idk if this is a selfie but omg


Okay because this is my first ever photo set on here and I’m hella proud of my ugly ass for stepping out of my comfort zone and uploading these 😭 Not really feeling these at allllll (idk wtf I was doing with my hands half the time 😭) but the sun was doing me right today and I feel like I’m actually in an okay mood so why not? 😊 The color yellow ain’t really a norm for me but it’s got my confidence peaking just a little 😬 Happy Friday Y'all 💛☀️🌈 btw… yes, yes that is a pimple on my lip 😂


Okay, so I try to get all these things together. I write them down to remember them later, because I am seriously totally out of order right now… 🙈
I just need to say first: This evening would have been NOTHING without my friends who helped me so very much. Words can’t describe how grateful I am…

Photo 1:
Raúl and Melissa walking right past us to do press photos. He already went past us earlier, but he was in such a hurry that non of us even noticed!! 😄
So we waited at the stairs to be left in the hall and they came out of their dressing rooms to do the press photos.

This is when Photo 2 and 3 happened.
The AMAZING Jen just went to him and told him I come from Germany and then they had to kinda push me towards him, because I was SO DAMN NERVOUS!!! And I gave him the book with all my drawings and the original Winter Chilton. He told me stuff abt some characters and told me his fave SVU photo. And he hugged me so tight! My knees got week and he caught me, holding me even closer. I swear, I almost died… After that Melissa Errico saw us. She was like “OMG that’s the girl I talked to on twitter, come here babe!” And she posed with me and Raúl. And ALL the people and press guys standing there took photos! I felt so weird 🙈😄 So, it was right before the show so ofc they were in a hurry. Raúl was just like “can I keep all these??” and “See you afterwards!”

Show started. I cried. It was just SO MANY EMOTIONS. Raúl and Melissa did their AMAZING number from Sunday In The Park With George (posting video later).
Show went on, Raúl comes out a second time. Flirting with the audience, being funny and started to sing Marry Me A Little. And you won’t believe it, but he FORGOT HIS LINES!! 😄 And it was just so cute and amazing and (I’m gonna send a video of that too) just talked it away with all his charm and sweetness. This man is a GIFT to the world! And he looked at me during the song like whole 20 seconds or so, till I had tears in my eyes.

So, after the show I had an emotional breakdown. And you won’t believe it, but Melissa Errico saw me sitting on the stairs. She sat down and talked to me. Held my hands, calmed me down. She is like the most AMAZING and heartwarming person I’ve ever met. She said she’s a mom, she understands. She told me I’m her friend now 😄 and she would do everything to help me. She talked to Raúl about me (he saw me sitting on the stairs too, but everyone wanted sth from him, so he was too busy) and he said he’ll come to us again. Till then, Melissa and I took photos 4, 5 and 6. And my amazing friends got stuff signed and talked to her as well.

Then Raúl came back. He was so nice to me. Just stressed, coz everyone wanted sth. But I got to tell him again how much it ment to me to be here. Coming all the way from Germany, and how awesome the people in this fandom are for supporting me SO MUCH!! He also signed two things for me (show you later). And then we took the selfies (photos 7 and 8) and he just kept coming at me, cheek to cheek. I was like OMG 🙈
And then I said: “You have to pose for me, for a drawing!” And he said “Oh yes!!” And then he did (Photos 9 and 10).

I swear, this was the NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!
Someone (Idk who) told me Melissa talked to a NY Times guy abt me? Idk if I remember that correctly and Raúl answered all of our questions and he introduced me to the producer of Tick Tick Boom! He said “Oh you have to meet … (forgot his name lol)” And I just said “I listen to TTB every day” and he said “ME TOO! 😂” We laughed so hard. We went to leave then. Melissa gave me huge hug and a kiss and I got another hug from Raúl too. When I turned to leave, he touched my arm saying “Thank you for everything”

Well, I am sure the others tell you their stories too, but this is mine. And I will keep it in my heart as long as I live. And I thank @clowchan @justraulesparza Jennifer and Melissa so very much for making this the NIGHT OF MY LIFE. ❤❤❤❤
And I thank EVERYONE who sent me lovely messages and comments. I hope you understand when it takes time to answer.

And ofc all my love to Raúl Esparza and Melissa Errico who are the most AMAZING people ever!!


I was tagged by a couple people to do this and since I’m not able to do anything else with my night and am avoiding everything have my home and lock screen, last song I listened to (amping up for concert Friday omg) and a selfie where apparently I was pretending to be otabek so that’s cool

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hey cuties!! i was tagged by @dlmples @jhopej @itschims @love-wishes @soymilkpal @1oveful and @jinspumpkin (and i think a few others omg i’m srry if i forgot u) to do either the selfie tag or some variation of it!! so here it goes!! 

