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Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!


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Sorry but Ed and Oswald are both ruthless killers who both hurt each other probably in the worst way possible, so if you’re looking for healthy lgbt+ representation in this show/fandom you aren’t going to get it here. 

Thank you again for the lovely comments. I will keep working hard and have fun here, too. 

I kinda want to make some friends here, too. <3 Don’t be afraid to say hi. 

oh and…sorry for my strange picture I posted last time. I was in a strange mood…but again…it was still fun to do. _(:3_Z) 

I’m still taking request for Loud House. Feel free to ask me anything. <3

AND DON’T WORRY @the-real-fairy-slayer. I love your long comments. They’re fun to read! Feel free to express as much as you want. I won’t stop ya!

so I know a lot of people have been speculating about the possible lion swaps in s3 and later on, and it might just be pure coincidence but, 

in the first episode of s1, after Allura mentions each lion’s characteristics (well technically not Blue’s), here’s what we see:

  • Black: Shiro > Keith > Lance with the focus being on Shiro
  • Green: Pidge only
  • Blue: Lance then Allura
  • Yellow: Hunk only 
  • Red: Keith and Lance

like I said, it might be nothing but I found it quite interesting that we might’ve had foreshadowing in the very first episode

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14 for Game Theory?

14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic? 

Y’know, idk. I certainly didn’t start Game Theory with an idea of helping readers learn anything at all. Tbh, I don’t really consider myself that much of a didactic writer (like I don’t care if people love or hate Augus I don’t think I should tell you what to think in my fiction you have your feelings on the matter I have mine etc.), so I don’t often go in with ‘I’m gonna teach stuff!’ I go in with… ‘haha I’m gonna put myself through this emotional rollercoaster might as well share it with other people.’

(Sorry other people).

I suppose there’s always a part of me though that is like…unconsciously seeking to share with people all the different ways trauma can manifest for different people. How it doesn’t always look the same, or sometimes it can look very the same. But, at the same time, if someone walks away from Game Theory and all they get from it is like two or three chapters they like beating off to as well, *thumbs up* that’s also awesome. I suppose deep down, I sort of want people to learn a bit more about trauma, for those who don’t know much about it.

It’s just occurred to me how much I really don’t set about to deliberately teach anyone via writing. Which isn’t to say I don’t care about the knowledge I put in there and I don’t have things that I’m teaching myself, but…yeah you know, no. There’s nothing specifically I wanted people to learn from Game Theory, amazingly. I think I share fics more to share than to teach, and I’m sort of sitting back like ‘how did I not know that about myself?’ Lol.

Hi! I made this, I know I'm kind of late and it doesn't connect to the previous merman!Logic stories, but here. Tw: Idk, Like being chained up and captured

“C'mon Logan! Hurry up! It’s really cool!” Morality called to Logan, swishing his yellow and blue patterned tail as he swam ahead. Logan sighed, following. He didn’t really want to be there, he found a new octopus he wanted to study, but Morality seemed so excited. He didn’t want to let his best friend down. “Look! It’s a human boat!” He was pointing above the translucent waves, to a huge wooden creation, powerful, and moving quite fast.                                                                     “Morality! Humans can be dangerous! In school we learned about how they capture merfolk and-” Logan was interrupted by the Dad-friend’s excited squee of “people are doing something on the boat let’s get closer! Log don’t be worried c'mon” Logan was about to state that no, he wasn’t worried, he was being cautious because statistically speaking humans would kill you, but thought better of it. If Morality was happy, was he really going to stop him? He watched as Morality went up to touch the boat and see if he could look at the people inside.

Suddenly, everything went completely and utterly wrong.

Yells of “It’s a monster!” And “kill it! NO, Capture it!” filled the air. Morality looked terrified, and was shuddering from the amount of people grabbing at him. Logic, defying his name, panicked, he knew he couldn’t let his best friend get hurt. He needed to get Morality away from them. Give them something else to focus on. Take Morality’s place. So he swam up and pushed Morality away.

