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I sleep with women, but I’m emotionally involved with Mac.


Washington - God of Paternity, Leadership and Time
Entire Back

Washington is the leader of the Gods.
↳ Having been one of the first two born from nothing
↳ Together, with Martha, he created all life and the major gods
↳ He wanted a happy family, but got a petty, squabbling messes that just makes him sad and tired

Martha Washington - Goddess of Maternity, Children and Space
Entire Front

Martha is a gentle, but firm, goddess.
↳ She was one of the first two born from nothing.
↳ With Washington, created all life and major gods.
↳ Also wanted a happy family, but is happy with her less-than-ideal clan. Looks for the bright side.

John Adams - God of Communication and Compromise
Right Hand

No one likes John Adams
↳ The eldest and most powerful of the Washington’s creations
↳ Uses his powers to assert his superiority
↳ Gets pissy when people talk about him behind his back
↳ When pressured, can bring even the most divisive of enemies to reach an agreement

Adams V Hamilton
Adams, when he was but a few moments old, invented spoken language and taught it to the Washingtons. When humans were created, Adams taught them the language too, so that way they might be able to communicate with each other. Adams prided himself on this achievement, lauding it above his godly peers. Eventually, Hamilton got fed up with it and claimed that anyone could do what Adams had done, if given the chance. Adams challenged Hamilton to prove his claim, certain the younger god couldn’t. Hamilton, trying to show Adams up, not only created a new language, but created a visual language, writing. Hamilton taught his new language to the humans, proving both languages equally useful. Which is how Hamilton stole Adams’ spotlight and got an extra domain to rule.

Alexander - God of Sun, Writing, and Life
Right Arm
Hamilton is a salty, jaded bean.
↳ Major Gossip
↳ Messes with Burr at every opportunity
↳ Calls Seabury the God of “Being An Absolute Fuckwad”
↳ Secretly just wants love
↳ Touch-starved and longs for affection
↳ Fights everyone.

Burr - God of Moon, Patience and Death
Left Arm

Burr is tired out soul who wants peace.
↳ His job as the god of death exhausts and saddens him.
↳ Doesn’t dislike Hamilton, is just often annoyed by him
↳ Good friends with Jefferson
↳ became one of two gods that Jefferson would speak to after the death of Martha J.

Theodosia and Burr
During the early days of humanity, Burr fell in love with a human woman named Theodosia.
↳ When she died, Burr turned her physical body into the stars and scattered them across the night sky, so he might see and be with her forever.

Jefferson - God of Agriculture and Nature

Jefferson is a pure little bean. Really sheltered and innocent.
↳ Doesn’t know slang (daddy)
↳ Plays with hair when nervous
↳ Hid from Hamilton at first
↳ Wears silky togas

Grows drugs without knowing what they are.
(High most of the time)

Death of Martha Jefferson ⇒ Seasons
When the world was young, Thomas fell in love with a human woman, who inevitably died. Heartbroken, Thomas shut himself away in his garden.
Winter is when the anniversary of her death rolls
around and he gets sad. The rest of the time, he
manages to distract himself well enough.

Jefferson’s Garden is a Holy Place
↳ No one can die while in the garden.
↳ Laurens cannot enter the garden.
↳ When Martha J was dying, Thomas attempted to save her by bringing her to the garden.
↳ However, she didn’t want to live forever, and was willing to die like humans should. When Thomas turned his back, she walked out and dropped dead before he could stop her.

Legends of Jefferson
After losing Martha, Jefferson locked himself away in his garden for millennia, refusing entrance to humans and gods alike. Only his two closest friends, Burr and Madison ever saw him, and soon many humans and some gods began to doubt he even existed. Some claimed the grief of losing Martha caused Jefferson to fade from reality, leaving behind the garden as the only sign he was ever there. Others simply thought Jefferson had abandoned them, and therefore turned their backs on him. It was only once Hamilton happened upon him that people began to realize the God of Nature was not gone or had abandoned them. He was simply very high and very sad the entire time.

Madison - God of Healers, Health and Disease

Madison is a quiet, cold god.
↳ Good friends with Jefferson
↳ Constantly sick
↳ Volunteered to bear the diseases of humanity so that some humans might survive
↳ Secretly loves humanity, though often keeps his distance
↳ Tries to get intoxicated but is unable to get drunk

Madison and Jefferson
After Madison took on the illnesses for humans, Jefferson offered to help him find treatments to either cure various diseases or at least alleviate symptoms and pain. The two work together, Jefferson creating plants with different properties and James giving him advice based on what worked and what didn’t. They accidentally created weed together. Even when Jefferson sealed himself away, he let Madison in to continue their work.

