idk if this even counts as a movie

A Game for Those Who Seek to Find a Way to Leave Their World Behind

Summary: In which Dan finds a strange board game and ends up playing it (and releasing its horrors) with his best friend Carrie and arch enemy, Phil.

Word Count: 6.9k

TW: uhh there’s just some kind of horrifying things in there so idk good luck

Genre: angst? i guess? but it’s a happy end it’s like good angst

this is a thing now because i rewatched jumanji today and felt inspired (if you haven’t watched the movie it’s literally amazing you can find it online….. completely….. not illegal… ahem)(you can still read this even if you haven’t watched the movie but it’ll be better if you have probably)

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It Hurts (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Prompts: “Please stop it hurts”

“I’m not even sorry.”

“Don’t be an ass.”

Warnings: Breakup?

Word Count: 785

A/N: Maybe I can make a Part 2 for this? Idk, let me know!!

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There he was again. Seeing him alone in cafeteria where you had met him, broke your heart even more. A month ago, you caught Peter leaving a movie theater with another girl and hugging her tightly. It was actually your date night with him and he didn’t even bother to make up a lie to ditch you. You had waited him in a restaurant all alone and got quite anxious thinking what if he hurt himself.  On your way to his home, you saw him. Immediately, tears ran all over your face. You still believed he didn’t cheat on you; the worst thing was he kept avoiding you because of his “Spiderman” thing. You didn’t mind him avoiding you at first but when you saw him ditching you with another girl, it was enough for you. He kept calling you for a week then when you blocked his number, he didn’t even bother looking at your direction.

You shook the thoughts off your head and started to listen to your friends talking about school projects that were due next month.

You decided to spend a night out with your friends, knowing if you stayed at home for one more night, you would go insane. It was the first time you went out when you broke up with Peter. You were regretting the ride your friends had offered you, considering it was getting scary every minute you were walking all alone outside, in the night. You felt relieved when you were finally able to see your house from distance. Your relaxation didn’t last long when you started hearing noises from your behind. You fastened your pace but the noises were becoming louder and louder each second. You felt your heart bumping faster than ever. You felt a hand on your shoulder; you were just about to scream when you realized it was Peter’s hand. You slowly turned around to make sure it was Peter. Yes, there he was, in his Spiderman suit.

“Hey! I-I was just going to offer to walk you home. I don’t intend to scare you for the second time but you were in danger just a minute ago.” He was breathless.

You took his hand off your shoulder and murmured: “Thanks but I don’t know if you have realized, we are nearly in front of my house.” You started walking again but when you heard Peter calling your name, you stopped once again and turned to him: “What do you want Peter?” You crossed your arms and waited for an answer.

“Y/N… I-I can’t handle this.” His voice cracked. You couldn’t see his face very clearly because of the dark but you could hear and feel him crying. You felt your heart breaking into million pieces. However, you were going to be strong.

“I don’t want to do this over and over again Peter. Just drop it already. Maybe you’ll learn not to cheat and lie to your future girlfriends.” You shook your head in disgrace. Your voice was stable but your tears said the opposite. You felt your heart aching, you couldn’t handle it anymore too.

“Please… stop. It hurts…” Now Peter was clearly sobbing. You saw tears running down on his face. He kept getting closer to you. You felt him pressing his urge to hug you and let all the things go. You knew he would give everything he had, just to get you back only for a second. “Don’t you think I want to stop?! Do you know how much it hurts for me too? Peter. You didn’t even bother to explain. You just stood there, staring into my eyes blankly. I waited for an explanation. God! I waited for that explanation so bad!” You yelled at him. Now, you were the one who lost control over her emotions. You tried to push him, but there he was again, standing there with a blank expression and it was killing you. Your violent sobs and screams weren’t even making him move a bit.

All of a sudden, when you were calmed down he started chuckling. You didn’t know what was going on. “You know what?” He asked you, grinning. "I’m not even sorry.” You didn’t know what he was trying to do but it was pissing you off. “What the hell?” you whispered. “I tried. I fucking tried! I have been trying to get your attention for a bit for weeks! DAMN WEEKS Y/N! AND HERE YOU ARE TELLING ME I DIDN’T EVEN TRY!” You gulped. You were scared. His face was all red. “Don’t be an ass,” was all you could say before you had left the love of your life in the middle of the street, forever.

