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Bangtan as things my friends say pt.3

Taehyung: So pigeons do rotate their heads 360 degrees?

Yoongi: The deadly dose of coffee is 13 cups, I’ll drink 14 just in case.

Namjoon: *sitting in a caffeteria with Jungkook*

Jungkook: I feel like I’ve been lied to. This cookie has no chocolate.

Namjoon: *mishearing Jungkook* The world is a lie?

Jungkook: The fuck are you talking about.. My chocolate cookie has no chocolate in it.

Jimin: I’m going to eat lots so I have a nice booty.

Hoseok: My sister is cooking pasta in a kettle. I don’t know whether this is amazing or should I slap her.

Jin: I’m scared to go outside, because seeing me, other’s self-esteem is going to fall.

John quietly getting dressed for work in the morning while Sherlock is still asleep, sprawled naked across the bed, his legs tangled up in the sheets and his head smashed inelegantly half-underneath a pillow.

John doing up his tie and then sitting down on the bed, running his hand down the length of Sherlock’s spine and back up again, a fond smile on his face.

Sherlock grumbling something unintelligible and John’s smile softening even more as he leans down to kiss Sherlock’s temple.

Sherlock turning his head without opening his eyes and clumsily brushing his lips against John’s cheek, grunting a bit ‘cause he’d been aiming for his mouth.

John unable to resist pressing more kisses to Sherlock’s bare shoulder, the back of his neck, between his shoulder blades, Sherlock humming in contentment the whole while.

John kissing the spot just behind Sherlock’s ear and whispering there, “See you for dinner?”

Sherlock responding only with an unintelligible “Mmff,” his eyes still closed.

John sighing, reluctant to go, but he stands up and has just reached the door to the bedroom when he hears Sherlock’s muffled voice: “Love you.”

John looking back at him, his chest aching with love for the man in the bed, and saying, “Love you, too,” before he goes, easing the door shut and heading off to work with a full heart.

“Holmes, what the fuck is going on with your hair?” 
“Shut up, it’s humid”

Poe Party Word Count Statistics

I really love words, numbers, and Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, so I’ve spent most of this weekend putting them together by analyzing the word counts of the Poe Party characters. Also I have no life. And I’m pretty sure no one cares. But just in case…

The (approximate) total word counts are as follows:

  1. Edgar: 2303
  2. Ernest: 1430
  3. Charlotte: 1422
  4. Lenore: 1180
  5. HG: 1015
  6. Oscar: 1014
  7. Eddie: 811
  8. Annabel: 708
  9. Constable Jim: 580
  10. George: 578
  11. Mary: 338
  12. Constable Jimmy: 328
  13. Emily: 218
  14. Fyodor: 189
  15. Anne: 185
  16. Krishanti: 165
  17. Louisa: 136
  18. Guy: 61
  19. Jane: 52
  20. Constable Wesley: 11

Note: Screams were never counted as words, but I wasn’t super consistent on how I counted some of the noises certain characters (cough, Oscar, cough) make that are sort of but not exactly words, or how I counted stammering (if someone - cough, HG, cough - says “I, I, I” should that count as 3 words? Or just one?), but I figure for all intents and purposes this is pretty close.  I did not count the Epilogue or any bonus videos, or the little Oscar bit after the credits.

The character who talks the most in each chapter is:

  • Chapter 1: Edgar
  • Chapter 2: Edgar
  • Chapter 3: Mary
  • Chapter 4: HG
  • Chapter 5: George
  • Chapter 6: Krishanti
  • Chapter 7: Edgar
  • Chapter 8: Constable Jim
  • Chapter 9: Edgar
  • Chapter 10: Charlotte
  • Chapter 11: Eddie

The characters’ word counts by chapter are tracked in the following super-hard-to-read graph:

So Eddie’s ridiculously long villain monologue means he talks almost twice as much in chapter 11 as anyone else does in a single chapter.

I felt like it was kind of unfair to compare the word counts of characters who died early on to those who survived to the end, so I also made this chart taking into account how many chapters each character appeared in:

Chapters in which a character appears only as a corpse (or fake corpse), or in a flashback from earlier that evening, do not count; chapters in which a character appears only as a ghost, or in a flashback from before that evening, do. Example: George counts as being in chapter 6 but not 7; Eddie counts as being in chapter 10 (even though he doesn’t say anything) but not 2 or 3; etc.

Okay, this post is getting too long, but stay tuned for more charts and analysis coming soon!

deancas au; 1,3k

Winter and glasses don’t mix. Unfortunately, it seems no one informed Cas’s ophthalmologist about it and she remains convinced that glasses and winter do, in fact, mix. More than that, in Cas’s case, they have to—unless he wants his sight to degrade even further than it already has due to two decades of neglect.

And so there he is now, freezing his nose off on the steel frames. He should have listened to Anna when she recommended the thick, plastic ones. They just didn’t seem very practical at the time, and now that’s just another regret.

At least, it stopped snowing.

The bright side of wearing glasses, of course—winter or not—is that Cas can now read the bus timetable without having to, figuratively, press his nose to it. He can even see the number of the incoming bus from the very crossroads and consequently spare himself the guessing and getting to the door last.

He really should have gotten glasses sooner.

Cas gathers his bags off the bench and moves towards the middle entrance. As soon as the door opens he steps into the warmth of the crowded vehicle. The puff of heated air envelops his face and—

The world goes white.

All of it.

Well, almost all of it; there are still colors and movement on the periphery of his vision. The entire center field is obscured by dense, white fog.

He stops in his tracks, shifts all heavy bags into one hand to free the other but the incoming passengers keep pushing him forward. Blinded, he attempts to move toward the rear end of the bus without stumbling. There’s too much hustle to try wiping the steam off the glasses now; with half a dozen shoulders pressing on him from all sides, he can’t even lift the freed hand.

The jam loosens, slightly, when the doors close and Cas manages to find a little safe footing. He reaches to the glasses but the tips of his fingers can barely brush the frames when the bus starts and the yank sends Cas tumbling forward.

He shoots his free hand up in a futile attempt to grab a strap and collides into someone’s chest. A strong scent of cologne fills him up as his nose sinks into the man’s collar. An arm wraps around Cas on instinct. The man stills them both easily.

“Got you,” a low voice purrs above his ear.

A hot blush creeps up Cas’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles, trying to pull away.

The steam covering his glasses begins to recede around the edges, but still not enough to make out the face in front of him.

“S’fine,” the man says, loosening his hold, but doesn’t let go entirely until Cas finds the strap over his head. “Let me help ya, buddy.”

He gently pulls the glasses off Cas’s nose before Cas can protest. He starts wiping them with a handkerchief in his other hand, elbow locked around a pole. His eyes are trained on his own working fingers, the corners of his lips are raised in a tiny smirk. He must be around Cas’s age, maybe a couple years younger, and, Dear God, even without the glasses Cas can tell he’s beautiful.

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Blast from the Past

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Pre-Serum Steve x Reader

Blast from the Past

Author: Morgan

Prompt: I just need an imagine where skinny Steve got sent to the future (temporarily also he doesn’t know he becomes Captain America yet) and the reader takes him on a cute date answering all his questions and kisses him, leaving him all stunned before he is sent back to his own time. [idk i’ve just really wanted to teach Steve about the world today, but also I am in love with the tiny him.]

Warnings: teensy bit of language.


The Facility was quiet today, you decided. Too quiet. And whenever things around here got too quiet, something was bound to go wrong. That was the case this particular Sunday afternoon. You were reading comic books, sitting on the floor cross-legged when there was a bright, blinding flash of white light.

You squinted, blocking your eyes from the sudden flash. When it dimmed, there was a man standing there. A man you knew all too well.

“Steve?” You asked, slowly standing up. You set your book on the coffee table and walked closer. He was small, short, the version of himself he had been in the forties. You wondered if something had happened to him. Had Hydra come up with a way to reverse the serum? “Are you okay? What happened?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, do I know you?” the smaller Steve asked, rubbing his eyes and looking around. A second ago he had been standing in a cafe in Brooklyn, and now he was…well he didn’t know that much. “Where am I?”