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eyyyy wassup today is Choices Selfie Day so here’s mine…the first pic was yesterday while the 2nd one was earlier hahaha i couldn’t choose one okay huhu

Name: Joanna some friends call me Piyo due to my main tumblr url @/piyoshin (that i don’t get to use anymore because i forgot my password huhu) but feel free to call me anything u want, I like nicknames so yeah
Age: 19 but i’m turning 20 in a few months;;;
Zodiac Sign: Libra sun, Virgo moon
Favorite Choices Game: Most Wanted/Endless Summer
How Long You Have Been Playing Pixelberry Games?: omg uhhh since October 2013, a month after High School Story was released, yes it is i, pixelberry trash

Lee Taeyong: Pretty Boy


No answer.

“…Babe?” Again, no answer from the boy who was sitting on the couch, laptop on his lap.

“Taeyong.” Yet again, you receive no response from your boyfriend. You were standing by the kitchen entrance, staring at him with a frown. Was he giving you some sort of silent treatment? But what did you even do?

You slowly approach him but then come to a sudden stop. You want to try and recall the events that happened between you, so that’s what you do.

Did anything happen this morning? I don’t think I did anything to upset him or make him mad, did I? I made him breakfast and we ate together… This afternoon… Oh! I remember! We went shopping and… we took selfies! Then I criticized him. I made fun of his photo taking skills. Also because the filters were ugly. Right. Oh Taeyong…

Earlier in the day, both of you decided to go shopping, getting information from your friend that there were sales going on. When you were inside one store, Taeyong asked you to join him in his mirror selfie and you happily agreed. In another, he had asked you again to take a selfie with him while standing in a section full of hoodies. You didn’t ask why and just joined him. The thing was, while the both of you went to go eat, you saw him editing your selfies from earlier and you pointed out that the filters were really ugly. Your criticism probably made him feel bad and upset. On the way home though, he looked fine. But once you reached home, he’s been in his whole world.

You sigh and walk towards him.

“Taeyongie…” His legs were spread out a bit so you stay between them. “I think I know why you’re upset.” You slowly lift up his chin with your hand as the other one rests on his shoulder. The laptop is the only thing blocking you from sitting on his lap. You look at each other and he’s giving you this soulless stare that kind of makes you regret approaching him.

“What.” He mumbles and avoids your gaze. “I’m busy.” You roll your eyes because you notice that he isn’t even doing anything on his laptop. His wallpaper, which is a photo of you both and your friend’s at his 21st birthday party, is being shown. Has he been staring at it the whole time? Waiting for you to come and talk to him?

“I, um… Sorry Tae. For judging you about the filters and stuff earlier. Please don’t beat yourself up over that, sweetheart.” You’re now cupping his cheeks and lightly running both your thumbs on his cheekbones. He doesn’t give you a reply, his eyes staring at his hands that are placed on top of his laptop.

“…How will you make it up to me?” He finally answers you, placing his laptop on the other side of the couch. He looks up to you but a frown is still on his face. “You made my mood down for the whole day, babe. How could you tell me that. You’re mean.” He mumbles sadly and leans back on the couch.

You let out a laugh and sit on his lap, your arms going around his neck. “I’m really sorry. I really didn’t think it would make you feel like this. It was my mistake. But hey, I’ll teach you how to take pictures with the right filters. You can count on me.” You wink. Taeyong rolls his eyes and places his hands on your sides. “Actually, you don’t even need to use a filter, you pretty boy.” You explain, grinning.

“…Can we take pictures now, then?” He asks, ready to bring out his phone from his pocket.

“Hm, later. After this.” Before Taeyong could talk again, you move closer to him and bring your lips to his, giving him a long and sweet kiss. You feel Taeyong squishing your sides and you squirm, making him chuckle.

Shortly after, you lean back and smile at him. “Forgiven?”

“Yeah, yeah. Forgiven. Can you teach me now?” Even if Lee Taeyong was upset over this little thing, he couldn’t really hold a grudge against you. He was always a softie for you. He would gladly learn from you (and be better at it so that he could tease you after).

“Give me your phone, then. Your girlfriend will show you how to take the best selfies ever.” Winking at the boy who was showing you an amused look, you move to his side. You hold his phone close to your faces, ready to take several photos of you together.

Taeyong eventually mastered the use of filters and his selfie skills. Now, he was teasing you. It was also your turn to give him frowns and a silent treatment the whole day. Oh, how the tables have turned.

charmingfailure  asked:

ahhh roby!!! i have an artist friend at school and she showed me a drawing of phil one day and i complimented her (this was before i knew about you). i just watched your dan and phil dog filter speedpaint and it's literally the same picture!!! she just traced your drawing and went around school acting like it was hers, and i don't know if she has an art account or not so idk if she's doing it on the internet too... how do i approach her about it?

pull up my drawing and be like “wow i can’t believe greywick goes to my school” 

**this is a joke don’t take me seriously omg** but uh, well, if you really think its traced then i guess ask her about it?? cause the one i drew was based off an actual selfie they took last year so its bound that other people have drawn them with the dog filter in similar expressions/poses. 

anonymous asked:

so many of the pictures of glenn and his wife remind me of the photos you see on a couple’s tinder profile when they’re like “adventurous couple looking for a third! lol!” idk it’s just something about the way their selfies are posed? (it’s also possible that i only think that bc i want them to r*w me so bad lol they’re a VERY attractive couple)



omg about time this thing worked, anyways
hi i’m min and i really love ace and blessed to find their videos, especially seyoon’s dance cover of wedding dress like wow, one of my favorite songs and his looks are a+++ anyways i’m from the united states i love chan but everyone else, especially seyoon, is creeping up on me to take his spot but anyways nice to meet you all! ♡
i’m a lil late cause of technical difficulties lol


Saw the post and decided to let it inspire some non-digital art for once.

