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If there’s a reason I’m by her side

DEH Heights

Kristolyn Lloyd: 5′4″

Mike Faist:  6′0″

Will Roland: 5′7″

Ben Platt: 5′9″

Laura Dreyfuss: ?

for any fic writing needs 

(also i couldn’t find laura’s height but i’d guess that she’s around 5′8″ or so) (also ben’s imdb says 5′10″ but i call bullshit on that cause he tweeted about being 5′9.25″ once so i just took that and rounded it out)

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Honestly nissi no offence but i just saw the jeonlous compilation u made and we need to talk about how much u do for us like putting in the time to compile it all, finding the links and even giving the exact time i hope u know that we rlly appreciate it ur so sweet 😭😭 same with the fanfics 💖💖😭

SCREAMS i just wiped away a single perfect tear its rly no big deal i like doing this kind of thing but it means a lot that u said this !! ur the sweet one here 


Zen’s free talk for April fools DLC~

Japanese/Korean accent ♡ ♡ ♡

When Zen VA spoke in English for the valentine’s day event dlc English dialogue, it reminds me of one scene in kamisama hajimemashita LOLZ :x


I noticed a little bit of hypocrisy in kpop fandoms. I’m thinking about NCT right now because it’s one of my youngest fandoms (I’m an old stan) and I think it stands out more in here.
It’s not groundbreaking, really, but it’s getting on my nerves. The way people are up in arms when their biases do not shine enough but once it finally happens, those stans are the first ones to tell the others to stfu.
It all started with that comment under one of Dunk Shot’s live (that I was very thankful for, thank you nct dream’s proud mom):

To which someone replied that yes, Jeno and Jisung didn’t have a lot of lines, but it was because they were the dancers of the group (:///)  or what not. First, let’s stop with that excuse. Yes, they’re the dancers and ? I don’t see the 4 other members just sitting on a chair, chilling. They’re all doing the same choreography and it’s not preventing the other members to sing ?? Like, I don’t get the logic.
Anyways. I replied, I quote “but they literally have no lines in Dunk Shot ?”. Which is true. Is it aggressive ? Is it a complain ? No, it’s not. I may be petty as hell, but I know when I’m just being too much and this wasn’t the case here.
Despite me not complaining, nor being aggressive, someone told me to “calm down, it’s just one song”. One, I’m not your friend, so who do you think you are to tell me what I have to do ? Two, I. DIDN’T. COMPLAIN. I. STATED. A. FACT. But it still didn’t stop that person from being agressive and telling me that complaining wasn’t going to change anything and that I should just enjoy the song. And this, is exactly what I’m talking about.
I don’t know if it pissed me off more or if it pained me more ? Maybe both equally. It’s just, I feel like it’s really unfair towards Jesung (sorry I’m lazy). Like, they already do not get any lines, and we are excepted to not talk about it ? It wasn’t even said against anyone, just a simple statement of facts, but it was apparently deserving of me being called out for whining too much. I mean, imagine the uproar if tomorrow Haechan were to not get any lines in a song. I’m not saying I want people to make a revolution for Jesung’s lines but just that we shouldn’t be told to stfu if we just state that we feel that something is unfair towards one of the boys. As long as it’s not at the expense of any of them, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I see no one telling Haechan stans to shut up when they compliment him (thank God (he deserves all the compliments), so I don’t see why the few Jesung’s lines advocates shouldn’t have the right to speak up, too.
Then again, seeing the numbers of upvotes on this comment + the other people talking about Jesung’s lack of lines, I know, most NCT stans agree on the unfairness. It’s just that, since the “stfu and enjoy the song” was directed to me, I felt it more personally and it pissed me off more I guess.
Now, I’m not asking for equal lines distribution; I’ve been here long enough to know it just doesn’t work that way. But just for a lil bit of justice in it. It frustrates so much especially in Trigger The Fever, because there were just SO many times where Jesung could have gotten at least one individual line each. And it never happened. And yeah, I was a bit salty. Still very very proud of the boys, very impressed by them and just, very happy for them. But a tiny bit of my heart was crying because I wanted all of them to have their moment to shine. But hey, Jesung’s dancing slayed so that’s good.
Anyhow. I don’t want it to sound like I want an intern fandom war because those are stupid, but I just wanted to say that it pissed me off that stans of more popular members were so intolerant to others just expressing disappointment over an injust treatment of the boys. You don’t have to feel offended, if you don’t care, you do you, but let other people be sad, thank you.
ANYWAYS. That was long af, I didn’t plan it but yes LOVE AND SUPPORT ALL OF NCT; 127, U, DREAM. And I love all of the chill NCT stans (aka 99% of the fandom, really)