The larger, super-soldier Steve walked into the room precisely at that moment, wide-eyed. In some part of his memory, he remembered this. As quickly as he came in, he left, not that small Steve seemed to notice.

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N),” You introduced. “You’re in upstate New York. I’ll…um…I’ll be right back. Stay right here. Don’t move.”

“O-Okay then…” Steve hesitantly took a seat on the couch and you dashed into the hall after normal Steve.

“Steve!” you hissed. A pair of large muscular hands reached out of a supply closet and pulled you inside.

“I thought it was a dream. I thought all of this was a dream,” he muttered, shaking his head.

“What do you mean?”

“The little guy in there is me…was me. I don’t know how it happened, but I remember it somehow. A little. But it was too crazy for me to ever accept as reality.” Steve continued.

“You’re saying you were sent here from the past.”

“I was, yeah.”

“So what do we do?”

“I can’t do anything,” Steve said. “Neither can Bucky. We have to stay the hell away from him and pretty much hide out in here until Tony can figure out how to send him back. Send me back. This is confusing.”

“No shit,”

“How about…You have to distract him. Take him out of here. Like on a little date or something. He doesn’t go out much. He’ll love it, I promise,” Steve instructed, blue eyes meeting yours. He smiled a little, as if remembering something that had yet to happen. A rosy blush found its way to his cheeks.

“What?” You asked, cheeks burning red. How long you had been hopelessly crushing on Captain America, you couldn’t say. But now you were getting the chance to go on a date with him. Kind of.

“Nothing. Just-”

“Why the hell is a tiny version of you standing in the living room?” Tony asked, bursting into the closet. You both jumped, looking at him wide-eyed. “Oh, sorry, did I interrupt your make-out session?” he snapped.

“Don’t worry about it. (Y/N)’s gonna take him out on a date until you can figure out how to send him back.”

“Okay. Good. That’s a good plan.” Tony nodded, smirking at your flustered face. “Get out there.”

“Okay,” you nodded, walking out of the closet.

“(Y/N),” Steve said. You turned to look at him. “Thanks for this,”

“No problem,”


“So this is the future,” small Steve stated, looking around the enormous parking garage full of all of the Avengers’ vehicles. Some were new, some were old. Some were high-tech, some were ordinary mini-vans. It was quite a sight.

“Yep. The year 2016.”

“God, I’m probably dead.” Steve shook his head. “Or really, really old I guess.”

“Yeah, I bet,” you chuckled. “So where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?” he asked.

“I’ll figure something out,” You pulled a motorcycle helmet off of the wall and handed it to him before leading him over to your bike. You swung a leg over and patted the seat behind you. “Hop on,”

“Um, okay. I’ve, uh, never rode on one of these before.”

“First time for everything, right?”


“What’s this place?” Steve asked, looking up at the bright lights of Times Square. You figured if you were going to show him the future, you should go big or go home.

“Steve, this is New York. Times Square.” You told him. He gasped.


“Yeah. It change a lot?”

“Yeah,” Steve nodded, his arms tight around your waist. You found a parking garage and parked your bike, stowing the helmets in the console.

You led him out of the garage and down the busy sidewalks, stopping in a few stores to show him things, namely, the Apple store, the Disney Store, and a giant toy store with a huge piano. You took him bowling and roller blading and out to see a movie and then you went to play laser tag and get ice cream. The sky was the limit with Tony’s credit card.

Steve spent the day laughing and smiling and joking around with you. He almost forgot that you were technically over half a century younger than him. If these were normal circumstances, he would have never met you.

Sometime in the evening, you stopped at a hot dog stand to grab a bite to eat. Both of you sat on a bench nearby.

“I’ve had a lot of fun today, (Y/N). Thanks.”

“No prob, Steve.”

“So um,” Steve looked at you. “You knew me when I… Are we friends?”

“Yeah. We are. We have been for a few years now.” You told him.

“Am I…old?”

“Yeah, a little,” you laughed, not quite telling a lie. “Still handsome as ever though.”

“Thanks,” he chuckled. “I’m honestly surprised I haven’t completely embarrassed myself yet. I’m, uh, not exactly great with women.”

“I know,” you nodded, smiling. “You took me on a tour once. Of all of the places you had been beaten up.”

“Yeah.” Steve shook his head. “Well, girls aren’t exactly lining up to dance with a guy they could step on.”

“Maybe you don’t talk to the right girls,” you smirked. Steve chuckled. Your phone buzzed. It was Tony.

Tony: Guess who mastered time travel?!

“It’s Tony,” you told him. “He uh, found a way to send you back.”

“Oh,” Steve replied sadly. “I…guess we better get going then…”



You sadly stood in front of the machine Tony had built. The day had been so much fun. You never wanted it to end. But you knew it had to. Steve faced you. You took both of his hands in yours.

“Be careful back there,” you told him, trying to hold in tears. “I’m gonna miss you.”

“I’m gonna miss you a hell of a lot. But for a girl like you, I’d wait a century if I had to.”

“Awww, come here,” You pulled him into a hug. “Never change, okay? Even if something happens to who you are on the outside, never change who you are on the inside.”

“I promise I won’t,” he said softly, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. He pulled out of the hug to look at you. “I have to do something now because I’m afraid I might never get the chance.”

“Okay. Go for it.” you nodded, meeting his eyes. He started to lean forward, closing his eyes, but he stopped, nerves acting up. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him to you, kissing him passionately. He kissed back timidly, lips moving along with yours. Shaky hands found your waist and he gingerly held you. Your hands moved from his collar to his soft cheeks, holding his face gently.

He pulled away with stars in his eyes.

“Woah,” he stated, shocked in the best way. “I…just…holy…”

“I’ll see you soon, I promise.” You smiled softly.

“Okay,” he nodded. “Not soon enough.”

Steve gave one lingering glance at you before stepping through the portal Tony had built and disappearing. The other Steve walked through the door, arms crossed, showing off his monstrous biceps. His shirt hugged his chest muscles tightly and now he towered over you. You couldn’t believe how different he was. But if you were being honest, you loved him either way.

“So uh, now you know,” Steve rubbed the back of his neck.

“Know what?”

“Know that I’ve been in love with you since the 1940’s but I thought I would never see you again.” He confessed.

“You have? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted that first kiss to be our first kiss,” he stated, watching you with his gentle blue eyes. “I didn’t know if it had been real until today, but now that I know it was, I guess it’s safe to show you these,” he handed you his sketchbook, a very, very old sketchbook that you were fairly certain he had gotten from the museum.

You opened to the middle of the book and flipped through his sketches, finding one of yourself. You gasped. The signature in the corner had a date with it. 5-6-41.

“Steve…” You whispered softly, tears in your eyes. He pulled you to his chest, holding you in his arms.

“When I met you again, after the ice, I realized it hadn’t happened. It wouldn’t happen for a while, and when he showed up today…” Steve sighed. You rested your head on his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat. His large hand stroked your chin, tilting your head up towards his. And for the first time in over seventy years, he kissed you again.

