idk if this is what he actually says so fake subs

Yoongi As Your Boyfriend

so this was requested. also, yoongs would be a great boyfriend, getting that out of the way. also, my friend’s bias is yoongi. get wrecked bish.

request: Can you plz do yoongi as a bf?? ..ur writing is just so good and literally wow god bless👌❤️❤️ 

also, thank you for the compliment ^^ i’m trying my best

here’s my masterlist, and requests are open~

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  • he’s perfect bless him
  • if he’s your boyfriend then you won at life
  • like no joke at all
  • you slayed existence
  • hmm, i don’t think this gramps would be able to strike a conversation with a stranger, so, uh, let’s say you are a friend of the boys but like, not super close with yoongs k
  • he’s the guy who would admire from distance, he doesn’t take initiative, and he’s kind of content with the relationship he has with you
  • ok not really
  • “namjoon, set me up with them” “what? why?” “because i said so”
  • he isn’t as smooth but he gets the message across lmao
  • hmm, i imagine you’d go to a music shop with namjoon and yoongi tags along and suddenly where’s namjoon
  • but it’s okay, you got yoongi with you
  • tbh he seems pretty cold and intimidating
  • but you ask him about some album or artist and his eyes literally light up and he starts rambling and he got this cute lil smile on his lips the whole time and he’s gesticulating and you’ve never seen someone be so excited over talking
  • and by the time you guys are over with talking about music, the shop needs to close so you get evacuated really smoothly but you don’t even realize, you’re still talking
  • you even forgot about namjoon, poor guy he’s 10 feet behind you guys, patting himself on the shoulder bc “great job nams”

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Oh my god leela. There were so many good gems in that video. How soft phil was being and hesitant on comforting dan. Dan being the game rager he is and getting mad (but also forgiving) the body language my god I'm excited for your analysis if you choose to do one 😊

(dan and phil play the impossible quiz #6)

it was honestly so good!!!!! i loved the first couple impossible quizzes bc they seemed so genuine/authentic and they were some of the first instances on dapg of dnp comfortably expressing both verbal and physical affection so strongly and with minimal self-consciousness (especially dan to phil with all of the poking and the fake choking and the PHIL LESTER YOURE A GENIUS!!!!!!!) but i felt like after #3 the videos started to get a little bit forced and also just,,, sort of stressful and unpleasant to watch because it understandably felt like neither of them really wanted to be going through the hell of playing and replaying the quiz so many times. so i wasn’t excited at first to watch this bc i knew it’d be like Frustrating As Fuck, and it obviously was, but once again they somehow make everything fun and funny for themselves, bc of how much they just naturally/intuitively make each other laugh and know exactly what to say/do to bring each other joy (vom…. i never though i’d be at the point where there’s TOO MUCH affection in dnp videos but srsly i’m already gagging and i’ve not even gotten into the meat of the video yet lmao). overall, the vid unexpectedly showed us a lot about how they interact and the way that their dynamic works under stress <3333 ahhh i loved it! 

to begin, some behind-the-scenes stuff i couldn’t help thinking about: 

  • one of phil’s opening remarks is addressed directly to new viewers in 2017, asking them to go back and watch the rest of the series. have their stats/subs spiked or something in the past couple of months? i feel like they’re talking to potential new 2017 viewers a lot recently and sponning older gaming vids/the gaming channel in general more than they usually do. interesting to think about! 
  • 3:23: phil says happy new year to the cat which immediately made me assume they filmed this one ages ago, probs during that week when dan mentioned in his live show (jan. 17) that they’d be doing lots of pre-filming for dapg bc the month following would be busy with ‘life things.’  
  • there’s no way in fuck they didn’t know about needing to save all of their skips. i have never once played the impossible quiz or seen it played and i barely ever look at their twitter mentions or anything else but it’s THE ONLY THING ANYONE COMMENTS ON THESE VIDEOS!!!!! there’s just absolutely no way that 1. they didn’t see it in their comments and/or 2. dan didn’t remember that from having played it himself before, so,,,, ,, i take the whole entire breakdown scene when dan leaves the room and then comes back and climbs on the chair as being completely exaggerated for the drama and the entertainment value. like lol @ phil’s “what!!! yOU nEeD aLL tHe sKiPs ? ? wOW ?” this isn’t an intrinsically bad thing by the way, bc it certainly made it more entertaining than it would’ve been if they had known the whole time. nor does this mean that they weren’t genuinely frustrated and distressed (bc like,,, how could you not be, after being forced to play through these questions over and over and spend hours of your life on this dumb quiz). but it’s just good to keep in mind that not every reaction we see in these videos is completely authentic 
  • all the mf jump cuts. i felt like this video was one long tease of *almost* showing us a full phil-consoling-dan scene or *almost* showing us a full dan-jubilant-in-celebration-complete-with-embracing-phil scene but there were cuts that made each of those exchanges feel reduced or incomplete in certain ways and i was on EDGE the whole time hahaha. lots of people messaged to ask me whether i thought they hugged/kissed/otherwise expressed more affection than they showed us, and my answer is: like,,, maybe??? idk??? if not while filming, then probs after? the question is just not that interesting to me, because like,,, i think they’re together,,, i think they probably kiss all the time for many reasons, so i don’t rly get the excitement around speculating whether they did in this one specific instance about this one specific thing. either way, idk if that’s the main explanation for why there were so many cuts, since, after 7 years of filming together, they probably have a handle on restraining their urges to ~passionately make out~ while they’re on camera… if only to save them all the annoyance of editing it out later. i think the cuts were mostly down to HOW FUCKING LONG this video had the potential to be, and the fact that even with all of those cuts it was still nearly half an hour in length. at the point where they had to choose between leaving in actual content or 2 mins of dan screaming and phil’s hover hands and soft assurances, it makes sense they chose to leave in more content and cut more of the fluff. but it was still comforting to know that even with so many cuts they could’ve made, they still left in a fair amount of the cute affectionate bits too. if anything, it makes the decision to include those bits all the more significant. 