“Swim!” he yelled, and he felt ropes being tied around him as he was pulled out of the water and deposited on the deck. He shivered from the sudden change in temperature. Usually, if he ever went above surface, he could naturally adjust, but not this time. This was much more violent. More hurtful.  Voices were murmering around him, and he felt swords? Knives? Being poked at him and his scales. Chains wrapped around him, and he felt his tail being bent at an awkward angle. He was in pain.

“Well well well. What is this monster here? Do you terrorize people, foul beast?” Logic looked up, only to be met with the sight of a figure dressed in white and red, who pushed him back down. The figure had a large katana, and seemed to be the captain.

“No? Actually, merfolk are helpful to the seas, we help grow-”  started Logic, ever the explainer. But he was interrupted by the Princly figure, who was saying something about defeating a Dragon Witch, so defeating a merman would be no difficult. Prince turned to his crew, about to speak, when

“What if you’re wrong?” This was a new voice, a person dressed in all black as far as Logic could tell. “I mean, if you’re wrong then you’re not really a Prince hmm. Killing innocents that’s not good.”

“What do you know about good?”

“More than you apparently! Look, to be absolutely sure, just throw the dude in the hold. Don’t kill him yet.” At this Logic started wiggling, trying to get away. He couldn’t be kept in q hold! He needed to leave. He needed to get back to Morality! Who do these people think they were? He didn’t kill people! His efforts were fruitless however, as the crew’s response was to tie him tighter.

“Hmm. Crew! Toss the creature into the hold!”  He was being dragged by the chains, deeper into the ship. There he would stay, until the captains decided on what to do with him. Logic didn’t know when that would be.

 —–                                                                                                                                                        Ta-da!

Advice PT 2

Warnings: Smut

ORIGINAL Request:  Hey can u make a part 2 to advice, like idk a few years later and y/n is still a virgin and like she is in a relationship and the guy wants to have sex with her but she’s insecure about it so she end up asking justin to take her virginity cuz he’s the only one she trusts and then the end is up to you

This has been so heavily requested and I’ve just been busy. I’ve got four exams coming up this week….THE STRESS!! But here it is anyways.

Savorous flavour exploded throughout my mouth, the crunch of crispy goodness so satisfying to my ears. Dusting my bright red finger’s of the dust residue from the product onto my pants.  Something about flamin’ hot cheetos was just so addictive, and I honestly could not put the packet down. 

“Hey, stop hogging the Cheetos.”  A raspy voice, with a mouthful of candy suddenly chirped from beside me. Fiddling my legs around his lap slightly, I leaned back against the armrest of the couch and hugged the packet towards my body further, pointing towards him with a bright red stained finger.

“I’ll stop hogging the Cheetos when you stop hogging the Twizzlers.” I replied sassily. 

Justin looked down at the king size packet of twizzlers in his lap, then down at the cheetos in mine, before looking back into my curious eyes. “Swap?” 

Confliction passed over my face. Is a pack of twizzlers really worth a bag of cheetos? “Only if I get the Snickerz as well.” 

“What?! No way. Only If I get the Reese’s Cups.”

“Hmm? Deal.” 

The rattling of wrappers, bags and packaging echoed throughout the air as we exchanged candies between each other, a smile settling on my face once the twizzlers were in my hand, practically drooling at the pinky red goodness.

“So.” Justin suddenly began, munching on a now open packet of reese’s cups. “How’s that boyfriend of yours going?”

My eyes shot away from the candy in front of me, the sound of T.V in front of us suddenly disappearing into the back of my mind. “Why do you ask?”

Justin eyes me suspiciously, “What do you mean ‘why do you ask’? We always talk about our relationships, does it bother you now?” He raised his eyebrows, reaching over towards the bag of jolly ranchers between both our legs.

Yes, I know. We bought a lot of Candy.

“No, It’s just, you haven’t asked about him in a while. Just came as a surprise I guess.”

