idk if this had already been made

btw just in case anyone needs a refresher on the whole prophecy thing:

the voidfish showed us the planes of existence being consumed by a darkness (the hunger/oily wave), and then 7 white lights emerged from the darkness, which the darkness followed, and this cycle repeated a few times

so basically, the red robes have been trying to stop the hunger this whole time, and have gone through multiple universes in the process? each time managing to escape on the silver ships (probably the white lights), potentially with some survivors - like the voidfish, who had a flashback to being on a ship

now i’m just left wondering about the grand relics, and why they were made; considering magnus was already part of the red robe gang when he made the chalice, it’s possible they were made as part of the efforts to stop the hunger? idk!


ok this has a lot of backstory to it (not IN the story backstory just my own backstory) basically when i made that post about neptune singing i already had this song lined up for da monos to make art of but then i forgot then the designs for this au showed up then i remembered and i thought someone might like it so i said dont forget 2 draw the thing then i foRGOT

also ive been listening to this person’s cover of this song since 2011 (the one i linked is a reupload where they redid it, but still same lyrics same song but i like how its sang more than the original so,,) and i wanted to draw a thing for it since forever and now i did so im glad

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MC is a 15 year old assassin with no memories of his past before the organization took him in (beat him, erased his memories, made him kill people for a living, not a very nice organization). He's assigned to gather information on a target by going undercover and then kill said target. He finds something that makes him unable to carry out his mission. idk what though. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Like a way they could have been linked in the past or something? maybe a prompt idk

This sounds like a really interesting story! 

1. MC finds his birth certificate, and realizes that said target is one of his parents. (Maybe he was snooping because he already didn’t trust the organization?)

2. MC overhears his handler, (or other member of the organization,) talking about how he’s related to them.

3. MC finds a picture of himself with the target. (If he was old enough to be recognizable when the organization took him.)

4. The target was MC’s best friend before, and they prove it when MC goes after them, telling him things like what his favorite color is, and his favorite pizza topping. Things that the organization’s erasure wouldn’t change.

5. MC finds a medical file in their house with things specific to him. (Rare blood type, specific disease such as diabetes, etc.)

I hope this helps! :)

              WOW !! okay, shit. i started this blog on a whim after only seeing the movie once, and tbh i really didn’t expect it to get anywhere. there were already a ton of really good blogs for moa, and i was one of the last to join. but tell you what, this has been one of the most fun rp experiences i’ve had in a long time. in just under two weeks, i’ve made a ton of friends, plotted new great ideas, and just really had the time of my life. i’m so grateful to all of you, so here’s me saying thanks & happy holidays !!

          MAKE WAY !!     those of you who i am lucky to call my friends. i love writing with & talking to each one of you.

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Idk I think it just says a lot that the Laurens Interlude is right before non-stop. Ham’s been surrounded by death his entire life, his mom, his cousin, his town– and then he was in a war, but his friends survived. The war was over, and they made it through. He thinks he’s finally in the clear, and then he gets a letter saying Laurens died after the war had already ended. It’s just another crushing example of how we never know when our time is up, especially since Laurens’s dream “died with him.” And it shakes Hamilton up enough that he doesn’t stop to grieve for his best friend and (possibly) lover. Then, the next song is all about how he writes like he’s “running out of time” and I can’t help but think that maybe those two things are connected. Maybe he writes like he’s running out of time because John Laurens’ death, once again, reminded him that you can die whenever.

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Could you maybe do a Scorpion imagine where Y/N is the youngest and the other members are very protective over her(kinda like when Happy gets kidnapped by that kid in 2x02) but she doesn't come back? Maybe idk your writing is awesome though

A/N: Aw, thank you, that’s far too kind of you to say

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My Love Follows You Everywhere.

A/N: Idk. Um…Yeah. Lol. Oh Gifs aren’t mine found them on google! But basically this is about Y/N leaving Dean 8 months ago because she didn’t want to tie him down and ruin things so she packs up and leaves. But once you love someone…well…. 