all of those more meta observations made, some of my fav things about the actual video: 

  • the lil exchange at 3:08ish when dan’s like ‘pls don’t help me’ bc phil says the wrong colors and phil’s like, ‘no i said the right colors’ and dan’s like, ‘no u didn’t,,,,, ugh.’ but he’s so fond and can’t help smiling at phil, then at us, in a silent reiteration of his fav interjection (“this guy”).
  • dan’s outrage when phil moved his arm during the meteor bit and made them lose a life, and dan calling phil a c***, and the way that phil just sat there giggling. and then the reprise: “i’m not over that. do not think i’ve forgotten.” “i was just giving you a friendly pat!” “no touching of any kind!!!!!!!! you nutter.” the way you can literally hear the smile in dan’s voice. jfc, like i’m honestly nauseated
  • phil tells dan, “you just spat everywhere.” *not even a second passes* dan replies, “like scorpius was spitting on albus in harry potter and the cursed child.” what?? ?? ? i don’t even understand 1. why dan’s mind immediately went to that 2. why he goes out of his way to mention that they’re a popular ship 3. the exchanging bodily fluids comment? what??? ? then he starts talking about spitting during tatinof and idk whether it was to dilute the weirdness of what he’d just said? or jst that he was genuinely rattling off instances of people spitting that came to mind? one of those moments where dan’s brain is a complete mystery lol 
  • “my ass just clenched.” damn. like. yet another thing i would never have expected to hear phil lester say and i was v fascinated that apart from a tiny little smile, dan didn’t react to it at all. they’re really trying to destroy the innocent!phil trope AND the dan reacting like ‘wtf u on about’ trope as thoroughly as possible. although a little bit of the dan reacting like ’wtf’ thing still peeked its head out at the v beginning, in response to ‘dapg climaxes.’ i don’t blame dan though it was truly jarring to hear that come out of phil’s mouth hahaha
  • this video felt like phil’s turn to low-key compliment dan consistently throughout (whereas many of the earlier impossible quiz videos were super cute primarily bc they gave dan a platform to compliment phil’s creative thinking). phil is “impressed” that dan remembered where the lemur was. his little mumbled, “you’re so good at remembering things,” when dan picks an answer seemingly without even reading the question. “you’ve got it dan, you’ve got it, everyone believes in you,” at like 18:30ish when dan’s doing the dots question for like the 5th time lol. the way he’s so excited and genuine when he says, “you’re good at that!” at the end when dan does the road question. it’s all just v wholesome and feeds into the larger theme of this video for me: it was a very lovely showcase of many of the ways in which phil supports and calms dan when he’s upset. bc lbr dan genuinely got riled up by this game and i think even as far back as three videos ago (impossible quiz 3) he was completely over it and resentful of it, and hardly made any attempts to hide that.
  • to that end, my second fav exchange in the whole video was quite possibly 16:28-16:35. bc like,,, wtaf? they’re just openly exchanging some inside jokes here and not even bothering to clue us in, and i feel attacked. unless this is a reference i don’t understand? but phil says “ford focus” dan says “ford mondeo?” and then phil says something that sounds like “fox el cursa?” what the fuck. dan giggles and squeals, like. literally SQUEALS “shut up” in the cutest voice. and this is during the meteors question when dan is stressed and phil just makes him laugh like this to calm him down and, what is this,, like,,,,  the 348th example we’ve gotten that when dan is distressed, one of phil’s fav ways of talking him down is by making him laugh??? ? ha i want to die pretty much 
  • but i am probably MOST obsessed with the exchange that happens between 8:40 and 8:50. phil waits for dan to finish his screaming before providing his pragmatic and gentle reassurances about how they should approach the problem at hand in the most effective way (which tells us a lot in itself, in my opinion, about how they handle stress), and his hands are hovering because his instinct is so clearly to calm dan through touch:
  • and his fACE when dan says “can you just wheel that way a bit” is so so so so fucking interesting to me? based on the gentle/deeper/softer tone of voice phil had been using, i read the situation as phil thinking that this might not be an exchange that would be included in the final video, like it just seemed he was genuinely trying to soothe dan and suggest how they should approach the quiz this next time around, but then dan asks him to move??? and this is how phil realizes dan is still at least partially in the mindset of performing and carrying forward the “don’t touch me don’t even speak to me or look at me” bants from earlier. so phil looks briefly taken aback until dan turns to look at the camera, and then phil catches on and looks at the camera himself and does a little laugh too. but what really gets me is that even before he has that realization that this is ~for the bants~ he just instinctively moves as soon as dan asks him to, without even thinking about it, even though he’s a bit confused by the request, and that brief instinctive response is so Good. if i were to REALLY read into it, i might suggest that dan sometimes needs space both physically and otherwise if he’s flustered/distressed/anxious, and phil is quite used to giving him that, but even if it’s not that deep and it’s just that phil has a natural instinct to give dan whatever he needs when he’s upset …. either WAY man. fUCK i’m obsessed with this bit.
  • this is just one instance of a more general trend throughout–phil was so tactile during this vid, and that seems like another important insight into the most natural and intuitive method that phil turns to, in order to calm dan down. pretty much any time dan even slightly raised his voice in distress, phil’s hands were there, either hovering or actually touching/patting/stroking in such a gentle way to anchor dan a bit and it was all just so lovely :( these are all from completely different points/exchanges throughout the vid, and i didn’t even include all the examples bc i don’t want this post to be absurdly long lol: 
  • and then the very end when they finally win :( i’m hurting :( 
  • beyond how cute and important that is in itself, as usual there’s the deeper layer of analysis regarding their recent comfort with SHOWING US this kind of thing, acting more the way they naturally would off camera, and leaving in those moments of softness and affection for us to see. this is not something that would’ve happened on dapg even last year or 2015. idk when i’m going to grow tired of pointing out this progression but it hits me quite hard with each new video.  
Captive Prince/Proposal AU

