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Unlike the others (III)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Synopsis: University AU babes. Tom is the most well-known fuckboy within the freshers (or freshman if you’re American) of your University. He is used to getting his own way with every girl but then he meets you. Whilst you hang out with the popular girls, you are unlike the others and Tom learns that he can’t always get his own way.

Part one- Part two- Part threePart four

Words: 2.4k

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex

A/N: Here is part three! Kind of a slow burner and lowkey angsty towards the end (maybe idk). I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and support that you guys have given me! I’m almost at 200 followers already which is so crazy as I only made my account in August (I think). Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it :) xx

PS: My tag list and requests are both open x 

Over the past week, Tom and (Y/N) had been spending almost every moment with each other. After Saturday’s study session, they were much more comfortable in each other’s presence. The pair found themselves in each other’s company more than once a day. Whilst (Y/N) did force Tom to study with her to prepare for Friday’s exam, Tom managed to use his charm to convince her to go out to coffee shops and even got her out to the cinema on Wednesday night. Tom couldn’t help but want to be with her. Something about (Y/N) enticed him. Maybe it was the way her nose scrunched up when she let out her magical laugh. Maybe it was the way she bit her lip when she was trying to figure out an answer to a question they had to study. Or maybe he just couldn’t get enough of the smile she gave him whenever she saw him. Tom had no idea why he felt better in her presence. Possibly because she was the only one, other than perhaps Harrison, who understood him for who he really was.

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btw just in case anyone needs a refresher on the whole prophecy thing:

the voidfish showed us the planes of existence being consumed by a darkness (the hunger/oily wave), and then 7 white lights emerged from the darkness, which the darkness followed, and this cycle repeated a few times

so basically, the red robes have been trying to stop the hunger this whole time, and have gone through multiple universes in the process? each time managing to escape on the silver ships (probably the white lights), potentially with some survivors - like the voidfish, who had a flashback to being on a ship

now i’m just left wondering about the grand relics, and why they were made; considering magnus was already part of the red robe gang when he made the chalice, it’s possible they were made as part of the efforts to stop the hunger? idk!


Ground control to Captain Andor, AKA the Rebelcaptain Astronaut AU no one ever asked me to make

The year is 2032. It’s the end of construction to extend the International Space Station with a top-of-the-line rotating habitat, bringing the old station into the new age of space travel. Captain Cassian Andor has been on a solo mission to the ISS to install the Key To Station Operations, an AI more commonly known as K-2SO, whose job it is to manage the newly expanded station, as well as assist the crew when necessary, enabling the entire station to be run by only one crew-member at a time. 

To put the new features to the test, Cassian is to leave the station in the hands of Jyn Erso, a British astronaut send in from the ESA. She arrives two days before Cassian’s planned departure to earth, and the widely different pair take an immediate dislike to each other.

Unfortunately for them both (or perhaps fortunately), due to a critical error in K’s programming, he accidentally ejects Cassian’s return pod five hours too soon. The capsule is sent floating off into space unmanned, and Cassian is stuck on the ISS with Jyn. His only option is to wait out Jyn’s two-month mission and take the planned descend back down with her. Suddenly, they need to somehow find a way to get along for a total of 64 days.

There’s room enough on the station for them to avoid each other most of the time, but for some reason they never do; instead they get in each other’s space, his hand on her elbow when he drifts by her, her eyes always finding his as the first thing when she enters a room. Cassian isn’t sure when the feel of her loose hair tickling his throat as she floats by stopped bothering him. Sometimes he’s not even sure if it ever really bothered him at all. Jyn doesn’t remember when she started thinking of Cassian’s discarded jackets left in her workspace as an annoyance and started seeing them as signs of the kind of life she tried to leave behind on earth, but now longs for.

Without realising it, they’ve both started closely orbiting each other as surely as the station itself is orbiting the earth.

By day 17, they’ve both privately begun to understand that maybe they aren’t as different from the other as they first thought. By day 34 nothing’s been done about it, but even two people as repressed as Jyn and Cassian will have to snap at some point when pushed together in such close quarters…


Word Count: 309.
Summary: Short drabble based on the prompt “I just wanted to hear your voice.”
Tagging: @reidoneshots @batarang-s @dearspencerreid @heyitskatrina @stunudo @chocok22 @curlyreid

Originally posted by toyboxboy

It had been a rough case for Spencer. He and the team had been chasing after an unsub that had been ubducting and murdering girls that were similar in look and age to you. To say it had shaken him up would be an understatement.

