idk if this is any good but if anyone wants to use it he can gladly do so

a bunch of seijou hcs i made bc i Cannot Contain myself

i’ve had most of these for a while tbh and i didnt wanna post it until i had Absolutely no more headcanons to create but that is just Impossible™ so i’m just gonna post it now and keep adding on whenever i think of anything else lmao enjoy these idk if they’re any good or not:

-matsukawa knows how to play guitar (and a little bit of the bass too), and sometimes when he’s alone he’ll practice singing as well
-he probably sounds like Charlie Puth or smth
-he really loves jack johnson like he has probably every album by JJ himself
-hanamaki can play keyboard, and a little bit of the harp
-he learned how to play the harp when he was little because he’d visit his grandma’s house a lot and she’d just have a rlly old one sitting in the middle of the floor
-hanamaki Cannot Sing to save his life but dang can he make up lyrics someone give this guy a medal
-one time mattsun and makki were hangin’ out at makki’s house and makki started playing bohemian rhapsody on the piano which of course led to matsukawa belting out the lyrics
-halfway into the song hanamaki joined in and by the end they were both completely out of breath (they sang the guitar solos as well)
-that was the day they both discovered each other’s talents
-“dude what the fuck why didnt you tell me you could sing” “um excuse you since when did you know how to play bohemian rhapsody”
-they formed a “Two Man Band” called The Spicy Jalapeños
-eventually they debuted themselves to the rest of the team
-“who the fuck decided on the name” “it was a joint effort actually”
-nobody knew until one Seijou Movie Night was hosted at his house and they all saw the GINORMOUS drum kit that took up like half the space in his room
-hanamaki and matsukawa immediately tried to recruit him into their “band”
-watari agreed on the condition that he could change the name
-it actually took two days for matsukawa and hanamaki to agree to his condition
-“wow r00d we worked really hard in the two minutes it took us to think of that name” (they were actually daring each other to eat jalapeños from a jar when they had their epiphany)
-watari renamed the group The Homiesexuals
-hanamaki and matsukawa had tears of joy in their eyes upon hearing their new name
-“we’re sorry we ever doubted you man holy shit”
-they started dickin’ around with their instruments at watari’s house like hanamaki leaves his keyboard there and matsukawa always brings his acoustic and they just jam out
-every friday night makki and mattsun stay really late @ watari’s just to practice
-they all agree to host a talent show just for the volleyball team (makki and mattsun use their third year privileges to get everyone to join)
-they host it at kindaichi’s house because damn kindaichi’s got moNEY
-The Homiesexuals dont participate in the talent show they are the judges
-iwaizumi was the first to go up
-he literally got away with just taking his shirt off and flexing that’s all he did 10/10 iwa-chan
-kindaichi and kunimi went up next; without consent from kunimi
-kindaichi can beatbox like a pro god damn
-“alright what do you have for us today” *kunimi starts aggressively rapping freestyle with kindaichi laying down a sick beat*
-that was the moment the entire team realized kindaichi and kunimi are the real Ultimate Duo™
-“kunimi what the fuck” “i only rap free”
-right when oikawa got up to perform makki said “its a no from me”
-he still performed anyway
-he sang Emotions by Mariah Carey and almost broke every single piece of glass in the kindaichi household
-no one even knew he could sing that high like oikawa what the fuck
-he still got a 6/10 tho lmao rip oiks
-“that’s all i get!?” “we deducted points because mattsun wanted to personally say ‘get rekt’” “get fuckin re k t”
-kyoutani was next to go up
-hoo boi This Child™
-he brought his own electric guitar and amp and noBODY NOTICED IT UNTIL THAT MOMENT
-once he set everything up he totally went all-out like he was even head banging and shit
-right after his performance he sat down like nothing happened while everyone looked at him like he was insane
-“kyoutani did you really just fucking play Get Scared” “i like their songs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”
-yahaba was the last to go up because “the best is always saved for last”
-it was agreed by everyone at that moment that yahaba was a Literal Angel
-makki actually had tears in his eyes by the end of yahaba’s song
-he sang Love On Top by Beyoncé and got a perfect score from all three judges
-“he really was the best” mattsun had said and nobody disagreed
-yahaba and iwaizumi won the talent show (no one wanted to think of a tiebreaker so they just both got first place)
-after the talent show The Homiesexuals tried to get the entire team into their band
-everyone agreed, if only to stop both the constant complaining and screaming from the original band members (matsuhana and watari are like the pettiest people ever i’m crying)
-eventually the seijou vball team started doing concerts as fundraisers and stuff for their club
-iwaizumi is used as the security/manager for the team’s band
-he does not trust anyone on the team with handling money or other people
-sometimes makki’s harp makes a surprise appearance at concerts and rehearsals and everyone gathers around just to listen to him play
-its Literally the most soothing thing anyone has ever heard like yea u go makki play that harp
-one time makki got too emotional and he vented using his harp and when he turned around he saw mattsun like silently bawling his eyes out
-mattsun of course gave him a hug and tons of love and support and makki gladly accepted it all
-sometimes makki prefers to use his harp during practice and everyone just goes along with it because really who doesnt wanna listen to hanamaki playing the harp
-it also somehow ties their music together like no one knows How he does it but it all just magically fits into place makki you magician

