idk if this is even that popular of a ship

When your ship isn’t the most popular ship in the fandom.

a.k.a me being salty

Searching for fanfictions of any ship other than ereri can be really frustrating. As for some reason, writers feel the need to tag every side ship in their work, whenever it’s a past relationship or even an implied relationship.

from my experience this is how searching for top fics goes:

Oh you want some eruri? here have this ereri fic featuring Erwin Smith as Levi’s evil ex, instead.

IS eremin what you are looking for? nope. but consider this,ereri with a sprinkle of one sided-eremin.

Looking for Yumikuri ? how about this 500k+long ereri fic where yumikuri is briefly mentioned. (same as basically every other ship in the fandom)

I have nothing against these typical portrayals of characters in fictions, it’s really not my point. I simply don’t see the need to tag side ships, it only makes people’s life harder.

even if u don’t ship sakuino idk how anyone can pretend that the two of them “feuding” over sasuke was anything other than little gay girls competing with each other and trying to hide their crushes on each other by picking the most popular boy in class to hold up instead as #rivalry

it’s literally the epitome of ‘i had a crush on a girl and didn’t know what to do so i sent her a note telling her to get out’

One thing I am really glad about and part of the reason why I keep talking about D.Gray-man everywhere is, because of the theme of love in the series. Theme of love as in every possible way, with family love especially being given front seat. There is friendship, comradeship, family, some romance, overall pretty human characters all having people they care about and trying to protect ones they care and spending their down times together to recover from bad things that happened. As it is also a tragedy series, there are a lot of bad stuff happening but it is not ignored by characters, instead they accept what happened has happened and try to move on and spend their current time together with people who cares about them and people who they care about.

Even one of the villains who is crushing on main character is written beautifully in the way of saying “I love Allen but family comes first. I am sure you would understand this too, Allen.” even if later on, she doesn’t mind risking her own life for him. Idk I really love that there is no “girl in love makes the guy only priority” at that scene, as well as in general?

And maybe it is because of the side of fandom I am hanging around with, but there isn’t much heteronormative ship wars unlike Bleach or Naruto. Fandom is often half dead due to not being that popular by now but people who are there are often people who has been into it for years or even if they newly found it they end up joining said seasoned fandom people in the end because just like the series, it is homey?

Idk I am just glad to be a part of this fandom and so glad that I found this series in the first place, all the good wishes to mangaka and hope she gets well

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Someone pointed this out already but it needs to be said again because not a lie was spoken: The reason why Disney cut out the Uma/Harry hand kiss scene is because they had more chemistry and Uma/Harry would end up being the popular 'ship' over all the others. I didnt ship anyone in the first film because I didn't see whatever connection they were trying to sell me with some of those pairings. But Uma/Harry? I'm sold. Maybe China and Thomas are better actors? Dove was good in Hairspray so IDK.

Honestly, I don’t even know if there was a kiss filmed. What I do know is that they cut the scene where Harry kisses Uma on her hand. I loved Mal/Ben in the first film bc they had such good chemistry, it was sweet and cute & real, possibly because nothing measured up to it. However, in the 2nd film, I feel like they didn’t have as much chemistry, possibly because Harry/Uma were electric, literally on fire. You could almost feel it through out the screen. I think it’s not necessarily that they’re better actors, but how you connect with people and how you get along with people can really transfer through the screen, and I really think that’s what happened. I mean look at these cuties:

It’s obvious they’re really good friends, and truly like each other. I think the chemistry between China/Dove really transferred through the screen as well, as well as Dove/Sofia’s chemistry. I think you can tell from their acting choices that they really like each other.

hey can i just say: i think its amazing & lovely how popular faranda is on here like…. 90% of ppl i follow here ship it + im super glad about that….. 

in general as a gay dude, i feel pretty catered to in fandom spaces (m/m ships are usually popular in like. every fandom) and i always feel super sad for my wlw friends cus the ships w girls get overlooked so muchhh in sooo many fandom spaces but ?? in my corner of the dghda fandom at least, faranda really seems to be taking off in a big way and i’m so happy for all of you girls who like girls out there!

we should really, as a fandom, do like a faranda week next month or something w art and fics and whatnot because?? good ship?? the goodest ship, even??

