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i have a serious question about transphobia as it permits to my sexuality:

i’ve come to identify as a lesbian, right? ok. ok. am i problematic or transphobic if i’m penis repulsed, when it comes to transwomen who don’t want or cannot have bottom surgery? like, what i mean is i would never have a problem being with a trans woman, but when it comes to that part of things idk! i don’t know how to word this right. i hope that my point is getting across as inoffensively and genuinely curiously as possible, i just don’t know tbh! i’m always too afraid to ask but i dont know if i’m being scummy for feeling that way…

  • alastair: call, you have to think this through. reversing death--reversing aaron's death--it may not be the right thing to do. he might not come back the same. not to mention what kind of an impact it'll have on the whole constantine thing--
  • call: (already halfway through the spell) sorry dad, didya say somethin?
  • alastair: literally why do i even bother
skype trans support group!

hello!! my name’s jack, and my friend @dorklordprince (jason) and i want to form a sort of skype support group for other trans kids! 

i’m putting everything under a “read more” so it doesn’t become a super long post, but if you’re interested then please keep reading!! 

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What I relate with KNK members
  • Either for completely random reasons or serious reasons, but when I hear/see these things, I think of the members.
  • Youjin: tall buildings, dads,blue, warmth, that one kid in a class that never talks but when he does he sounds really smart, eyebrows
  • SeungJun: skipping ropes, kids, confused looks, whining,cuddles, that laughing loudly in public and having people stare at you, parks, anime
  • Inseong: eyes, deer, rabbit, yellow, sunshine, those summer days that aren't deadly hot but are perfect weather with no clouds and the sun is bright and lighting is perfect, big hugs
  • Jihun: mansae!!, cats, specifically my black and white cat Miiko, soft blankets, back scratches, that one person in you're friend group that you were horrified of at first but now you're best friends, gelato, cuddles
  • Heejun: frogs, memes, Pepe, screaming, that one person who doesn't look at the camera. Ever. (Ie me lol), suits, fluffy things, my stuffed alpacas, more frogs

Idk why but I feel like the roles are gonna change next season like 

By the way things have been hinted, I feel like Chat might became more serious and make less jokes and stuff. Like he’d still joke and stuff but he’d get that what they’re dealing with is really important now and treat it that way. Kinda like how he reacted in “Simon Says”. All business and stuff

And Ladybug would still be the “leader” but Marinette typically cracks under pressure due to her overthinking and panicking when situations go wrong or doesn’t know how to control them. so she might be less sure of her role I think. or just kinda gets discouraged. She’s really responsible with her duties and has the confidence to take them on but the new threats might shake her a bit especially since she’s never dealt with things like this. i think Adrien would be able to handle these situations better due to the tragedies he’s endured and matured from. dealing with new threats and unexpected situations would be easier for him is what im trying to say.

And idk since the duo would get a bit unstable with the new dangers and what not I can see Fu sending in a new teammate to help them and balance everything again. maybe that’s why. why things start to falter a bit but Fu manages to maintain the balance. maybe he sends in two just to be sure. maybe. But idk

Flashes - Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,363

Warnings: Swearing, Angst, mentions of self harm, life stories (is that a warning? IDK man)

A/N: *le gasp* so much love for the (several) last part(s) of ‘Flashes’? OMG, I feel so blessed :3. Thank you guys heaps for liking this story. I appreciate all the support given, both in the comments or just as a message, should it be in my ask box or private messages. Anyways, ask for requests, tags, whatever you feel like and enjoy this part! Let me know what you think! :D

Sam smiled at you with friendly eyes. Then, having clearly dropped the whole ‘soulmate’ thing for a later time, his eyes turned serious, brows furrowing in solemnity. You could sense a whole lot of serious talk about to happen, and you mildly dreaded it for the reason that these types of talks never worked out and that it ended with you screaming, crying or storming out of the room, leaving the conversation unfinished.

However, you sat silently as you politely waited for him to begin speaking.