Franklin - God of Hearth, Creation

Franklin is everyone’s grandfather and crazy uncle rolled into one
↳ Born from literal fire
↳ Taught early humans how to harness fire and make tools
↳ Constantly goes down the human world to try out new inventions
↳ It doesn’t always go well
↳ Tries again anyway.

Angelica - Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge
Eyes (General Area)

Angelica is smarter than you
↳ Loves her sister goddesses, especially Eliza and Peggy
↳ Hella feminist
↳ Visits Human universities and schools often
Swore a vow of celibacy

Angelica v. Humans
↳Angelica is frustrated and annoyed by humans
↳They come to her for advice, and she’s just as likely to point you to another god or lie to you than actually help you out
↳ Eliza tries to get her to be more compassionate, but all Angelica wants to do is learn, read and not be bothered by dumb humans

Jay - God of Judgement and Justice

John Jay is done with everyone’s shit.
↳ Jay likes going to human courtrooms and watching the proceedings
↳ Very sick

Lee - God of Honor, Deception
Left Shoulder Blade

Lee tries his best but always comes up short.
↳ Based on the duality of honor and deception
↳ Lee is either the most virtuous god out there or one of the worst, depending on the day
↳ He oversees human affairs of honor, watching duels and deciding the victor
↳ Liars, manipulators and other conniving individuals also look to him for guidance
↳ Followers of Lee are often very self-centered individuals

Lee v Laurens

Eliza - Goddess of Emotion, Forgiveness and Passion

Eliza just wants everyone to get along, please.
↳ Finds herself cleaning up after the other gods’ mistakes
↳ Healing divides driven between people as a result of godly action
↳ She tries to foster positive relationships between others
↳ Though the friendliest of the gods, often walking among humans openly, when she is crossed bad things happen to those who hurt her.
↳ Her sorrow and anger are just as powerful as her joy and love.

Eliza and Hamilton
At one point devoted to each other, Hamilton cheated on Eliza with Mariah, because he’s a hoe and generally slept with everyone at one point. When Hamilton fesses up, Eliza turns from him, leaving him a lonely bitter bean. No one feels bad for him.

James Monroe - God of Information and Prophesy
Forehead to Ears

James Monroe is often overlooked, but content to chill.
↳ Hangs out with Angelica a lot
↳ Never answers questions plainly, everything’s in goddamn riddles with this guy
↳ Only tells people as much as he wants to
↳ Chill dude
↳ Either liked or disliked, no in between.

Monroe V. Hamilton
After Hamilton’s affair with Mariah, Monroe (having seen this as a prophecy) confronts Hamilton about his actions. Hamilton confesses, but swears Monroe to secrecy. Unfortunately for Hamilton, Monroe had already delivered his prophecy, and the other gods grew suspicious. Hamilton, forced to confess his affair, gets pissed at Monroe, and attempts to go to war. Burr managed to step between the two of them before too much damage was done, but the rift between the two gods has never been mended.

Monroe and Prophecy
Being the God of Prophecy, Monroe is gifted with visions of the future. He has always been accurate. When a vision needs to be communicated to humans, Monroe uses human Prophets to speak for him. Monroe has predicted most things, including the apocalypse.

Mariah - Goddess of Seduction, Love and Lust
Boob Area idk Chest too?

Mariah doesn’t want to hurt anyone but ends up doing it a lot anyway.
↳ Though often depicted as a seductress, Mariah also rules over all form of love, sexual or not
↳ Honestly has good intentions
↳ Her solutions to problems aren’t always the best
↳ Kind of a sucker for a love story
↳ Despite being the Goddess of Love, Mariah is often the loneliest, searching for her own love.

James v Mariah
Once, in her attempt to find herself a companion, she was tricked by a human named James Reynolds. Reynolds lured her into his home, trapped her through some means I haven’t thought up yet, and forced her to marry him. He treated her poorly, abusing her despite her godliness. The other gods searched for her, but is was Burr who found her one night during his travels over Reynolds’ house. Upon being rescued by Burr, Mariah turned Reynolds into a slug.