I was scrolling and I just saw a post that was saying it’s sad that people can’t open their mind to their all white het ship. Like it’s so open-minded to hyper-focus on the one young white guy in the main cast and see him as the only viable romantic option for the white woman lead who spent the movie bonding with the Black male lead.

And like they believe they’re open minded, even more highly evolved for preferring the white fanon ship that happens to be very popular to the point of ubiquitousness.

IDK. I’m not saying anything new here. It just pains me that shippers really think a lack of open-mindedness explains why people don’t like a ship that is the most typical and tropey in every impactful way.

How I wish that Isayama had never publicly said that Eren and Armin wouldn’t always be friends/would drift apart. It’s not the idea itself that’s so bad to me, it’s just the fact that it was openly stated so early on

How old is that interview now? At least 3 years old? 

I have no idea how the popularity of eremin as a ship changed over time, but I get the feeling that interview played a role. 

For so long there’s been this assumption that Eren and Armin wouldn’t even be friends by the end of the series, and that’s had an effect on fans. It leaves a sense of dread in a way. It skews the way people view their relationship in general. Less people are willing to give it a chance because of that, I think.

I’ve lost count of the times people bring up, “oh so THIS must be the thing that causes Eren and Armin’s falling out!” All the time. 

That expectation was planted early on, and now fans just can’t pry themselves away from that. There’s less focus on their actual relationship. The positive aspects are pushed aside in favor of what negative things may happen in the future. It’s like the majority of fans are just anticipating the moment Eren and Armin go through some dramatic fallout. 

That’s aggravating.

It’s fine to me if Isayama plans on the two drifting apart or have a major disagreement or whatever, I just can’t help but think how different the fandom’s perception of eremin would be if he just never made that intent public. If that interview never existed, if he never alluded to it, how differently would fans look at their relationship?

Consider his interview regarding EMA from the recent guidebook, where he hints even Mikasa will separate from Eren as part of her growth. If Isayama had said that 3 years back, would people perceive Eren and Mikasa’s relationship differently as well?

It just seems like eremin always comes back to that interview. You might have people discussing their relationship, only to end it on, “but Isayama said they won’t even be friends in the end anyway,” and that’s that. 

Maybe that’s part of why this ship isn’t terribly popular. People think it’s already been sunk by the author himself.

Josuhan is great.

What i like most about the ship content i’ve seen is exploring their development, how these two characters that have gone through a lot of good and bad experiences and personal growth can set their pride aside to understand each other, finding something great you never thought it was possible once they get to truly know one another.

Highway star shows us that potential, man, it gives me a lot of feelings, like, their relationship was at their worst at that time, but they ended up risking their lives to save each other, they were so surprised, moved even, you cant deny theres some mutual respect going on in that arc.

Just like real life relationships, they don’t always start great right away, sometimes they start messy and it takes time to build them, but people change, perspectives change, and theres something so interesting and special about that!

Idk man, personally thats why i love this ship that much! Antis claim people like it bc they are both conventionally pretty? Those damn fujoshis am i rite

Nah son, it if wasn’t for their dynamic it wouldn’t be that popular, they’re great characters with an interesting dynamic, and i do believe they could learn from each other to be a better version of themselves.

Okay, so the fandom has decided that we’re only allowed to ship four things? (And by four, they mean only Klance).

  • Can’t ship Shiro with anyone because fandom decided on a completely made up fanon age and anyone who disagrees is evil.
  • Can’t ship Pidge with anyone because fandom decided on a completely made up fanon age and anyone who disagrees is evil.
  • Can’t ship Allura with anyone because Shallura is suddenly evil due to completely made up fanon ages, and can’t ship Kallura because ???? (IDK, the answer I see most often seems to be racism and straight teen girls fetishizing gay men)
  • Can’t ship Sendak, even when it’s not romantic or healthy, because no one may ever explore destructive relationships ever.
  • Can’t ship Lotor, even when it’s not romantic or healthy, because no one may ever explore destructive relationships ever, even though we’ve literally never met his character and his “personality” is entirely fanon right now.