“(Y/N),” he began, just as you expected. “About yesterday—”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” you replied, a bit too harsh for your liking, before sighing, mentally counting backwards from ten, and then starting over. “I’m an army vet. Some have scars physically and mentally. Shit happens.”

He frowned a bit, before pointing out, “But those weren’t just scars from the army.”

You froze. Damn it. He’d caught you in your act. These people must be really observant, you mused, before realising that Steve and probably Bucky had most likely seen your scars as well.

Well, fuck. Now there was no way your soulmate would want someone damaged like you.

“Well,” you muttered, a sad tone to your voice. “Everyone has their way of dealing with things.”

“And yours is a rather unhealthy one,” Sam commented gently, trying not to push you. “Maybe you could—”

“For God’s sake, would you stop?!” You exclaimed angrily while slamming your palms down onto the table, stirring a small commotion and rattling a few people near your table. “It’s not like you know me or what I’ve done in the past!”

Your shoulders heaving in temporary fury from your little outburst, you noticed Sam’s mildly-surprised expression and suddenly felt bad. Sighing, your buried your face in your hands, mumbling an almost-inaudible, “I’m sorry.”

You felt so fucking bad. You knew Sam was just trying to help you, just like everyone else. But whenever someone got too close or hit too close to home, you lashed out and pushed them away from you. That may have been the reason for you spending a lot of your life alone, a shadow in both school and on the battlefield. Armsten was the only real friend you’d had in the army.

“It’s okay,” Sam muttered back to you, peeling your hands off your face and grinning at you like nothing had happened. Honestly, right now, you have no idea what you’d been doing your entire life without a friend like Sam. Then, he continued, “Listen, I get that it’s a touchy subject — but eventually, someone should be there to listen to you. A friend, y’know. If you feel like I’m your friend.”

Yes. Yes, Sam could be your friend. Maybe… maybe, you could stop pushing people away for once — just this damn once — and let someone into your dark, icy shell.

Exhaling through your nose and running a hand through your hair, you replied with a shaky, “O-okay.

“I’ve never really found my soulmate, and, uh, it was just sorta really frustrating, y’know? I had no one while everyone else had someone. I was just a lost puzzle piece, and… well, the mark was just like a shitty reminder that no one was out there for me — they were either dead or someone God-knows-where where I’d never find them.

So, seeing that no one was really ever gonna be my soulmate, I just decided to sign up for the army. Uh… a lot of shit happened after that. My mom, she, uh… she stopped caring for me, and, well… that’s pretty much how I ended up here.” You took a deep breath, glad that you got that bit off your chest.

“I just— I thought that, maybe, some-freaking-day, I’d find the one. I looked so much. And… never found that one person meant for me. It was all like a cruel game where everyone would find their true love while I’d lose something I-I didn’t even have. Hope.”

Staring out the window and at the crowds of people that passed the coffee shop, you felt your stomach give a dull and empty twang that you’d felt almost constantly. Longing. Sadness. Everything possible wrapped in one, suffocating you.

After a while of awkward — and partially stunned — silence, Sam finally said, “Wow. I mean… wow. That’s a hell lot of shit to go through.”

You glanced back at him, and could see the genuine sympathy in his eyes. Not pity, but sympathy. You preferred the latter, and could feel a bit of warmth and comfort envelop you as you realised someone actually cared. It was a… nice feeling. Like you weren’t being left out.

“One day,” Sam declared with a small, nostalgic smile. “You’ll be able to tell me the whole story. Everything. Because you know what? By then, it won’t matter anymore. It’ll just be a story.”

You smiled a bit, a slight tug of your lips, at the thought. It seemed thinkable. Maybe… you could do that one day. One day, just like Sam had just said, you’d be able to tell your story to everyone, and be proud that you survived that. That you carried on, you stopped letting it get to you so much.

Yes, that mattered.

“Anyway,” Sam announced, snapping you out of your distant train of thoughts. “I also invited you here because — other than me being amazing company — I wanted to give you an offer. Stark needs a few more people working in the Tower, and I’d told him that I knew someone who might be interested… whaddaya say?”