Tips for writing dialogue
  • It doesn’t have to be complete sentences. People talk in fragments all the time, especially in response to questions. Example: “Where are you going?” The response doesn’t have to be, “I’m going to the store.” The character could say, “To the store,” or if they’re a VERY brief sort of character, they could just say “Store.” It all depends on how casual you want the conversation to sound.
  • Don’t be afraid to put some “um”s and “uh”s and “like” in your dialogue. This is another thing that people do all the time. Don’t put an “um” or other pause word in every sentence of course, but if a character is clearly unsure of something, “um” is a good choice sometimes. And they can be long and drawn out, too. “Uhhhhhhh……” is a valid piece of dialogue in some cases.
  • Use contractions. This isn’t a formal essay. People talk in contractions. I mean, unless your character is some extremely verbose and formal person. Then spell those contractions out, my dude.
  • Don’t swear too much! I know some of you might say “fuck” in every sentence you say, but for writing it just doesn’t work in most cases. There’s a lot of people who don’t swear much, and by using the fuckwords in every. piece. of dialogue you’re isolating a large portion of your audience because they just don’t talk like that. The dialogue is sort of lost on them because they can’t really identify with it and they’re distracted by the fuckwords. Swearing isn’t off limits for sure! But use it sparingly. You can create much more interesting dialogue without it most of the time.
  • Say your dialogue out loud. Sometimes things sound different in your head than they do when actually spoken. Does your dialogue sound good? Does it sound like something the character would actually say? Do you have a hard time saying it?
  • Use italics/bold sparingly. Please. Italicising every other word all the time is frankly distracting, and people just don’t talk like that. This is another thing where saying your dialogue out loud to yourself can help. Does your emphasis sound good where it is? Is that word really that important?
  • Have someone else read/listen to your dialogue. Fresh ears can help pick out the awkward places in your dialogue.
spaci1701 replied to your post “spaci1701 replied to your post “Just in case you’re ever embarrassed…”

Thank the force you’ve found someone who knows what he’s doing and remembers that he’s treating an actual person, not just another case! If inflammation is making it all worse, maybe ice packs would help you get through until this is fixed. And, though it leaves you in pain at the moment, I’m so happy to hear that he wants to make sure he knows what’s actually going on before just rushing ahead with his best guess. Hugs

When I told him the other dentists wanted to root canal my other two teeth because it “might help or it might not” he just took his glasses off, looked at the ceiling like he was asking God for strength and said, “Ya don’t do oral surgery on a whim, ya just don’t.”

So yea he took some idk I think it was like PH swabs or something and he’s going to run them by some other things and see what’s what and he took a bit of my tooth (the one he is going to replace) and in his own words “mad scientist it” because he does a lot of this kind of research work himself. He also texted me to thank me for coming in and to let me know if my pain increased over the weekend to call him and he’d get me into the ultrasound machine which is supposed to help with chronic pain. When I texted back saying thanks and I’d see him next week he sent me back a thumbs up emoji.

I think I found the one.

idk if yall saw the whole walmart acquiring modcloth thing, but go in the comments section of the instagram post if you want to see how badly people understand economics/the issue of ethical consumption (and how it is Impossible at this point let’s be real lmfao)…..that shit is a TRRRRRIP. 

in case you’re too lazy/can’t be assed to go look (and i don’t blame you), there’s people calling modcloth a small business (they’re a multi-million dollar company with around 500 employees lmfao), people claiming modcloth is ethically produced even though they’re a retail site that source their shit from hundreds of different places, plenty of them not explicitly ethical (this is also never something modcloth has claimed, ppl just are assuming this because they’re body positive and make hipster clothes i GUESS?), people saying modcloth is too successful to have to do this and they were just selling out bc they’re secretly crooks (rumors on business sites value the acquisition at 50-70 million, which is a third of what modcloth was worth in fucking 2014–meaning they almost Have to be tanking for this to happen or for them to agree to sell for so low) and lots and lots and lots of ppl who are privileged enough to have the ability to boycott walmart not seeing how that makes them privileged (not to mention they have starbucks coffee images in their profiles and just like!!! the ignorance! the posturing!!! both of these companies use prison labor if you’re going to be so committed to ethical consumption you don’t get to pick and choose!!!) just….a Huge mess lmfao

Grand Ami

Word Count: (without translations) 2880, (with translations) 2982

Genre: fluff, coming out, humour, literal miscommunication (because of different languages, I swear there’s no angst)

Warnings: bad French probably


Based off this post (x)

Phil is dating Dan and today is the day he was finally going to meet his parents. Of course he’s nervous, who wouldn’t be? He wants to make a good impression. This may be made a tiny bit harder by the fact that Phil’s terrible at French and that’s mostly what Dan’s parents speak.

(Big thanks to @thereisspringintheair and @justcuzfandoms for basically doing most of the translations for me! Any mistakes are on me and me alone, although I’d like to formally say “screw you” to google translate.)

A/N Just in case you don’t understand, Dan’s family speaks mostly French. Dan himself can speak both French and English fluently, and Phil is just terrible at learning another language. The English translations are in bold next to what they say in French. Also, Dan is asexual.

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ok so idk if other ppl experience this or if you know why but when I go home I can't look up stuff about cryptids bc it feels like they're watching or nearby but in my college I can do it bc they're far away so I can't anger them?

im not saying this is 100% the case for you or trying to diagnose you with anything, but it does sound like a lot of delusions ive experienced and seen other ppl w/ psychotic disorders talk about. obv im over it a little considering i run this blog but ive had very similar fears as a result. ofc it could be a lot of things, tho theres a lot of kinds of irrational fears.

but yeah what helps for me is sorta tricking yourself out of it. like the Best thing to do is just remind yourself that it doesnt make sense and youre safe, but if that doesnt work, set up a sort of trick for yourself beforehand. like “i am about to read this while at home, but they wont be able to know, or get angry, i am safe” etc etc. sometimes that helps

Just Do It

Idk if you’ll write smut but I have a request if you will.  A very nervous, virgin reader is with a very confident Spencer for the first time.  He’s gently and makes her feel all kinds of things.

I can most certainly do this!  Here is your smutty one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Sighing as you walk into your studio, you drop your go bag and head for the kitchen.  The case had been a tough one, and one that you ultimately couldn’t weigh in on.

After all, you can’t knowledgeably talk about sex if you’ve never experienced it.

You remember the chuckles and wide eyes from Morgan, and the pitiful glances from Hotch and Rossi.  You remember the questions from the girls.

But most of all?  You remember the constant confusion from Reid.

You kept asking him why he looked so confused.  You kept repeating the fact that he needed to go to someone else with his questions, because even though you two always worked as partners, you knew nothing of sex and, therefore, couldn’t answer his questions on what the women were feeling.

And as the kills became more and more sexual, and the journal entries became more and more descriptive, you ended up excusing yourself from the case.

“Call me if a crossword puzzle without a penis pops up,” were your exact words.

And now?  You were standing in the middle of your one person studio, tears streaming down your face as you recount the unfamiliar feelings and terminology that had flown around your ears all week.

The women were always brought to orgasm before being killed.

Their bodies were positioned in various sexual positions.

Doggy style seemed to be his favorite enactment.

Sighing as you open your eyes, the darkness of your apartment flooding your irises, you hear a light knock at your door.


Furrowing your brow as you walk over to the door, you slowly crack it open and take stock of the tall, slender Spencer standing on your porch.

“Can I come in?”

Moving past, not bothering to wipe your tears as he slowly snakes in, you shut your door as you turn around, his hands jammed into his work pants pockets as you take in a deep breath.

“What do you want, Spencer?” you breathe.

As silence permeates the room, you feel him step closer to you, his breath audible to your ears as he searches for the right words.

“How have you never had sex?” he asks, barely abouve a whisper.

“Thanks,” you mumble, shoving past him and starting for your kitchen.

“No,” he says, grabbing your arm and whirling you around, “I-I…I didn’t mean that as harsh as it came out.  I just…”

Turning towrds him, the anger in your reddened eyes striking him hard, he furrows his brow in sorrow as he brings his free hand up, wiping away at your tears as you sniffle lightly.

“You’re just so…incredible,” he says, his eyes scanning you as you cock your head lightly.

“I’ve just never…found someone that I dated that I trusted enough,” you say matter-of-factly.

Watching him nod as he lets your arm go, you take a step forward, your hand reaching out for his face as you slowly guide his gaze to yours.

“But it’s about time?  Isn’t it?”

“Not if you’re not ready,” Spencer counters, his eyes filling with worry, “don’t make this case pressure you to do something you’re not ready to do.”

But he didn’t step away.

“Do you think I’m pretty, Spencer?” you ask, your voice light and hopeful.

“Oh, yes,” he breathes, his eyes twinkling in the darkness of the room as you snicker lightly.