Ok first of all, I’ve seen this idea be mentioned once or twice in the tag before, but seriously people how do we not have one of these yet? It practically writes itself.

I’ve been thinking this over for awhile and I think I’ve got a solid plot figured out but I don’t think I have the patience or talent to write this.

Hell maybe I will eventually but for now I want all my amazing capri fandom to picture this:

  • Damen is an overworked yet ambitious wanna-be book editor who works for Laurent, the intolerable, bitchy and ‘sadistic’ editor in chief, a cast iron bitch if you will.
  • Damen takes it because he’s hoping that Laurent will be a stepping stone to his goal but Laurent seems bent on personally antagonizing him in particular. (spoiler alert: its cause Laurent finds him attractive but doesn’t wanna deal with ~feelings~ and just stays perpetually pissed at him)
  • Anyways, Laurent fires Guion because he lost a big deal they were supposed to get with Torveld, which Laurent salvaged, and we get the whole ‘poisonous bitch’ speech.
  • Then at a meeting later that day Laurent’s bosses (basically council members) tell him that he work visa was denied because he violated a requirement and he’ll have to quit his job in Delpha and be deported back to Vere, where he’d have no choice but to work for his uncle’s publishing house and Guion will take his place as editor in chief. 
  • Cue Damen interrupting Laurent’s internal panic attack to remind him about a client calling about ~something~ but Damen told them that Laurent was engaged at the moment. Cue light bulb going off in Laurent’s head and the announcement that to the board that they’re getting married.
  • Damen’s confused face here is priceless too just pointing that out.
  • After a bunch of arguing Laurent blackmails him so that Damen will marry then divorce Laurent after a year but if Damen doesn’t agree then all the time he put into working for Laurent would be for nothing. 
  • They go to the Akielon embassy to tell them the situation, but the immigration worker got a tip from Guion saying that the marriage is a scam to get Laurent citizenship, so they’ll need to be quizzed on each other, and that their friends, relatives neighbours etc. and if it doesn’t line up they would have committed fraud. Laurent would be deported to Vere and Damen would be fined and be put into jail for 5 years. 
  • Damen hesitates but then says they didn’t tell anyone because of his promotion to editor (Cue pretending-not-to-be-confused Laurent who goes with it). When the officer asks if their families know Laurent says that his family’s dead but they’re actually gonna tell Damen’s when they visit them that weekend for Uncle Makedon’s birthday, which Damen says is gonna be in Isthmia (Laurent’s surprised as hell cause Isthmia is the summer getaway for the rich and powerful of Akielos). Their interview is set for Monday.
  • When they leave Laurent compliments him on the whole ‘editor’ thing but Damen says he wasn’t joking considering the stakes. Laurent grudgingly agrees to make him editor and to publish his manuscript and we get the scene where Laurent proposes officially kneeling on the sidewalk.

The rest is under the cut!