Working in the Avengers Tower, of all places? Oh, hell yes. That would be genuinely awesome. Hey, you might have a serious mental disorder and definitely need a therapist (that would be Sam), you would still not pass up the thought of working in the Avengers Tower. You’d have to be an idiot to pass that opportunity up.

“I say… the offer sounds amazing,” you gushed with a little smirk. “What—what would my position be?”

“That, dear friend,” Sam smirked deviously as he laid a couple of dollar bills on the table and stood. “Is a mystery. However, I can tell you that you start on Monday.”

“Wait,” you frowned half-heartedly. “You’re not gonna tell me?”

“Nope. But I’ll see you there.” And with that, he left the coffee shop, where you were sitting frozen with confusion.

“I’m back, guys,” Sam hollered through the living space as he exited the elevator. Within seconds, Steve was out, smirking at him.

“How was coffee?” Steve grinned at his friend, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. Sam smiled, rolling his eyes at Steve’s mildly-childish behaviour. Most had learned that while Steve is usually a very responsible-looking person, he was actually the most reckless and sly little shit Sam had ever encountered. Hell, Steve was even more reckless than Riley.

“Coffee with my friend,” Sam corrected, cutting off any of Steve’s attempts of inferencing a relationship. “Was good. We talked, I gave her the job, she’ll be here on Monday.”

“That’s great,” Steve replied, then halted. “Wait. Did you tell what she’d be doing?”

“Nah,” Sam grinned back. Steve let out an exasperated groan.

Sam,” Steve complained. “You didn’t tell her that she’d be your personal therapeutic assistant?”

“He didn’t tell her?” Bucky asked incredulously, already having heard the conversation with his enhanced hearing. Then, he chuckled. “Damn. I bet had she known, she would’ve run away screamin’.”

“Watch it, asshat,” Sam chuckled as he strode past the two super soldiers.

He was mainly giving (Y/N) the job so he could get her closer to Bucky, who seemed to both have extreme PTSD. But hey, if they’re soulmates, even better. As much as he hated to admit it, he wanted Bucky as happy as (Y/N) — even though it was mostly because ever since Bucky’s regained 40s charm, he seemed to bring in a new girl through the elevator doors every week or so.

It was time for James Buchanan Barnes to meet his soulmate for once and for all — formally, of course.

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I feel like their song will be unique and the teaser has a similar vibe to “run”. Idk if you understand what I mean ? Run teasers had a similar vibe going on. The serious vibe yet VERY COOL once you hear the entire thing? It seems like a very heartwarming song, but I’m sure bighit WILL END UP MAKING IT INTO SOME CRAZY HYPER SONG LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO LOLL 😂 #they will drop some sexy dance moves. I said it. Now just wait till it happens.

House Aesthetics
  • <b> Slytherin:</b> Bloodshot eyes and dark circles; wearing sunglasses at night; doing the opposite of what you're told to do; making smart remarks under your breath in serious situations; smirking with no specific reason; daydreaming about the places you'll visit one day; staying up until 4am with plans on starting a dictatorship; saving money for traveling; taking pictures of seemingly silly things, even a water bottle; listening to music so loud the person next to you on the bus can hear it; having few but precious friends; having late night conversations about random things;<p/><b>Gryffindor:</b> sneaking out in the middle of the night; getting drunk on cheap wine in the woods; pulling the silliest pranks; fighting over ways to overcome economical crises; sleeping over at a friend's house and acting like it's yours; truth or dares getting out of hand; kiss cam in the train station; going out with friends on a rainy day; having surprise parties on birthdays; expecting your college acceptance letter; swearing a lot; talking too fast;<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Soft sweaters; getting excited for fall; stepping on dry leaves just to hear them crunch; finishing a good book; paint all over your face and hands after painting; the strings of the guitar beneath your fingers; eating popcorn and watching corny movies with friends; painting your nails in your favorite colours; your favorite fictional character has a happy ending; being awkward in social situations; old pajamas and new books; being awake at 3am in wikipedia, learning seemingly useless facts;<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> laughing hard with friends; the smell of freshly cooked cookies; telling stories over the fireplace; making bad puns; realizing you're alive; your mother's smile; complimenting strangers; going through family pictures; siblings playing together at the park; people smiling at the ground; hugging your best friend; noticing little things;

Okay can I just talk about Akaashi for a second??

