightly in your chest as you thought about the fight in Germany. You wanted nothing more than to just leave, you hated that you had to pick sides on the matter.

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Preference: Lingerie they like on you

Requested by anon. Thank you! <3

Seokjin: I think he’d be a pretty traditional kind of guy? So he wouldn’t like anything particularly complicated and/or detailed. He’d just want you to feel comfortable above anything else.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Namjoon: The frillier the better. He’d love for you to look as sexy as possible. Definitely a fan of sheer stuff.

Originally posted by rapfluff

Yoongi: Something simple but elegant. He’d definitely like something that is easy to take off, he ain’t a fan of wasting precious time.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Hoseok: He doesn’t strike me as the type to really care about that kind of stuff? Of course he’d appreciate it, but he wouldn’t have a preference about what kind he likes you to wear. As long as you feel sexy in it.

Originally posted by hohbi

Jimin: Another one I see as pretty traditional, though I reckon he’d prefer dark, decorative lingerie.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Taehyung: Complicated, sexy lingerie. Makes it more fun for him to take off. Loves red.

Originally posted by thehouseofkpop

Jungkook: Anything, literally anything would get him worked up. Could be simple, could be complicated, expect him to lose his mind.

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Ok so I like had to totally leave Tumblr after Sherlock last season ended and I'm just want to ask if we got a forth episode and if the johnlock shippers are still here or whatever idk I feel really like depressed still I really let myself believe it would happen idk sorry

Yeah, I feel you anon. Nothing happened, sadly. S4 is what we got, and what we got was shit. :/

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Hey i saw your reblog and um im sorry for being clueless, but who IS selja?

Selja is a BTS anti who claims she is an Exo -L. Recently she has been posting very threatening posts on Twitter (although her account has been suspended) saying things like “Jimin will die on the 1st of April” (BTS’ concert) with guns in the posts too. Supposedly this is not the first time she has threatened or harassed an idol. Although from this link , the guns shown weren’t her own so hopefully nothing will happen during the concert.

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JB Imagine - Flirty

A/N - I hope the anon who requested this will enjoy~ Also this is the first time I’ve set out requested imagines like this with the full request included so let me know if you think this kind of layout works well or not!

idk if requests are still open but can i request a fluff scenario with Jaebum and the reader where like, they both have a crush on each other and he is constantly flirting and then he confesses and all that and then they kiss. (i don’t know what i’m typing i just really want more fanfictions of flirtass jaebum but it’s fluff akdjadlksaj

Today you were spending the day with the Got7 members while on their schedules. They didn’t have a particularly busy day and were just filming a bit for a new series they were doing so had been allowed to bring you along with them. You were very close with all of the members and considered them all to be very good friends but Jaebum would always seem to flirt with you. He’d often wink at you and make suggestive remarks. It was never anything that made you uncomfortable but it did always get your heart racing. You actually had a crush on him and so all this flirting would only get your hopes up. Despite his flirty nature, you were unsure whether he liked you as more than a friend or not. You were too shy and unsure to ask him outright so you just let the harmless flirting continue.

The boys were currently filming solo parts and Jaebum was the one on camera right now. As soon as he had finished and the director gave him the all-clear, he walked over to you.
“Hey, (Y/N). You looked like you were enjoying some of my scenes,” he said teasingly, giving you a small smirk.
“Maybe I was enjoying it. Why? Do you want me to fawn all over you?” You responded, batting your eyelashes at him. His smirk immediately fell and his cheeks blushed a light pink before he managed to compose himself.
“Well it means I’m doing my job well. If I can make you swoon then I’m sure the fans will too.”
“Oh, it’ll take more than that to make me swoon, Jaebum.”
“Really now? And how’s that? Do you need me to take off my shirt or something?”
“Hm might work, who knows.”

You were trying your best to sound nonchalant about it all when in reality you were struggling to keep calm inside. Jaebum raised one eyebrows at your last statement and without speaking grabbed your wrist and led you out of the studio.
“Where are you taking me?”
“Somewhere I’ll be able to make you swoon without anyone seeing.”
“What?” He didn’t add anything to calm your shock but instead just continued to lead you somewhere. He ended taking you to some old room that didn’t look like anyone had been in there for a while. As soon as you were in, Jaebum shut the door and pushed you against it. His lips were on yours with a force and passion that you felt like you had never experienced. You were almost seeing stars from how dizzy with happiness it made you feel. Kissing Jaebum was more than you could have ever imagined. When he broke away from the kiss, he rested his forehead on yours.
“I like you, (Y/N). If you couldn’t already tell.”
“I could tell. And that’s the best news I’ve heard all week. I like you too, Jaebum.” His smile was so wide that his eyes were like little crescent moons on his face. You brought a hand up to caress his smooth skin, watching how he reacted under your touch.
“You know, I think I’m the one who managed to make you swoon, not the other way around,” you giggled, teasing him still. Jaebum blushed and buried his face in your shoulder from embarrassment. The flirty Jaebum you were used to had completely disappeared and what was left was a man who was completely smitten and elated from his feelings and it was possibly the cutest thing you had ever seen.