  • Next day they’re flying to Ios then Isthmia, going over the questions and Damen talks about how he already knows everything about Laurent including the tattoo he supposedly has. Laurent brushes it off and they suffer through a smaller flight to Isthmia.
  • Damen’s mom and uncle are there to greet them and take them through the main town where Laurent notices that many of the businesses have his family name on it. Turns out that they’re big real estate moguls in Akielos and own many of the businesses on Isthmia as well. Aka: They basically rule Akielos ;).
  • They have to take a boat to the family’s huge summer villa that looks more like a palace than a villa ;) and we get the ‘hand off ass’ scene.
  • There’s a big party later and Laurent meets Jokaste who he’s immediately curious about cause of her looks and the fact that Damen’s all tense around her (also how she looks like a female Laurent). They reveal that they’re engaged and everyone begins asking questions and they both use it as an opportunity to embarrass each other.
  • Everyone wants them to kiss in front of everyone and at first they do and awkward peck but then Uncle Makedon insists Damen ‘give him a real kiss’ and they do and they both get confused af cause it feels good…?
  • They share Damen’s old room which is huge and has a gorgeous view of the sea off the balcony and a massive bed (with a fertility blanket courtesy of Makedon). Laurent claims the bed while Damen has to take the floor and blanket.
  • Turns out there’s a big rift between Damen and his Father cause he gave up the family business to pursue his passion for publishing in Delpha, amoung other things we learn about later.
  • Nikandros appears a few times to give Damen lectures about how he shouldn’t rush into a relationship again because of a blonde cause look at what happened last time. I also want Pallas, Lazar, Jord, Aimeric, Nicaise and Erasmus to show up at some point.
  • We get the bachelorette scene with the stripper and the discussion between Laurent and Jokaste about how they were engaged but Damen left cause she cheated on him with his brother and he caught them together.
  • Then we get the whole naked scene in all its glory. People who’ve seen the move know what I’m talking about ;) But Damen does catch a glimpse of the starburst tattoo between his shoulder blades.
  • Damen later makes fun of the whole thing and the tattoo and Laurent isn’t taking it but he does open up a bit about his interests and what happened to his family. His mother died of cancer when he was 12 then a year later he was in a car accident with his father and brother and he was the only one to survive. He moved in with his uncle, got the starburst tattoo for his brother when he was 16, went to collage at 18. (Idk if to include the ‘it takes two’ scene and sub it for something else that’s equally funny and cute).
  • Damen sympathies since he always had his family growing up and realizes he shouldn’t have shut them out as much as he did after the whole Jokaste thing.
  • The next morning his parents comes and his parents ask if they’d wanna get married the next day since the whole family’s there and they agree, actually kind of acting like a couple and not realizing it lol. 
  • Next we get the ‘windows and walls’ scene with uncle Makedon and Laurent in the woods drinking griva as a blessing to the gods for a long and happy marriage and Damen just looking at Laurent acting all loose and funny and it’s amazing.
  • After Laurent’s sobered up a bit they go back to town to get some business done and Laurent sees Damen and Jokaste talking outside and gets kind of jelly but mostly feels a bit guilty since he thinks he still has feelings for her despite everything.
  • Then Damen’s mom and Makedon take Laurent to get fitted into a wedding outfit which has been in the family for generations (idk if to go with a suit or a chiton but I’m kind of leaning towards a chiton cause I need for Damen to see him in one, but its also a modern au but idk). And they give Laurent another heirloom, a golden broach, which was worn by Damen’s mother at her wedding. All of this obviously overwhelms Laurent since he hasn’t felt like a part of a family in years and also feels guilty about tricking these nice people.
  • On the boat ride back Laurent tells Damen about how good it is to have a family again and that he himself forgot what its like to have a family. They argue about their arrangement and family which distracts Damen, causing him to swerve, making Laurent fall out the boat. (btw he can’t swim). Damen jumps in and rescues him and holds him to warm him up for a bit before heading back.
  • There Damen’s dad takes them to meet the immigration officer and Laurent’s Uncle, who Damen’s dad flew in. The officer gives Damen a deal where if he confesses that it’s a sham he won’t be arrested and Laurent will get deported. Laurent’s Uncle of course acts like he’s concerned but also says things to him that guilt him even more. But Damen doesn’t take it and sticks with the wedding.
  • Later he asks Laurent why his Uncle was acting so off and he elaborates on how his Uncle actually hates him. Damen’s shocked but doesn’t think its anymore than that.
  • The wedding starts off as planned and Damen thinks Laurent looks gorgeous (especially if its a chiton) and Laurent thinks Damen looks devastatingly handsome in his wedding clothes. It’s in that moment he realizes he loves him and that he can’t do this to him and his family, confesses in front of everyone and leaves with the officer and his Uncle. 
  • When Damen looks for him in the bedroom he finds the clothes, broach and a note saying that he’s sorry and that he does think that Damen is a talented writer and will do well as editor. Jokaste fins him pissed off and he rants to her about how infuriating Laurent is and she encourages him to go after him.
  • The whole thing where Makedon fakes a heart attack to get Damen on a plane ensues.
  • Damen confronts Laurent in their office as he’s packing up his things to go back to Vere and tells him that he used to despise his existence but that he came to know his heart and that if he gave Laurent his heart he thinks he’s treat it tenderly. And the entire office is shocked but Laurent looks completely lost for words for once but then says something along the lines of ‘I didn’t realize that you’re such a sap Damianos’ and Damen’s all like ‘Well I’d say we have plenty of time to get to know each other better’ then moves forward and kisses him passionately right there in front of everyone and everyone cheers.

And because I’m also an incredible sap… Epilogue!

  • Damen and Laurent marry a couple months afterwards, they got through the interviews and have a gorgeous wedding at the villa, only this time they’re both glowing with happiness in the sunset and all that romantic shit I love. At the reception they’re practically glued together the whole night and we find out that Laurent pressed charges against his Uncle after finally being free of his looming control (Idk if to give his uncle’s company to Laurent but it would be fitting af but idk if to integrate how to integrate it into the story) But after Laurent’s confession many other young men and boys come up, the youngest is Nicaise, a foul-mouthed 14 year old orphan who Laurent takes to immediately and becomes his legal guardian. 
  • Damen and Laurent sneak off at the appropriate time and enjoy their wedding night together. All cuddled up after, Laurent talks about how he never thought he could have family and happiness again and Damen just smiles and kisses his new husband and they fall asleep together happy and content.

So yeah! That’s all I got so far but I may or may not actually write this but any interested authors feel free to message me about it if you’re interested!