Words: 2180

Warnings: Swearing. Gory (ish?), Angst, Fluff, also some harsh things are said to Y/N (hatred)

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Summary: Shiro had actually enjoyed having his his right arm because that bore the one goddamn thing that connected him to the rest of the people on Earth. And now it’s gone, and so is his own humanity.  Soulmate!AU

notes: i missed posting this on day 1 of shallura week bc i had so much shit to do, but enjoy this short thing! it’s very pre-shallura and also hella hance, ft. trans girl/she pronouns for pidge…i might continue this in the future but idk


Shiro’s been through a lot of utter shit since his expedition crew got captured–he’s been imprisoned, he’s been studied, he’s been forced to fight–but this is beyond anything he thought the Galra capable of. He’s not sure why he assigned such strict morals to a villainous species that already made it oh so clear that they didn’t fucking care, but he did and now he’s paying for his naivety.

The torture is new. He suspects it’s because he’s started forfeiting battles–he won’t kill for anyone, not even to save his own skin and especially not for Zarkon, so they took his fucking arm away. Hammurabi’s code and all that; an eye for an eye, an arm for human weakness.

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I had a pretty bad week tbh like school is just killing me but seeing my boyfriend today made me so happy I’m so glad he started school with me. he just makes me so happy!! we didn’t even do anything we like drove around and went to target and got dinner but it still made me happy I love spending time with him and joking around with him it’s only been a few hours and I miss him already

I’m gonna be honest… and like obviously I never made a post because I didn’t want them to know but when Kate started drifting from me- and I suppose they were drifting from a lot of people at that time- they stopped reblogging my art and it kind of saddened me a lil. I noticed right away when it began because whenever I’d post anything they never failed to reblog it before. It was something I really missed, that little bit of support, and I had been missing them already. We’d still snap sometimes though and send each other our drawings. But those reblogs had really meant a lot to me. And I really miss seeing their art nowadays and the live streams that had become rarer and rarer.

In My Time of Dying

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Pairing: Deanxreader
Word count: 1,185
Warnings: Angst, character death, swearing
Author: Brittiny
Request: @jeffrcy. Could I request a fic where the reader sells her soul to the yellow eyed demon, instead of John, (to save Dean). And when John goes to sell his soul, the demon says something like “I can’t take your offer. The deal has already been made.” All ominous like? The conditions are the same, (she gets however long to live). idk that’s the only way I can explain it lol sorry if it’s crazy 

Groaning, you blinked your eyes against the bright light. “Hey, there’s our girl.” You heard John’s voice. “You’ve had us worried.” The smile was evident in his voice.

“What happened?” You asked, your voice raspy.

“Car accident. You got pretty banged up, but you’ll be fine.” He told you.

Looking around, you only saw Sam. “Where’s Dean?” You asked, panicked. The two Winchester men looked at each other. “Where the hell is Dean?” You yelled, terrified that you’d lost him. You and Dean grew up in the life together. You were only a year younger than him, so you were extremely close. Even when you would go months without seeing him, it didn’t matter. When you hit sixteen, the two of you had decided to try your hand at a relationship. It was hard, with distance, but as soon as you hit eighteen, there he was. You ran into his arms and kissed him. Now, you traveled with the Winchesters. That seemed like forever ago. Tears formed in your eyes. You needed him!

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Someone shared that awful sunfish rant on a FB group as a funny thing to cheer people up, and I didn’t really say anything because she’s a pretty established member of the group and I’m kinda new and she was just trying to make people laugh, and two others posted pro-sunfish posts that made me feel better but people had already laughed at how ‘useless’ this fish is so now I don’t feel safe with those people, and idk if I should approach this at all and I’m trying to be positive so I’m wallowing in feelings of uselessness instead.