Three magical words (Rami Malek x Reader)

Request: Hi! I’m the person that asked if we can send requests in, and I was wondering if you could write a really fluffy imagine?? Idk just want some Rami fluff!! If you get around to this, thanks girl!! (Sorry for grammar mistakes! I hope you enjoy this! Feedbacks are appreciated!!!)

Word count: 1,147

It was a wonderful Saturday evening and I spent my time cuddling on the couch with my wonderful boyfriend Rami. We were covered with a large blanket and watched an old movie. Rami came back from Europe only a few hours ago and I noticed that he was exhausted and tired from all the work he had to do over there. I already asked him to go to bed but he declined.

“I want to be with you now.” He said before he gave me a kiss.

 I felt Rami’s warm hands stroking my hair gently. I pressed myself closer to his body and laid my hands on his chest. God, I missed him so much. The last week was so unbearably hard for me. Besides work I had to struggle with horrible heart ache because I missed my boyfriend so much. You can tell I was very attached to Rami. He was everything to me. Nothing could tear us apart.

“(Y/N)?” I heard him calling my name. I hummed as a respond. “Do you remember what kind of day is today?” I turned my head to him, so our eyes could make contact. A confused expression was on my face. What kind of day was it supposed to be? His birthday was far away and I had no clue what he meant. So I shook my head. “Think, baby. What happened one year ago?” I really was clueless. What was he implying to?

“Our first time and our first ‘I love you’.” He whispered to me with a smile on his lips. My cheeks turned slightly red. “Remember now?” Oh, I did. How could I forget this?



“I really love you, (Y/N).”

My eyes went wide as these magical words escaped his lips. He finally said that he loved me! I couldn’t describe my feelings in that moment, it was something I longed to hear for a very long time. We were still breathing heavily from the passionate intercourse that we had a few minutes ago. It was my first time and Rami treated me like I was made of porcelain, he was gentle and careful, always asking me if I was okay. The moment I felt him filling me up was so magical and wonderful. I would keep this in my mind and in my heart for the rest of my life. But now that he had confessed his feeling towards me, telling me that he loved me, made it more special.

I still couldn’t get a word out of my mouth; I guess I was too shocked. Our eyes met and Rami looked very confused and insecure, almost like he was regretting what he had said to me. I wanted to tell him that I loved him, but my tongue was knotted.

“(Y/N)? Don’t you want to say something?” He asked quietly. His whole body was covered with sweat and god he looked so damn beautiful in his naked glory. How could a man like him love a woman like me?

“(Y/N)? Was it too much? Did I cross the line? I’m sorry if you’re not ready for this, I really thought-“

“Rami stop!” I interrupted his rambling. Thereupon, he stood up and collected his underwear and put them on. Meanwhile, I sat up and covered myself with the white silky blanket. ‘What the hell is happening?’ I thought.

“I’m very sorry, (Y/N).” Rami sighed and turned to me. “I really understand if you don’t feel this way. I just thought-“

“Rami!” I interrupted him again. “Please hear me out!” I gestured him to take a seat next to me. But before that, he gave me my night gown. “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable while we talk.” He said.

After wearing my night gown, we were sitting opposite each other and I took his hands in mine. Our eyes met into an intense glare and I started to pour my heart out to him.

“Rami… You didn’t ruin anything, so please calm down. I’m sorry the way I reacted. I know it was very inappropriate but I was too shocked. I mean, I just had my first time, which was mind blowing enough and then you confessing your love for me… I have so many feelings rushing through my body now. “  I smiled at him, squeezing his hands slightly. “But to go back to your confession, Rami, I feel the same way. I have since the moment we met.”

His expression turned to a very surprised one. “Are you telling the truth?”

I laughed at his statement and gave him a slight slap on his arm. “Of course, I’m telling the truth, you silly man.”

Suddenly, I felt myself being pushed back and before I could even realize what was going on, I felt his sweet and soft lips capturing mine into a gentle kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed his body closer to me. I could feel his heartbeat against my chest and I loved it.

“Tell me, please tell me…” He murmured against my lips.

“I love you…” I confessed. “I love you Rami Said Malek.” And earned a lot of more kisses on my lips.