The fandom deserves this au.

okay i can’t not show my growing love for Present Mic so headcanon post (plz dont tag w/ ships)

  • he’s the most extroverted out of all the teachers. probably out of all the pro heroes. 
  • he 100% talks in English with Toshinori all the time. they actually rarely speak in Japanese when its just them. 
  • in fact, there’s no way Toshinori didn’t each Mic at least SOME of his English catch phrases and how to properly use them. Toshinori is a huge influence on Mic and as a result Mic is probably even more dramatic in English then he is when he’s speaking Japanese
  • (if im right it hasn’t been confirmed that all might is an american [i personally headcanon him as having an american mom and a japanese dad and having a background in both places but thats neither here nor there] but either way they both rlly like American culture and sometimes when All might goes to American he takes Yamada and they get like burgers and tacky souvenirs)
  • also they trade comic books and english music all the time and Toshinori has this huge ten gallon hat that he lets Yamada borrow 
  • speaking of, Mic probably speaks more then just Japanese and English. idk what tho. 
  • PODCASTS. Mic has lots of ‘em, especially when he was younger, but as he’s grown up, and especially since he started teaching, he doesn’t have a lot of time for them. 
  •  he loves clubs and raves and parties so much, heck, he just. he LOVES them and he can be found in them whenever he’s got some spare time. 
  • GLOWSTICKS. he always has some on him and he loves using them and he loves them so much. 
  • hes very busy and just as much of a workaholic as Aizawa (I mean. He has a popular radio show, he works as a pro-hero, and he works at the school. this boy works so much.) but he does what he can to sleep when he can and is constantly drinking energy drinks when no one is looking
    • he’s also very hyper and is one of those ppl who just don’t need a ton of sleep! hes v lucky cuz of that
  • ‘aizawa where’s yamada’ ‘idk’ ‘yeah u do’ ‘hes in the woods screaming’ ‘why’ ‘idk’ 
  • he was childhood friends w/ Aizawa and has ALWAYS been dragging him into bs. he also developed a REALLY thick skin for ppl underacting to his bs. u know when he isn’t at all stopped by the first year students just :l’ing his performance??? thats cuz of Aizawa
  • he also gives aizawa a bunch of ‘gag gifts’. theyre all Present Mic Merch. aizawa keeps it all. that sleeping bag? it was a gag gift but now hes rolling down the halls with it. Mic is equal parts delighted and horrified. 
  • hes constantly listening to music and podcasts and he always listens to it loud enough
  • he had hearing issues and went through a lot of surgeries as a kid. i know that pain. constantly getting tubes in and out and ughghrhgh it sucks. 
    • as a result tho he’s REALLY GOOD about going to see kids in hospitals and like once a week he just shows up with a bunch of dolls and balloons and super hero merch. 
    • (he gets aizawa to come sometimes but most of the time aizawa just sleeps on a cot)
  • also i was reading that Flourish fic and the author is SO RIGGHT HE’S A MIDDLE CHILD W/ A HUGE FAMILY. hes so over the top there is NO WAY he’s not a middle child. 
  • HES SO GOOD WITH KIDS but please don’t leave him alone w/ ur kids and expect him to calm them down he will not. hes the guy who hypes up the kids all the time, constantly, consistently. 
  • it is so hard to interview him because he just. tends to take up the whole thing and he is absolutely capable of interviewing himself. in fact i bet its a sort of heckling among news stations to have their new ppl interview Mic. 
    • also its p much canon that he doesn’t like reporters, right? he doesn’t like them at all. 
  • hes a meme. hes just. UGH hes such a meme lover. 
  • if he sees a student in the wild he’ll look them in the eye completely deadpan and then dab as hard as he can at them. its terrifying. 
  • PONY TAILS FOR DAYSSSS. i heard this was confirmed but iiiii dont know where to find proof so
  • also hair gel for days. his hair is spoiled af and no hair is better taken care of them him. he only buys the BEST. 
  • he doesn’t know what a fashion is. he just doesn’t. most of his wardrobe is leather tho. 
  • he’s pretty well off bc of his various jobs. hes borderline rich, actually. he probably would be if he’d stop buying his own merch all the time. 
  • he rlly struggles with volume on a daily basis. he’s gotten better over the years, but when he’s excited or sleepy or distracted he is LOUD. 
  • he’s also a super loud snore-er. 
  • he is not a reader but he likes listening to audio books
  • But when he does read he sub-vocalizes like crazy and it takes him a long time to parse through any written information. 
    • actually due to his hearing issues and his inability to smoothly process written information he had a lot of difficulty in school :(
    • but he can fake it until he makes it. 
    • also he absoluetely does the thing where someone says smth to u and ur like ‘??? :)????? whAT’ and then realize what they said in the middle of the repeat
  • Charisma skills out the rear but tends to talk over ppl when he’s not paying attention. 
  • actually he probably knows JSL (i looked it up, Japanese Sign Language is actually called Japanese Sign Language or  Nihon Shuwa, according to wiki?) anyway the easiest way to make sure he understands what ur saying is probably sign
  • most of the other teachers and ppl who spend time around him a lot keep ear plugs in their pockets or purses. 
  • also, theres not a whole lot of distinction between Yamada and Mic as far as the public is concerned. He doesn’t go to any sort of trouble to hide his human identity. 
    • BUT its next to impossible to recognize him in the wild. like his hair and outfit is v different and he will go to a lot of lengths to not speak. 
    • when in doubt he tends to speak TOO quiet. over correcting. (also. something i do when i get ear infections and can’t hear anything)
  • weird poses. all the time. for no reason. 
  • REALLY GOOD DANCER. what kind of dancing? yes. all of them. yes. 
  • anyone: *says something to him out of the blue* 
    • anyone: fjUCK YOU, YOU KNOW MY NAME
  • he went through a stage where he trilled a lot 
    • (once he trilled right in Aizawa’s ear and got an elbow in the face and that was the end of that)
  • okay i really love this loud man hes so good and so much fun

I’ve been reading a fair bit of romance lately I would like to propose a new trend: “romance without the consent issues and red flags of abusive behaviour”. (It might need a snappier title.)

