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Creators Block

Or I do what I hate most and project onto a character. Have some slightly nonsensical angst, over done metaphors and comforting boyfriends. All errors have equal custody between me and sleep deprivation

Enjolras doesn’t consider himself an artist. He doesn’t think in colors, or notes, or couplets. He writes speeches, words that are facts, not a reimagining of the world, rendered subjective. Enjolras isn’t an artist, never has been, never will be.

So when he spends hours staring at a blank page, days reaching for the perfect verb to unify his listeners— well then he must be tired, or stressed, or simply not trying hard enough.

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I think civil war turned a lot of fans against steve. Which is sad cause its his film. People see steve as a hypocrite for not telling tony about his parents (bc in other movies, he was clearly fed up w/secrets and lies). I wish that scene never existed. the way some fans want steve to act makes me a little uncomfortable. many of them want steve to bow down and beg tony for his forgiveness. Not even as a friend but as some guilty puppy who should feel miserable forever w/out tonys forgiveness.

How is Steve not telling Tony about his parents hypocritical though like ???
And what was Steve gonna do, call up this guy he’s no more than work colleagues with and be like “yo so by the way, your parents death? you remember Bucky? my other half? the stars to my moon? the apple to my pie? well turns out he’s been tortured and brainwashed since 1944 and he’s the infamous Winter Soldier, and he killed ur parents, but like idk where he is now or what he’s doing so this entire dialogue has been pointless
People that are that bitter about it have inflated the importance of Tony and his opinion to Steve, and reduced the importance of Bucky to him. Binch, he wasn’t ever going to do a single damn thing that put Bucky in danger unless it was completely unavoidable. And if that means not telling Tony, a notorious hothead who gets violent/lashes out when he’s hurt/angry, about TWS and his parents then it is what it is. Bc like Tony would have tried to find him and kill him or hand him over to the US government which is the same thing.
Anyway, they weren’t friends before the film, they weren’t friends during the film, frankly i couldn’t care less if they’re friends after the film.

Melissa Rauch and Sebastian Stan’s graphic sex in “The Bronze” brought the audience to tears.

The Sundance Film Festival has been the launching point for hundreds of huge stars, helped debut some of the most indelible movies of all time and has become a cultural touchstone. But last night during the 2015 Festival’s opening night film “The Bronze,” it also debuted what might be the raunchiest, most laugh out loud funny sex scene in cinematic history.

The movie, written by and starring “Big Bang Theory” actress Melissa Rauch focuses on a washed up former Olympian who heroically won the bronze medal in an Olympics-esque competition years prior, and has been coasting on the fame ever since. Back coaching a new, younger gymnast, Rauch’s Hope Greggory ends up at a low point. Drunk in a bar, she ends up hooking up with her arch-nemesis, and old flame played by Sebastian Stan.

And then they graphically f–k like no one on screen has ever f–ked before.

Yeah, it’s that insane. It’s not clear just how much stars Rauch and Stan showed off for the movie, but the scene is very naked, very graphic and very full of Stan’s booty. The duo essentially run through an entire gymnastic routine, complete with flips, rolls, and acrobatic moves that would make a stripper blush… And the crowd at the Eccles theater where the scene premiered lost their ever-loving minds.

In fact, though the movie is Rauch’s show through and through, there’s an image of Stan early in the scene where he reveals he has a tattoo of his own gold medal that starts above his bellybutton and ends… Well, you guess where… Which will be seared into the audience’s minds for the rest of time.

Like most movies at Sundance, “The Bronze” hasn’t been picked up for distribution yet… But trust us when we say, the world needs to see this sex scene. It’s possibly the most important thing that could ever happen.

Or at least the dirtiest.

—  MTV news talking about the sex scene in The Bronze

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If it hasn't already been requested, could you please write an imagine where Credence meets/fall for someone who turns out to have magic as well....what it would be for him to have someone accept him and he can openly express his magic-ness in front of them for the first time in his life? :D thank youuuuuu!!

A/N: idk what I wrote because I was very sleepy when I was writing this. But I hope you enjoy it? I’m so sorry for the delay in replying, but I couldn’t get the proper inspiration for this.

Again, do let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me write!

Title: Winter Wonderlands

warning: slight mentions of abuse and lots of fluff

     The first time you had done magic in front of Credence was a complete coincidence. You had slipped into the alleyway you were supposed to meet in, panting from your hurry to get there in time, only to shiver at the unreasonable chill.

     Later, Credence remembers tucking his hands into his pockets and ducking his head down while walking along the sidewalk. The flat of his palms sting with phantom pain from his belt, and he falters, glancing back at the solid door of the orphanage. If he returns now, Mary Lou needn’t have known that Credence has left at all. He can simply slip back into bed. It isn’t time yet for the nightly curfew.