A huge smile appeared on my face as I remembered the event from one year ago which was also definitely the best day of my life. Never have I thought he would grow strong feelings for me. I honestly thought our relationship just based on attraction or flirtation, but Rami proved me wrong. When he took my virginity in the most beautiful way, I realized that he deeply cared for me. Our relation meant more to him than I ever thought.

Rami grinned from ear to ear and gave kiss on my forehead. Then, he turned us around so I lied beneath him. “Oh, I know that from somewhere.” I laughed, referring to how he pushed me back last year.

He buried his face in the crook of my neck and his breath caused goose bumps on my skin. My hands went up to his hair and tugged at his tiny curls. I could feel his body relaxing. “Rami, I know you’re tired. Let me take you to bed.”

“No.” I heard him whisper. “I’m fine here.”

“Are you sure?” He nodded his head for a response.

Tell me, please tell me…” He quoted his statement from one year ago. I rolled my eyes at him with a gentle laugh. Rami slowly drifted to a peaceful sleep and a smile was plastered on his lips as I fulfill his wish.

I love you… I love you Rami Said Malek.”

Take Me // Hoseok

Drabble game request: J-Hope + “I don’t want you to stop.” + Best Friend AU | for @roxywolfie27​ & anon

W: Mature contents/smut (is there even fluff in this? Idk, but I tried. I swear!). Please read with caution, as always.

Word count: 1,711 words

Character: Hoseok x reader

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relationship status: single
favourite colour: blues, purples, aquas, etc..
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
last song you listened toWhat A Wonderful World - Joseph William Morgan ft. Shadow Royale
last movie you watched: logan
top 3 characters: cassian andor, poe dameron, rose (kelly marie tran) even though we know nothing fdjksl
top 3 ships: bassian (bodhi/cassian), stormpilot (finn/poe), and… idk
books you are currently reading: actually nothing atm. frankenstein for school if it counts.
top 5 musicals: something rotten, newsies, wicked, book of mormon, phantom of the opera

Shaken (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by bovaria

Summary: It’s been months now. It was getting harder and harder to deny it, and harder and harder to ignore his girlfriend’s texts and calls. Starring with you was amazing. But now Sebastian struggles with wanting to do more than just be something on screen.

Word Count: 1796

Warning(s): n/a

A/N: Apologies for the long wait!

Prompt: Hey! Idk if you write for sebastian stan but if you do (and if you don’t just write it with Chris) can you do one where seb and reader are starring in a movie together and they’re always flirty in interviews and stuff and sebastian (and reader) starts to develop feelings but he’s really confused cuz he’s in a serious relationship and sorry it’s so detailed :) there ya go - anon

He can’t stop. Even when he crosses his legs. That foot will not stop shaking. A nervous tick, maybe? Clearing his throat, Sebastian leaned back in his chair before taking a long, thoughtful draw from the cup of coffee in his hand.

It was just another interview. Nothing new. But his phone burned in his back pocket, blowing up with hundreds of missed calls and texts. He knew he was wrong for not responding. But how could he when he still hadn’t come to terms with why Margarita was pestering him? How could he, when he still so feverishly denied it could even happen?

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Ever After (M)


genre: Mafia!AU (?) / gore (?) / slight smut

characters: Jeon Jungkook

word count: 1144

a/n: A sudden wave of inspiration hit me after I finished watching the movie LA Confidential, and this is quite possibly the most violent thing I’ve written (even though compared to some of my friends, this is pretty tame). Maybe I’ll make this into a full scenario one day, IDK I’d love to try new things out. :)

warnings: mentions of blood and mature content, death mention

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Rules: tag 9 people you want to know better

Relationship Status: a single pringle

Favorite Color: turquoise! 

Lipstick or Chapstick: both! i can’t survive without chapstick but you’ll pry lipstick from my cold dead hands

Last song I listened to: uhh smth by byob that’s the theme of a kdrama or smth?