Like if the sunfish is so funny because it’s useless, how can I trust them to show compassion for people who aren’t 'useful’? It’s literally been used to justify the death of disabled people and I’m just, if I’m not serving a purpose, like…. I’m not essential. To any group or anyone, save maybe my dogs and my parents.

So why should I even show up? Why should I exist?

'That’s different, we didn’t mean that, it’s just a silly joke’ you just laughed about how useless a fish is.

Nothing deserves that.


Except maybe demons. Pls go burn.


Imagine a late night study session with schoolmate!Hoseok

•His eyes would be drooping down and turning a light red color poor baby

•He’d probably get annoyed really easily because who the hell should be studying at three am

•"Babe can you get me another coffee?“

•"You’ve already had four…”

•His head would just kinda lean into your shoulder and he’d let out a big sigh

•"Two plus two is five…right…“

•"Idk probably.”

•Messed up hair

•Too many Trolli Sour GummyWorms

•Around fifty crumpled up papers that never made it to the trash

•A sloppy, half asleep, sweaty make out session

•"Fucking hell we’ve been doing the wrong subject the whole time"

•"No we’re not that’s just another thing we have to add on"

•Husky moans from Hoseok

•Eventually falling asleep at five am and getting up for class at eight am

He Wanted Simon Snow

Word Count: 1760 (idk what this is considered)

Warnings: swearing?, severely sad baz so beware, severely in love baz

Summary: thats not how he expected to feel when he got the news

(it’s kind of sad, and sorry if it sucks. i started thinking and this is what happened)


The minute Baz realized he was in love with Simon Snow, he was being told Simon was dead.

“Hey, Baz, guess what?” He started, a shit eating grin spread across his face. Baz had already been stressed about school, but Simon’s sudden absence had made it worse (it always did, even when he didn’t know why)

“What Niall, can’t you seen I’m busy?” Baz snapped, throwing himself into his Latin work. He was really trying not to think of what Snow was getting up to. Maybe he was just in Wales. He had heard him and Bunce talking about something in Wales, maybe the Mage had sent them that way. Maybe he thought they needed a break and were getting a vacation. The Humdrum hadn’t attacked in a while.

He stopped thinking suddenly, wondering why it was so important to him. Crowley, he had the room all to himself, he didn’t have to endure the glares and whispers and constant suspicions. Snow was always worried he was plotting, always keeping some type of tab on him. He’d had Bunce cast a tracking spell on him last year.

“You’ll never guess.” Niall flipped Baz’s Latin book closed, just grinning as he received a withering glare. “But you’re going to be so happy, you won’t even be able to breathe.”

“Merlin, Niall, just spit it out.” Baz hissed, rolling his eyes, trying to remember the page he was on.

“Simon Snow is dead.” Niall nearly shouted, barely keeping himself grounded.

Baz’s heart shuttered, nearly stopping dead in his chest.

“Can you believe it?” The table shifted as Niall stood up, pacing around and to the other side. Baz was speechless, his mouth hanging open like a fucking numptie. “I know!” Niall shouted, spearing a finger up in the air, like he was discovering something. “I feel like we should celebrate.” He leaned forward, eyes wide.

It felt like the air was running out of the room, Baz kept working to pull something in but he couldn’t. He thought his heart had stopped, but realized it didn’t when it started to hammer against his ribs so hard, he was worried it would break them.

Niall was waiting for a reaction but Baz had shut down. Something tickled his throat and surely those weren’t actually tears…

Surely not, he hadn’t cried since he was a little boy. But as he thought it, his chest started to ache. And all of a sudden, he was worried he was having a heart attack.

Can vampires have heart attacks?

His body moved into action before he could think. The table jerked as he stood, a tray of sour cherry scones sliding and crashing to the floor. Niall stood back.

“Fuck…” Baz gasped. “I have to…I have to–just, I have to…” Merlin, he couldn’t breathe, and his chest hurt so bad. Like someone had pulled everything out. He had to get out of here, everything was spinning, so fast he wondered if he was dying too. Maybe Simon’s magic was keeping everything going. Maybe the Humdrum was finally ending the world. It felt like the world was ending, ending so fast, like everything was crumbling all around.