i’m probably gonna add more stuff to this and use it in one of my fics but for now this is all i have lmfaO




You guy’s have NO IDEA, what I just found out. Ok so see this picture? Perrie said at the last picture where the interviewer said; “You know what they say..first comes the tattoo, next comes the wedding ring.” then she responded “Ohhh, well, we’ll have to see. I’m not sure about that”

External image

So I watched the date of the Teen Choice Awards and  the date of the TCA was 11th August 2013. And when did Zayn propose? 18th August 2013. 7 freakin days later. But wait? Didn’t she say “I’m not sure about that.” And honestly i’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find the video of the interview (maybe I haven’t looked hard enough? well who cares, I’ve seen it once though but can’t find it) 7 freakin days later she is “sure” that she want’s to marry Zayn Malik? I don’t think so Perrie. This screams Modest Management. I’m seriously so shocked when I found this photo but I got more shocked  when I saw the date of the TCA.

Do you see why I don’t believe in this relationship? They say one thing that leads to something else, they say something, but then quickly changes it. They can’t even make up a fake story of how Zayn proposed, Zayn said something, while a “secret source” told some magazine that they were alone. I DON’T THINK SO, You can’t fool us that easily, honestly if people doesn’t find this video, modest have definitely deleted it.

As much as I want to talk about this and how fake and stupid their relationship looks (sorry for calling it stupid I’m just so into this analysis) BUT I have to move on.


So I noticed something while watching the LM girls talking about Zayn and then I noticed this [It’s not that important really but I still want to bring it up]

6th december-ISH

Little mix had an interview after the ultimate cosmo awards show 2013. They talked about christmas gifts and this is what Perrie said.


“I never buy for anybody”


That’s what perrie said when the interviewer asked about christmas gifts, if you don’t believe me go to youtube and check it out. That interview was 6th december 2013 and then a few days later they had another interview (i think it might have been 11th december or 10th december because that’s when the interview was posted online and they said it’s 2 weeks until christmas, anyways somewhere around that time) Perrie talked about some person (she didn’t say the persons name she only said HE and people assumed it was Zayn directly ‘including me’)

External image

IF you can’t read what it says here you go:


“This year, I thought i’m gonna go ahead and buy everything. And he’s open them all, but then again i’m not really hard to persuade. He’s like ‘please can I open them’ and I’m like go on then.”


A few days ago she just said that she didn’t buy gift to anyone then a few days later (they have a busy schedule, obviously because they are the BIGGEST GIRL BAND IN THE WORLD) she somehow managed to buy so many gifts that HE [ZAYN] wanted to open them all 2 weeks before christmas? She clearly said she didn’t buy for anyone and then a few days later she’s bought so many that HE wanted to open them all? WERID.