So that leaves Klance, Heith, and Hance…and we all know that writes out Heith and Hance for having a dark skinned, heavyset character which isn’t popular for the skinny twink loving girl part of the fandom. Oh, and of course Matt ships are acceptable because random background white boy with 5 seconds of actual screen time is always a super popular ship choice.

Look, I’m not one who ships adults and minors ever or romanticizes hero/villain pairings, but you can’t arbitrarily make up fanon things as a weapon in a ship war and use these headcanons to attack literally every other ship or character in the entire show, as if Klance is the only “moral” choice left. 

If something isn’t your thing fine, I completely understand. I hate Lance because he sexually harasses the women on the show and I think Klance is boring, trite, and unappealing by trying to make two people who dislike each other into something romantic. But I don’t make up fanon things about the characters or the ship! 

And this sudden recent decision to disallow all Allura ships when she’s a dark skinned black princess just reeks of traditional fandom racism and misogyny. Everyone was fine with shipping her with Shiro and now they realize she’s the same age as everyone else (including Shiro) and can be shipped with Lance or Keith, the amount of hate has increased dramatically. You only liked her when she wasn’t a “threat” to your ship.

This is just ridiculous.

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Which character do you ship Edd with and why? Are there any ships that you truly dislike?

Ho boy. Well, since the EEnE fandom is generally older and much less vicious than Steven Universe, I suppose it would be somewhat safe to talk about who I ship Edd with.

I never shipped Edd with anyone when I watched the show as a kid. But when i got into it again, idk why but I REALLY liked Edd/Marie. I know, I’m a basic bitch. I could go into a much more in-depth reasoning but the short answer is I’m a sucker for nerd/delinquent pairings, especially if the delinquent is a girl.

As for other ships, there aren’t any that I truly dislike. I know Edd/Eddy is a really popular one and I totally get it. I even tried shipping that once a long time ago, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Again, i have a much longer explanation, but for the sake of this ask I’ll just chock it up to personal preference.

I mean, I tend to just have my one ship and i’m cool with that and if other people ship something else that’s totally fine. But I will say, one reason I got back into EEnE was because a few years ago there was a huge KevEdd craze going around and I really was just baffled by it. Was there something I missed??!?!/1 But no, it was just a nearly crack ship that got really popular. And at the time it really pissed me off cuz I just couldn’t understand the appeal of KevEdd when they barely spoke at all in the show and Kevin is a huge dickwad with no backstory or substance as a character. It just felt like it was being shipped for looks and nothing else, which bothered me. And then when i was at a convention i had someone try and tell me that it WAS canon, but yet, they hadn’t even watched the show. And I just. Idk if there was one ship I dislike, it’s KevEdd, but ONLY because it got super popular because people who don’t even really care for the show thought it looked hot. Also, I fucking can’t stand Kevin. Anyway, if you ship it, that’s fine. Whatever. I’m just answering what i was asked.

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hi~ i read your about page where you said you might write up your reasons for not liking some ft ships like the whole debate with fraxus/miraxus & chendy/rowen but i couldn't find anything on it on your blog so i wondered what were your thoughts on that? i know there's fandom arguments about homophobia and crackshipping there too. i’m a multishipper but i really like your anti posts for naruto so i thought if you had any ft ones then they might be as good! �

Thank you! I’m really glad you that like my Naruto posts. They’re pretty controversial, so nice comments are always appreciated! 😅 Dude, I haven’t updated by ‘about’ page in months, so doing that write-up completely passed my mind… Thanks for being interested though! I guess I’ll spill:

Right, this might be quite controversial, so remember that any opinions expressed are just personal preferences/reasons, right? ⚠️

Like I said on my page, “I have a ‘manga > anime’ complex thanks to Studio Pierrot, so I only read FT. I wanted to avoid filler brainwashing, bias and only know of canon with this series, after the mess with Naruto…” Therefore, I only really ship that which I believe is substantially depicted/suggested in canon, and kind of have a bit of a pet peeve for anything outside of that.
[ #1 justification disclaimer! ]