But Niall looked fine, he looked better than fine, he looked excited.

He couldn’t understand why; why was he feeling like his entire world was ending. He swept a hand across the table, dragging all his papers into his bag. Everything was blurring, like a mural of watercolors all around him.

“Baz?” Niall asked, leaning away, looking like he was worried more that he would puke on him. Baz was worried he was going to. “What’s wrong?” He didn’t step forward and Baz found himself wanting him to. To do anything, place a hand on his shoulder, tell him it was ok, tell him that the world wasn’t ending.

He wanted his mother.

He wanted Snow.

Merlin, he wanted Snow. He wanted Simon to appear in front of him and tell him that he was okay. He wanted to hear him accuse him of plotting. He wanted to hear his footsteps behind him in the Catacombs, trying to be quiet and not knowing how to.

He would have been so happy–so fucking happy–just to hear him say that he hated him, didn’t trust him. He would have done anything.

“I have to-just, I need to–I’m just not feeling well.” He choked out, the world still spinning. “I’ll–I need…” But he was already reaching for the door and had found the handle, thank Merlin. He stumbled back to Mummers House.

Simon Snow is dead.

Simon Snow is dead.

He couldn’t breathe, not even on the Great Lawn, not even when he opened the door to Mummers House and smelled the rooms and the hallways. This was more home than anything ever was to him back in Hampshire.

‘Simon is home’ he realized as he smashed through their door, into the tiny dorm they shared. A shirt was still swung over the back of Simon’s desk chair, a Watford button up. He dropped his bag and clutched for it.

Bronze hair, like an Olympian. Like a God.

He remembered the Crucible ceremony suddenly. The yank in his chest, pulling him towards the middle of the group and there he was, parting the crowd of first years and walking towards him. A short, bony boy wearing ragged jeans and shirt, just a bundle of hair and blue eyes. Those blue, blue eyes.

He couldn’t breathe even then. Fiona had told him to hate Simon Snow, but those eyes were making it so hard.

“I’m Simon,” He said, grimacing and Baz wondered if the pull felt the same to him, like someone was tying a knot with his stomach. His hand was out, all freckled and small. He looked like a bird but felt like a dragon. He crackled through the air and Baz had never felt any type of magic like that. Like a fire, like smoke, just so suffocating.

Baz wanted to breathe him in.

Tears were running down his cheeks, so shocking in itself, he couldn’t find it in him to stifle the sob. No one would hear, so he didn’t bother trying to swallow the next one. It all rushed out of him and he fell like a child onto Simon’s bed.

He only cried like this after nightmares about his mother. He wondered if this was how Simon felt like when he went off, like he was a crater. Like he was the mark after something happened. He felt like he was a smoking hole, or like he had a bunch of smoking holes through his entire body.

He wanted Simon Snow.

God, he loved him so much.

He felt like Simon had finally set him on fire, like he finally breathed him in, like he was just a pile of ashes.


He stayed in Simon’s bed for five days.

His teachers excused him because he was excelling in all his work and because when Niall came around to ask why he wasn’t in class, he told him he was ill. He felt like the corpse he always believed himself to be. Like he was trapped in a body getting ready to be buried.

Niall brought him food and he shoved it away. He wasn’t sure what he wanted now that he couldn’t have Snow, but he was sure it wasn’t food. He didn’t hunt, didn’t sleep, but never felt quite awake.

The pillow still smelled like him, and he wasn’t sure if it was a blessing or made it worse. It smelled like smoke, like the electricity of magic. Like a meltdown or a house fire, or complete destruction.

On the third day, Niall came to the room (to bring food that he wouldn’t eat, Baz figured) but came with the nurse instead. She asked him to sit up and he ignored her, asked him to eat and he ignored her, asked him to talk and he ignored her, so she stuck a thermometer in his mouth and waited.