New Years


External image

As we all know perrie posted this on instagram yesterday [31/12-14] 11.17 PM and got the whole fandom to go crazy. This is my analysis about this.. We didn’t hear or see anything from Zayn around christmas other than him being with Naughty Boy and some of his cousins. Now that the new years are here they obviously throw a masquerade for their friends? look at this

External image

Perrie posted this 1/1-15 2.31 AM and you can obviously see that it’s a home party and I think it’s either at perrie/jonnie/Zayn’s house because

  1. There is kids at the party (you can see a kids arm next to Zayn)

  2. Their dog were there

  3. it obviously looks like a house behind them and all my proofs sounds believable look at this picture

External image

This is a photo that Jonnie’s girlfriend Lisa posted on her instagram, you can see hatchi [Zerrie dog] in the picture, the kid I was talking about, and they are in the kitchen. Now that I think about it, it might have been in perrie’s mums house? who knows but they sure looked like they had a good time… Zayn were somewhere at christmas, but we never got a confirmation that he was at home, no “leaked” pictures of him or instagram pictures of him with the family… but wait, I just went on instagram and I follow this account called Patricialoretta (i don’t know if it’s zayns real mums account or not but I still follow her) and she posted this 4 hours ago

External image

some of the photos look extremely photoshop haha, and that photo of Zayn in the middle is from his birthday last year (picture below this text) I thought at first that the last picture was a picture of Zayn behind perrie but it isn’t it’s waliyha (?) Zayn wasn’t probably at home for christmas? why would they post an old photo of him if he was at home, rather than taking selfies with him like these other photos on the collage? obviously perrie was at home with the Malik family but WHERE IS ZAYN? they still took these pictures and Trisha (probably her or not idk) posted them, i don’t know why it says preview on some of the picture but what the hell?

External image

here is the photo


What irritates me is this, look at Safaa’s instagram

External image

8 pictures in this screenshot is photos that contain either perrie herself or tags of her + the Zerrie dog. The last picture she posted [which was 3 hours ago] she wrote this

External image

anyways, It’s like Safaa is some promoter to her and Zayn’s relationship, like seriously every picture on them she reposts and types hearts and tell us how lovely and cute they look, sure that’s cute but what’s weird is that I checked perries followers and Safaa isn’t one of them. Why in the world would you throw it in our faces that you are with safaa ZAYNS SISTER when you don’t even follow her? Here is one of my theories, this account may be fake? It might be and it might not be, Deemalik1 [doniya Malik Zayns oldest sister] doesn’t follow that account, but Waliyha [Zayns younger sister] does follow it, isn’t it weird that perrie (WHO IN FACT WAS WITH HER) doesn’t follow her on instagram? And her biggest sister doesn’t follow her either?Or if this account is real then I guess safaa is just supportive of her brother I’ve got another theory about all this Perrie christmas celebrating thing, every Malik sister posted something that had with perrie to do, especially Safaa

External image

Doniya really didn’t have to mention perrie on the picture just because she took perries edited photo of her injury, she could easily told her in real life when they were there together that she’s going to repost the photo that perrie took on her injury. I guess it was confirmation that she was there or something, whatever, that’s the doniya mentioning Perrie part, let’s continue to Waliyha

External image

Waliyha posted this on her real account tagging both Perries account and safaa’s (safaamalik9 the one I think it’s fake) I couldn’t get both tags on the photo so I just took perries tag, she never posted a picture of her or anything, that’s the only mention she did of perrie, waliyha gladly posted other pictures than throwing it in our faces like safaamalik9 did. I don’t know it’s all just so weird. Continuing with this analysis, i totally forgot where I was going with this but let’s move on to the next topic. BUT, I do wonder where Zayn were around Christmas, Perrie sure didn’t have any problem of posting pictures of them spending new years together she sure wouldn’t mind posting pictures of them on christmas, I have this feeling in my stomach that “leaked” photos will be out of Zayn and Perrie spending christmas but in real life they took many pictures that wasn’t even taken on christmas to prove to us that he was at home with her. anyways i hope i’m wrong.


