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20. Both are drunk and happy & 27.  “Sorry. You’re just…really adorable.”

for @moirabartons

Robert doesn’t know how they end up here, but somehow he and Aaron are propped up at the bar of the Woolpack, necking pints and playing the occasional dart game. 

They’re friends. Have been for weeks but this is the first time it feels it - Robert makes a stupid joke and Aaron hides a laugh in return. It’s easy, natural. It’s where Robert hoped they could get, a place where he can still have Aaron in his life even though he knows Aaron has moved on. 

Not that Robert ever will.

So he buys another pint, and another, until he has to piss every half an hour and he gets worse and worse at darts. Aaron keeps staying, buying more beers, asking for re-matches. It’s the most fun Robert has had in… he can’t remember the last time he had this much fun, and his cheeks almost hurt from smiling.

Seeing Aaron genuinely enjoy himself after the year they have had is more than Robert could ever have asked for, so he relishes it, can’t help but linger a bit too long when Aaron smiles, let himself bask in the sight of Aaron’s shining eyes and flushed face.

“What’re you looking at?” Aaron asks. He’s holding his pint in front of his face, looking at Robert over the glass. Robert swallows.

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they/them AND she/her pronouns? thats me and thats valid

She sacrificed herself to save her beloved prince, even though she was the only one who truly loved him. And yet, the prince she loves is no longer the prince she knew. Not any more…

All she has left is her suffering!

Today is the 20th anniversary of ‘The Rose Signet‘, the episode with the big reveal that tore out my heart and proceeded to stamp on it. Repeatedly.

To Zarya mains who have a DPS main on the side:

Which DPS do you spend your time getting good at when you’re not tanking and why do you like that hero? 

For me it’s Tracer, and I know a lot of Zarya mains who play Tracer and vice versa. I do it because I think their ult combo is one of the best and I like to play Tracer with good Zaryas. So now I’m curious.

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