“Yeah I know. Like you said it’s been a while, I wanna know if the man’s treating my princess right.” He smiled, leaning over to tossel my hair.

Pouting like a child, I used my pointer finger to swat away the flyaways Justin released from my ponytail and sighed. “Yeah, Hes all good.”

“Awesome. How long you been together now? 2 - 3 years?” 

“Around that long.” 

“Wow. That’s a pretty long relationship. longer then I expected.” He mumbled the last part.

“Honestly, after everything that’s happened, I’m surprised weve last this long also.” I sighed quietly in hoped that he couldn’t hear me.

“What? What’s that supposed to mean?” 

My eyes widened in realisation that he had heard me, even though it really shouldn’t have been that much a shock considering the boy is literally less then a foot away from me.

“N-Nothing. Can you pass the sour patch kids.” 

Slowly handing the packet towards me, he continued. “Y/N, if somethings wrong, you can tell me. You should tell me. No one should treat you any less then you are.”

“Its nothing Jay, I’m not worried about it so you shouldn’t be either.” I mumbled, picking at the packet which suddenly didn’t seem as appetizing any more.

Justin sighed. “Y/N, it obviously bothers you If your acting like this so of course I’m gonna be worried. You can tell me.” 

My eyes darted up from my lap which the candy sat on over towards Justin truthful eyes, looking for any sign that spoke ‘Just kidding. I don’t wanna hear about you dumb problems.’ But to no avail.

“Lately,” I dragged on, “He’s been pressuring me.”

“Pressuring you into…?” Justin questioned. 

“Into…Sex -”

Justin’s eyes widened, shooting forward to sit up straight. “What?! Y/N That’s not okay!”

“No! Justin wait, before you blow up - He isn’t doing anything. I just know he really wants it. Like, every time we get in the mood, and I pull away, he tells me that’s it’s okay and that he’ll wait until I’m ready. But I can just tell by the look in his eye that he’s disappointed or annoyed. I’m just…not ready.” I sighed.

“Not ready? Or not prepared?” Justin suddenly questioned after a few seconds of silence.

Stunned, I glanced up “What?”

“Y/N, I’ve known you long enough to know that you love to be prepared. Like your obsessed with preparing. Are you not ready to have Sex because you don’t wanna lose your virginity yet? Or because your afraid you won’t know what to do.” He questioned, yet the last sentence was more of a statement if anything. 

The thought had never occurred to me. Was I really just avoiding Sex because I was inexperienced?

“I-I don’t know.” I stuttered “Maybe I am.”

“Y/N, look at me.” 

My eyes raised over to peer up at Justin, shooting me a comforting but firm look. “Sex, It’s a great thing - really. But your never going to be prepared at it if you don’t give it a go. There isn’t a way to be prepared for Sex. It just happens. And when It does, It’s magical.” 


“Really. You just gotta go for it.”

“Will you show me?” Before I was even processing the words passing through my lips, they had already escaped and a wave of dread and humility had overcome my body before I could even catch a glimpse of Justin’s reaction.

He was stunned. Completely quiet, with a mouth slightly agape, all before he shook his head, cleared his throat and peered down on me with a mask of emotions. “You want me to show you?” He whispered.

“W-What…Oh my God! I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to say that. That was stupid, I’m sorry.” I rambled. “You probably think I’m weird or completely crazy or somethin-”

“No Y/N , It’s alright.” Justin quickly added, placing a gentle hand on my shoulder to calm me. “I don’t think it’s weird, a lot of people do it.”

“Do what?” I questioned.

“Ask there best friends for experience. I’ll do it - if you want.”

“Y-You’ll do it?” I questioned almost in a statement type of way.

“If you want.” He repeated.

My mind stirred with crazy thoughts, all battling each other for the correct words to slip past my lips. But before I could be consumed In thoughts and emotion’s I quickly let the first and most gut ridden thing escape my lips. “I want you to take my virginity.”

