idk if they're rares or whatever

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Yo uh, were not gonna have nik shriner, cissey jones, or hannah telle either; they're part of SAG-AFTRA with Ashly. Honestly like I didn't think chloe's replacement sounded too bad, Rachel's was a little weird but whatever, I'm uncomfortable supporting Blindlight and square (tho it seems like square was trying to get ash back but has a contractual obligation with Blindlight that prevented that...) but not having Max back either??? Idk bout this man

Oh maaaaan.

With Hannah Telle, we’ve all literally spent a minimum of 15 hours listening to her voice. If anything, it is even more ingrained in LiS players minds than Ashly Burch’s voice. And it has a rare quality to it too, I don’t know if you can ever find a decent replacement for that. I can’t ever imagine anyone else being Max :c.

And Cissy Jones… Dialogues between Joyce and Chloe are gonna feel so weird. And I’m gonna miss the way she pronounces “morbid” lol.

I honestly think the problem is Square Enix, and not Blind Light? From what I know Blind Light is working with a bunch of other studios that have recently released/announced games featuring Union actors (Capcom, Sony…).

Damn, this is very tough: on one hand, I want to support Deck Nine, because they really look passionate and sound like they care about LiS and its universe a lot.

But on the other, I think it’s important to voice our discontent that Square is just up and hiring non-union actors instead of listening to the other VA’s (very reasonable!) demands. These people made the characters that we love with their performances, and editors need to learn that they’re not expendable or interchangeable.

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Is it bad that I unironically love Killua's outfits throughout the series? Like I get that they're not conventionally fashionable but idk??? They're just great.

omg i give him shit but i love killua’s outfits. what i love the most is that, by virtue of how rarely most other characters change their looks in comparison, we’re supposed to see killua’s constantly changing fashion as a character trait. infer from it what you will – that he likes trying new things, that he likes to make a statement, that he’s just a rich boy who’s used to getting new clothes – whatever. i love that it’s supposed to mean something about him!!