But yeah, like instead of pushing past her boundaries “for her own good”, he steps back, gives her space, and shows her that she can trust him. Instead of him tracking her down after she says no, or stalking her place of work, she actually chooses to meet with him. Instead of him making her stay inside and being all super-alpha “protective” (aka controlling) because the vampires are after her or whatever, she learns how to fight vampires.

Because every time I read this “I love you so much I can’t control myself, I’m locking you up because I’m protective, I’m taking you away from your friends and family to protect you, I’m ignoring your agency and will for your own good” crap, all I can see is red flags. SO many red flags. And every time the guy flies into a jealous rage or manhandles her “for her own good”, I want to scream at the heroine not to marry him. Get away from him. Sooner or later, that rage is going to turn against you. I don’t care what he says right now. Words are easy.

Same goes for the heroines, albeit in a different way. She has no business reading his private letters or diary or digging into his past without his consent. She shouldn’t expect him to solve all her problems for her. And trying to make him jealous is manipulative.

Oh, and if he’s flirting with a pretty long-legged blonde woman, that does not make said woman a bitch or a slut. If he’s cheating on you, that’s 100% on him. He’s the one making that choice. Please stop with that “she’s so pretty and skinny, I immediately hate her” crap. Especially in a genre written predominantly by and for women. WTF.

While we’re at it, please, none of that “she wasn’t like the other women”. It’s way too close to “women are all terrible except for this one” for comfort and it makes me like the guy that bit less.

Overall, I would just like it so much better if there was actual respect between the characters. They’re both adults. They both get to make their own decisions. Her feelings are valid. His feelings are valid. He’s protective without being jealous or controlling. She can accept his help without giving up her independence. He gets to feel pain. She gets to be tough. He’s allowed to have female friends, she’s allowed to have male friends, because they actually trust each other.

You could still have a compelling love story, in any subgenre really, you can still have friends-to-lovers and rivals-to-lovers and love/hate drama and fake dating, and all the hot sex scenes you like. You could have, if anything, more compelling characters because she would have more agency and he would have actual respect for women as opposed to the “I respect you, but I’m still going to manhandle you and lock you up if needs be” variant I’ve read too often.

I like romance in theory. I’d like it a lot more without that nonsense I keep running into about women being the weaker sex and needing protection, while the guys are tough and feel no pain and call the shots. (Even when she’s “feisty”, she’ll still end up agreeing, in the end, that it’s better if he takes care of things. I hate that.)

I would just really like a kind of romance where it’s like the romantic sub-plots in other things I read. Mutual respect. Partnership. Trust. No toxic masculinity or casual misogyny. Two people who treat each other as people. That would be lovely.

Gf's housemate from hell didn't know she was messing with the devil.

Gather around, it’s going to be a long post. It’s also getting things off my chest finally.

Okay, so this story sets in India. My gf at that time was in University and living in a house with around 6 other housemates. She was fine with all of them except 1. We’ll call her FB. Fb was the type of housemate that made sure that my gf’s life there was miserable. She’d do something almost every day to upset my gf. Sometimes it’d be little things like stealing her food, borrowing her shit without permission and not returning it etc. Other times, she purposely chipped off parts from her coffee mug that I got her as a gift, slashed her bike tyres, wouldn’t let her and other housemates in at 1am when they was returning from a party and left them stranded outside..etc. you get the picture.

The house they were living in was for ‘girls’ only. Guys were allowed but then asked to leave after 12am where sometimes 'random’ security checks happen. I say 'random’ because they hadn’t had a security check in the 1.5 years she had lived there. Fb’s boyfriend lived with her for a week with no consequences either. So it’s no surprise that when I came for a 2 week stay over to the house (from another country because we were long distance), the landlady got a tipoff on the first day and a security check happened where I got kicked out. With nowhere to go at 1am and a kind of remote region, my gf decided to sneak me back in to stay the night and leave in the morning for a hotel. When I climbed up the staircase to go upstairs to her room, she saw me. We locked ourselves in the room , but then there were cops after 30 mins that showed up because fb claimed that I “raped” her and “touched her”. Wtf. I didn’t even acknowledge her. So the cops interviewed us for an hour and her parents were called (they live in a different state) explaining what she had done and a big deal was made. She had also been told she would be denied a stay for the next semester (current semester ending in a month). I was let go due to the false accusation (everyone at home said it didnt happen) but still out in the streets at 4am, sitting on the bench, with the nothing to do but plot my revenge.

So it begins.

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The Maze Runner: High School AU - Newt: You’re Not The Only Professional Party-Crasher In Town: Part 3

Request 01: can you do a 3rd sequel to the party crashing story, it is very entertaining - witchdemigodrunnerraven

Request 02: omg I love the party crasher AU!! are you going to do a part 3? you should(: - anonymous

Request 03: Are you planning on doing a part 3 to the party crasher one? Because you totally should- loved part 2! – anonymous

Request 04: I would love to read the third part of the partycrasher imagine! Maybe with the reunion of the golden trio? Orthe backstory why they’re no friends anymore? Idk i just loved it ane i need more!! It was so brillant! Thank you for writing this stuff! You’re amazing - leagreenly

newt-ofthe-maze, reading-with-tea

You sigh as you pick off the last toilet paper strip from a still passed out body whose identity remains unknown to both you and Thomas. “I really am sorry…”

Thomas laughs and stuffs the toilet paper into his almost over-flowing garbage bag, “It’s alright, it’s alright. I’m actually quite impressed with your skills, they seem vaguely familiar…”

You open your mouth to tell him the truth that it wasn’t just “another boy” who accompanied you to party crash Thomas’ house last night but you immediately shut your mouth. It’s not your place to bring up Newt to Thomas, it might bring up some unwanted memories and you’re almost 100% sure that if you tell Thomas it was Newt’s idea then he’ll go into a rage.

