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poor jun

What are your top 5 "make my heart flutter" KaDi moments? 😄 -@apersistentillusion

Thanks for asking! This is gonna be hard to choose and I hope I don’t forget any of my favorite kaisoo/kadi moments. So here we go (in no particular order):

1. Jagi

Of course I had to include the most iconic and in ur face kaisoo moment. Theres no need for me to explain this one cause u guys already know. And apparently suho knows too judging by that look on his face lololol

2. Kolon Sports

This has always been one of my favorite moments because of how obviously they are flirting. Like idk about yall but I dont stare at my friends passionately and scoot closer in a flirtatious way when conversing with my friends… but thats just me. Body language says a lot

3. Eskimo Kiss

Again, idk about u guys but I dont boop noses with just anybody. This is so adorable and everytime I see this gif all of my doubts fly away


THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE. I have no words but kaisoo is real


Another iconic moment because multiple media outlets posted hd photos of this moments and I was shook when they were first released. Im a hoe for cute hugs which we dont see often from kaisoo so this was great

6. Comeback showcase

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I know you asked for 5 moments but I had to include this one. I remember being up at like 4 am watching this showcase live and seeing the kaisoo moment and sitting in disbelief. It was so cute and ksoo initiated the hand grab thing 

Thank you so much for sending the ask and I hope you like the moments I included!