idk if this is pastel enough


A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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-plants plants plants PLANTS ARE WONDERFUL
-p!atd yay!
-pastel. Maybe not pastel grunge because I’m not v hardcore but
-like cute pictures? Idk. Cute blogs are great 10/10
-Art Hoe. I cannot stress this enough
-art and cute drawings that people make! Maybe you make them!
-food pOrn
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-things that will inspire me aka all of the above
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@stagehug @bringitin @skatetoughs @louisdarling JULEEEY my darling bitter chicken hacker bub I wish you the happiest of birthdays today! You’re not a teen anymore, whaaat. I wanna gush about how much I love you, but there’s not enough time and space to do so. You’re one of the sweetest, most talented, cutest, and most genuine people I know here on tumblr dot com, and I don’t know what I did to deserve you as a friend. Our shared love of Louis and pink and pettiness makes me adore even more, my soft pastel pink peer <333 idk what else to say also sorry this is so last minute I hate but I love you and I wish you the best always ilysm :*

i was tagged by @lubepope and idk this seems fun

name: jesse
nicknames: different variations of juice including juice, juicy juice, juicy, and juicy juice hypotenuse
gender: ????
star sign: gemini
height: 5'4
age: 15
hogwarts house: hufflepuff
favourite colours: anything pastel, specially pink
time right now: 13:38
hours of sleep: either too much or not enough with no in between
lucky numbers: luck doesn’t exist
last thing i googled: “rent obc”
fave fictional character: i’ve grown really attached to mortiz stiefel since brigid (@lubepope) asked me to do don’t do sadness/blue wind w her
blankets i sleep w: idk just,, blankets? two blankets and a comforter nothing special
favorite artists: van gogh, andy warhol, alan resnick, any my art teacher tbh he’s so good i????
dream trip: i’m a wannabe european like i just want to see all of europe
dream job: stage actor but will settle for cartoonist
follower count: 210 but probably like 170 of those are porn bots
what do i post about: fandoms i guess and anything i find funny or aesthetically pleasing. or just important in general like i guess i’ve kind of delved into politics lately but who hasn’t
when did your blog reach its peak: never lmao
why did you make your blog: my mom found my first one
why did i choose my url: idk it just sounded cool
countries i’ve lived in: US
favourite fandom: star wars
languages i speak: english but i could probably have a very slow and basic conversation in italian
favourite film of 2016: deadpool or fantastic beasts
last article i read: the common core: the good, the bad, the possible
last thing i bought online: probably a book
last person i dreamed of: bitch i never remember my dreams
a recurring dream: bitch i never remember my dreams
shuffle your songs library and list the first three songs: ok i use both apple music and amazon music so i’m just gonna do both
1. art of keeping up disappearances by fall out boy
2. nyeh heh heh from undertale
3. unlikely lovers from falsettos
1. put it on ya by nicki minaj
2. dirty by korn
3. facedown by the 1975

i tag @pajamawarrior and

  • Hufflepuffs are hands behind their backs
  • without fear in their eyes.
  • Jokes at no one’s expense.
  • Deep, spontaneous waves of love
  • for the ground holding up your loved ones,
  • for strangers who echo back words
  • they’ve felt in their most vulnerable,
  • for pillows and the tears they keep inside
  • so they can keep learning to let go.
  • They have enough air
  • for your every thought to be heard.
  • But they are not just pastel,
  • they have lungs that swell
  • through every hurt,
  • and when they are beaten to the floor
  • they may have to split apart their foundation
  • from toxins and their suppliers
  • to build an island for their wellbeing,
  • but they will always build and rebuild bridges
  • to every person reaching out their hand.

Another animu edit

Anime: Your Lie in April

Idk if you can read it so here’s what it says:

“Such a cruel boy. Telling me to dream one more time. I thought I was satisfied because my dream had come true… And I’d told myself it was enough… Yet here you are, watering this withered heart again.”