idk if this has been made before

its interesting watching Wonder Woman reviews on youtube 

every male reviewer I’ve watched has been like “yeah its a solid film. didn’t do anything spectacular.”

whereas every girl has been raving about it. it’s just interesting cause like…one dude was talking about how he didn’t really feel anything during the No Man’s Land scene and it just struck me bc like…obviously he didn’t feel shit because he’s seen something like it done a thousand times with male superheroes. 

like its bizarre cause i was nearly in tears during that scene, watching the soldiers get a burst of courage and follow a powerful, strong WOMAN into battle. she inspired them. that shit has pretty much NEVER been done in film before and as a woman, I thought it was breathtaking and refreshing 2 see.

so yeah. idk if that made any sense i just thought it was interesting.

hey lesbians idk if this post has been made before but there’s a blog called lesbian-ed posting in the lesbiansafe tag and they’re a transphobe and transmisogynist, so pls block them so you don’t see their garbage in our tag + please spread the word so people (esp trans lesbians!) can do the same

Daydream Block.

Do you know the feeling of dullness everytime your daydream? Everytime you want to daydream about something, it just seems so dull and ugly, and you’re not motivated enough to daydream about it at all.

I call this a daydream block. it’s very similar to artist’s block - basically when you suddenly feel like your daydreams are too dull, boring, and not motivated enough to daydream about that thing.

It’s really painful because I love my daydreams so much but I can’t seem to daydream about it anymore for a period of time. Suddenly I end up in a spiral of frustation because of this.