Listen he is possibly the most amazing person in the world and here’s why: He knows how to handle every part of Bokuto without getting overly frustrated. While the fandom makes jokes that he’s got all of Bokuto’s “weaknesses” memorized, it’s actually really sweet that he took the time to remember the little things that bother Bokuto???
And whenever Bokuto has his slumps or weird moments when he just forgets how to do ANYTHING, Akaashi never says anything about it. The rest of the team collectively groans and is like “Are you serious”, but Akaashi concentrates on figuring out how to help Bokuto. And after he does, he knows how to word what he wants to say so that Bokuto can understand him, and so his spirit can be brought back up.
Idk I just. I find that incredibly beautiful.

why sherlock has not spoken to irene in years: a very serious headcanon by me
  • Sherlock: idk how 2 tell john i am alive so i will ask someone super duper good at secret keeping 4 advice
  • *later*
  • Sherlock: and yeah I figured cos ur so pro at the not dead thing u could help a fellow not dead bro out?
  • Irene: lmao okay just do what I did and surprise him and assume he will be pleased 2 see you and don't say sorry
  • Sherlock: really?
  • Irene: lol it worked for you, right?
  • Sherlock: omg ur so right thanks babe
  • *later*
  • Sherlock: LIKE MORE THAN 3 TIMES
  • Sherlock: MY NOSE IS BROKEN
  • Irene: *gasping for air on the other end of the phone*
  • Irene: *cackling* I didn't think you'd actually dO IT OMFG
  • (and thus, the true reason Sherlock has not spoken to Irene Adler for several years, the end)

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dude, it's not even that im racist. you're just annoying honestly. i love both shadowhunters and skam bc im a latina and a teenager and i can relate with both !! i wasnt even goin to vote but u r just taking this to serious and making it all about race! u make everything about race! and i understand why u would get angry about some things, believe me, but can u turn it down a notch please? jesus. that's why u get so much bs on ur ask

i dont even know how to answer this but im gonna try. So first of all, you’re coming to my ask to tell me im annoying for posting things on my blog abt things i care abt?? Now, I dont know if you’ve considered this but bc i am a woc, everything will aways be abt race. I can’t separate that. My entire life is being influenced by the fact that I am a woc. So no, i can’t turn it down a notch. This is my blog and I get to say what I want on here. You don’t have to agree with me you can genuinely just ignore me if I bother you so much. 

Now, concerning this poll. I just think it’s interesting how everyone will always scream “representation matters” but when poc do it, then it’s just too much. We’re always told to not bring race into it but race always plays a part when it comes to media texts. This poll, in itself is a form of media. If you could look at the couples that get nominated each year you will realize how it’s always couples with poc that get ignored. This year, E News decided to make an exception and allowed a non-american show to participate in the poll bc so many ppl requested it. And that’s nice and all but then you realize things. Like for example, ppl went out of their way to consume media that’s not technically available to them, as in it’s not available outside of Norway + they have to wait for translations in order to watch. And that’s cool, ppl are expanding their horizons, but you have to take biases into consideration. And you and I both know that white lgbt ships are always prioritized. 

Now look at this poll, and realize that shows like the get down who has both an interracial canon m/f couple and an interracial m/m couple wasn’t even nominated. I don’t think I can express how it feels to see fandom continuously ignore content with stories abt poc. This is just one example. It happens all the time. Y’all really will go out of your way to not only watch this show but you also got it nominated whilst simultaneously ACTIVELY ignoring stories abt poc that are available to you. I’m not saying you can’t watch it and enjoy it, i’m just saying there’s biases at play here. It just feels like a slap in the face and it rlly says a lot abt fandom culture. 