The warm-up sketch is kind of cute in itself. I practiced my fancy signature on it (sorry it’s so blurry; my laptop camera stinks). And OMG, MY FIRST OFFICIAL SELFIE ON THIS SITE. AREN’T I CUTE???

Print and shirt design available on my society6! Idk what I’m going to do with the original yet…

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i!! was tagged by the official snake herself, @officialbabyanon ily but pls why must you expose me
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1. Your name and username
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3. Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY
4. What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
5. What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
6. What do you call gym shoes?
7. What do you call your grandparents?
8. What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
9. What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
10. Choose a book and read a passage from it.
11. Do you think you have an accent?
12. Be a wizard or a vampire?
13. Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
14. End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

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this time i was tagged by a few ppl  ^^  tagged by @woojiniee, @pwjins, @deepdickdaniel, @alliwannado-w1 and @daehwifi [if you tagged me im sorry i am not on top of anything rn]

  1. NICKNAMES: jade, jae/jay, rin, child
  2. GENDER: female
  3. STAR SIGN: aquarius
  4. HEIGHT: 4′11″
  5. TIME: 20:44
  6. BIRTHDAY: february 18
  7. FAVORITE BANDS: all of the groups i write for, BTOB, f(x), MAMAMOO, HOTSHOT, etc.
  8. FAVORITE SOLO ARTISTS: i’m not listing them all ‘cause then we’d be here awhile bUt samuel, CL, kahi, sewoon, etc.
  9. SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: at the moment it’s innocent love - astro
  10. LAST MOVIE WATCHED: i didn’t watch the entire thing but i watched a chucky movie (idk which one) in P.E on thursday because it wasn’t my turn to go up
  12. WHEN DID I CREATE MY BLOG: this blog was created on 2017/07/18 but not by me :)
  13. WHAT DO I POST: imagines/scenarios (+bulleted), reactions, ships, complaints, etc
  14. LAST THING I GOOGLED: ,,, ‘nct haechan smile’
  15. DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: my side blog @solivagantjn and another blog that no one needs to know about :))
  16. DO YOU GET ASKS: i do!! and i love receiving them like they make me all happy n stuff
  17. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: if you can’t tell my ult is lee donghyuck
  18. FOLLOWING: 1183
  19. FOLLOWERS: 1240 <3
  20. FAVORITE COLORS: amethyst or dark orchid probably
  22. LUCKY NUMBER: 13 lol
  23. INSTRUMENTS: piano, flute, recorder lmao, acoustic guitar (slightly)
  24. WHAT AM I WEARING: a black shirt with a star sign on it lowkey a homestuck fan lol and blue shorts
  25. HOW MANY BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: one currently
  26. DREAM JOB: english professor
  27. DREAM TRIP: london, italy, or france
  28. FAVORITE FOOD: i have a deep love for chocolate raspberries
  29. NATIONALITY: filipino and vietnamese but born canadian
  30. FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW: colours - day6

Get To Know Me Tag

okay!! i was tagged by @boomboombitches, @chenlays. and @banhchan this time :)) you’re all great ilysm


jade is a nickname lol but other people call me jae/jay, rin and child smh you know who you are


female ^^

Star sign:



151cm,,, or 4′11″;;;


i!! am bisexual :)) tbh gender doesn’t matter to me tho

Hogwarts House:

ayee i’m a hufflepuff :))

Favorite Animal:

O T T E R S !!

Average hours spent sleeping:

y i k e s pls don’t attack me but like… two-three hours

Perro (dog) or gato (cat)-

how dare– i love both equally >:c [i’m around dogs more often tho, if that counts]

Number of blankets you sleep with:

i’m weird,, i sleep with two in the summer and one in the winter

Dream trip-

i’ve mentioned this before but i really want to visit London, Italy, or France

Dream Job:

english professor

When I made this account:

technically jane made ‘xx-we-all-need-jisoos-xx’ or was it xxwe-all-need-jisoosxx i can’t remember on 2016/07/18 bUt i joined sometime in october 2016?? i can’t remember the exact date lol it was some time around oct. 20

Why we made this account:

i didn’t lol but i joined because jane knew i liked writing (obviously)

Number of followers:

currently 1240 :)) i love all of you!!

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how many times have i done this one,,, idc bc it lets me show my love for hyuck :’))
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okay!! that was a long post rip

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