This reminds me of this post an amazing instagram account posted (FOLLOW HER)

External image

I actually kind of believe in this, modest think they are outsmarting us but we always point out problems they are making that they will try to correct, but we are always one step ahead.




External image

I found this and I don’t know what to believe actually, I do kind of believe in the coincidence (ZIAM SHIPPER HERE) but it can also be that Andy doesn’t believe in their relationship, Andy was with Liam mostly before and they hang out so many times, even with Zayn there sometimes, and if he doesn’t believe in that, i certainly don’t either. We never will know the truth until they tell us it, we are just below the surface, trying to dig deeper, I hope we are getting somewhere.


External image

I love this account go follow her! This photo she made makes so much sense and honestly I am thankful she did that list, I’m so tired of all the things she listed on the list. Read this and if you find some answered message me and we’ll see.


External image

this is just something random I wanted to post about because I want to have something about Liam in this post (MY LOVE) it’s awkward how the tattoo actually can be Liam.


So I looked at some pictures of Zerrie and these photos made me really sad.

External image
External image

This smile.. I’m not fooled, I’m not gonna lie and blame it all on perrie because Zayn has had the similiar smile towards fans as well but these two pictures caught my eye… the first picture makes me just sad, he’s forcing a smile you can see it in his eye’s it’s not pure happiness, it’s all there for the camera, why has paparazzi never taken a photo of Zayn smiling his cute smile towards perrie? how is it that hard to take a photo where he genuinely smiles at her? anyways just wanted to point out those photos just for an example of what a Zayn smile is like when he takes a photo with perrie…


I found this somewhere (i don’t remember where)

External image

So this is an contract TMZ posted some time a while ago i think? I personaly don’t believe in it because a contract doesn’t look that simple and easy but anyways, IF you can’t read what it says on the “contract” it says;


CONTRACT##212/ 1560/12

Agreement between Syco Entertainment here represents for Simon Cowell, Zain Javaad Malik, popular know as Zayn Malik, birtish singer, and Perrie Edwards, british singer.


All the parts agree that the best way is assume a relationship worldwide. This could bring more media for Zain’s band and Perrie’s band. This contract has the value of 2 (two) years as I [something i can’t tell what it says] with the power of the Queen.


This signatures means that all parts agree with the contract.


Simon Cowell, Perrie and Zayn “signed this” but none of the signatures is right? Zayn’s signature does not look like that and perries either, Simon Cowells signature doesn’t look like that either. And something else i noticed was that they didn’t write Perrie’s full name she has a middle name. TMZ does say some bullshit things and I don’t believe in this contract, just wanted to bring it up just because i can ;)

This was all folks, if you want me to analyse stuff you are wondering don’t be afraid to ask lovies. I feel like this post was really random but I just wanted to bring those things up because I didn’t have a whole post for them. I love you all xx

Sometime Last Night: Album Review!

HEY. Alrighty, so how I’m doing this is basically I’m listening through the entire album and I’m typing the song review as I listen so here goes.

Also I’m giving it ratings in the form of Rydel’s face in this gif 

Originally posted by r5poops

All Night- This SONG. It literally just makes me want to jump up and down for three minutes. Like. “Good Girls ain’t ever makin’ history” ROSS WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY. and excuse me I go out of my mind just thinking about those sort of things– DAMN. This song. Just. The drums. The guitars. Rydel slaying on the piano. It’s not my faaaaaaavorite on the album, but still, solid party song. I give it 3/5 Rydel faces, because it makes me wanna dance, but not as much as some others (SPOILERS)

Wild Hearts- For some reason this song makes me thing of a beach and a hut and running down a beach. I also see some serious crowd singing and head banging to this one. It’s so chill and v v cute. Again, not my personal favorite but I do like the lyrics and it’s got a free spirited feel to it. I dig it. 3/5 Rydel Faces because it makes me wanna get into a convertible that I don’t own and drive down a highway on the beach, even though I don’t live near the beach. Good job R5. good times.