As he searches your eyes, the gears in his head churning and creaking as he debates on what to do, a light smile crosses his face as he nuzzles into the palm of your hand.

“If trust is an issue, I could-”

Stopping himself as he swallows hard, you lay your head on his chest as he brings his hand to your hair, the fingertips on his lanky fingers slowly caressing the skin on your neck.

Taking a deep breath as you stand up on your tiptoes, you slowly place your lips against his in what would be your first kiss, the sensation warming your face as you feel his hand drop lowly on your waist.

Feeling him place his other hand on your cheek, he guides your face back to his, his head lobbing off to the side as he slides his tongue into the cavern of your mouth, your hesitant tongue trying to figure out the dance as he drops his hand, his arms drawing you in close as your palms press against his chest.

Feeling his lips trail lightly down your neck, you feel the skin on your arms pucker up as you breathe out a content sigh, your hands traveling to his hair, exploring his back, and digging into his shoulders as you try to find a position that suits the two of you.

Feeling his teeth lightly rake over the crook of your neck, a light whimper escapes your lips as your eyes widen, your lips curling up into a smile as you chuckle at yourself.

Feeling Spencer pull back, his eyes find yours as a smile upticks on his face.

“Everything alright?” he asks.

“Yeah, just…that sound.  It…”

“…wasn’t intentional?” he asks.

“Yeah,” you say, giggling as you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.

“If you want…we could, uh…”

Searching his face as you step back, your feet slowly guiding you towards the couch, you find your body sinking down as you pat the cushion beside you, Spencer kicking off his shoes as he hurries over and sits down, his hand on your knee as he leans back in and kisses you furiously, your hands flying to his hair as he slowly pushes your back down onto the couch.

Feeling his hand trail up your leg, you feel a fire start churning within your pelvis.  A sensation you weren’t familiar with.

But you didn’t want it to stop.

As his fingers find their way up your dress, he stops just shy of the cotton material of your panties, his hands hesitant on their next move as he breaks the teeth-clattering kiss, his breath coming in heaves as he searches your eyes.

“Just do it,” you whisper, your eyes pleading with him.

Watching as he dips his head into the crook of your neck, his breath hot as his fingers find their way to the side of your panties, you feel the fabric being pushed to the side as his teeth find your pulse point, a groan emanating from your throat as your eyes roll into the back of your head, his fingers dancing in your new-found wetness as his lips trail back up to yours.

“Please tell me if you get uncomfortable,” he murmurs against your mouth, his tongue darting out to slide across the roof of your mouth as your leg twitches.

Your mouth swallowed his chuckle at your reaction.

Feeling his fingers swipe up and down your slit, you brace as he slowly inches one of his long fingers in, your legs beginning to shake as you squirm at the unfamiliar sensation.

“Let me know when you’re alright,” he breathes, his lips close to your ear as your chest heaves against his.

Nodding quickly, you feel him swirl it around, your body jumping as he scrapes along the roof of your swollen walls.

“Now for two…” he whispers.

Feeling his hand shift, you whimper as he pulls his finger out, only for your eyes to widen quickly as he inserts two of his beautiful fingers inside of you, working his soft skin against you as he expands and contracts his digits, attempting to strech you out without pain.

Grunting and whimpering, he shoots his head up to you as his eyes connect with yours, his mind whirling as his brows furrow.

“Are you alright?” he asks.

“Yeah,” you whimper, letting out the breath you were holding, “yeah, I’m good.”

“Do you want to stop?” he asks, his eyes flickering between your two beautiful E/C ones.

“No,” you breathe, shaking your head vigorously as your hands fly to his cheeks, pulling him in for a crashing kiss.

“Please don’t stop,” you whisper against his lips.

Feeling his right arm snake around, bracing your lower back as he helps you elevate your hips, his left hand begins to pump slowly as you feel his thumb exploring, the pad of his finger finally knocking against something as your body jumps.

“Hoooo, my god,” you whisper.

“There we go,” he groans, his thumb finding that sensitive bundle again as he begins to work it in slow circles, your lips forming a tight “O” as your hands fly to his hair involuntarily, gripping it tight as he buries his face into the crook of your neck.

As mewls and whimpers escape your throat, you find your hips bucking against his hand, his lips drawing pictures against your neck as his tongue darts in and out, his teeth grazing over the protruding vein in your neck as you squirm and buck underneath him.

“Let it wash over you,” he whispers, his breath hot on your skin as your hands travel down his back.

“Oh, god,” you breathe, “Oh, Spencer…”

And all at once, your eyes fly open as your jaw unhinges, locking in place as a primal yell escapes your mouth, your back arching as you feel Spencer’s free hand place itself right between your shoulder blades, supporting your body as your walls clench around his fingers, your core convulsing as his lips trail kisses down your sternum, his face burying itself into your bouncing chest as your hands reach out and grip the parts of the couch that you could find.

And just like that, your body drops, your chest heaving and your lips panting as your legs continue to shake with Spencer thrusting his fingers a few more times, causing your leg to twitch once more as he smiles before removing his hand, wiping it on a stray blanket slung over your couch before finding your lips once again with his, catching them in a deep, warm, slow kiss as he feeds off of your oxygen.

“Oh, my god,” you breathe as your hands fly to your hair, moving it from your face as you find Spencer’s gaze, his body sitting on the opposite end of th couch as he surveys your flushed, crooked, exposed form.

“Beautiful,” he says, a smile broadening on his face as you blush, covering your face with your hands.

Throwing your legs over the side of the couch as Spencer helps you to sit up, you feel his hand rubbing your back comfortingly as you peek out at him from between your fingers, giggling embarrassingly as he slowly reaches out and pulls your hands from your face.

“Y/N, can I be honest with you?” he asks.

“Of course,” you say, furrowing your brow as you turn towards him.

“I…I don’t feel comfortable taking your virginity,” he says.

Nodding lightly as you sigh, you dip your head as you fiddle with your fingernails.

“It’s alright, no one really is,” you say.

“You just…you deserve someone to wine you and dine you.  Someone who cherishes you, and cares for you.  Someone who trusts you as much as you trust them…who will be careful and not lose himself in the moment until he knows that you won’t be hurt.”

Smiling through your tears as you watch them drop onto the couch, you sniff lightly as Spencer crooks his finger under your chin and raises your gaze.

“Sounds wonderful,” you say sarcastically.

“All of this to say…” he says as he eyes you, his knuckles coming up and wiping away your tears, “will you go out with me to dinner tomorrow night?”

And as a broad smile creeps across your face, you giggle as Spencer leans his forehead into yours, his nose nuzzling the tip of yours lightly.

“I would love to,” you whisper.

anonymous asked:

do u ever feel just so lonely and worry that people don't like you? im so paranoid about people not liking me or that i don't matter to a lot of old friends/acquaintances that i don't see anymore or just afraid of being second rate. i don't know how to get over it! and like for people i know don't like me im like obsessed with them. idk how to stop this and it's like ironic bc ppl would prolly like me more if i stopped being such a basket case

Instead of whatever Garbage thought processes are happening in my own personal brain, here are some Healthy Thoughts™ for your consumption:

Everyone isn’t going to like you. If someone from your past doesn’t think about you anymore, that doesn’t make their impact on your life any less; people cling to different memories. You aren’t going to be everyone’s number one person; you might not even be anyone’s. None of these things change your worth as a human being. They don’t mean that you are not able to be liked, or that you will always be unliked. Try not to ruminate on people who are no longer a part of your life; think about the ones who are here now (assuming you have some, if not there’s like another speech I could give u)

also for like people who explicitly do not like u, assume the dislike is extremely lukewarm, and don’t give them the effort. most people just like, vaguely dislike others. also most people are fucking awful so if they don’t like u, then good. but also I’m not trying to belittle your preoccupation. the point is that I can’t really help you, but one time someone wrote me problem message & I wrote “me too it’s okay” & someone sent me hate mail that said I gave unhelpful responses to real problems so I hope this helped you in some way

Lunatic: Part X

BTS Mythical! AU

Rated: M Blood, Violence, Mind Manipulation, Slight Smut

Word Count: 5164

Part IX

A/N: Once again I don’t know the boys siblings names.  I’m convinced that the Yoongi/Hoseok ship call each other Sope because Yoongi’s hyung maybe Yoonseok?  idk it’s a weird theory.  Don’t judge me.