Friedrich Von Steuben - God of Fertility and Sexuality

Battle Axe

Von Steuben is kind of like that one uncle of yours that isn’t actually related to you but everyone likes him so it’s cool.
↳ Steuben throws the best god parties
↳ Likes to hang out with Lafayette (and his giant harem/party gang) and Franklin
↳ Drinks fire for fun
↳ Doesn’t like pants

Ben Walker
Ben Walker was a normal human, just minding his own business, when he happened to run into a disguised Steuben at a festival. The two were instantly taken with one another, but when Steuben brought Ben to one of Lafayette’s parties, Ben was disgusted with the decadence and left. Confused, Steuben pursued Ben, who wanted nothing to do with the gods and their lifestyle. Steuben, determined to win Ben over, promised to give up his partying ways for a year. Steuben courted Ben relentlessly, delivering roses each day to the human man. At the end of the allotted time, Ben had fallen so hopelessly for the god, agreed to join Steuben in the godly realm. Granted immortality, Ben stays by Steuben’s side, though he still disapproves of Laf and his harem.

Lafayette - God of Food, Wine, and Travels

Lafayette’s a good guy as long as you don’t touch his wine or threaten his friends.
↳ Has a giant group of humans, nymphs, other creatures and minor gods that follow him around in a constant party
↳ Likes to crash the houses of the richest humans and take their shit
↳ Has lots of good stories, but is a horrible storyteller
↳ Fell in love with lots of gods, never had his feelings returned
↳ Avoids tough situations (runs away from confrontation, usually consists of people asking for his hand in marriage.)

Lafayette’s Followers
Lafayette is always attended by a grab-bag of creatures, humans, and minor gods that follow him around. The group lives in an almost constant state of partying, often drunk or high as well, and sometimes it just becomes an orgy. While with the group, all of Lafayette’s followers are granted temporary immortality, which is only revoked when the person in question leaves. As a result, some of his followers have been around him for centuries.

James Armistead Lafayette
A human that travels with Lafayette, James Armistead was a slave to a wealthy but cruel landowner. When Lafayette’s band of merry drunks crashed the landowner’s house for the night, James Armistead was forced by his owner to entertain the group with stories. Lafayette, quite impressed by the man’s skill, mentioned this to the landowner. James Armistead was then offered as payment to get the God and his followers to leave. Offended that another human would be offered as payment, Lafayette turned the landowner and his wife into the first vultures. As an apology, Lafayette offered James Armistead a place in his party as his Official Storyteller. Grateful, James Armistead accepted and took Lafayette’s name as his own last name.

Lafayette and GWash
Lafayette adores and loves gwash, above any other god. At the beginning of time, Washington gave Lafayette the sword he chose to be his death weapon. During the apocalypse, Lafayette is sent to kill Washington, as everyone assumes Lafayette might be the best candidate to actually pull it off. It doesn’t work, however, and Lafayette (while happy Washington lives) is devastated. He hands Gwash his sword and is killed on the spot.

Mulligan - God of Spies, Tailors and Weavers


Mulligan is an extremely friendly guy for what half of his job is.
↳ Knows how to make just about anything out of yarn, thread and fabric
↳ Hangs out with Martha Washington and sews with her
↳ Doesn’t talk about the other half of his job unless he has to
↳ Has a habit of letting captured spies go free, slipping them away from their captors and back home

Laurens - God of War, Revolution and Righteous Revolt. Half Human // Half God

Laurens is reckless but loyal.
↳ Laurens is a cursed god, forced to ‘die’ everyday, but regenerates pretty quickly.
↳ Really flippant about it.
↳ Does dumb shit because it doesn’t matter if he dies.
↳ Secretly hates it.
↳ When presented with a conflict, Laurens is more likely to take the side of the underdog.
↳ Especially revolutions, it is a rare day when Laurens supports the reigning power.

Laruens’ Birth
Laurens was the last of the gods to be born. Washington and Martha, running out of energy to fully form a god, asked Burr to give them a recently deceased human. Using the empty body, the two parent gods used the rest of their power to give life to Laurens, stuffing his Godly soul inside the human body. As a result, Laurens’ very being and his physical body are constantly at war. Laurens is forced to ‘die’ once a day to keep himself whole, but is reborn with each sunrise over the Godly realm.

(I mean,,, unless you can think of a better reason why Laurens has such a shitty existence.)

Laurens and Hamilton
Really chill best friends. Laurens and Hamilton occasionally use Laurens’ death curse to do dumb shit, like drop him from as high in the sky as possible to earth. One of the only people that can touch Alex due to his lack of need to keep himself physically safe, Laurens has died a lot from hugging his friend. Though the constant cycle of death upsets them both, they joke around with each other to make it bearable.