“Want to go out and get some pizza?” Thomas asks as soon as he re-enters the room from disposing the garbage bag.

Suddenly, you’re quickly reminded of your lunch date with Newt that he’d arranged last night after scrolling through your blog for the fiftieth time, you know he’ll never let you live that down. “I would but I’m going out with Ne-

You immediately stop yourself with widened eyes and then you double over into a fake coughing fit as Thomas stares down worriedly at you asking if you’re okay.

“I’m –I’m fine.” You take in a breath and pretend to clear your throat, “I think I just choked on my own saliva.” You put out slight chuckle to lighten the mood, “Anyway, I’m going out with Nathan again, that boy I told you about.”

Thomas flashes a smile but the mood in his eyes don’t match his grin and you feel guilty for turning down his invitation so you say, “Raincheck?”

He nods, “Have nice afternoon out.”

You leave Thomas’s house feeling a little unsure but decide to just ignore it as curiosity gets the better of you because of this meeting up with Newt. You know it’s just supposed to be a casual lunch date, with him embarrassing you further because of your blog but you think you’ll use it to find more out of the Golden Trio. You have a feeling that there is more to it then just the separation because of different high schools…

“I really like how you portrayed me to be some sexy, mysterious man in this one,” he says while shoving his mobile screen into your face, “I never knew you thought of me like that.”

“Shut up.” You groan and spin your fork around your pasta to gather up a good mouthful. Although the pasta is delicious, you made a grave mistake. It’s the messiest food to eat and you don’t want to look like a savage in front of Newt.

“So how was cleaning up Thomas’s house?” He asks before taking a bite into his sandwich.

You sigh, “It was the most fun I’ve ever had!” Sarcasm drips off your voice and Newt can’t help but smile. “Well, it was alright, but I’ve definitely had enough of Vaseline for a very long time. Also, he doesn’t remember anything except…”

Newt’s eyes flash worriedly, “Except what?”

You groan disgustedly, “Except his little intimate time with Teresa…”

Newt laughs as you make an even more disgusted face, luckily you got out from underneath the bed before you experienced some of the real “business” they did.

“Hey, I know, maybe you should come with me to Thomas’s tonight.”

Newt frowns, “I don’t think so. I haven’t seen him since…” A long pause takes place and it only makes you even more curious. And it answers your thought about being more to the story than he let on.

“About the Golden Trio, what even happened?” You try bravely, hoping he’ll give you a clear answer.

“I told you, we had to go to different high schools.” He says simply while staring down at his plate of food. You see his fists clench slightly and looking back at it now, you should have taken that as a sign to not press further…

“C’mon Newt,” You say gently, “I saw how worried you were when he saw you. What really happened?”

“I…” He shakes his head, “Do you want to see something cool after?”


“I know this really nice park with gorgeous trees, and it’s autumn so the leaves will look fantastic with their yellow, orange and red…”


You see tears well up in the corners of his eyes but he continues to babble on about this supposedly beautiful park. When his hands start to match his shaking voice you order some containers to take your food home in and immediately leave the café with a terrified Newt in your arms. He still continues about the park as you try to find a taxi since taking his motorcycle is definitely a no-go. But you can’t spot any taxis anywhere and you don’t even have the money for it so instead you call Thomas.

“Look, I’m really sorry but could you pick us up? We’re at Monty’s Café. Something is happening to Newt and I can’t get him to settle down and I know you don’t like him and I know something happened in the past with the two of you and I’m not sure if seeing you will make him worse but we need to get him to my house, please.”

“Wait, what? What happened to this Nathan guy? You’re with Newton?” Thomas’s questions pour out uncontrollably.

“Thomas, we need you right now. Please, I’ll explain later.” Your voice becomes choked with tears. 

After a few minutes you hear a soft reply, “Alright.”

As Newt’s rambles worsen you grab the edges of his gentle face and you stare into his brown eyes, with a pleading voice you try desperately to pull him out of this weird in between conscious and sub-conscious he’s put himself into, “Newt. Listen to me, I don’t know what’s happening to you but I’m taking you home; got it?”

All the while you talk, his eyes don’t even fall onto yours.

After settling Newt down onto the couch, thankful that none of your family members are home, you start making a cup of tea but after thinking through all the possible outcomes of Newt’d outburst makes your hands shake excessively and you spill the milk everywhere. You break down into tears as Thomas mops it up.

“It’s my fault.” You groan into your hands as they are wet with your salty tears of guilt and sadness. “If I didn’t ask him about you…”

“You knew?”

“I knew you two had history, the Golden Trio? With some other guy called Mo- no -Minho?”

Thomas sighs and places the mop back into the bucket and takes a seat next to you, “Yes. Newt, Minho and me. The Golden Trio.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You don’t want to understand.”

You look over at Thomas and grab his wrist pleadingly, “Yes, I do Thomas. My friend is stuck in his own rambling mind because of me and I don’t even know why.”

Thomas leans back into the kitchen chair and mumbles, “Where do I even begin?”

“At the beginning,” you say softly, urging him on.

He sighs and after a few minutes of thinking-silence he begins, “We were friends since primary school but the name, Golden Trio, didn’t fall into place until the start of middle school. We were called that because we were inseparable, and we always did “cool kid stuff” like climbing roofs, swinging on ropes over lakes, things like that.” Thomas sighs and you catch him glance over at Newt whose seemed to quiet down. “We did all those things because they were just harmless dares, you know? Stupid kid stuff. Until…”


“Until we did something seriously stupid.”