Dark Side- I just wanna jam. It’s so FUNKY. Almost jackson five funky, but not the same thing. Let’s just say I would DEFINITELY show them my dark side. I am also still living off of my Daddy’s money, so I’ve got one step (CHECK!) He knows I’ve got a dark side, and he knows how to get it with that keyboard part. Also he likes me in red. I will never wear anything else. 4/5 Rydel Faces because this one makes me want to take rocky into a room and ya know.

end of disscussion on that one.

Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight- My toes start tapping, my head nods, and then the bass drops and I scream HEY every freakin’ time. Even when I’m like “Ughhh, this one again,” Its like involuntary now to scream Hey. And yes Ross, It is all my fault, and I am not complaining one bit about it. 3/5 Rydel faces because it was a really good single, and it’s still a good song, i have just played it 16,000 times over the past two months, so it’s in my brain even when i’m sleeping at this point. Still. v good. much love.

Repeating Days- OH GOD HERE COME THE TEARS. You think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. I cry every time this plays, and I barely have any idea why. I just do. And I haven’t really had an experience like this before, but the guitar sounds sad and the harmonies are sad and ross is sad so it makes ME sad. AND BROKEN PICTURES ON THE FLOOR makes me cry even harder. jesus im a baby. “Can I taste your lips again” Yes, yes you can, one hundred time. it’s just so raw and emotional and it makes me go all blobby. And we won’t talk about the acoustic at the end bc it sends me into convulsions. if you’ve seen my posts in the last two days you know that this song makes me cry niagra falls. 5/5 Rydel faces because if a song can make me cry like this then it is a damn good song.

Smile- oh god the flash backs. okay side note– i was v dissapointed in the video only for one reason and it was bc I felt like Rocky wasn’t in it like at all. anyone else feel that ?????? idk maybe im just crazy. i just felt like he didn’t get a lot of face time. but anyway. riker can blow his cash on me anytime and i will blow sometihng in return OOPS. Anyways, this song, i’ve played it so many times i might just be able to perform it as a one woman band on my own. its a catchy song and i feel like it should be played in a parade, but not 6,000 times in a parade like i did it. 2/5 rydel faces— because i’ve played it way too much lol

moving on

Lightning Strikes- Rydel. Girl. GET IT. This song is so empowering and I adore it so much. I basically just love Rydel. LIKE, HOW CAN YOU NOT. She’s BLEEPING gorgeous, and this song is so cute. just. its very her. more so than love me like that. I like it. I dig it a lot. The guiter solo. ROCKY YOU SLAY.The backgroud vocals also tho– so good. boys. good job. stormie and mark, your daughter is incredible. 5/5 Rydel Faces because she makes me smile on a daily basis plu she wrote a freaking magazine for us. del I love you.

F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D.- DUDE. this song is bomb. Even my brother (who doesn’t care for r5 bc hes a 15 year old boy and thinks theyre a boy band) liked this song. like he sang the f-e-e-l-g-o-o-d part in the shower today. and i was really just surprised that he showered, but pleasantly surprised that he was singing this song! I like this one. such groove. and no boys you make ME FEEL GOOD. every BIT OF YOU MAKES ME FEEL GOOD. “Yes I feel good sing it with me” I will gladly sing it with you-at the top of my lungs- so my neighbors will get angry and tell me to stop it. every day i will. 5/5 Rydel faces. Bc i wanna throw a party just so i can play this song.

I Know You Got Away- From the second I heard the bass line in the preview in itunes i was like “SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ITS MY FAVE” and i haven;’t looked back. when the album came out actually i was having identity crisis for a bit and i was like wait i haven’t heard the target tracks yet, AND DID U HAVE UR FUN IS SO GOOD. and i really liked repeating days but i basically told myself it couldnt be my fave if it made me sad and cry-ey. but anyways after careful consideration i finally settled back on my original (kind of how i did with my fave member in the beginning i was totes a rocky girl and then i was like wait ross for a bit then i went back to rocky and haven’t looked back) ANYWAYS I like this song. I like the Na na na’s, they’re creative af. 5/5 Rydel faces!!!!