Yoongi waits fifteen minutes with his phone in hand just in case you do text back.  There’s no reply so he puts his phone away.  His headache has changed from a heavy darkening migraine to the tight throb of over thinking.  The poison is worked out of his system and it frees his mind.  

Yoongi is no stranger to sleep evading him because his thought simply can’t be quiet.  This time it’s unbearable with two voices speaking out conflicting things.  His brain runs in a loop.  His wolf is still yearning to mate and agitated by the suppressants.  His human is piecing together how he’s going to fix this mess.  

The constant chant of the wolf expressing his need gets too demanding.  In a last ditch attempt to quiet his raging hormones he grabs the tissues and lotion from the bedside table.  He tosses off his blanket and bottoms. The cold room air then the warmth of his hand on his cock give equal hisses.  

He works himself quick just wanting so sort of release.  He’s been hard for nearly two days and he’s had enough.  Selfishly he lets himself imagine you there with him.  It doesn’t take long before he’s cumming.  His body shaking with the long awaited release that’s so strong he nearly passes out.  

Two minutes later he’s cleaned up and redressed, back into his bed.  The difference is that his wolf is quiet and he’s not hard anymore.  If he’d known it was that easy he would’ve jerked off a long time ago.  Finally getting some peace he falls asleep.

In the morning you’re the first one to wake.  Jungkook has thick blinds over the windows so there’s no way to tell if it’s early or late.  You check your phone for the time.  10:12 AM and text notifications.  

That wakes you right up.  You blink to read the bright screen clearly while sliding open your screen and tapping the icon.  Yoongi’s name makes a rush of relief run over you.  You wouldn’t admit it to the other but you were very worried he might not make it or something terrible was going to happen.

You read through his messages twice and then keep staring at them.  He wants you to visit and needs a favor?  You need him to explain more than that.  “Can you expla” is all you get typed out before your phone is swiped from your hands.  

The sudden movement from Jungkook startles you.  When had he woken up?  Jungkook takes not even a minute to read Yoongi’s texts before scoffing and tossing your phone onto his chest.

“Y/N tell me you’re not even thinking about going there.”  Jungkook mumbles.  His voice is still thick with sleep making it hard to whispers.  He sits up and looks at you sternly.  He groans and flops back down when you give him the pity puppy face.  He doesn’t need an answer to know you’re really going to see him.  

“Fine but we’re going with you.”  Jungkook tosses your phone back onto your blankets and gets out of bed.  “Goin’ where?”  Jimin mumbles in sleepy busan accent from the bed.  “To see Yoongi hyung.”  Jungkook grunts and leaves the room.  

Breakfast with the three of you is quiet.  Jimin tries to make it not so tense but Jungkook’s dark cloud is too overwhelming.  You send Yoongi a message that you would come and asked for a time.  You didn’t mention the others coming with you because you knew he would protest.  Sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.  

While you wait for Yoongi’s reply you head back home to wash and change.  His reply comes not long after you’re ready.  

Yoongi: Thank You.

Yoongi: You have no idea how much this means to me.

Yoongi: Come as soon as you can.  Please.

You: Be there in about 2 hours.

You message back.  It’s early afternoon around 2.  Given you’re not sure how long you’ll spend at Yoongi’s you decide to pack an overnight bag just in case.  While you get your things together you call Jimin.  You let him know you’re ready to meet at the train station.  

The hour train ride to Daegu is hardly any better than breakfast.  Jungkook has on a hat, mask, and headphones.  He’s curled up into the window happily blocking out the world.  

Jimin is in a similar hat and mask but that’s to be expected.  When you travelled with any of them they hid themselves and you’d act like a normal stranger sitting across from them.  The only thing giving them away might be Jimin’s worried glances at you from his phone every now and then.  

You’re used to this silence but Jungkook hasn’t looked at you once and you’re worried.  It’s bad enough you’re bringing Jungkook with you but an angry Jungkook could set things off on the wrong path.  

You sigh and tip your head against the window.  Jimin looks at you again but you don’t see.  Your phone buzzes in your lap.  

Jimin: Y/N don’t worry too much about Jungkook.  He’s just worried about you.

You huff at that.

You:  Obviously.  He’s too worried.

Jimin: He talked to me a lot this morning.

Jimin: You’re like his sister.  He’s in a tough spot.

Jimin: One of his favorite hyungs just messed up with you.

Jimin: It’s hard for him too.  

You: I get it. I just wish he wouldn’t give me the cold shoulder.

You look up and catch Jimin’s gaze.  He nods and you both go back to silence.

Once off the train, you and the boys take separate taxis.  They go straight to Yoongi’s house while you take one to a café nearby.  The short drive gave you too much time to think about what’s about to happen.  You’ve decided to go in with an open mind.  You want to hear out what Yoongi has to say.  Still your gut twists thinking about meeting his family and the horrible thought that you may not forgive him in the end.  

You walk down the street to the house.  The street is thankfully empty.  You double check the address and take a deep breath before ringing the bell.  The smallest bit of your anxiety slips when Jungkook answers the door.  He ushers you in and closes the door.

He hands you a pair of slippers that you change into.  Then coming into the living room you see Jimin and someone you’ve never met.  You bow when they notice your entrance and say hello.

“Nice to meet you.  I’m Yoongi’s hyung, Yoonseok.  You must be Y/N?”  The other person greets you warmly.  You smile.  “Yes, I’m Y/N.  Nice to meet you too.”  As if he read your mind he continues.  “Don’t worry.  Yoongi didn’t really mention you Jungkook told me your name just before you came.”  That makes you feel good and bad.  Yoongi hadn’t mentioned you?  

Again his brother thinks ahead.  “Don’t take that the wrong way.  Yoongi’s the secretive type to us.  So don’t be upset that he hasn’t mentioned you.”  You soften at his words.  That does sound like Yoongi.  

“Well I’ll take you to his room.  I’m sure he already knows you’re here.”  Yoonseok speaks again.  “A few wise words before you go in.  He’s still not in his best mind.  Don’t take everything he says to heart.  He probably doesn’t realize what he’s saying.  Also try not to look him in the eye if you can avoid it.  He can trick you into doing anything with mind games.”  

The way you nod and the look in your eye gives you away.  “I see he’s used it on you before.”  Yoonseok says with disappointment.  “Then you know what to watch out for.  Just to be safe I’m going to keep scent on you the whole time.  If you get too scared I’ll know and I’ll intervene.  Sorry to invade your privacy but there’s no way Yoongi will be okay with us being in there with you.”  

“What do you mean we’re not going in with her?”  Jungkook protests.  “I can’t let her in there with him alone.  I know what kind of things he’ll do to her.”  Yoonseok looks confused.  He must not know how close you are with Jungkook.  

“Well like I said.  Yoongi won’t be happy if any of us are too close to her.  She should be safe for the most part.  He’s chained to the bed.  So as long as she keeps a distance he can only talk to her.”  You startle at that.  How bad must he be if they’ve chained him to the bed.  

Jungkook is about to protest further but Jimin holds his arm.  “Kookie it’ll be okay.  Let’s trust hyung.  He’ll make sure she’s safe.”  Jimin reassures him.  He huffs an annoyed “fine” and sits on the couch.      

With that Yoonseok leads the way to your doom.  He gives a light tap on the door but doesn’t wait for an answer to open it.  He steps in first.  You take a deep breath and follow.

“Yoongi, Y/N is here to see you.”  A low growl comes from the bed as soon as Yoonseok comes into Yoongi’s view.  The rumble gets louder as you step around him.  Yoonseok waits for you to give him the okay before he leaves and closes the door behind him.  