Heathen Like Us

Originally posted by blurryhometown

Word Count: 4,289

Prompt: “Can you do an imagine with Josh Dun where the reader goes on tour with them and the reader and Tyler doesn’t get a long too well. Idk, make it however you want. Love your writing. ❤️” -Anonymous 

-Thank you to the anon that requested this! Please bear in mind that this is my first ever TØP imagine and that this is also fiction, so if it doesn’t sound like them or seem like them (which I mean most of what Tyler says / does is nothing he would ever do in reality), please forgive me!

That said, I had fun writing this. A massive thank you also to my best fren @buckybarnesstar for contributing ideas to this  ❤️  Love you Case, as does Seb. Make sure to check her blog out if you love Bucky :) 

love to you and stay alive, frens  |-/ 

Iz xx 

“TYLER ROBERT JOSEPH!” You echo through the halls of the Barclay’s Center. Several members of the crew whip their heads to follow your voice, which was undoubtedly dripping with discontent. They watch as you stride forward, your eyes peering out in search of the ukulele strumming man.

Tyler’s head snaps up at the shrill sound, standing a few meters outside the top dressing room. His vision lands on your frustrated figure, a laugh escaping his lips for a moment before why you had screamed his name. With wide eyes, he scrambles towards the dressing room, only to crash into his band mate in the process.

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Hang Out- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by bulletproofwhale

Hey guys! So this one ended kind of short, but I really like how it went so I didn’t want to force more! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Warning: None

Anon request: idk what the other friends w benefits request is but could you do one where youre friends w benefits w andre and one day he shows up unannounced while you were in your pjs with a face mask on and getting ready to watch your fav show or something so youre like uh… sorry not tonight but he doesnt actually want sex he was just feeling sad and didnt want to be alone or something and then its fluffy and cute?


              You were not expecting the knock on the door. So you were not expecting to need to be decent to open said door.

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Better Late Than Never - Sehun scenario

Requested by anon: May I have a request where you and Sehun or Kai (You can pick) are best friends BUT in college he becomes a Playboy ;-; and ignores you, but later he confesses out for jealousy :3 Thank you!!!!!!! Love you <3

Here it is! idk why but Sehun spoke most to me for this scenario, I hope it’s what you wanted! Thank you so much for the request, I really hope you like it <3 I’m so sorry it’s taken so long, my Internet has been beyond awful this past week… On the bright side, it’s done and I loved writing it! Love you too sweetie!!x

genre: somewhat angsty, some fluff 

word count: 2.1k (sorry this is so long I just kinda started and didn’t stop ?)

please feel free to request a pt.2 if you enjoy this!  I wanna write fluffy Sehunnnnnnn 

Originally posted by sehurn

You hugged your books closer to your chest, fighting against the sharp breeze as you crossed the campus courtyard. Silently cursing your roommate, who had snuck into your room in the middle of the night to unplug your alarm clock and use the outlet to charge her phone, you tried to ignore your grumbling stomach. Having only woken up ten minutes before, you had left the dorm before you had the chance to even think about eating. In order to make it to your Psychology I class on time, you had needed to leave right away; you took minimal time to change out of your pyjamas and into jeans, a tank top, and knit cardigan. Your pace quickened as your classroom door came into sight. 

You reached the doorway just as your professor reached for the handle to close it. “I’m so sorry.” You breathed, offering a small smile. 

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Happier - reid x reader

A/N this is a lil more angsty and less fluffy than i usually write. I like it tho (:

Anon request: An imagine to the song Happier by Ed Sheeran.

Hope you like it!! let me know what you think. (Italics are the song lyrics)

@hanny-bananny idk if u want me to tag u in my work still, if you want me to stop just let me know and i wont be offended!

Originally posted by dr-spencer-reid-though

Walking down 29th and park
I saw you in another’s arm
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier
Saw you walk inside a bar
He said something to make you laugh
I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look happier, you do

Spencer walked down the street with a cup of coffee in his hand, watching the sun set quickly over the busy street and buildings surrounding him. As he walked he allowed his mind to wander, and he started thinking of you.

You’d only ended your relationship a month ago. He was so torn up about it. He knew that it was best logically, because his work was getting to be too much. It took his attention away from you sometimes which caused you to feel unneeded. You deserved better.

But a big part of him just wanted you. He loved you and he needed you, but your happiness came before his own, and if you wanted the relationship to be over, so be it. 

Spencer was taken from his thoughts when he heard an all too familiar sound. Your laugh.