Do It again- OH MY GOD. This one hits me personally for sure. “The last six feet are gonna kill me” STAB ME WHY DONT YOU. This song- while not my absolute fave- is so cute and emotional and im happy rydel fought for it to be on the album bc i like it a lot. god i wanna count the stars over and over again with them. any of them. all of them. that’s like the dream. just to have a conversation with them. a normal one. anyways- i like the drums in this one. and the harmonies- nice nice.Ross can be my man. im good with that. it makes me kinda emotional. not badly. but it does touch my heart places. 4/5 rydel faces bc nostalgia. 

Did You Have Your Fun?- DO WE EVEN NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS O N E. OH MY GOD. I feel like if rough sex had a song- this would be the song. this one. SHES. SO BADSHESGOODFORME. GOD. ONE NIGHT IS ALL I NEED. the guitar, the oooo’s I CANT TAKE IT IM GONNA YELL. “Stop leaving stains of cigarettes and come put your lips on me” WHAT ARE YOU ASKING ME TO DO. I DIDN HEAR YOU CLEARLY. 95% of this is in all caps and i hope that sends a strong message to u all how much i deeply care- GUITAR SOLO YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS. 5/5 Rydel Faces + This Ross face

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Doctor, Doctor: EASILY my second fave. mostly bc it shows riker and rocky’s voices so so well. And bc its so catchy. I like it so much. IM A BELIEVER BELIEVE ME THIS LOVE IS A DRUG. plus i have to sing along to the “WHOAAAOOOO WHOOAAAOOOO WOO WOOOOOO” You know hwat i’m talking about. i just cant pass up the opportunity. it reminds me of a train kinda hahahah im stupid. anyways i need a doctor after i listen to this. quick story- the first time i listened to this song i was taking a shower and had it up rly loud and i fell in the shower bc i was so excited about it. yeah. i couldve died bc of this band 5/5 rydel faces bc of my near death experience.

What You’re Missing- first thing’s first OO-WEE-OO.  when i first listened to this i thought it was gonna be super cheese balls and like lovely dovey all the way through, but i like ross’ verses A LOT. they were v unexpected and adorable. and yes girl- he is what you’re missing so get him n o w. “I could keep you entertained for a while” I bet you could this was a cute on. I like it. and i will take off more than my converse and my crown. OO WEE OO. It’s so damn catchy- mainstream, but catchy. 3/5 Rydel Faces!


Can’t Say I’m In Love- Sooooo cheesy I need wine to go with it, but so cute. so cute. also bass line is really awesome. i give ross major hottness points for the low growling in this one, like damn man, i like it a lot. I like the pick ups and the background vocals a lot and yes- my kiss is magic thanks. lol i dont have a lot to say about this one- also no near death experience on this one either. good try shower floor- i win this round. 3/5 rydel faces bc my kiss is magic like a circle. and “BABY I LOVE YOUUUU”

Could’ve Been Mine- props for the “Miiiiiiiiine” in the beginning- i like it. and then ROCKY COMES OUT OF NO WHERE. ROCKY GET IT. His voice sounds like velvet and i love it so much i just wanna hear it forever and ever. This song- also a personal experience for me in this one- not my personal fave, but the verses get me. ALSO RIKER COMES OUTTA NO WHERE AND I JUST OH LORD. i see the light when this song comes on. “And now my memories are haunting me” and rydel has amaaaaaaaaazing backgroud vocals on this one. Go you del. Also Ellington i like the drums. I like you a lot e-rat. I feel like i haven’t mentioned you a lot, but i adore you to pieces ellington. you’re funny and your girlfriend is a goddess. “Would’ve been- could’ve been- should’ve been mine” very emotion. much raw. love it 4/5 rydel faces for making me do a double take several times.

Now I’ve spent an hour on a friday night doing this! It’s okay, i was productive earlier! Hope you enjoyed this look into my brain/ me rambling about this album. 

Leave me your comments or message me telling me if you agree with me! If you wanna make your own review, then make one and tag me so i’ll read it! <3333 y’all.

xx. alli