( 1 ) Mir/axus [ & Fraxus ]

So I was genuinely surprised that Mir/axus was even a thing when I started searching the fandom’s tag, once I’d caught up. I don’t know if they’ve been implied in filler, but they were non-existent as a romantic pair in the manga. Honestly, they hardly had any on-panel interaction… Like, the only evidence that came to mind for “logical” reasoning behind them was chapter 380’s cover art. (Maybe 329’s, at a push.) I even tried to find some supposed “moments” under their Wikia page, but that listed was merely scarce interaction with no romantic subtext; each synopsis was pretty much grasping for straws.

Here’s the thing – you mentioned the fandom discourse of “homophobic” accusations, right? Now, the I too hate when shippers (in any fandom) cry that, simply because others don’t ship a queer pairing. Like, c’mon. But, in this case (and Wendy’s), I must admit that I do find it somewhat relevant… Idk if this ship’s popularity (and, more so, acceptance alongside the actual semi-canon pairs) is because most have been influenced by external material or if it’s just because there’s no other member of the opposite sex that they’re paired with, but Fraxus was actually suggested in canon; emphatically from Freed’s point of view! Even on Laxus’ side, numerous chapters have moments that – here’s the thing – anyone would undeniably accept if either Freed or Laxus were female*.

[ My volumes are enclosed in my bookcase, but luckily I have 49 – 57 (Avatar – Alvarez) on-hand beside my bed, so I skimmed through to find (max.) five pages to evidence Laxus’ P.O.V. ‘cause this post will already be long enough. ]

Chapter 416: “At this rate, I won’t be able to protect what’s important to me.”

It’s also worth noting that the official tankōbon/volume translation of this reads: “I’m not strong enough to protect the people I love yet.”

Chapter 460.

Chapter 462: “But that ain’t important now. All I’ve got on my mind… Is bringing the pain to the bastard who took out Freed and the others.”

Chapter 472: “So you’re the one who did a number on Freed and the others?”

Chapter 473: “Thanks a lot, Freed… There’s no wizard that could break your spells…”

*That’s the key consideration – that if you were to replace either’s gender for that of the opposite sex, it changes how they’re perceived. These panels, for example, are dismissed by those who oppose Fraxus, but they would be regarded as “ship moments” and a validation of Laxus’ affection if you were to replace Freed’s name in the dialogue and/or presence in the panels with a female (Mira)!

That’s why I can kind of understand these claims, ’cause the existence and general fandom acceptance of these ships is very heteronormative in that respect (i.e. ignoring present queer pairings for heterosexual ‘crack-ships’) which makes it kind of discriminatory; reminiscent of homophobia perhaps. [ Although, I agree that term is a little extreme, as it doesn’t seem intentionally prejudiced. ] Whilst Freed is emphatically portrayed as queer, Laxus’ sexuality is a little more implicit, yet he is assumed straight by default… It’s ironic/hypocritical because the majority of ships are founded upon one character’s feelings, whilst neither Mira nor Laxus have shown said romantic interest in each-other.

( 2 ) Ro/Wen [ & Chendy ]

Again, I hate Ro/Wen due to a similar reasoning. Finding out that they even existed as a ship was baffling, tbh! I mean, at least Miraxus had the cover as some rationale, but Ro/Wen is based solely on them being the same age… Talk about heteronormative? Also, technically, that’s an incorrect claim, due to the seven year time-skip in which she remained frozen. Like, she’s actually the same age as Sting & Rogue. But you don’t find her forced with them. Why, because they’re older and that’s frowned upon? You know, despite the same premise applying to Ro/Wen; since Romeo was half Wendy’s age when she was introduced (6 & 12).

The ship can’t even be supported with evidence, since they had no significant canon interaction until the Alvarez Arc. Their only other contact was in an omake. Yet their age difference is evident in both; dismissing any reach at romantic subtext. In the omake, Romeo refers to Wendy as “nee[-chan]”. Similarly, she is presented comforting him like a child, with him looking up to her as that same sister figure in their Alvarez panels. I have seen some of these shippers disregard Chendy as being “platonic”, when Romeo and Wendy’s dynamic is actually – canonically and strictly – such.