     And yet, he thinks, somehow, missing the opportunity to see your face, to glimpse a bit of the magic that twinkles in your eyes, bundled up in scarves and all, would be worse than the pain that surely awaits him.

     So he continues on.

     It’s a while before he comes to the alleyway that he’s supposed to meet you in. And he slips inside, tugs his coat around him more securely, and waits.

     It’s not a very long wait, but his eyes have been fluttering shut every few seconds. It’s on one of those moments that it happens.

     There’s a tiny little burst of blueish white light, evidently having sprung into existence from nowhere at all, and he stares, mesmerized by the utter beauty of it. You had laughed softly, murmuring the quick countercharm for the spell, before saying, “It’s just a little Lumos.”

     But Credence is drifting inside his mind, desperately attempting to memorize the imprint of the light against his eyelids. So this, he thinks, is true magic.


     The second time you do magic in front of Credence, he does it back.

     Well, you amend hastily, he tries to do it back. He can’t help the clumsiness in the way he does magic, as if it’s not quite sure of what to think of itself, is a result from the harsh lashes from his belt.

     You’re on a small nighttime walk, as you’d insisted on walking him back, but it’s getting a bit chilly, so you conjure up a little wisp of fire, watching as the small bits of smoke from its flames form a miniature horse. Credence watches with wide eyes, enraptured by the sight of cantering, throwing its smoky mane back before trotting along his hand. He thinks he can almost feel the minute pressure of its hooves.

     And you beam at the sight of Credence, round eyes and open mouth, before he shifts his gaze to your merrily dancing fire, and narrowing his eyes curiously.

     The remaining smoke thickens into the figure of a second horse, slightly thinner and taller, as it gallops up to your horse, and nudges it with its smoky nose.

     It’s clear to see who has a better control of magic. Credence’s little horse flickers in and out of sight, before dissipating entirely in a puff of smoke. But it’s something, and Merlin, you will take it.

     You also can’t help the way your eyes widen in pleased shock, in the way you embrace Credence with a muffled cry of excitement. “I knew it,” you would whisper later, in the secrecy of the night, when promises can be made without a thought for consequences, "I knew you were special, Credence.“

And Credence is startled by the strange, alien fluttering in his abdomen. It’s not painful, and he’s not quite sure if he likes it or not. But as he watches you from the corner of his eyes, his breath catches at the ringing of your laughter and the sincerity in your smile.

    So this, he thinks, is true magic.


     The third time you do magic in front of Credence, it’s in a much more relaxed environment. The first two times had been in rushed, hurried situations, but this time, it’s in the comfort of a little flat, when the both of you are not on the run from monsters, where Mary Lou or Grindelwald or any MACUSA wizards can’t reach you.

     You’ve been helping him to control his magic, as he’s learned he has an immense amount of it. You’ve found that Credence particularly adores it when you conjure up little random bursts of magic in the form of creatures. You comply, laughing as a smoke bowtruckle clambers up Credence’s arm, settling on his shoulder.

     “He likes you,” you tease, smiling up at Credence.

     The atmosphere is inherently drowsy, as afternoons spun from golden sunlight and dusty rooms tend to be. You rest your head against Credence’s, vaguely noting the way his skin warms yours, the slight increase in his heartbeat, and the way his eyes shift to your lips subtly.

     And you kiss him.

     It’s slow and lazy, entirely unhurried, as if you have all the time in the world, and you can’t help but marvel at the way his tousled hair feels under your fingers, the way you slot against him perfectly, thumbs gliding across tender cheekbones.

    So this, Credence thinks, is true magic.

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I think what the anon meant was that Cass, Tim, Jason, Dick, etc have all gone against people like Shiva or Deathstroke and held their own, while Stephanie Brown has trouble with minor rogues, and Barbara Gordon, who should have the most experience, hasn't done anything really that impressive pre and post flashpoint.

That’s not how they worded it at all though? But I’ll talk about the point you’re bringing up, too, though honestly my stance is pretty much the same: according to the canon itself that’s not the case at all, but if it’s perceived that way superficially, I can’t say I don’t have a clue as to why. 

Here’s what is being overlooked: preboot Batgirl-Barbara and pre-Batgirl Stephanie did not have their own series or were on superhero teams. 