I genuinely don’t have anything against sk@m. I have a problem with the way fandom treats white lgbt ships versus how they treat lgbt ships with poc. I have a problem with ppl sending hate to bloggers of colour bc they dared ask for some solidarity to show ppl that we matter. I have a problem with white fandom always targeting poc. It’s no surprise bloggers have been getting malec hate specifically by targeting magnus and even harry. It’s not even abt this poll. It’s abt the way fandom culture reacts to characters of colour. 

“so what are ur religious views?”

idk i really like bees

“what’s ur sexuality?”

who cares about sex, i want bees

“how do u feel about politics?”

i feel really passionate about saving the bees. i like bees. actually let’s just make a bee our next president. just a fluffy little bee. we can name him o-bee-ma. world peace is truly within our grasp

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ya i think zane is into gabbie but he doesnt really want to admit it to us or to himself. and it was funny when she accidentally showed her nipple and zane started laughing. but honestly they seemed very comfortable with it. also, im surprised corinna and todd havent hooked up yet. they both are kinda hopeless romantics.

zabbie will always be the best thing whether it’s platonic or romantic. maybe todd and corinna did hook up and that’s why zane or heath don’t seem that interested in starting anything serious with her? idk what to think about corinna’s relationships with the single guys…it all seems kinda messy but i could be very wrong

Finally better enough to draw again! Yay! But I don’t have enough time! More yay? So I’m just doing a practice sketch and just tossing colors around bc for real I don’t actually know how to color—

More time tomorrow to actually do serious things, and hopefully I can make that commission post soon bc I’m poor af. I know i make it sound super light-hearted but I’m actually eating expired food rn (╥ω╥) (but only a week expired, it’s ok)

SAI is a great program (⌒▽⌒) ok bye


I first found out about Outsiders here on Tumblr. I saw a few interesting gifs, watched the episodes that were On Demand, and then headed over to YouTube to fill in as many gaps as I could. I was smitten with Sasil from episode one. When Sally Ann kissed Hasil in episode five, I sat there just cheesing like an idiot.

But then Sally Ann got serious and shocked me with the “I know a place that we can go,” line.

I thought maybe I was misreading her bc that seemed too good to be true… like, maybe she wanted to sit and talk, idk… but then Hasil was over there all like “what’s it looking like I’m doing?” and that was about when the temperature in my apartment spiked about 20 degrees.

Hasil then proceeded to remove the rest of his clothes and hit Sally Ann with that “C’mere.” I lost consciousness at that point and had to rewatch the whole thing later.

That line gets me every time.

Which Hasil one-liners make y’all swoon?

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(wamt to hear about your crush)(and your rant about hands)

haha oh my heck well my crush is sorta like a puppy dog (that’s weird) but he’s hyper and funny (and sorta a lil shit (in the best way like take that as a term of endearment) but also amazing)(like literally type 7 for the enneagram type) and rly stubborn and will say what he thinks like just no cares at all and is really just looking for lots of fun in life but he also can get really deep and serious and has one of those listening faces that is just the beST (like u feel like ur being understood but ur also safe idk?) and yeah (i should talk to him more)

…also the hand thing (LOL) okay if some1 asks me about it tmoorrow i will try & explain but i needa sleep (it’s so weird)(but like people get it once they think about it)(i have passed this hand thing onto many friendos)

Reasons why I'm still single: #9
  • *conversation with my friend after a date gone wrong*
  • my friend: So what did you do to him that he doesn't want to see you again?
  • me: Idk... Why I'm the one that had to have done something? I just shared him the stuff i like...
  • my friend: honey...
  • me: MAYBE I went too far with my shipping thing...
  • my friend: and?
  • me: MAYBE I showed him some explicit destiel fanart from my phone...
  • my friend: and?
  • me: I read him a chapter of my favorite larry fanfic
  • my friend: and?