Chendy, however, do have a substantial, visibly & literally present, mutual bond. They have extensive, plentiful interaction, as well as an actually present romantic subtext… I know that it may be difficult for (I guess) anyone outside of the LGBT+ or a truly ‘open’ community to understand, due to our heteronormative society – as Chendy are often disregarded as “just friends” (🙄) – but many of their moments transcend platonic affection and bear intense likeness to the other romantic pairs’ depictions. For example, they are also featured alongside the semi-canon couples in art-work, like Mashima’s couple sketches on Twitter.

Not to mention that friendship is the foundation of any healthy, romantic relationship! Of course they’re going to be best friends before engaging in such, particularly in the case of same-sex pairs. Yet no-one uses this dialogue (of labelling each-other as “friends”) against NaLu, despite them stating the other as that same description on numerous occasions. But despite that mentioned above, Chendy are still dismissed. Again, if either were the male, then it would be a different situation… I mean, since people ship characters based solely on covers and all – chapter 421’s cover (among others)?


Obviously there’s nothing wrong with crack-shipping! And, no, not liking a queer pair [more than a straight one] doesn’t make you “homophobic”. But – in the case of Fraxus 🆚 Mir/axus & Chendy 🆚 Ro/Wen – I think that there is something kind of messed up with arrogantly defying a character’s canon depicted/suggested sexuality and/or romantic interest(s). There is something somewhat discriminatory about disregarding their other prevalent, significant and actually developed bonds, to the extent that someone’s heteronormativity is so severe that they substitute a same-sex character for an irrelevant one of the opposite sex, who does not even have decent interaction with the character in question; fabricated entirely from the ridiculous, inaccurate [R/W] rationale of them being “the same age” or merely sharing a chapter cover.

That sounds much harsher than I intended, I’m so sorry! Btw, I don’t blame shippers – everyone is (obviously) allowed to ship what they want! What’s stated above is simply why I’m against Mir/axus and Ro/Wen, especially as an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and a bisexual myself.

[ I’ve updated by ‘about’ page now too, btw! ]

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If I have to be completely honest, as that Markhyuck shipper who contacted you, Mark isn't even my first choice as a ship. Mark has severe acne, weirdly done eyebrows, an unelegant nose and somehow unflatteringly shaped lips. Don't get me started on his legs because he has disgusting red sores. He doesn't have charisma and he claps like a really dumb seal. The popularity that follows with him being shipped with my bias is the jackpot. Haechan isn't popular, while Mark is seen as the face of NCT.

see, now this is what we not finna do.

i understand if you don’t think mark is particularly because that’s your opinion. but i don’t feel comfortable with this.

he’s a teenager who’s going through puberty and with the added on stress of an idol who is literally going above and beyond, it is completely normal for him to acne, even severe acne at that.

i will say that his eyebrows have had theirs ups and downs, but his face in general is still changing and i think that eventually they stylists will find an eyebrow shape that flatters his face. rn, his eyebrows are probably the best that they’ve looked.

as i said before, his face is still changing, but i find his nose is absolutely adorable. i think once he finishes going through puberty, he’ll eventually grow into his nose. i think in general, we all have that one facial feature that we all just grow into, and i think his is his nose. but i think as his features become more defined, he’ll literally be so handsome omg, but i think he is already, so is it possible to be even mOre handsome 👀

and personally, i like his lip shape. they’re not a super sharp feature on his face, but they’re not like non existent. they’re soft (like him…lol ddhfjfkk i hate me too), and i think they’re a really good feature on him.

and as far the scars or sores on his legs, i know this may sound weird to some people, but i really appreciate them and that he’s not insecure about it. i have scars on my legs and seeing his, honestly, they make me feel less insecure about mine. idk, maybe that’s just a me thing, but that’s how i feel about them.