Now he was alone in his hotel room, thoughts clinging to you. Though Spencer was relieved you were far away from these horrors, he couldn’t help but crave your presence.

Retrieving his phone, he quickly scanned through the contacts until he found the one he was looking for. The first ring had barely finished before the line picked up.

“Hey you.”

The sound of your voice automatically brought a smile to Spencer’s lips. Already he felt his spirits lifting, just from those two little words. He loved how effortlessly you could shift his mood.

“Hi sunshine,” Spencer said softly. “I didn’t wake you did I?”

“No,” you replied, laughter hinted in your light tone. “You know I take forever to go to bed.”

“Did you know that according to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps less than seven hours per night which can lead to chronic sleep deprivation.”

Amused as always by his statistics rambling you laughed, “Well I guess I’m screwed then. So is everything okay? I know it’s late there too.”

“This has case been…hard,” Spencer breathed out, “and I just wanted to hear your voice. Talking to you has already made me feel better. I love you y/n.”

“I’m glad I could,” you smiled. “I love you too Spence.”

A calm washed over him at your words, ridding him of any residual stress from the day. Even with all the countless information he had filed away in his brain, Spencer couldn’t explain how the sound of someone’s voice could be so soothing. You were his solace.

Transfer (Request)

Request: hi, requests are open, right?? can i request a scenario where {y/n} is a new student and the teacher has mark give her a tour around the school, but she’s so clumsy (aka tripping/almost running into lockers) bc she thinks mark is really cute? thank you ^^

Mark x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

A/N: This was rlly cute to write honestly, idk if it’s actually any good, but I had fun writing it :’)

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Hey!! FIRST OF ALL I just need to say that i literally love your art so much it makes me so happy and i just followed you on ig and its probs one of the best decisions I've made SECOND i saw a little while ago about your avenue q phase (same lol) and i have no idea if you're still taking requests or if this has already been done but like,, If You Were Gay but with BOM (Arnold to Kevin?? Kevin to McKinley?? idk!) anyways that's my 2 cents love you

aisle two preview

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

a/n: idk if i am going to keep this banner, i just wanted to try something new~

There was something about the look of concentration on his face that had you staring. He wrinkled his eyebrows in a way that made deep lines spread across his forehead. He held the cap of his pen between his teeth, biting down on the ends. You made a mental note to never ask to borrow a pen from him. Even though you had already swapped spit and body fluids.

He shifted in his seat and you thought you had been caught. Immediately your dropped your gaze, trying your best to make it seem like you had been studying the entire time. Out of the corner of your eye you could see a bunny smile spread across his lips. Your face deepened as you realized that you had been caught, but Jungkook didn’t say anything else.

Hours passed while the two of you sat in silence with your nose buried in your books. You had managed to find the perfect playlist to study along too. It was calm enough to not put you to sleep, but not fast enough to make you distracted. You wondered what Jungkook listened to while he was studying, and you were tempted to ask. But he stood up from the table, making his way towards the bathroom, and leaving you alone to your thoughts.

When he returned he didn’t come empty handed. He had cups of coffee in each of his palms. You couldn’t help but feel deja vu as he set a cup intended for you across the table. You whisper, “Thank you,” as you take the paper cup and press it against your lips. The black coffee was strong, but you didn’t mind. You hoped that the strong liquid would give you enough energy to make it through the rest of the dense chapter.

Five minutes later Jungkook was sending his pen across the table in frustration. He leaned forward to press his forehead against his textbook. It took all the strength you had to not reach forward and run your fingers through his hair. You wanted to feel the softness in your fingertips, but you were not about to embarrass yourself like that. You had to maintain some sort of self control.

“Are you okay?” you whisper, catching the pen before it rolled off the table and onto the floor.

He shakes his head as he rubs his eyes with his palms, “I think I have read the same fucking line 5 times now. I can’t keep anything straight.”

You nod your head, knowing all too well the feeling of being overwhelmed by fancy scientific terms and data charts that all looked the same.

“You should take a break.” you suggest, knowing that you should listen to your own advice at this point. The library would be closing in less than an hour.