He’d know that sound anywhere. It was the most beautiful laugh in the world. He snapped his head up to look for the source of it, praying that you wouldn’t see him because he looked like a mess. Recently he’d thrown himself into his work to distract himself from the breakup.

Spencer’s eyes landed on you, but he didn’t see what he wanted to. He wanted you to run to him. He wanted you to hug him, and let him hold you for a million years. He wanted you to confess your love to him and admit that you needed him just as much as he needed you. But that didn’t happen, because you were holding hands with someone who he’d never seen before, and you didn’t even notice Spencer standing on the sidewalk far from you.

A big smile adorned your face as you produced the beautiful laugh that Spencer had fallen in love with at something the stranger said. The stranger’s smile mirrored your own as you walked into a bar, leaving Spencer dumbfounded at his luck. He could’ve gone without seeing that, it was painful.

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody love you like I do
Promise that I will not take it personal, baby
If you’re moving on with someone new

Nevertheless, Spencer continued walking home, thinking to himself that if you were happier with the stranger than with him, then he could learn to be okay with that. He wouldn’t take it personally.

He’d hurt you, he was so invested in his work that he had neglected to remind you how much he adored you and that was his own fault. Your relationship in the end lacked the passion that it had always had in the beginning, and now he was paying the price.

Spencer was so afraid that he’d never love that much again. He was scared that he’d never have the chance to feel again.

‘Cause baby you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too
And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth
But I know I was happier with you

Sat in the corner of the room
Everything’s reminding me of you
Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself
You’re happier, aren’t you?

Before he knew it, Spencer had arrived home to his apartment. He threw his keys down on the table that you had bought with him when this was your shared apartment. He kicked off the shoes that you had given him as a gift. He tore off the coat that you’d always said you loved. He couldn’t think straight, he needed to tell someone about what had just happened, so he dialed Morgan’s cell phone number and listened to it ring as he awaited an answer.

“Hey, pretty boy, what’s up?” The friendly voice sounded in his ear.

“I just saw Y/N, and she was with a guy, and they were holding hands and laughing and they went into a bar, and I’m so.. Oh, god, Morgan. I just don’t know what to do with myself. She looked so happy, and I want her to be happy, but.. I want to be the one to make her happy, does that make any sense?” Spencer rambled. He opened a beer and sat on his couch. He didn’t drink often, but this was an exception.

“Woah, Reid. Slow down. Listen, it’s been a month and that’s not very long. But you knew this would happen at some point in time. One day you’re gonna meet someone new and you’ll be happy just like she is. Time will make it better.” Morgan said in a calming voice. Spencer just sighed, and they finished the conversation but he still didn’t feel better. He was a hell of a lot happier with you.

The next day at work, Spencer sat at his desk and smiled through his pain while he looked over paperwork and sipped on his coffee.

Oh, ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody need you like I do
I know that there’s others that deserve you
But my darling, I am still in love with you

Spencer checked the time and was relieved when he saw that there was still a long day ahead of him, he needed to be distracted. However, his thoughts neglected the work before him and came to rest upon the topic of you, who he loved so much. Now that he thought about it, of course you’d found someone new. You were beautiful and kind. You were selfless, smart, and considerate. In fact, he didn’t even feel like he deserved you. There were better men out there, who could give you what you needed.

All he needed, though, was you.

But I guess you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too
I could try to smile to hide the truth
But I know I was happier with you
Baby, you look happier, you do
I knew one day you’d fall for someone new
But if he breaks your heart like lovers do
Just know that I’ll be waiting here for you

Spencer sighed, and just told himself to accept the fact that you’d moved on with someone new. He knew it’d happen eventually, but he didn’t realize that it’d be this soon.

Throughout the day, Morgan and JJ kept checking up on him, assuring him that he’d find someone else too. That wasn’t what he wanted though, he just wanted you.

Spencer swore to himself that he’d wait to look for someone new until he was positive that you were too far out of his grasp. If this mystery man that you were currently with hurt you or ended it with you, Spencer would still be waiting here with open arms. You were his home, and he prayed that he’d be able to go home soon.


P.S. please leave me a like or some feedback so I know that you’re reading!! if you like my work and would like to see more, my masterlist is linked right up there!! ^

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Weird and slightly lame suggestion from your friendly neighbourhood comp anon, do you have any photos of the gazeboys + animals/pets... besides the obvious ones of Koron?

not a lot I’m afraid… there’s the pictures of Ruki with his old dog from rock and read

but! there are quite a few pictures of just their pets, mostly Reita’s birds

10/10 cute birds. also enjoy this picture of Koron wearing a sweater

there’s also this photo of a dog from Kai’s section of Onore one time (could be his dog, a family pet, idk, I don’t know Japanese so I don’t know what it says. any resident translators want to help out?)

since this was not really what you asked for anon here’s Reita petting his bird (that looks just like him)

pet pet