he has this charm that is…different. it’s not the same as taeyong’s, johnny’s, or even haechan’s. i don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s different and it’s appealing to everyone. he’s just so humble and genuine, and he is literally the nicest person on earth, and you can feel that when you see him. his aura is just so welcoming and i think that’s why people really like. you don’t have to like it, but don’t say he doesn’t have charisma. its just appealing to different people, and it’s okay if it doesn’t appeal to you. just don’t try to make him seem less than because it doesn’t appeal to you. and i really like his laugh and seal clapping, it’s actually really adorable and really funny. i just like seeing him really happy and i always find myself smiling like an idiot when i can see that. and i feel like every member of nct does the seal clapping when they laugh, at least depending on how funny they find something.

now i have to disagree with you because i do think haechan is actually really popular. i remember even reading somewhere that his items are ones that get sold out the quickest (?), but i could be wrong. but i think, especially in this era, haechan has become more popular among fans. and i don’t think most people would consider mark the “face of nct”. he is a prominent member, especially since he is in all three of the existing units, but i don’t think he’s considered the face of nct. taeyong is usually called the face of nct, but again, i could be wrong.

i hope this doesn’t come off as disrespectful, but i couldn’t just let this sit and not say anything. you are entitled to your opinion, but it’s one thing to really say these kinds of things about him. mark is still growing up and going through puberty and there’s some things he can’t control. and i don’t want him to ever see things like this and feel insecure. he’s going through one of the weirdest and hardest stages of life, and with the added stress and responsibility of being an idol, i think these are the least of his worries.

*again, you are entitled to your own opinion and i can respect that, but i can’t let you say these things about him, especially if it’s only because he’s not your first choice as a bias(?) or ship.

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I have this really bad feeling that ons is going to end the same as toz. In toz the anime the creators were going to originally make it have a straight couple ( the novel, game, and manga have the characters channoicly gay) anyways they only ended up making them cannon in the anime because fans were really upset and they basically did it for the money. I really hope mikayuu/yuumika becomes cannon but I feel like that's what would happen in it knowing the piece of shit we have for an author.

How do you know they were going to make sor//ali canon? It was all pandering to the fanboys LOL. In the end, they just gave the anime the same ending: Sorey and Mikleo together (with some twinks). I was actually expecting that (especially because the last episode came out a goddamn month later, it was obvious).

Everything is about money, nonnie. Just any ship you see becoming canon is because of money… You didn’t know?

Capitalism, nonnie, capitalism.

You’ll never see a single show that doesn’t want to sell. That’s actually kind of the point.

And idk man, I don’t think being so obsessed with canon makes sense sometimes.

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Question: is spamano like, wrong to ship? Like morally wise? I know it’s very popular but I’m curious bc my friend always accuses it of being gross and then there’s a bunch of people I know who DESPISE usuk and I know spamano is kinda the same deal as usuk so idk…

Even if it is “wrong” I don’t care because I ship them and they’re cute and no one can stop me 🖕🏻😎

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I ship both blupjeans and lupcretia but blupjeans is rlly important to me as a trans person because trans people almost never get good, healthy relationships in popular media. Like,, obviously Barry and lup love each other even post-IPRE with the trust Barry thing. Idk I love both ships but having a canon healthy relationship between a cis(?) guy and a trans girl is just important to me tbh

Lup in general is so important to me because I am just absolutely blown away by how the podcast and the fandom has been treating her. I was just hoping for the fandom to be respectful of her but she’s not just respected, she’s loved. The fandom absolutely adores her! And the way it was handled in the podcast? The only way I can think to make it more ideal is if she talked about some of her experiences with being trans, but I don’t think we’re gonna get that (and I really don’t mind much, the boys have done more than enough by flat-out saying she’s trans)

Anyways more towards what youre saying lol, trans people being genuinely loved is…so rare to see in media. It’s always some big thing where the cis person in the relationship has to do a bunch of soul-searching and come to the conclusion of like ”i can love you despite your status as trans”. And this is different! It’s different and it’s in a very popular podcast with thousands of fans! So I think it’s just like, Lup being loved in general is very important to me, and if Griffin decides to explicitly make blupjeans a romantic couple I’m totally here for it.