idk if this is good or


“demons run when a good man goes to war,
night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war.”

the same reason i watched “profit and lace”: my spouse and i are completionist weirdos.  this episode’s bad? WELL too bad, skip and watch guides, i’m going to watch it anyway because i crave fiction-induced discomfort

GRYFFINDORS  LIKE      Jon  Snow,  Arya  Stark,  Jaime  Lannister,  Brienne  of  Tarth,  Ygritte,  Barristan  Selmy,  Robb  Stark,  Wylla  Manderly,  Beric  Dondarion,  Robert  Baratheon,  Gendry  Waters,  Thoros  of  Myr,  Asher  Forrester,  Sandor  Clegane,  Loras  Tyrell.

SLYTHERINS  LIKE      Daenerys  Targaryen,  Cersei  Lannister,  Sansa  Stark,  Petyr  Baelish,  Tywin  Lannister,  Jaqen  H’ghar,  Viserys  Targaryen,  Illyrio  Mopatis,  Ramsay  Snow/Bolton,  Euron  Greyjoy,  Taena  Merryweather,  Daario  Naharis,  Margaery  Tyrell,  Bronn.

HUFFLEPUFFS  LIKE      Samwell  Tarly,  Tommen  Baratheon,  Davos  Seaworth,  Eddard  Stark,  Syrio  Forel,  Aemon  Targaryen,  Gilly,  Jeyne  Westerling,  Catelyn  Stark,  Benjen  Stark,  Shireen  Baratheon,  Jorah  Mormont,  Arys  Oakheart,  Theon  Greyjoy,  Meera  Reed.

RAVENCLAWS  LIKE      Tyrion  Lannister,  Myrcella  Baratheon,  Qyburn,  Varys,  The  High  Sparrow,  Olenna  Redwyne,  Missandei,  Sarella  Sand,  Doran  Martell,  Rhaegar  Targaryen,  Trystane  Martell,  Mance  Rayder,  Willas  Tyrell,  Bran  Stark,  Tyene  Sand.


I didn’t think that pesky thief would let up… but this is so much worse than I thought it’d be.


Male!Luminous - 2/4


(( male aran’s clothes credit to @pronouns-and-polearms!! original post here ))

So it might be a little while until my next comic cause I have to get that whole thing figured out. I do have a short comic that’s been sitting in my drafts for a couple weeks now so I can post that if you guys really really want

ooc:: apart from my headcanon relationship between the Demiguise and Credence – I think my favourite thing to come out of this blog so far is that, in his nurtured verse, he gets a saw-whet owl instead of a typical owl. An owl who’s not the best for bringing mail. And names her Pumpkin. And he loves the heck out of her.

The way transgender stories get straight up marketed to non-dysphoric cis people, on the news, in interviews, to our own gender therapists, just makes me want to cry. It’s deconstructed to completely ignore the sex dysphoria we all feel and replaces it with stories of gender non-conformity being the only precursor to transition. 

Yeah, many trans people are GNC before or even after transitioning as a way to express ourselves and alleviate our dysphoria (which is where things like drag begin to flourish!) but that isn’t what makes someone trans.

It’s just so frustrating because it’s all done to make non-dysphoric cis people who fall decently well into their gender roles feel safe and distant from those who don’t. It’s a reward to them to not be apart of this freak show of gender and sex. 

Then those non-dysphoric people become our gender therapists, they become our doctors and theorists on what dysphoria is. And when that happens, trans and dysphoric cis people are forced into gender conformity to appeal to them. Then those gender conforming stories get spread and praised and passed down, creating this rising pressure on GNC children to decide if they’re trans or not.

It’s so heartbreaking that the way gender and the trans narrative is being handled in popular media is causing a further rift between trans and GNC people that shouldn’t be there! We have many things in common and I just hope for more solidarity and understanding between the two communities.

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ok but max x niel

wholesome and good!! canon-evidence speaking i think it’s one of the most existing kinda ships of the show, just because of the little moments between these two/how neil usually turns to max for help or guidance as an instinct. they’re cute. it’s a cute ship.