The Golden Trio, they called them, climbed up the grassy hill. Thomas pointed out the old, worn silo at the top of the hill and exclaimed, “I bet that I could stay the night inside there longer than any of you!”

Minho immediately jumped in, “No way! I could easily beat you two, like that!” He said, showing a click of his fingers.

“I don’t know…” Newt said, unsure of his fate within the howling silo. He stared up at it, you could almost see the shivers run down his back. “Why don’t we just go play at our tree house instead?”

“This is our last night together, Newt! Remember? We’re moving to different sides of town, different high schools. We have to go out with a bang!” Thomas explained.

“I still don’t know…”

“Don’t be such a wuss! Scaredy cat!” Minho teased.

“It was true, we thought of Newt as nothing other than a scared little boy so we thought that a night in the silo would make more of a man out of him. We…” Thomas pauses as though he despises going on to tell the story. You start to get worried for Newt, what did they do?

“Once we climbed up the ladder inside the silo we stayed on the first floor because the second-floor-ladder had disappeared. Anyway, Minho and me, we… we left Newt there by himself. When he was almost asleep we ran out of there and knocked the ladder down and told him we’d see him in the morning.”

“Oh Thomas…”

“We didn’t know, I swear we didn’t know that there was going to be a storm. The thunder must have been so loud in the silo… the flashes of lightning… and the howling wind, it bucketed down with rain and by morning we found him curled up muttering incoherent sentences. Sick with a fever. He screamed at us when he saw us and started to cry… I wasn’t thinking, we weren’t thinking at all. I was just an inconsiderate little brat.”

You stand up from the kitchen table and back away from Thomas, “I can’t believe you did something like that to a child!”

“I was a child too! We were just kids! I didn’t know… I didn’t know, I swear it!”

“Thomas…” You shake your head, “We’ll talk later, but right now? I think you should leave. I need to make sure Newt’s okay, please go out through the back.”

Thomas open his mouth but doesn’t say anything, instead he does what he’s told and you quickly tend to Newt. You enter the room and Newt looks around at the house and at you mildly confused, “Did I pass out or something? What happened to having lunch at the café?”

You hand him his sandwich and he looks at it, something flashes across his eyes and his cheeks go red, not with embarrassment but with disappointment; ashamed. “I’m sorry… I –did I freak out?”

“You just talked.”

He shakes his head, “I wanted to tell you but… I can never get it out without-

“It’s okay.” You pull Newt into your arms and he hugs you back, weakly, “Thomas told me what happened. I am so sorry Newt, I didn’t know Thomas would ever do something like that.”

Newt whimpers in reply so you just hug him tighter. “It’s okay, you’re alright.” You coo softly and he returns the gesture. “Do you want to go home?”


As you walk up the driveway of your house, you feel strangely accomplished. You’re glad that you know a bit more about the Trio but you’re also ashamed of Thomas’s actions. You can’t get the picture of Newt’s terrified expression out of your mind… you offered to stay the night at his house but he practically pushed you out the door. You walk inside your house and see the living room light on and hear Thomas’s floaty laughter and another voice you don’t recognize. Just because he’s your neighbor doesn’t mean he can just intrude in your home!

You smell Chinese takeout as you enter the living room, Thomas and his guest turn to look at you.

“Y/N! Um, is Newt okay?”

“He’s fine, he’s at home.” You growl, clenching your fists. Why is he acting like everything is okay between the two of you? You just found out that he traumatized some poor kid for life. Why is he so carefree when poor Newt had to go through the night at the silo all over again? “What the hell is going on here?”

“This is Minho,” Thomas pulls your attention towards the stranger and your eyes widen, it’s the final member of the Trio.

Minho smiles sweetly, although you’d rather sock him in the head before friendly greetings. He stretches out his hand, “Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

Alright, so maybe you were supposedly joking when you thought about punching him in the face, but for some reason, your hand just does it. Your hand is like one of those people in a group conversation when someone from the group makes a joke that they don’t understand and instead take it quite literally. 

While your hand flails out from your side, you start to wonder if you’ve just entered a weird dream. Maybe you fell asleep at Newt’s house while putting him to bed. But instead you smack him right in the cheek, skin on skin, at first you feel quite satisfied with yourself and then you slowly start to  feel astonished. Not guilty, just astonished.

“Nice to meet you too.”

A/N: Thank you so much for the lovely feed back on this imagine series! I can’t believe so many of you enjoyed it, thank you for all your messages, likes and reblogs :) I hope you enjoyed this one too, it was a little less humorous to read, which I’m very sorry for, but the back-story had to be done sooner or later. And sorry for any confusing grammar/spelling mistakes! 

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charlieshuman-deactivated201711  asked:

uh idk if you ship it, but if so anything nurseydex? if not, zimbits au where they meet because bitty is teaching jack how to cook/bake (it can be in any context). ok thank you!

jack knows, objectively, that the class ins’t a contest. it’s a cooking class. there’s not a single fucking part of it that’s a contest. it’s literally set up so that people can sign up online, pay a couple hundred bucks, and then spend every wednesday night in july and august learning how to make different kinds of dishes thanks to some cute southern guy with freckles and nice arms. it’s supposed to be to better one’s self. it’s not about–

it’s not about winning, jesus.

jack knows this, objectively, but shitty made the mistake of calling jack a fucking loser to his face, and so now jack means business.

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