idk if this counts as a parallel but i am pretty sure it is


pairing: michael x reader

word count: 612

this is honestly just something quick i whipped up while i waited for my cake to bake just now,, idk where it came from but i thought it was pretty cute

He could’ve “had it all.”

He could be sitting in some club, a slender model with sparkling eyes on his arm, pining for him every second. At a snap of his fingers, he could have any “perfect” girl with a “perfect” body and a “perfect” reputation. He could be living such a lavish life, with fancy dinners and making sure his girl was happy in buying her stunning necklaces or go across the globe with her, visiting romantic cities and kissing under the light of a thousand stars.

All of that was within reach of him, if he truly wanted it.

The fact of the matter was, that’s not what he wanted.

Instead, he wanted the girl that had a dorky haircut, which would go flying everywhere when she would head bang to Mayday Parade. He wanted the girl that only gave a damn about music for the way it infected her body, making her disposition instantly brighten when the melodies would flood her ears. He wanted the girl that didn’t care what her body looked like–all she cared about was that she felt good in her own skin, which took her a while, but she got there. The girl that made the stupidest faces when she got way too into a video game, curse words being tossed left and right as the couple battled it out on the Playstation and playful shoves would be given out whenever someone’s character died. 

He wanted the girl whose eyes sparkled with personality and joy, not lust or conceit.

He wanted the deep conversations to come often, in the deep hours of the night with lazy cuddling and random questions, mainly consisting of “How many parallel universes do you think there are?” or “Do you think some ghost has his ghost-dick right in my face just to get a good laugh with all his ghost friends?

He wanted the girl that wasn’t afraid of her emotions, or being open to him about it. He wanted the girl that could trust him, all of him. The girl that wasn’t afraid to cry in front of him, so he could feel needed and come to her with reassuring words spoken softly into her ear, hugging her so securely she felt at home in his arms. He wanted to create a home for her, with him.

He wanted the unthinkable. Spontaneous things, whether it be something simple like getting a takeout pizza on a whim and taking it out on the fire escape, sitting and talking and eating while the cars beneath buzzed by, well into the AM hours. Or, the not so simple, like hopping in the car for 5 hours, driving to the next city over and seeing whatever small-town band they could find performing live that night, whether they be at some dive bar or in a small, 200 person-capacity venue. It didn’t matter; the thoughtless actions and memorable experiences is what he yearned for.

He wanted to love. And more importantly, he wanted the girl that would love him with all of her heart, making him realize his purposes on this earth and making him feel perfect.

Perfect, as it turned out, is a relative term. 

He didn’t want what was printed across magazines, stories of picture perfect relationships filling people’s minds with some fake concept of love. He didn’t want the stereotypical–how the rockstar always ends up with some long-legged model with an award-winning smile. He didn’t want to be played, or have his life set up for him. He wanted to live, and love.

While so many people–some being his closest friends, surprisingly–told him “you could have her, how sexy she is! Or what about her, how perfect she is!”, he didn’t think the same way. He hated when people would take girls for what they appeared on the outside. It was so objectifying, he thought. 

He wanted what was perfect to him.

And he found perfection in you.

Danny Castellano is My Whole Damn World

Wait, no, that wasn’t the name of the episode was it…?

Hmm. Well, it might as well have been because…look if I need to explain why then you clearly haven’t watched it. So go watch it, flail about a bit, die from squealing too much, resurrect yourself, drink some water (you’re probably dehydrated from all the drooling over Messina hng) and then read this. Ok? Alright then.

Also, most of this is either me swooning over Danny/Chris or flailing over Dandy sooooo….be warned!

Oh and about half way through I started calling everyone assholes so there’s that too. I think I still have too many feels or something. I can’t cope.

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