(No one jump on my case for not addressing New52 Batgirl!Barbara, I quit reading it at #15, I have no intention of talking for or against that character anymore because it’s moot, I’m not up to date)

Cass, Tim, and Dick have done incredible things and overcome amazing odds, but for each of them it was something that received focus because their characters WERE the focus. Cass’ battle with Lady Shiva? It took up 25 issues to be built up as an arc to her series. Tim, significantly, did not win physically against Shiva he cheated, because Tim’s written consistently as not being a prolific fighter but his willpower and improvisions are his greatest assets, and he never beat Deathstroke, but in general all of his successes in battle have been under similar circumstances. Dick never beat Deathstroke by himself, he just was able to take him on with the Titans, was able to out maneuver him for a retreat, or was able to buy him off/outsmart him because Dick’s a great fighter but he’s also got amazing tactical skills. Cass was best portrayed physically in Batgirl (2000-2006) because she was the focus of her own series. Tim was best portrayed physically and mentally in Robin (1993-2009), Young Justice (1998-2003), Teen Titans (2003-2011), and Red Robin because he is the/a main character in those series. Dick was most successful and portrayed as physically powerful in The New Teen Titans (1980-1984) & (1984-1996), Nightwing (1995), Nightwing (1996-2009), Titans (1998-2003), Outsiders (2003-2008), and Batman & Robin (2009-2011) because he is the/a main character of those series. 

You’re just not going to get that type of monthly story focus on preboot Batgirl!Barbara because you weren’t even guaranteed her being featured every month, or on Spoiler and Robin Stephanie because her arcs about her are still set in the background to the main focus on another character, usually Tim in his Robin series. We’re only getting glimpses of their journey. 

But even with what we do have, you wrote a sentence that is legitimately baffling me as I keep looking over it. Because I have no idea where you or the other anon are getting this perception from: 

“while Stephanie Brown has trouble with minor rogues, and Barbara Gordon, who should have the most experience, hasn’t done anything really that impressive pre and post flashpoint.”

By your measurement — where apparently physically beating “significant” rogues is the only way to prove their abilities in a fight, how are you counting Jason up in the ranks with the others? Because you’re not questioning his physical skill even though he’s only gone toe-to-toe with Bruce (who he never physically bested), Dick (who, again, he never physically bested), Tim (who he did beat), and the Joker (who he didn’t murder and who eventually got away). So you can see where my confusion is? Jason doesn’t have to prove himself under these odds but Babs and Stephanie does? I’m a little concerned about that set up.

Like…. I really want to know what you guys are reading that you would EVER EVER EVER think these things? especially about preboot Barbara? NEVER DONE ANYTHING IMPRESSIVE? like…. what?

But it’s entirely possible you’ve just missed out on these things? Or you’re simply measuring physical significance on “big name Rogues” being fought and defeated in matches of physicality… in which case you’re still wrong, but as good as tumblr is at promoting Steph and Babs I can sort of see how you might have missed these giant moments. 

Also, the only way your statement about Barbara here makes any sense is if you are completely disregarding her time as Oracle. Which has to be the case because if you’re saying she never proved herself physically in the preboot canon, whereas throughout her time as Oracle (which, people tend to overlook, was in our time 24 years, as opposed to the 21 years she had been Batgirl before that, and most of it not int he Post-Crisis timeline) she had so many moments where she physically proved herself it can hardly be accepted?

Stephanie did not get some amazingly large arc where her climax was to punch Killer Croc in the face as Spoiler, but let’s see how her and Barbara matched up physically even before they had series concentrating on them and them alone (and then we’ll look at the list of everyone Steph went against physically in her Batgirl series):

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  1. Pick one of your muses.
  2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your muse in a new post.
  3. Tag five people to do this meme~

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1. What is your name?
“Isabela. Who’s asking?”

2. What is your real name?
“You have pretty eyes, you know that?" 

3. Do you know why you were called that?
"Yes, I do." 

4. Are you single or taken?
Single sounds so lonely. I’m…uninhibited.“ 

5. Have any abilities or powers?
"I’m not a mage, if that’s what you’re asking.”

6. Stop being a Mary Sue. 
“I’ll be sure to do that.”

7. What’s your eye color?
“Light brown. I’ve heard they look a bit like gold.”

8. How about your hair color?
“Just brown.”

9. Have you any family members?
“A mother, though that’s using the word generously. I suppose I have a father somewhere out there too.”

10. Oh? What about pets?
“I’m not really one to keep pets.”

11. That’s cool I guess, now tell me about something you don’t like.
“I don’t care for staying in one place for too long." 