“No fever.” She concluded and told Niall to keep bringing him food. “You should be back to class in a few days. Your teachers will fail you if you don’t.” And she closed the door, Niall trailing out after her.

He tried not to think, but he couldn’t control the dreams he had when he slept. Dreams of hair caught in sunlight and smiles. Simon’s laughter across from Bunce. He’d dream of his blue eyes and he’d wake up crying again and keep crying until he couldn’t anymore.

Simon Snow, I love you…

I still love you, God I still love you…

Am I ever not going to feel this way?

On the fifth day, he stopped feeling that way. The door opened to the dorm and Baz wondered if it was going to be the Mage. Or Niall again with his daily meal. But it felt too early for that.

“Baz?” It asked. “What are you doing in my bed?” ‘Have I gone so insane I’m hallucinating?’ but he pulls himself up and Simon Snow was standing at the end of his own bed, staring at Baz like he’s never seen anything so bizarre.

Baz’s heart jump-starts.

“Snow?” He’s pulling the blankets off of his legs and he stands. He’s covered in blood and bruises and cuts. There’s a slice on his forehead, a trickle of dried blood stuck to his eyebrows. He looks like hell. “You look like hell.” Baz can barely choke out. He’s shaking with anger.

He’s so angry, angrier than he has ever been. Angry at Snow, angry at himself, angry at the world. But his his heart trembles as Simon steps forward and fixes the blankets on his bed. He wants to check every inch of his body to make sure he’s okay. He wants to breathe him in, even if it means he’ll turn to a pile of ashes all over again.

“You’re one to be talking. Tough night?” Simon’s walking back to his wardrobe and pulling Watford pajamas out. “Probably out celebrating my death, huh?” Baz feels like his tongue has turned to sandpaper. He wants to reach out and shake Snow, swearing and angry and growling, like Snow has always growled at him. ‘How could you do that to me? I thought you were dead, I missed you so much.’ but he stays silent, trying to hide how hard he’s shaking.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m alive.” And Baz has never been happier to hear anything in his entire life.

(edit: i wrote a second part, so if you read to this point and would like to read it, heres the link: )

I still think Rey/Kylo is a lot like Zutara.

Expanding on the other post i made the other day.

Rey and Katara are both from a small village, they’ve both got blue color themes going on, strong moral sense, no formal training until later, on the good guy squad, mainly handling the world exploring/saving story, clever and resourceful.

Kylo Ren and Zuko, both from rich powerful families, raised in the magic of the universe, both struggle between the dark and light, they both betrayed their wise/powerful mentor who also helps the good guys, dumb helmets, vacillate between brooding and temper flares, daddy issues and a Motherfucking face scar.

Zuko and Kylo both did the kidnapping and mind games thing, not to the same extent lol. They’re both foils and have really interesting fight scenes. 

July Ninth

That July 9th
The beat of your heart
It jumps through your shirt
I can still feel your arms

okay but this isn’t a fic that’s anything like the song Last Kiss, okay? I just… idk… that line reminded me of this… whatever…

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Same Old World; Monster Reunion

just happened to be rewatching same old world and then the flash thing* and i was like hey that sure does seem familiar and so. looks like these happened at the same time maybe? lapis had already been a mirror awhile when centipeedle got caught in it though, which by my guess, is what kept her from also getting corrupted. (granted, had she not been caught by bismuth (probably bismuth?) she’d’ve likely made it safely back to homeworld too, so idk.) all assuming these are in fact the same flash and didn’t occur at different times, which is also possible, since they’re obviously in very different locations. multiple flashes could’ve been done around the globe

*my sister’s calling the flash of light** the diamond corruption, which was probably supposed to stop the crystal gems (sacrificing any of their own that got left behind, as we see), which then ofc i wanna know how they escaped that. unless those “few close friends” rose managed to save was during this/these? (if it was multiple, i wonder if rose kept losing more each time)

**there was a great big flash, everything just changed