Peggy - Goddess of Orphans, Homeless, and Other Forgotten People

Peggy will fight you, whenever, wherever, she’s ready to go.
↳ Like her charges, Peggy is often forgotten by humans, or considered a minor goddess ↳ ↳ Nothing makes her more angry than to be dismissed as ‘unimportant.’
↳ When people hurt those she’s tasked with protecting, she goes hardcore in her punishments
↳ Can be found in homeless shelters, orphanages and other such places among her people, trying her best to help
↳ There’s too many under her umbrella, though, and her power is often stretched very thin

Seabury - God of Religion, Faith and Priests

Seabury considers himself better than he is.
↳ Only god to have a shrine or statue in every temple, even those not devoted to him
↳ Protects those who devote their lives to service of the gods, no matter which god they choose
↳ Stickler for ceremony
↳ Hates it when the other gods act childish or otherwise ‘tarnish their reputations.’
↳ Big whiny baby. Actually pretty pacifist comparatively.

Seabury V. Hamilton
While King George III was around and doing his false prophet thing, Hamilton and Seabury had an argument about how much harm King George was doing, if any at all. Hamilton shouted at Seabury, threatened war, and Seabury backed down. Humiliated, Seabury decreed that all church proceedings had to take place either at night, in the shade, or indoors. Hamilton just laughed at him and occasionally pokes his head through church windows to mock him.

Philip - God of Poetry, a branch of Hamilton

Philip will roast his dad, but gods help you if you try to do it.

Hamilton’s son, Philip is one of the many Gods Hamilton spawned to take charge of different writing styles. Looks like Laurens because Hamilton wanted his first son to look like his best friend. When humans invented rap, Philip fell in love with the art form. What I’m saying is he rap battles humans. Constantly.

Philip and Hamilton
Philip adores his father, but the affair affected him deeply. He sided with Eliza, whom he considers his mom, during the fall out. Since then, their relationship has been healed somewhat, partially due to the Eaker Incident. He will drag Hamilton, but gets highly protective when others do it.

Phillip V Eaker
When the news of Hamilton’s affair reached the humans, one young man began to insult Hamilton. Philip took offense to the blasphemous talk, and challenged Eaker to a duel. Though Philip could not die, he agreed he would lose if he took damage that would kill a normal human. Eaker cheated during the duel, however, catching Philip off guard and hitting him in such a way that made Eaker win. Philip, highly upset, turned Eaker into a quill, which Philip uses to write poetry, sometimes about how stupid Eaker was.

Paul Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Prescott and Sybil Ludington - The Four Messenger Gods






Sally Hemmings - The first nymph. Created by Maria in an attempt to make Thomas feel better after Martha J’s death. Upon gaining sentience, she decided to make her own life, and left Thomas behind.

Thomas Paine - Immortal traveler who wanders, telling stories about the Gods

Ben Walker - Immortal Companion to Von Steuben, was once human.

James Armistead Lafayette - Immortal follower of Lafayette, storyteller that travels with Laf’s eternal party.

Martha Jefferson - Pure Human that Thomas fell in love with.
Theodosia - Pure Human that Burr fell in love with. Her body became the stars after her death.
James Reynolds - Human Asshole that trapped Maria and got his shit kicked in.
Eaker - Dumbass Human shit that gets turned into a quill by Philip
King George - False Prophet
Sam Adams - Human who introduced Laf to brewery
Henry Knox - Human warrior that gained Laurens’ favor by leading a tiny army to victory against a larger force.



Eclipses are Basically Hamilton messing w/ burr and Burr being DONE. Solstices are the one day of each year when one of them sleeps in. Equinoxes are the two days they are pals.
Burr is prophesied to do the impossible by killing Hamilton, and thereby bringing about the apocalypse.


SUNFLOWERS. Thomas made Sunflowers for Alex because Alex was sad humans couldn’t look at him.


Hamilton didn’t believe Jefferson existed for a while, tho Burr knew and Hamilton thought Burr was just fucking with him. Burr and Jefferson hang out because shared dead human girls.


Philip and Eaker’s duel is because Eaker was being blasphemous and Philip got offended and ended when Eaker cheated so Philip turned him into a quill.


Each and every god as a weapon/item special to them that must be used to kill them. It is the only object that can hurt/kill a god and each god has a unique item.

little comets (1/?)

okay so this is a tumblr-exclusive ficlet for the kids who came with me when i had to jump ship on my old blog and move to this one. 

like in 12″ by 8″, Kara and Lena have been canon through s1 in this story. i’m sure this prompt has been done a thousand times, but i promised fluff, and i’ve always wanted to do plotless fluff on this prompt lmao.

it’s mostly just little snippets.

