idk if this has been done before but anyway


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I sleep with women, but I’m emotionally involved with Mac.


Let me hop aboard this meme

Lysandre: I did this one first cause i was really bored, then i did the others, thank the Christ for my friend that thought of the pun.

Maxie: This has already been done before, but i liked it sO-

Archie: I think this has already been done before??? Idk, i did it anyways.

Ghetsis: dURING A TAKEOVER ON QUOTEV SOMETHING HAPPENED, IT IS SORT OF MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD SO I MADE IT INTO A CARD (Yes i am well-aware that i spelt totally wrong, but could you blame me i made these 3 in the morning.)


Giovanni: I don’t even know okayokay

Guzma: My friend loves him so why not

Memes & scones

For @carryon-countdown 21 December. (Once again I didn’t have time to write a fic. Also, sorry if this has been done)

- We all know that Simon *loves* sour cherry scones

- But sour cherry scones aren’t really a common thing? Well I’ve never encountered them before but idk maybe they are in England. Anyway, outside Watford, the scones just aren’t up to standard

- Baz knows how much Simon misses the scones so one day he decides to bake some, when Simon is out (in class probably)

- Simon is ECSTATIC and the scones are delicious

- Simon isn’t surprised that Baz was able to make them because Baz is good at e v e r y t h i n g

- But maybe he should be because Baz has obviously never had to prepare his own food in his life and I don’t think he’d be good at cooking. But for once Simon isn’t suspicious because he just wants the scones

- Sour cherry scones seem to be the only thing Baz can actually make, which he does frequently, to Simon’s great delight. Simon often comes home from a stressful day to the smell of baking and it just makes him so happy

- Baz never makes the scones when Simon is actually there

- Then one day maybe Simon comes home unexpectedly

- There’s a really bad smell which he soon realises is sour cherry scones gone horribly wrong

- But then when he goes to the kitchen he finds Baz standing over the batch of scones, wrinkling his nose from the awful smell

- He’s holding his wand

- He says: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

- And suddenly the awful smell is replaced once again by the delicious smell of Watford sour cherry scones

- Turns out Baz has just been cheating the whole time

- Simon doesn’t really care (I mean scones are scones really)

Mate - Teen Wolf (Scott McCall)

princecharmingofficial said:

idk if this has been done before but imagine that you’re an omega and you end up in beacon hills and fall in love with Scott (who wants you to join his pack)but the rest of the pack doesn’t want you to join. (This was so hard holy cow if its too dumb you don’t have to do it)

This was actually a lot harder to write than you might seem, but I liked it anyway^^


It hadn’t happened slow and passionate as you thought it would with you. It came with a massive impact like a rocket from the sky and you were stuck. Stuck on the boy who had stolen your heart with only one single glance. Scott McCall. 

At first you had thought he would only turn his back on you, you being an omega of all things, but as you came to learn after ending up in Beacon Hills, Scott was a true alpha and he never turned his back on anyone. 

Scott wanted you to stay, despite the story that you carried with you. One that would catch up with you one day. For Scott it didn’t matter, he said you could take things as they came, but his pack wasn’t agreeing. They saw the threat that you were, in contrast from Scott who were blinded by love. 

You were now sitting outside Derek’s loft, waiting for the pack to decide if you could stay with them or not. They knew you could hear every word they said of course, but it was more a formality. 

«Don’t you see the threat she poses, Scott?» It came from Stiles, who had been opposing since Scott came with the idea. 

You know Stiles didn’t mean any harm by it, he just wanted to protect his friends, you got that, he had said it himself that he liked you as a person. Even so it hurt to hear him say it. 

«We don’t know how strong those who are after her is, Scott.» Derek said, agreeing with Stiles. 

You had only talked slightly with Derek, not seeing how the others could call him a «sour wolf» -Stiles words not yours-. Liam and Lydia had been very quiet during the whole meeting, still going through the options in their heads, you supposed. It felt like Liam was on your side at least, letting his pity before the urge to protect the pack. 

«We can’t just let her run again. She is here now, and we have a chance to help her. To protect her.» Scott tried to convince his pack. «Please guys, I know it’s much to ask of you all, but I feel something with her I have never felt before. It’s like we’re connected in a way.» Scott’s words warmed your heart, never before had someone defended you like that. 

«We can’t take the chance Scott, she gotta go.» Stiles said, trying to be strict with his best friend. 

There was a moment of silence before Scott spoke up. 

«Then I’m going as well.» He sounded determined, and your heart did a double turn at the words. 

«What?!» You heard Stiles stand up from where he had been sitting. 

«Scott? Would you really do that for her? Is the connection that strong?» Deaton said, curiosity in his voice. You had no idea why Deaton was there, but Scott had wanted his opinion either way, maybe because the vet knew more about this world you all lived in than himself. 

«Yeah, I would.» Scott said, his voice calm and sure. 