Yoongi’s growl fades once he’s gone.  The sight of him is just as frightening as you thought it might be but also fills you with pity.  For the most part he looks the same as he always does.  He’s propped up against a few pillows with the blanket over his lower half.  Every inch of him and the bed is a tousled, wrinkly mess.

The only things out of the ordinary are the thick collar hanging around his neck with a chain to the wall and his eyes.  Just the quickest glance reminds you not to look at them.  They are incredibly feral.  Gold and glimmering with no ounce of humanity.

Yoongi woke up early that day.  The best news was that he woke up feeling so much better.  He didn’t have a hard-on, his head wasn’t pounding and for the first time in days he felt like he was in control of his thoughts.  His brother even let him off the chain for most of the morning.  Their parents left for the day shortly after they all had breakfast together.  

The text from you brought back all of his guilt.  It welled up in his stomach, thick and rolling.  The feeling grew over the next two hours and he thought he’d be sick.  Yoonseok had talked him into staying in his bed with the chain back on.  Yoongi agreed that it would be safer even if he was feeling better.

It ends up the right decision.  A short while after he’s back in the bed the doorbell rings.  Yoongi stills and waits to catch your scent and voice.  Instead he hears and smells Jungkook and Jimin.  

Yoongi sighs and relaxes back.  Honestly he had been expecting them to come with you.  He knew they’d never let you come alone.  He lays there listening to their quiet conversation in the living room.  

A short time after, the doorbell rings again.  He hears the door open and close.  Then gradually he hears and smells you.  The sick feeling spikes and drowns him.  It feels like someone punched him in the gut and threw him under water.  He’s gasping for breath and tossing in the bed.  

Yoongi’s wolf feels the weakness and takes over.  Just like that he’s back to square one.  His breathing evens out and he straightens his posture.  Smelling you for the first time in so long sets him off.  

He really missed you.  He can practically feel the longing for you in his bones.  Anger and jealousy are the other two things he feels.  Three other males are around you right now and he hates it.  If he weren’t chained up he would be dragging you in here away from them.  So he sits impatiently for you to come to him.     

With Jungkook giving his permission, Yoonseok leads the way to your doom.  He gives a light tap on the door but doesn’t wait for an answer to open it.  He steps in first.  You take a deep breath and follow.

“Yoongi, Y/N is here to see you.”  A low growl comes from the bed as soon as Yoonseok comes into Yoongi’s view.  The rumble gets louder as you step around him.  Yoonseok waits for you to give him the okay before he leaves and closes the door behind him.  

Yoongi’s growl fades once he’s gone.  The sight of him is just as frightening as you thought it might be but also fills you with pity.  For the most part he looks the same as he always does.  He’s propped up against a few pillows with the blanket over his lower half.  Every inch of him and the bed is a tousled, wrinkly mess.

The only things out of the ordinary are the thick collar hanging around his neck with a chain to the wall and his eyes.  Just the quickest glance reminds you not to look at them.  They are incredibly feral.  Gold and glimmering with no ounce of humanity.

“Hello, Pet.”  His voice sounds foreign to your ears.  It doesn’t sound quite like Yoongi.  It’s deeper and rougher but also sharp like there’s a permanent sneer to his lips.  “Do come in a bit closer.  Won’t you?  I’ve missed you.”  

His words make you feel like a chicken being persuaded by a fox.  Without looking up from the floor to take two large steps forward.  You’re not entirely sure how far his chain can reach and you don’t care to find out.  

“Oh come now love.  I smell just how frightened you are.  Why are you so scared?  I just want to talk.” He sounds sincere and you wish you could see his face to be sure.  You clear your throat before you speak but your voice shakes anyway.  

“Y-yes that’s why I’m here Yoongi.  For us t-to talk.”  You manage that much.  “Well where would you like to start?”  He asks.  You thought that should be obvious.  “I’m expecting you to explain what happened like you said you would.”  You say as boldly as you can.  

Yoongi hums and thinks for a moment.  “You’re right love.  I need to apologize to you.  Hobi’s sister was in heat and she tricked me.  We weren’t supposed to be alone together but Hoseok and Taehyung had taken too long to join us.  I’ve been ready to mark you but another female in heat throwing herself at me is too strong of a temptation.  Nothing other than a bit of touching happened before they came and separated us.  Unfortunately Hoseok had to use a poison on me to get me away.  He ended up also getting hurt but will be fine.  So again I’m very sorry that I couldn’t control myself like I should have.”  

Keeping your eyes on the floor you stand there thinking.  You really need to take in this information and think of how you feel about all of this.  One horny girl around him means he can’t control himself?  Someone like Yoongi had girls throwing themselves at him on the daily.  How could you trust him like this.  

“What exactly do you mean by touching?”  You asked though you weren’t sure you wanted to know the answer.  “She was rubbing herself all over me and licking my neck.  I licked her back but there wasn’t any kissing or anything beside that.  Clothes all stayed on I promise.”  Yoongi stated.  

Relief is what you feel from hearing that even though you feel stupid to feel relieved.  “If Hoseok and Taehyung hadn’t come in would you have slept with her?”  You ask.  Yoongi is quiet for a bit too long.  You really want to look at him to see what he was feeling.

He sighs before he answers.  “Hard to say.  I was really trying to get her away from me.  Too many things were going on.  I was in rut and pretty drunk.  I didn’t want her but my brain was tricking me into imagining you.”  

Your stupid eyes betray you after hearing that.  Was he lying about thinking about you?  You had to know.  With a quick glance you can see sincerity in his eyes.  “Believe me Y/N.  I only want you.”  The words change the quick look you were meant to give into a hard stare.  Those golden eyes are just too charming.  

“I believe you.”  You say quietly.  “Thank you.”  Yoongi replies just as soft.  “Now please come here and let me see you.  You smell divine and it makes me feel so much better.”  He purrs.  You feel enchanted by this voice.  There wasn’t a golden haze of his mind tricks so you felt safe.

With a shake to your step you approach the bed.  He pats the space beside him and you take a careful seat.  As soon as your weight is settled he takes your hand in his.  You watch him carefully.  With your gazes locked, he kisses the back of your hand.  Then he turns it to kiss your palm and wrist.  

Yoongi closes his eyes and rubs his cheek into your hand.  The scent gland of your wrist brushes the scent gland of his neck and makes little sparks in his head.  He wants nothing more than to rub himself all over you to scent mark your thoroughly but he knows there are boundaries.  His wolf doesn’t know how else to make you relax to him.  

You’re so hesitant of his every move.  Sure you’re starting to forgive him but this is more than you were initially ready to give.  You didn’t want to be so weak and pliant to him but he said it made him feel better.     

Once Yoongi is pleased with his scent over your hand he looks at you again.  He’s unhappy to see you’ve looked away from him again.  One of his hands slides up your arm and he sits up along the way.  You feel him closer but don’t want to look.  

The hand on your arm moves to your chin.  Too gently he turns you to look at him.  Those feral eyes are too close and it makes your heart race.  Yoongi takes a moment to admire the blush of your cheeks.

Slowly he leans into you.  He’s giving your time to back out but his eyes have you fixed to the spot.  There are milliseconds between those eyes closing and his lips touching yours that you briefly think of running.  

He kisses you soft and short then pulls away.  You stare at each other again for two regular breaths before he recloses the distance.  Again it’s gentle but he holds you there much longer.  When he pulls away all of your emotions fill your chest.  Perhaps you like Yoongi a little too much to be letting him get away with this.  

You want to let go and forget what happened.  So badly you want to just fall into his arms and let him hold you.  Then you realize you want to be held because you’ve been hurt.  Hurt by him.  It all makes your head spin.  

Yoongi is carefully watching your reactions while he continues.  This time he kisses your cheek, your forehead, your other cheek, and your lips.  Then watches again.  Each time you relax a little more but look more conflicted.  