Last movie I watched: i watched the end of mulan last night does that count. i don’t rly watch movies very often, like movies in theaters

Top 3 fictional characters: hooo my god, uh. damen is number one bc he’s my best boy and grell who is my best girl. idk about a third i feel like i leave that spot open for whoever is at the forefront of my mind at the moment so like sometimes it’s levi sometimes its oikawa occasionally it’s someone new like gabe or mccree who are my other best boys even tho i don’t even play overwatch

Top 3 ships: grelliam, damen/laurent and eruri! iwaoi gets an honorable mention bc i love them so much too

Books I’m reading: I just recently reread the captive prince trilogy after starting it a couple months ago and then putting off getting to the painful parts lmao. i’m planning to reread the his dark materials books bc i think the new one comes out this summer?? and i wanna be ready for it!

i’m gonna tag @redladydeath, @bootytoohella, @shoujomomo, @williamteaspears and @itsspookyjim which is only 5 ppl but i don’t play by the rules

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Relationship status: ???? HA

Favourite colour: all of them

Lipstick or Chaptstick: chaptstick?? tho my dry af lips would say otherwise

Last song you listened to: Overjoyed by Joe Zambon

Last Movie You Watched: Hotel Transylvania 2 with the bab

Top 3 Characters: ??? u expect me to pick 3?? i can’t even pick 3 from a single series

Top 3 Ships: again??? romance??? pffft (im mostly a canon-shipper so idk??)

Books you are reading right now:  tooo many  (mere christianity, howl’s moving castle, unwritten letters to you, protector of the small book 3, attack on titan vol. 17, empire of storms)

Top 5 Musicals: does disney count??? also LES MIS, hamilton, newsies, next to normal

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Relationship status: Engaged 
Favorite color Pigment: Black
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick
Last song I listened to:  Faolan- Oonagh
Last movie I watched: Night at the Museum
Top 3 Fictional Characters: Maedhros, Montparnasse, Hades (idk if Hades counts bc Religion but anyway)
Top 3 Ships: jehanparnasse, Russingon, Hades/Persephone 
Books I’m reading: Theban Plays, Sophocles 

I tag @pylades32 @thiives @freckledjolras @apollon-fasting basically you’re all beautiful and your instagrams fuel me 

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Steven Universe


favorite male character: honestly? at this point it’s probably a tie between ronaldo and lars

favorite female character: idk if female-presenting counts but bismuth is my favorite gem? if that doesn’t count then kiki

least favorite character: steven’s racist uncle

prettiest character: hmmmm garnet

funniest character: ronaldo i guess but that’s not why i like him so much

favorite season: season 1

favorite episode: horror club of course

favorite romantic ship: do i even have to answer this? everyone knows it’s ronlars

favorite family ship: a three-way tie between the barrigas, the frymans and the…onion family? y’all know who i mean

favorite friend ship: steven and lapis

worst ship: steven and any of the gems

tagged by @raincloudfedarie and I’ve never been tagged in one of these things so im pretty happy, ty!

Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better!

Relationship status: define “relationship”

Favourite colour: really black is my favourite (it’s not a colour but shh), but I like most colours except for real gross yellows mixed with brown or green

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick because I have literally never even touched half decent lipstick in my life

What I’ve listened to last: Troyboi - Afterhours (feat. Diplo & Nina Sky)

Last movie I watched: technically the Bee Movie

Top 3 TV shows:
I don’t waTCH TV BUT OK

1. Steven Universe? do cartoons count cuz they better
2. Voltron?????? is it an anime or a cartoon idk
3. Avatar: The Last Airbender???????????? IS IT AN ANIME OR CARTOON

Top 3 Characters:
easier because I can include anIME

1. Luffy from One Piece because he adds 10 years to my lifespan with every breath he takes
2. Midoriya Izuku from Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia due to extreme amounts of fucking purity

Top 3 Ships:
again easy because anime

1. LawLu and KLance (who has the frikken right to make me choose? nobODY THAT’S WHO)
2. Zosan because there was literally no way of it NOT being on this list
3. Shallura, it’s pretty cute and the only ship with Shiro besides Shatt that doesn’t make me want to vomit

now I don’t EVEN KNOW 9 people but I’ll try I guess (if you’ve been tagged in this already im sorry): @born-to-make-histyuuri @kitinek0 @pingo1387 @gaynikiforov @kaxpha @nsfw-voltron-memes @gonfreecssapologist @arthurvsdesign @druidlance

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Relationship status: Open QP poly with the beautiful @mimi-911​ !!

