idk if this is in sync


y’all this matt mercer lip sync from a-kon is BEAUTIFUL

trash aus
  • i borrowed ur pen and its been 2 weeks and i still haven’t returned it because every time i talk to u, i am reminded of the massive fucking crush i have on u which always ends up leaving me speechless” au 
  • “u caught me dramatically lip syncing/dancing and instead of laughing u joined in v v badly and we did a fucking duet together” au
  • u sat next to me on the plane and idk if ur nervous or something but wHY DO U NEED THE TOILET SO FUCKING MUCH” au
  • “i’m a bus driver and despite my no-coins policy, u always manage to weasel ur way into giving them to me w/ stories that cannot possibly be true” au 
  • i didn’t realise i was staring at u while daydreaming” au 
  • “i have never met u in my entire life but u keep sarcastically responding to my tweets and i wanted to punch u until i saw ur avi and now i sort of want to kiss u” au
  • i thought u had a crush on our friend and u thought i had a crush on the same friend when in reality, we have a crush on each other” au
  • “we fucked last night and i left before u woke up and ur standing in front of me right now… for a job interview” au 
  • we’ve been married for 2 years now and u just had surgery that left u real fucking dopey and u keep telling me that u wanna take me out and marry me” au
  • “this is my first time at a gay bar and i’m kinda nervous so i got real drunk and now ur listening to me rant on and on about how gay two characters are for each other,” au
  • i drunk texted u thinking u were my ex and in the morning i woke up to a hangover and a long ass text from u telling me i could do better and shit” au
  • “i’m a popular fanfiction writer and u catch me writing the latest chapter in a cafe, and we end up talking and i keep going on and on about this cute commenter who i find out is u when u comment on the next chapter” au 
  • ur my best friend’s older brother and u just caught me singing along to my to best friend’s brother by victoria justice with a bunch of dicks drawn on my face.” au
  • “ur in a band i really like but ur band name is fucking stupid so i made an anonymous twitter account with new band name suggestions except it got really popular and now u wanna meet me” au 
  • ur my daughter’s teacher and u asked to meet me after school so i got real scared and now i’m shouting at u about how u shouldn’t make assumptions about a child’s skills due to their disability” au
  • “u helped me shout at some prick at a bar” au
  • ur the really sassy blind kid in my class who always brightens up my day with ur remarks and one day u confront me abt why i always laugh” au
  • “its a school reunion and woah u got really hot and woah we’re fucking in the bathroom” au 
  • we’ve been binge watching this show for a while and then i found out u didn’t ship my otp so i spent the rest of the day convincing u to ship them together” au

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draco in drag popped in my head and it’s hILARIOUS

  • draco in hEELS
  • draco becoming extra sassy
  • on point makeup, draco contours like a kickass bitch
  • *intense strutting*
  • his outfits are peacock inspired oml (he’d use feather boas)
  • crabbe and goyle admire him
  • lip syncing to vogue (because he loves the choreo)
  • His name is LaTwinka a la Hoe
  • he honestly intimidates people because he seems so fierce and powerful on stage
  • has secret shows at Hogsmeade

allboutvalentina  asked:

whats the t with valentina? 😱

Apparently she gets eliminated in a very dramatic way, ala Willam? Something to do with the fact that she wears a mask on one of the runways, and doesn’t take it off to lip sync so Ru gets pissed?

I also know that Detox posted something on her Facebook about seeing through Valenina’s fake personality? Michelle commented on it and said she’d have something to add after the season aired, and Sasha and Shea liked it. So it seems like a lot of people don’t really like her or something…

I also remember a bunch of people saying that Shea and Valentina didn’t speak to each other during the premier party thing, so a bunch of people think they have some kind of drama :/

Idk how true any of this is at all, so take it all with a grain of salt? Personally I’m just gonna wait and see how things pan out, and until then I still love Valentina.

raven: never have i ever kissed a blake before 

raven: - takes shot -

clarke: - takes shot -











clarke: what? i’ve kissed a blake before!

-everyone groans in sync-

 octavia: resurrecting me from the dead’s not the same, clarke.

skam is unrealistic because they’re all (girls) in their late teens and nobody has referenced high school musical yet

The Not today mv was soooooo underwhelming. Idk, the video seemed messy to me, and in general the whole comeback feels weird and off for some reason? I think it’s bc bts should’ve taken a longer break, whereas now, bighit is just milking their success, and it results in half-assed concepts and songs, below the usual standard of bts IMO (also, when will they learn to lip sync properly lmao?)

idk if anythings been said but

Okay has anyone else noticed that there were three witches putting their hands together: red, green and blue.

Akko - Red

Amanda - Green

Diana - Blue

I love colour coding, but also it’s interesting seeing what each character brings to the table.

Within their own groups, Amanda has perfect harmony, Diana has loyal followers and Akko has friends who don’t always see eye to eye but still in the end help Akko. Each have their own mechanics to the friendships, one group is in sync, another is in conflict with each other because it’s still new and growing while the last does not question it’s designated leader.

Akko has all the odds stacked against her, constantly put down, underestimated and picked on.

Diana is a prodigy with so many expectations to meet, all eyes are on her, she’s not allowed to fail.

Amanda isn’t under these same pressures but takes life as it goes, letting her interests dictate her actions rather than serve other peoples demands.

All three have an inner determination, when they set their mind on something they get it done.

Akko achieves her goals by trying so hard and pushing herself until she burns out. Using her emotions to push onward rather than hinder her.

Amanda has the mind set of, who cares how it gets done as long as it’s done. Thus she employs unorthodox approaches which still garner the same results

Diana is more practical, using her natural talents and advanced skills to solve problems.

tl;dr: look at these brilliant children cause they’re gunna do something awesome