He kisses your cheek again and you expect him to repeat his pattern but it changes.  He carefully tilts your head and kisses just below your chin.  The kisses move down your neck then back up.  The wet heat of his tongue circles your pulse point.

The soft sigh from you breaks Yoongi’s resolve.  With a growl he throws you over his lap and rolls.  Your head hits the edge of the pillows and Yoongi is half over you before you know what happened.  There no time to protest before he’s kissing your lips again.

This time it a hard kiss.  His hands find yours and grip them tightly, holding them down to the bed.  He keeps kisses you over and over until you feel dizzy.  “God I missed you so much.  You smell so good for me baby.”  Yoongi speaks between each peck then pulls back a bit to look at you.  

“But you know what I don’t like?  You smell too much like Jungkook.  I can smell him all over you and it’s driving me crazy.”  He spoke lowly in a tone that gave you goosebumps.  In a different situation you would laugh because of how ridiculous that was.  Nothing would ever happen between you and Jungkook but you’re too struck still to laugh about it.

The smell of Jungkook on you was too serious for Yoongi.  Another males smell on his girl was too much.  He needed them to know you belonged to him.  He needed you to belong to him.  That made the most sense to him.  If he claimed you he most likely wouldn’t want to touch or claim other girls.

Yoongi continues to kiss you.  He’s nipping at your bottom lip to get you to give him access.  You cave and let him deepen the kiss.  His tongue ravaging your own in the most possessive way he can.  While this continues he shifts his weight to be able to grind his hip along your thigh.  The feeling of his hard on running over your skin makes you even dizzier.

With panting breath Yoongi breaks the kiss.  The movement of his hips in perpetual motion as he switches to presses open mouth kisses to your jaw and down both sides of your neck.  It’s quickly getting too much for the both of you but Yoongi can’t forget about Jungkook.  He can still smell him.  

“Let me mark you baby.  They need to know who you belong to.”  Yoongi growl against your skin.  All the alarm bells in your head went off.  How could you have been so stupid to let him get you into a position like this?  

“No.”  You whimpered.  You squeezed his hands and tried to push his mouth away from your neck with your head.  To Yoongi that meant you were defying your alpha.  He growled loudly expecting you to submit like a female should.  

“Take it like a good girl.  They need to know that you’re mine.”  He commanded with his teeth bared.  Your fear spiked high and you froze.  In the next second the door flew open and Yoonseok was charging toward the bed. “Yoongi! Stop!”  

Yoongi turned from you to his brother approaching.  Yoongi gave a menacing bark with his teeth snapping.  At this point it didn’t matter that it was his brother.  He just knew it was a male approaching while he was trying to mark his mate.  

Yoonseok didn’t hesitate to grab Yoongi by the collar and pull him away from you.  Yoongi reacted fast with teeth and now extended claws lashing out.  From grabbing the collar Yoonseok had been too close to Yoongi’s mouth and not expecting him to react so quickly.  Yoongi’s teeth closed around Yoonseok’s arm and held him there.

Yoonseok yelled in pain but used this moment to haul Yoongi the rest of the way off the bed.  In perfect timing Jungkook and Jimin had hurried into the room.  They saw Yoongi hit the floor dragging his brother down with him by the arm.  Jungkook acted first, running to the other side of the bed and taking you by the hand.  

The smell of Jungkook close to you drove Yoongi mad.  He let go of Yoonseok and turned to attack.  Yoonseok bodily threw himself at Yoongi and once again they hit the floor.  Jungkook was leading you wide around the bed and toward the door.  

“Don’t you touch her!  She mine!  You leave her!”  Yoongi was barking orders directed at Jungkook.  He redoubled his efforts to escape Yoonseok but Jimin jumped in to help hold him back.  

Jungkook took you out of the room and straight to the front door.  He helped you pull on your coat and shoes then straight out the front door.  You could hear Yoongi yelling and fighting all the way.  

Jimin and Yoonseok heard the front door close and carefully they let go of Yoongi.  The angry werewolf lunged straight for the door but was stopped short by the collar tethering him to the wall.  The other two backed away while he was struggling.  They watched him until they were clear out of the room with the door closed.  

The door closes tightly and the two head into the bathroom.  Jimin helps Yoonseok to clean and bandage his arm.  Yoongi had bit pretty deep but being werewolfs meant they would heal fairly fast.  “That little shit is gonna get his ass kicked once he comes to.”  Yoonseok mumbles while Jimin wraps his arm.

Everything for you is still in a haze.  You see Jungkook pulling you down the street.  You see the houses you pass.  You feel the cold air around you but everything feels like a dream.  Your thoughts had shut down in your fear.  

Jungkook takes you to a nearby park.  He looks around to be sure it’s empty.  The two of you settle into a bench on the far side under a tree.  Jungkook takes your hands and brushes his thumbs over them.  “Y/N are you okay?  Did he hurt you?”  He asks.  You hear his voice crack the way it does when he’s scared.

You don’t respond.  You can’t.  Your mind is blank.  “Y/N?”  He asks again.  You still can’t speak.  Yea sure he hurt you.  He crushed your spirit.  Tormented your heart and played you like easy prey.  

That’s when the hot burn of tears well up and spill over.  You start to shake and sob.  Jungkook quickly pulls you into his arms.  There is so much comfort for you to cry into Jungkook’s shoulder.  You’ve done it a few times before.  

Patiently he waits for you to settle back down.  His hand smoothing over your back and keeping your hair out of your face.  The tears slow to a stop and you take a few deep breaths.  

“Thank You.”  You sigh into Jungkook’s coat.  “For what?”  He asks.  You sniffle.  “For being my best friend.  For always being there for me no matter how many stupid mistakes I make.  For worrying about me.”  You tell him honestly.  

“Well you said it.  I’m your best friend.  That’s what I’m supposed to do.”  Jungkook fakes a smug tone trying to get you to laugh.  It does make you smile a bit.  “Yeah and I should have listened to my best friend when he said to stay away from weird boys.”  You say sadly.  

Jungkook had been right like he always was.  You should have listened the first time he told you to stay away from Yoongi.  How could you have thought things would work out between you?

“It’s okay Y/N.  It’s not your fault.”  Jungkook pats your head.  You pull a bit away from him and nod.  “Seriously though, he didn’t hurt you at all physically right?”  Jungkook looks you over carefully.  You smile.  “No I’m okay.  Just a bit shaken up.”

“Good.  I guess I don’t have to kill him yet then.  Do you want to talk about what happened or not yet?”  Jungkook hesitates.  You’re not sure your brain is quite ready to relive your fear just yet.  “Not yet.  Maybe tonight.”  You say shaking your head.  Jungkook understands.  

“Alright well it’s freezing out here.  Let’s head home okay?  You alright to take a cab by yourself to the train station?”  He stands and takes his phone out.  “Yeah. I can do that.”  You take out your own phone.  

You get a taxi right from the park and Jungkook goes back to the house to settle things with Yoonseok and get Jimin.  Shortly after you’re once again sitting across from them on the train.  It’s your turn to tune out the world and stare out the window.  The boys watch you more than they technically should.          

The boys pick up some dinner on the way back to Jungkook’s house.  His family are a bit surprised you’re all back already thinking that you would stay the night but they don’t really question it.  They can tell something went wrong and they’ll wait to ask Jungkook in private.  

After dinner you watch tv with the boys until it’s hard to hold your eyes open.  All three of you are tucked into bed before you speak.  “Jungkook.”  You say softly just in case either of them had fallen asleep already.  He hums in acknowledgement.  “I’m ready to talk about it.”

You hear the shuffle of blankets from Jungkook rolling over to face you.  “Go ahead whenever you’re ready.”  He answers you.  After a deep breath you start.  “I was stupid.  We were just talking and he explained everything that happened.  It really didn’t seem like his fault but I can’t completely forgive him.  I made the mistake of looking at him.  It was like he tricked me into sitting with him.  He said it made him feel better and that he really missed me.  He was just holding my hand. Then it move into kissing my hand and kissing me.  I lost track of things and before I knew it we were on the bed with him over me.  He was talking about smelling you all over me and hating it.  He wanted to mark me so everyone knew that I belonged to him.  He was trying to bite me.  I was so scared.”  