“Yeah, I probably should” he agrees as he presses the screen of his phone to check the time. “Have you eaten?”

His casualness catches you off guard. Your answer gets stuck in your throat leaving you only able to shake your head.

Jungkook laugh’s at your strange behavior and you want nothing more than to sink into a puddle under the table.

“Do you want to get something to eat?”

“S-s-sure.” you manage to spit out as you bite the inside of your cheek.

You didn’t know what you were feeling as you stared at him. It seemed to be a mixture of lust and reality. What happened at Yoongi’s was a one time thing, you had to remind yourself of that. There was no way it was going to happen again. And the sooner you accepted it, the easier it was going to be. But as you stared at him packing up his backpack you knew that you were nowhere near acceptance.

You were (and had literally been) fucked.

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Please post pics of your new mixer attachments?


(spoiler: maybe the ice cream maker, almost certainly not the juicer)

when last we left our heroes, i did not have a stand mixer, but then my dad bought me one and then very recently bought me some fancy attachments for… my brother’s birthday?? i don’t really know why, maybe he just likes buying kitchen shit but has run out of room in his own kitchen and is living vicariously through me. who knows, whatever.

i’m using this recipe for ice cream, and this kitchenaid ice cream attachment thing. at least i assume that’s the one, it’s the most popular one on amazon and that’s generally how my dad makes purchasing decisions. the new york times claimed to have the only ice cream recipe i would ever need, but it involved, like, cooking some egg yolks and milk in a saucepan and basically making a fancy fucking custard as step one, and that’s too many goddamn steps. all of the recipes that came with this fucking attachment were just as bad so fuck that, if this recipe is good enough for ben and/or jerry it’s good enough for me, i’ll save the fancy shit for when i’m in the mood to really hate myself. where was i.

don’t @ me about the imitation vanilla, i know i should be using real vanilla and not dollar store fake shit, i don’t care. this tiny corner of the counter used to be my designated tea corner but it’s kind of become overwhelmed by fifty million fucking appliances, but especially this goddamn stand mixer. it’s huge. it’s fucking monstrous. i’m really hoping we can get a table, or an island, or a buffet or something to keep this thing on once we get rid of the kitchen couch. don’t ask about the kitchen couch.

that picture is from last september, why the fuck have we had a kitchen couch for so long. anyway this recipe says to whisk together eggs and sugar until they’re fluffy but not firm, which i guess means whisk the shit out of it but don’t make a meringue? i don’t know what constitutes fluffy.

once i arbitrarily decided it was fluffy enough i dumped all the milk and cream and fake vanilla in there, but like, there ended up being just a bunch of egg yolk sorta stuck to the bottom of the bowl that i didn’t find until later when it was too late. this happens every goddamn time i use this fucking whisk and you’d think i’d learn but i do not. @kitchenaid why

here’s the real moment of truth, the ice cream maker. i’ve been keeping the bowl in the freezer since i got it and it takes up literally half of my dinky little freezer. they say to freeze it for a minimum of 15 hours but to keep it in the freezer all the time so you can make ice cream on a whim, but they sorely overestimate the size of my freezer or underestimate how much room i need for pizza rolls.

when i took this picture i had actually already started making it, but originally i was going to just… idk. ladle the mix into the ice cream bowl out of the big silver bowl. that was A TERRIBLE FUCKING IDEA, and ice cream mix got everywhere, and i don’t have any pictures of that because it turned out you could see my reflection in the silver bowl and i’m not wearing pants. i haven’t been wearing pants this whole time. wait, does that picture from earlier have my reflection in it? shit. it fucking does. i’m going to edit that with a sticker or something but only people who’ve made it this far into the post will know why that’s there. there’s going to be a cut here but to people on mobile it will just look like the post ends and for that i apologize (or maybe… you’re welcome???)