«Then you guys have no other choice than to let her stay, if you don’t want to lose your alpha. When a mate bond is made, it can never be broken, and I am afraid it is far too late for that.» That was Deaton’s last words at the meeting, and the last thing that was said before they all voted, and decided that you could join their pack. 

do you ever get an idea that just makes you cry with laughter and then you do it and you worry that it isn’t as funny as you thought it would be

anyway yeah my brain mixed up @dauphindekalos with dolphindekalos and I just… had to

idk has this joke been done before i don’t care

Have we talked about ET!werewolf!Derek Hale as Superman? I’m sure it’s been done and ficced already, but I’m so stuck on it. I mean, aconite = kryptonite, yes? Just think…

Wee baby Derek, shipped off from his home planet (…Acon? No. Acona? Aconia? Idk how to make aconite into a decent name for a planet) before it’s destruction. Of course it was intergalactic hunters, who else would be so hell bent on the annihilation of an alien, werewolf-like species?

Anyway. Wee baby Derek. Crash landing just outside of small town Beacon Hills. Found by Talia Hale and her husband, raised like one of their own alongside their small horde of children. Laura, Cora, some goofy younger twins, the works. He grows up loved. Maybe he gets a little cocky about his power, has some arguments with his parents about keeping it secret/staying in control, and ends up witnessing the accidental death of his first girlfriend, Paige. Nobody blames him, but he’s sure he could’ve saved her if he was better. Stronger. More in control. He worries that the wolf-like part of him, the obviously alien part, with the claws and teeth and blazing red eyes, might actually be dangerous.

So Derek withdraws. He trains himself. In addition to all of his schooling, he works hard to make himself safe. Controlled. Gentle. Nothing more than a regular human. After university he moves to Beacon City to work as a photographer for the Beacon Press, still close enough to visit his family but removed from the small town and painful memories.

He starts up as Superman after he’s Seen Some Shit in the city, on and off the job. He’s tired of photographing crime scenes all the time, and he’s done feeling like he could’ve helped, just like with Paige. He’s still careful as Superman, though. No claws, no fangs, no wolf. Nothing that would really scare the people he wants to protect, and it seems to work after a while. The city accepts Superman (mostly), he can stick with his job as just Derek, and he feels better than he has in a long time.

Of course it can’t be that simple, because that’s just about when Stiles happens. Former resident of Beacon Hills Stiles, son of the current sheriff. Beacon City College student Stiles, just finishing his degree in criminal justice. Prone to getting into trouble Stiles, who can’t and won’t stop sleuthing.

Why does Derek know all this? Because he’s usually the one coming to Stiles’ rescue, that’s why. He’d be more bothered by it if he didn’t enjoy the company so much. He doesn’t realize how much time he’s spending with Stiles as Superman until things go quiet for a few days, and then he hears through work that Stiles has been kidnapped. People are speculating about Stiles’ father being the reason, but Derek has a sick feeling that it’s his fault.

He doesn’t waste any time tracking Stiles to the old warehouse district, bound and gagged in some dusty back room. Of course he has to go through the kidnappers first, but they scatter quickly when they see the fangs and flashing red eyes coming their way. Derek doesn’t have the time for patience or control, not this time. Stiles is understandably startled when Derek removes his blindfold, and although it hurts, Derek thinks it might be best if Stiles is afraid. He’ll be safer if he stays away.

But after a moment’s pause, Stiles reaches up to brush back the hair that had fallen into Derek’s face.

“I have about a million questions dude, but first things first; where did your eyebrows go?”

anyways, as much as i will always love riley matthews, people have to realize that she isnt being a good friend and hasn’t been in the recent episodes. but before i go on, remember that this doesn’t mean ultimately because she has done amazing things for maya. she lets her sleep over, she has breakfast with her, she has been the positivity maya’s needed for years where maya has felt alone and scared; for maya, riley has been the grip on childhood and innocence she needed & was scared of losing. riley “stepped back” for maya the second she realized she had feelings for lucas; she silenced herself to let her friend be happy. but when people say that riley isn’t being a good friend - it goes past the triangle. riley knows maya’s home situation - she knows that her mom works to the point where she may not be home, she knows that her father left her, that she has abandonment issues, and that she finds herself completely and utterly hopeless at the age of 14. riley has known maya and maya’s life and maya’s fears since they were children; so how is it justifiable that riley can laugh about maya’s horrible life and tell her that she can never be happy? it isn’t and it never will be okay; because even though maya sucks it up, what she says is demeaning, trivializing, and rude. it can’t be excused with naïveté because what she is saying hurts maya & lets maya believe that those negative thoughts and “jokes” are true; that her home and her life are just meant for comedic relief. riley matthews, who in episode one wanted to help maya with homework and learned that she doesn’t have anyone to help her, is the same person who, in season 3, felt jealously and confusion as to how maya could ever be doing well in school. riley matthews, who can also be known as morotia, jexica, harijuku girl, and told maya that she wanted to be “just like her”, is the same girl that told maya that because she dresses nicely, gets good grades, and likes someone who will treat her well, that she has completely lost herself. as much as you want to play the naive card, that’s exactly what will destroy their relationship if riley doesn’t find redemption for the way she’s treated maya. because in the end, no matter how many desks she dances on or printers she steals, she has always undoubtedly been there for riley even when no one else has; she has always believed in riley & riley should learn to do the same.