Favorite color: ahhh I rlly like blue!! And silver and like dark pastels?? Idk if that’s a thing but like Soft Colours but not like pink, just yellows and greens and blues? Is that even counted as pastels…hm.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick!! lol I have so much lip balm but I never use it ///sweats

Last song I listened to: Da Vinci by Weezer


Top three TV shows

  1. u h h hhhhhhhh fuckkk I hate favourites i dont….like ??? can’t pick ‘em?? So Basically shows I’m planning to rewatch atm lol: FMA: Brotherhood
  2. DNAngel
  3. Generator Rex/The Secret Saturdays

Top three characters

  1. I lo ve,,,,,,, ace,,,,,,,,so fuckin much,,, ///sweats
  2. mrmmm I want to try and Not Do One Piece for all of them bUT LIKE….KOALA…MY GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER…NAMI…..MY DARLING LESBIAN…..askjdg ///lies down and Dies

Top three ships

  1. im fucking Trash im the Queen and Starter of marco/ace/sabo and Look Guys i know it’s Weird and technically a crack ship but i just. i fucking love these dumbasses. i hate them.
  2. EDIT: lol forgot to even a n s w e r….these ones. Anyway na/vi/tash is any forms is Super Fuckin Cute
  3. kaya/usopp????? Adorable ??? Idk if it s a top otp but it s Cute so idc

Friendly reminder u don’t have to do it if you’re tired or u don’t like doin em //thumbs up 

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(screams quietly i can’t think of anyone else atm lol this is what i get for finishing this at 5ofuckin clock in the morning)

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1. what is something that makes you happy? doing my makeup!! i find it calming tbh

2. what is your favorite movie? 2005 pride and prejudice tbqh

3. what is something you wanted to be when you were a kid? a wedding planner!! i was super obsessed with wedding dresses

4. do you have a hidden talent? idk if it counts but i can open doors with my feet

5. strangest dream you’ve had? when i was a kid i had a weird one about me and my family riding a wheelbench? and we were being chased by this huge slug monster thing and needless to say it traumatized my seven year old self

6. what’s your favorite class you’ve taken? my apush class last year was p nice, but so is my current ap lit class so either of those!!

7. what is your favorite article of clothing? my suburbia hoodie.. it’s so soft 

8. what is your favorite song? probably girls like girls by hayley kiyoko

9. what’s your favorite fun fact? the king of diamonds in a card deck is julius caesar and the queen of diamonds is rachel from the bible! 

10. if you like musicals what is your favorite musical (if not what’s your favorite album)? this changes a lot but right now its the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee bc that was my school’s spring musical this year!

11. do you have a favorite liminal space, and if so what is it? yeah, it’s target lol

my questions:

1. does your name have any special meaning behind it?

2. what is your favorite line from a movie? 

3. what was hands down the best show from your childhood?

4. what is your favorite flower? 

5. what is your favorite gemstone? 

6. what is your dream job? 

7. what is your dream hairstyle/color?

8. who is you favorite god or goddess?

9. do you wear lipstick, and if so, what is your favorite shade?

10. who is your favorite historical figure?

11. what is the appropriate number of pillows and blankets to sleep with?

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Nickname: ..I don’t really have one

Sign: Aries

Height: 6 ft.

Last Thing I Googled: versuch einer geordneten theorie der tonsetzkunst

Favourite Musical Artist: Carl Maria von Weber

Song Stuck in My Head: Robert Schumann Sonata No. 1 Mvt. 1

Last Movie I Watched: I don’t really watch movies so Idk

What Are You Wearing Right Now?: Black leggings and t-shirt.

What Do You Post?: Classical music stuff (both serious and stupid), compositions, some memes and social justice/lgbt if I think it’s important enough. Also random text posts.

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: I like music and puns.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: Nöp

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You?: That 14 year old me was stupid..? (also I don’t even know if that thing counts as a relationship)

Favourite Colour: Purple

Average Hours of Sleep?: 7-8

Lucky Number?: Don’t really have one, but I like 144

Favourite Characters: …idk

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under?: Just one.

Dream Job: Composer but that won’t pay my bills so more realistically (still a dream job tho) mathematician, maybe professor.