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Do you know any good day6 blogs to follow? I recently made a day6 blog and I don't know much about the fandom here

oh yaaaaayyyyy for more day6 blogs on tumblr!!!! 

since there have been quite a few new day6 blogs and some people’s urls have changed since the last time i had one of these asks, i’m going to answer this properly lol

so uhm idk if you’re looking for purely day6 blogs but tbh most day6 fans have quite multifandom blogs. Here are some you should check out (i’m going to exclude fyeah blogs bc i’m guessing you’ve already come across those): 

  • @jaechicken - nicole makes day6 gifs and tries to keep her blog purely day6 so makes thousands of sideblogs but occasionally fails lol and she likes making nicknames so don’t get confused when you read her tags hahah she has a really nice voice as well so go check out her day6 covers on her blog!!! 
  • @everyday6 - cree makes fanarts when uni isn’t being a btch. her blog’s probably 50% day6 and 50% bts so her blog’s heaven if you’re a bts fan as well. one of the nicest people in the fandom tbh
  • @theday6 - text posts master tbh!!! I love reading her thoughts about everything day6. she also makes gifs and edits. she has a great taste in music so you should check out any of the music she recommends!! 
  • @youngk - aka lifesaver liz lol translates and subs day6 content and also makes gifs
  • @its-youngk - is liz’s husband mae also makes gifs and her tags are gold and always make my day. she also posts a lot of got7 so you’ll love her blog if you’re a gotday fan
  • @dowoonerie and @professional-kangaroo - gifmakers and two of the sweetest people in the fandom
  • @bryankang - og senpai and always makes quality gifs
  • @w-onpil - pretty much has every important day6 post on tumblr. very nicely curated blog
  • @day6sbum - posts anything and everything she likes but when she’s in the mood for day6 (which is quite often lol), you can count on her to spam your blog with day6 content. also knows all the tea in every fandom
  • @kimwonappeal - makes veeerrryyy nice edits!! 
  • @so-na-gi - go check out krisztina’s fanarts!!!!
  • @sungchims and @kwonshinji - just started making gifs. yaaaayyy for more day6 content on tumblr
  • @daysixdreams - has been slightly mia BUT she’s writes day6 fanfics/scenarios/etc. and they are so good please go check them out!! 
  • @saracho and @notbrian - gifmakers
  • other day6 fans: @won6pil, @kangswang, @seoulhite, @ftday6, @wonismypil, @wonfeels, @got67day, @dowoonscookies, @deisikseu, @thejaedream

I’m sorry if i forgot someone TT

5 Years and Counting -- Requested (Tom Holland x Actor!Reader)

Woo, okay. So this was requested and I was excited because I haven’t really been much of a “prompt filler” kind, so this happened. I feel like I dropped the ball with this, but idk. 

Again, any and all feedback is welcomed and is appreciated. Feel free to message me about anything and everything (honestly, did y’all watch that last Sherlock episode? Wtf?). And the reader is portrayed as a neutral character for inclusivity :) 

Prompt at the end. Thanks a ton!

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

You had been back on set for a total of 13 hours and you had already managed to come face to face with the director’s golf cart – so everything seemed to be out to end your acting career. Considering neither you nor Jon had seen each other, it only made sense that you both had spent a considerable amount of time apologizing to each other.

“Look, Y/N, if Tom finds out I almost ran over you today, he would have me murdered!” said Jon, as he fiddled with his hat. 

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First Date

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 2,852 
Warnings: none. you’re in the clear.
Request? yes or no
Forever Tag: @stilinske
A/N: here is the request hot and fresh out the oven. okay that’s a lie it’s been in my folder since idk two days ago ?? idk. hope you like it! and i hope i did it justice i’m sorry if it’s not fluffy enough. :( i still hope you enjoy it!! 

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Ooey gooey fluffy romantic stuff, but dom!female reader ??pleeeeeeeaaasee!! Sub!2D is literally my life, P.S. i love your blog already <3

(Idk if this turned out as fluffy as it could’ve, but I wanted to get the whole dom/sub thing across more so hey ho)

