idk if this has been done before

Can we just...

appreciate the fact that Victor notices all these little endearing things about Yuuri?

And how he watches over him with so much love in his eyes?

Oh and it’s not just Victor

Just look at this lil sinnamon roll when Victor says that they don’t celebrate before the actual birthday and they don’t really celebrate Christmas either

like he was so hopeful when he asked Victor?

and he got is hopes all squashed  

So he decides to make it a “Thank you gift” instead

these two  <3

What the characters want for christmas

Phichit: More photos and insides of Victuuri scenes
Yuuri: Katsudon
Victor: Yuuri
Yurio: A friend and leopard-patterned everything
Otabek: Yurio
Chris: For his mate to come later
JJ: Doesn’t need any because he is the gift