By the end of your retelling there are tears rolling down your cheeks again.  Jungkook heard your sniffling.  He grab the tissue box from the nightstand and handed a few to you.  “Y/N.  It’s okay.  You’re safe now.”  He pulls you back in for another hug.  

“Yeah we’ll keep you safe Y/N.  Yoongi hyung didn’t mean to hurt you I’m sure.  Yoonseok hyung said he’s not in control of his own thoughts and actions right now.”  Jimin spoke from Jungkook’s bed.  

“Thank you guys.  I appreciate you helping me like this.  I think it would be best if Yoongi and I don’t see each other for a while.”  You catch your breath and roll back over to your phone.

You open kakao to send Yoongi a message.

You: Yoongi I wanted to try and forgive you today.  

You: I understand you aren’t in your right mind but I’m scared.  

You: I think we shouldn’t see each other for a while.  I hope you can understand.


ok but consider: apparently on some (all? idk) phones you can set personalized voicemail messages so specific things play for specific people and what if, since gansey knows (HE KNOWS) he’s going to die, he records different ones for his friends

  • Noah’s vanished, Gansey’s gone, and Ronan quietly continues paying Gansey’s phone bill, just in case they ever need to hear his voice again, because that’s all they have left. that’s all there is. 
  • Blue’s the first one to realize what he left for them.
  • she’s been sitting in the phone/sewing/cat room every night since he died, staring at the phone and trying to build up the courage to call him. she knows he won’t answer, he can’t answer ever again, she’s sensible, after all, but she can’t stand the thought of having heard his voice for the last time.
  • she just wants to listen to his voicemail. she presses the phone to her ear and waits to hear the familiar: This is Gansey, I’m busy right now – BUSY FUCKING HIS BOYFRIEND GLENDOWER – quiet, Ronan, Glendower is a king, he is not my boyfriend. I’m busy right now, but leave a message. 
  • the message doesn’t come. the phone rings, and rings, and rings, and just when Blue thinks the number’s been disconnected and she really has heard his voice for the last time, it comes across the line. 
  • Jane
  • for one impossible, breathless moment, she thinks he’s cheated death, again, and he’s back, he’s here, with her, but then the voice, his voice, continues unprompted, and she realizes it’s a recording. he left something behind. Jane, I want you to know that I don’t regret a second with you. If I could go back and do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing. 
  • it keeps going, but at this point Blue’s shaking and crying too hard to hear what he’s saying (she hears the rest later, she calls him until her fingers are raw from pressing redial and his message is etched into her brain)
  • she calls Adam and Ronan, too, choking out through her tears that they have to call Gansey, because if he left something for her he must’ve left something for them as well. it’s the middle of the night, but she knows they’re awake.  
  • the first time Ronan calls to hear the voicemail, Gansey’s voice mixes with the sound of the bottle Ronan threw out the window shattering into a million pieces in the parking lot below Monmouth
  • it’s not like he hasn’t heard Gansey’s voice since he died. of course he has, every night when he was busy trying to dream him the world and all that showed up was the other boy, convulsing on the ground, again, and Ronan failing to save him, again. 
  • but this time, this voice isn’t just an echo in his dreams, a poor shadow of a boy who had been so much and was now nothing. this the real Gansey, his Gansey, and it makes Ronan want to break everything he owns. his cheeks are hot with tears, and he can’t stop calling and listening. 
  • You’ve always been my brother, Ronan. Keep dreaming me the world. (Ronan does, eventually.)
  • Adam calls Gansey’s cell from the landline at St. Agnes, hoping that’s the number Gansey’s saved under his name. he rests his forehead on the wall when he hears the voice, trying not to fall over. 
  • Adam, you beautiful tropical sunfish, you deserve better. he can see vines beginning to wind their way around his arms, Cabeswater trying to comfort him, but all he cares about is Gansey’s voice. 
  • I know we fought, but I’ve always wanted what was best for you. Never give up. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. (Adam’s on the way. he’s got acceptance letters from five different colleges upstairs. Gansey didn’t even get to see him open them. )
  • all the messages Gansey left are different. they’re personal, from Gansey before he died, from when he knew he would lose everything but hadn’t, not yet. they’re Gansey saying. not goodbye, exactly, but thank you. they all end the same way. 
  • they can hear the other Gansey as he says it, the Gansey they saw in the cave that day, when he’d fallen in that pit and they had changed the hornets into ravens, the Gansey who finally let himself break, who was terrified. they can hear the fear in his voice as he says that last word, his voice barely a whisper. excelsior, he breathes. 

I’ve been working on an idea for a fanfic for about 3 months now but despite my best efforts, it isn’t translating well onto paper. Idk if it’s writers block or just that I’ve been really stressed out lately but it’s something I’ve lazily been messing with for quite a while now, with not much to show for it.

It’s technically weecest since Sam is around 14. The idea is that Sam bugs Dean to go to camp since their dad’s due to be gone for a while and Dean’s adamant but finally gives in.

What Sam doesn’t find out till last minute is that the only reason Dean agreed to it is because he signed up to be a camp counseler. ( protective Dean is my jam) but things get complicated when Dean notices how close his brother gets with a boy he meets there.

Bring on the jealousy the and mixed feelings that ensue. (I really like first-time fics)

If anyone likes the idea and wants to give it a go, I wouldn’t mind at all. I only ask that if you do try your hand at it, tag me please so I can read what you come up with.

[ ;;&. open to f/nb; ]

zach had a feeling that she’d been doing what she had to piss him off, get some sort of reaction out of him and it had worked like a fucking charm. it had started with her going out in the skimpiest clothes possible, making sure that all eyes were on her in the club and there was no denying that was the case. the good thing was that zach knew there were eyes on him too, being an nfl quarterback got you that kind of attention. any other night and he would have been using that to his advantage, fucking a stranger in the bathroom while his girlfriend was dancing, but that wasn’t gonna be happening, at least not anymore. it was obvious the two of them were together with the way they danced, zach grinding his crotch against her ass as they were surrounded by bodyguards, but that didn’t stop one punk coming over and dancing in front of her, hands on her hips as she was pressed between the two of them. one of zach’s biggest problems was how jealous and paranoid he got so when she didn’t push his hands away, zach lost it, sending the guy flying to the floor with one punch. there would be articles written about him in the morning but he didn’t give a fuck, all he cared about was having a good night and guys knowing where they stood, which the guy on the floor didn’t. wrapping his hand around his girlfriend’s wrist, zach dragged her through the crowd, not stopping until they were outside where he led her down an alley. with bodyguards blocking the view for other people, zach slammed her against the wall, hand wrapping around her throat as he held her there. “you think it’s okay to dance with other guys like a fucking whore, huh? who the fuck do you think you are?” it came out as an almost snarl as he looked into her eyes, hand tightening. “do you know how lucky you are to be dating me?”

here’s another one of my lame crack hc regarding our favourite idiots. this one might be a tiny bit fluffy

imagine this two dorks going out to a bar, pub, whatever, with john and idk greg??? for a case or maybe they got dragged there bc of a celebration, idk guys i don’t usually put much thought into this things

bc of reasons, either sherlock or irene get drunk (i hc that irene can’t hold her alcohol, so in my mind it’s her, but it works with sherlock too) and starts whispering things into the other’s ear, who after a while starts blushing a bit

john and company decide to ignore them bc whatever it’s going on there is probably naughty and oh my god they don’t need to know the details jfc

but then, when they are all leaving, one of them overhears what the whispering and blushing (which has intensified through the night) was about and it’s just??? romantic and kinda sappy??? it’s actually very cute stuff?????? 

bonus: the sober one, all blushing and trying to handle more than ten feelings at a time, is also recording whatever the drunk one is saying, for science or for blackmail