I’m quite tired and finding people to tag is exhausting so…

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Relationship status:  the only things inside me are peach rings
Favourite colour: red
Lipstick or chapstick:  chapstick even though i rarely wear it
Last song I listened to: not today  —  bts
Last movie I watched: death sentence
Top three tv shows:  strong woman do bong soon , star , does death note count
Top three characters:  allison argent , kim bok joo , ahn min hyuk
Top three ships:  stallison , minmin & bongbong , ??? profit
Books currently reading:  i’m planning on actually  reading fantastic beasts and where to find them script thing my dad got me for christmas

Fall snuggles

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Stiles X Reader

Word Count: 614

Synapsis: Spending fall with Stiles

A/N: Okay this isn't even an imagine idk what to call it i can't remember the word but I got the idea from here I thought it needed to be wrote and took me like thirty minutes (Short!!) because I wanted to have something posted for you guys. ALSO I wrote this while listening to Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey and I think it goes so enjoy:))))

Resting in between Stiles’s legs I cuddled further into him, pulling the warm blanket closer to us. My eyes fixed on the movie while his hand ran through my hair soothingly. The smell of fall was taking over, the crisp air making it perfect snuggling weather, one of my favorite things. I reached across his body halting his movements to grab my tea from the side table. I snuggled back into him feeling the lean muscles of his stomach through our shirts.

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Jungkook writing prompt. Limo, club, dance

idk this got… rly long and rly… iDK LMFAO bitta parachute’s didn’t see it coming + nicki’s for life + christina’s burlesque IDK MAN

dance breaker
rated t for tadbit weird
word count: 2,178

01. limo

It’s not like Jungkook isn’t used to these things by now because he is–he really is. When he won that international dance competition at age 13, the kind woman with her very severe hair, and even more severe smile had told him through pressed lips that things are going to be different now. And sure enough, five movie deals and countless commercial campaigns later, there isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t at least heard of his name before.

At barely the age of 22, Jeon Jungkook is an international sensation.

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deltaorionis  asked:

Hi, DC! (Can I call you that? :P) I'm back in your askbox, this time for a request that I'm not sure if you would be able to fulfill (not because of your fic-reccing abilities, which are perfect). Idk why I thought about this, but: drarry fanfiction that breaks the 4th wall??? Does that even exist? If it doesn't, then, feel free to rec me whatever you fancy. Have a good day! (And thank you).

I love this ask so fricking much I can’t even tell you, @aryxnsa. Partly because I got to think a lot about what counts as breaking the fourth wall, which, interesting. Crack fic? Feltcliffe? (which I have issues with and can’t bring myself to read as a matter of personal taste) Crossovers? AUs? Time travel? Fic based on movies/tv? Stuff that acknowledges that they’re fictional? Or that presents fictionalized depictions of characters within the narratives? How meta does it have to be? I still don’t have solid answers, and am totally, actively, enthusiastically open to debate/recs/additions, but for now went with the good old “know it when I see it” definition. These at least give the fourth wall a good old push, and are definitely, definitely interesting reads. Enjoy, and please remember to leave kudos for these awesome authors! 

Drarry Recs: Challenging the Fourth Wall

Aural Gratification and Aural Fixation by birdsofshore - NC-17, 11k/3k - Harry’s not gay – he just likes listening to exciting stories about Aurors. It’s not his fault that the narrator’s voice is so smooth, so expressive… and really rather hot.

Fear and Loathing at the Phoenix by curiouslyfic - NC-17, 20k - Harry’s Hunter S. Thompson. Draco’s his attorney. It’s the Tenth annual Victory Day and there’s Journalism afoot.

Inconsolable, or How Harry Potter Stopped H8ing and Learned to Love Video Games by November Snowflake - M, 10.5k - Harry Potter really sucks at video games. Draco Malfoy just sucks.

Never Mind the Bollocks, It’s Draco/Harry by geoviki - M, 5k - This is crack!fic at its worst. Can we say cliché? Yes, yes we can. I tried to get them all.

On Her Majesty’s Wizarding Service by nothingbutfic - R, 6k - (no summary)

Take Your Silver Spoon and Shove It by prurient_badger - NC-17, 2k - So they’re clones. It’s not weird. (Except maybe it is.)