Everyone who knew you and 2D knew you two were complete saps for each other. Like over the top lovey stuff, there had been multiple occasions when those who you’d been around had to clear their throats and make it clear that sitting with 2D’s hand halfway up your skirt while your own made their way up his shirt was no way to be while in public. 2D would blush and bury his head in your neck while you’d grin coyly and nip at his ear when no one was looking.
Honestly, you two were more than aware it could be seen as inappropriate while out with others, but you’d made it clear to him how you wanted to try pushing some boundaries, and sweet little 2D was more than happy to oblige so long as it made you happy.
Currently, you weren’t both out in a public place, but the band were all in the sitting room with you while you all sat and done your own thing. However your thing with 2D was another one of your attempts to see how far you could push the boundaries, or even better, how long it too before you made even Murdoc sick.
You were lounged on the couch with 2D, your legs draped over his lap while his eyes remained glued to the TV and what ever he was watching while he subconsciously played with the hem of your shorts. With a sigh you suddenly heaved yourself up, placing yourself in 2D’s lap while facing him.
‘I’m bored’ you said, grinning at him with an all too familiar glint in you eye.
'W-What, here?’ 2D whispered back, his eyes darting around to see if any of the guys were looking at you.
'You don’t have to sound so afraid, hun’ you smiled, running your fingers through his hair before leaning in and biting at his neck, what you immediately knew would have him gasping his approval.
It didn’t take long for his reaction, he let out a loud gasp as his eyes shut by reflex and he grabbed at your hips, holding you in place over his lap as he suddenly started rocking against you.
'I thought you were against the idea of 'here’’ you smirked, pulling back to see his pleading eyes.
'Oh baby, fine, do you want to move this someone more private then?’ You whispered.
He nodded his head in frantic approval as his teary eyes stared up at you, his poor bottom lip being chewed raw by his teeth as he waited for you to move.
'Guys, we’re gonna call it an early night’ you called, moving off 2D and grasping his hand to gently pull him behind you.
A chorus of grunts was your only acknowledgment as you pulled 2D out the room, immediately pulling him down to your level for a kiss as soon as you were out of sight.
'C'mon, let me take care of you now’ you smiled at him as he stared down at you with half lidded eyes before obediently following after you as you pulled him to his room.

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hi new follower here do idk if you've written smth like that before buuuuut here's a little Merlahad prompt: in K:TGC before Harry gets his memory back, Merlin has to explain to him that Harry might not remember him but that that doesn't change that they've been dating/married for years (I already made myself sad just by writing this prompt ,fucking hell)

Merlin closed his eyes. He should have just let Harry go without another word. He was so close. So close. They shook hands and Harry told him he was going to name a butterfly after him. And that should’ve been it. But no, Merlin had to blurt out with no filter, “You already named a butterfly after me for our tenth anniverary.”

He hadn’t meant to tell Harry, he really didn’t. It just slipped out, Merlin unable to catch the words in time. Harry’s eye was wide, his mouth opening and closing, unable to find what to say.

“I…I’m sorry,” Merlin said softly as he looked back at a confused Harry. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Harry was silent for a moment, face filled with bewilderment. “What…you…you said we were friends.”

Merlin let out a mirthless chuckle. “A bit more than that, I’m afraid. You may not remember, but I have 39 years worth of memories in me.”

Before the other man could reply, Merlin shoved his hands in his pockets, said, “Have a safe flight, Harry,” and left, leaving Harry speechless, and still wearing Merlin’s coat.

Undercover fic where Finn infiltrate the First Order for some reason or another (maybe they need information on a weapon the first order is building. Maybe the first order is planning on firing a weapon (biological warfare? Or maybe something akin to the Death Star) and they need someone to get in, figure out what it is, and destroy it) and while he’s at it he decides to plant discord among the stormtroopers only to find that the seed had been planted already. By himself. When he defected. So there’s a growing stormtrooper rebellion. The weapon is being made. And Finn finds himself smack dab in the middle of it. Action thriller with a side of horror as created by my idea that Finn stumbles (or rather looks into) information about the elusive Snoke and all that he is. Also delving into the inner mechanics of the Force and Finn’s connection to it.

anonymous asked:

idk... unsolved having a trailer for its new season AFTER 4 whole seasons only means it's gotten so big that they rly considered making a trailer for it. honestly im so proud 😭 been only here for a month yet im already very emotional its like ive known the boys for a long time now IM SO PROUD OF THEM

wow mood holy shit I’ve been watching since late april and like it’s AMAZING how much of a difference 6 months has made, like I’m so happy and proud and wow. I mean they also had trailers for season 2 of supernatural and true crime, but still!!! all trailers so far have left me shook but THIS ONE. W O W.

anonymous asked:

okay but why has no one commented on yoongis bellybutton piercing has it been seen before have I missed why is no one (Jimin) screaming is he the reason Yoongi even has it in the first place does someone have their nips pierced that idk about too I need answers

lmAO we’ve already had a small discussion of yoongi’s bellybutton piercing, also it was tae who made him get it. tae is the one who had nip piercings ;-)