12. Do you have any hobbies/activities you like doing?
"Drinking, sailing, whore-mongering…now there’s a list." 

13. Ever hurt anyone before?
"Yes. That’s what happens to fools – they get hurt.”

14. Ever….killed anyone before?
“I’ve could tell some stories.”

15. What kind of animal are you?
“I haven’t really thought about it. I like being me just fine." 

16. Name your worst habits.
"I’m not sure if I have any good habits, to be honest.”

17. Do you look up to anyone at all?
“No…I don’t know. Hawke, maybe. Just maybe." 

18. Gay, straight, or bisexual?
"Why, are you sweet on me?" 

19. Do you go to school?
"My mother didn’t really value any education outside of the Qun." 

20. Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?
"I’d rather vacation in the Deep Roads.”

21. Do you have any fanboys/fangirls? 
“I’m sure I have a few admirers out there." 

22. What are you most afraid of?
"Stagnation. Sameness. A simple life." 

23. What do you usually wear?
‘Not enough,’ I’ve been told. Then again I’ve also heard 'too much.’

24. Do you love someone?

25. When was the last time you wet yourself?
“Well, there was this one night after a few too many at the Hanged Man…" 

26. Well, it’s not over yet!
"If I had a silver for every time I heard that…" 

27. What class are you?(High class, middle class, low class)
"A class all my own." 

28. How many friends do you have?
"I’m not sure if I would call my crew friends, but I trust them with my life and that’s more than I can say for most." 

29. What are your thoughts on pie?
"It’s never a bad choice.”

30. Favorite drink?
“I’ve always been partial to sweet drinks, but I’m not picky.”

31. What’s your favourite place?
“My ship, out on the open sea with nothing in sight but the ocean and the horizon.”

32. Are you interested in someone~
“I find plenty of people interesting. Whether or not they hold that interest is up to them.”

33. What’s your bra cup size and/or how big is your willy?
“Do I really look like I’m wearing a bra?”

34. Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean?
“The ocean, any day. There’s no better feeling than salt water drying on your skin.”

35. What’s your type? 
“Depends on the night.”

36. Any fetishes?
“I can’t say no to hand cuffs or whipped cream.”

37. Seme or uke? Top or Bottom? Dominant or Submissive?
“As a rule, I’m always on top." 

38. Camping or indoors?
"Indoors, I suppose." 

39. Are you wanting the quiz to end?
"I’ve been waiting since the third question.”

40. Now it’s over! Tag five people: herorecipe talesofrebellion korcariflower bloodydeeproads solitarite

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People are saying that Sherlock has 'jumped the shark', that there's not enough detecting and too much sentiment, that the writers are trying too hard, trying to impress the Tumblr fandom, that his character hasn't even developed - he's just became boring, that the writers put character backgrounds before the original purpose of the crime storyline, that the show is too much like a sitcom/soap opera, that TEH was too 'Hollywood'. idk though

I’m gonna paste my answer from the other day when someone sent me a very similar message;

Sherlock’s been gone for 2 years… they HAVE to fill that in. They can’t just write Sherlock & John being crime buddies again. The main point of this series is to show us how much has changed since he’s been gone. It’s showing us that things are not like how they used to be.

We need the strong emphasis on change and the relationships between all the characters rather than crime solving like in S1&2 otherwise it’s gonna feel like the writers have completely ignored the fact that there’s been a 2 year gap. It’d be incorrect to assume things would go back to normal.

But anyway, I’m sure next episode is gonna be more drama filled and crime solving with it being the last of the series. Like I said, we needed these 2 episodes to be less crime solving because now we understand things better (about the 2 year gap) and we get a feel for the current situation. It’s also set us up for whatever angst is to come. I mean, we really can’t complain. The writers and crew have treated us really fucking well and we should be appreciative of their hard work.

I will add something else to this though, and that’s SO WHAT if they’re trying to impress Tumblr? We’re a very large chunk of their fanbase (not all of it, I get that, but we make up a large extent) and clearly what they’ve been doing has made us AND others happy. It’s not been for the sake of it, it’s been lighthearted and important too. In my opinion it’s made it more popular and obviously the show is doing pretty fucking well right now. I get it, we’re not their only fans but the references they’ve made should NOT put people off in any shape or form and if people are getting their knickers in a twist over it then they clearly don’t care about the show because they’re willing to ignore the plot over a few subtle fandom jokes that people not even in the “fandom” enjoyed. They’re harmless. And also, we need character backgrounds because character development????? The show WILL FAIL if they base it solely on crime solving. They may as well just say “lets ignore Sherlock’s 2 year absence, lets ignore that other characters need development and screen time, lets ignore the important wedding, lets ignore Mary, lets ignore realistic feelings and let’s do EXACTLY what we’ve already done and keep crime solving.” That won’t work. Everything they’ve done this series is for a REASON. They’re not idiots. They know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it perfectly.

So, as Sherlock would say