The night is alive around them, neon lights flickering in city windows and creating the illusion that they are surrounded by quiet fireflies. 
Kara stares at the pod, J’onn’s hand on her shoulder, the cold air hovering like a lookout, watching over them. There is a moment – an infinite moment that is somehow also far too short – where anything could be in the pod, anyone.
Her mother.
Her father.
Her best friend from school when she was young. 
A complete and total stranger who shares her culture and history, and has come to lessen the ever-aching weight on her spine.
She wants to stay frozen in that world of possibility forever, where nothing ever must be real or unreal ever again. 
But she can’t, so she uses her super-speed to rip off the band-aid, and tears the pod open in a fraction of a second. The faster the less painful. 
She looks down, bracing herself the renewed loss of all the people it turns out not to be. 

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Shadowhunters Nine-Nine inspired by the Brooklyn Nine-Nine opening


idk if this has been done before but may i introduce: tfc asks!!!!!!!!

aaron: who do you dislike the most and why?
abby: what’s one of the kindest things you’ve ever done?
allison: what’s one of your biggest passions?
andrew: what’s one of your darkest secrets?
bee: do people generally trust you?
dan: do you see yourself as a good person?
erik: what languages do you speak and/or want to speak?
ichirou: do you like people relying on you?
jean: how do you feel about your past?
jeremy: who is someone you’ve helped?
kaleigh: what do you want your legacy to be?
katelyn: who do you love most and why?
kevin: what are you best at?
matt: what’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?
nathan: do you love your family?
neil: what’s your relationship like with your parents?
nicky: what are you proudest about (about yourself)?
renee: who has had one of the biggest impacts on your life?
riko: what’s one of your faults?
roland: how loyal are you to your friends?
seth: are you a hateful person?
stewart: what’s your family like?
tetsuji: how important is power to you?
wymack: what do you have a strong calling for?

smol--mika  asked:

Hii Mama! I was wondering, how would the 104th cadets & the vets act if Levi had a younger sister( idk if this has been asked before but I'm asking anyway)? Also, how are you?

I’m currently procrastinating work to get some asks done lol

Most of the cadets and vets wouldn’t even really care for Levi having a younger sister, because hey, family, right? Though they’d be very curious if she was as strong as him, and especially after the current events in the manga she’d be pretty important and the squad would do anything to keep the little one safe! 

anonymous asked:

I honestly feel so bad for Henrik right now. It must have been so exciting to sign with an agency and then for them to show their true colors as homophobic asshats must be really disappointing. They are already dragging his name through the mud before he has even done anything with them. It makes me so mad!

i would put my hand in the fire for him idk why i just said that but i just thought you should know kjdghjksdfghjksfdh but ehhh ja they should have just left it with “we’ve already got several offers on the table for henrik, so it’s only for us to push the start button” and go

Memes & scones

For @carryon-countdown 21 December. (Once again I didn’t have time to write a fic. Also, sorry if this has been done)

- We all know that Simon *loves* sour cherry scones

- But sour cherry scones aren’t really a common thing? Well I’ve never encountered them before but idk maybe they are in England. Anyway, outside Watford, the scones just aren’t up to standard

- Baz knows how much Simon misses the scones so one day he decides to bake some, when Simon is out (in class probably)

- Simon is ECSTATIC and the scones are delicious

- Simon isn’t surprised that Baz was able to make them because Baz is good at e v e r y t h i n g

- But maybe he should be because Baz has obviously never had to prepare his own food in his life and I don’t think he’d be good at cooking. But for once Simon isn’t suspicious because he just wants the scones

- Sour cherry scones seem to be the only thing Baz can actually make, which he does frequently, to Simon’s great delight. Simon often comes home from a stressful day to the smell of baking and it just makes him so happy

- Baz never makes the scones when Simon is actually there

- Then one day maybe Simon comes home unexpectedly

- There’s a really bad smell which he soon realises is sour cherry scones gone horribly wrong

- But then when he goes to the kitchen he finds Baz standing over the batch of scones, wrinkling his nose from the awful smell

- He’s holding his wand

- He says: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

- And suddenly the awful smell is replaced once again by the delicious smell of Watford sour cherry scones

- Turns out Baz has just been cheating the whole time

- Simon doesn’t really care (I mean scones are scones really)