“I’ll do it.” Justin softly replied, stroking my cheek. “And I’ll do it just the way you want. Tonight is about you.” Slowly, with each word, he position himself on top of me, slowly crawling up my body before my hand shot out, stopping him before he could connect our lips. 

“No Justin. I want to do this. I wanna be in charge.”

Justin was surprised by my confidence, but nonetheless smirked and sat off my body. “Well, lead the way princess.”

Quickly, I placed the many packets of candy on the floor, and shuffled forward to place myself over top Justin, straddling his lap. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” He offered.

“Okay, what turns on a guy? How do I start?”

“Well,” Justin began, licking his lips. “For starters, every guy is different so I wont say this will work for sure, but for me, I love it when a girl is confident. Like you.” A blush founds its way onto my face, causing justin to smirk. 

“Try starting with a little grinding.” Justin informed. His hands suddenly grasped each hip, gripping the flesh tenderly as he began rolling them around his crotch. “Move like this.”

Moving in sync to his hands, I circled my hips, rubbing down onto his area until I could feel him standing against me. 

“Damn baby. Your really good.” He moaned. 

Brushing back my hair,  I continued to roll against him until I was satisfied with the hard on I had currently given him. At this point he was practically a grunting mess, eyes squeezed shut as he sat back and enjoyed the show I was putting on.

“Now what?” I questioned.

Justin’s eyes slowly squinted open through some conflict and eyed me breatlhlessly, “Well, you’ve turned me on that’s for sure. At this point you have a choice. You can tease him a bit with a blowjob or just get straight into it".

“I know how to do blowjobs do I don’t need any practice at that.”

“Then guess we’re getting straight to the dirty part.” Justin smirked. Before I knew what had even hit me, Justin’s hands shot out towards me and in a matter of seconds, my shirt - along with my bra - was on the floor.

Instantly as instinct, my hands shot over towards my breast, hovering over the exposed and hardened nip in attempt to hide myself. Justin has seen me naked before so I really don’t understand where this sudden shyness came from - but I guess this just seemed a little more intimate then the other times.

Justin shook his head, his hand approaching mine, just slightly brushing over the skin before grabbing a hold of my wrist gently prying it off.

“Don’t hide. Your absolutely beautiful.”

My cheeks flushed red as my arm was removed and placed down at my side. Justin suddenly leant forward, placing his lips down on the skin between my neck and collar bone.

“absolutely beautiful.” He repeated, this time quieter.

My head rolled back in pleasure after feeling the graze of his teeth on my neck. This was becoming way more then practice - and is it bad that I didn’t mind?

“Justin.” I moaned.

This one word sent both Justin and I over the edge. He suddenly jumped up, pinning me underneath him then quickly yanked my denim jeans down until they were pooling around my ankles.

His fingers crawled up my legs, meeting my thigh before stopping right at the waist band of my lace underwear.

Slowly sliding his fingers under the waistband, a shiver ran up my spine at the feeling of his cold fingers making contact with my sensitive nub.

His fingers whirled and spun magics against me, and after a simple few minutes I was a panting mess.

“Has anyone ever touched you like this?” Justin rasped into my ear. “Has anyone ever made you pant? Made you so wet that I could do this with ease.”

And suddenly, a force and feeling of fullness had taken over, running throughout my whole lower stomach as two fingers slid into me with no hesitation. My eyes widened, back arching into Justin’s chest until I had both arms wrapped around his neck.

“Does it feel good?” He questioned, pumping in and out of my tight heat.

My head shook up and down quickly, not being able to Let any words slip from my mouth at the feeling of mass pleasure. The feelings of my juices not only pumping in and out along with Justin’s finger - but dripping down my leg, dissolving into the bed sheets.

Justin’s fingers sped up for a good couple of seconds, soon slowing down before fastening one more time. Repeating this motion multiple times - it was as if a sudden switch had flicked inside my mind, as I spun around and positioned myself on top of Justin, his wet and slick finger falling out of me.

“My turn.” I growled.

Before I even knew it, I had removed my underwear along with the shorts and Calvin’s of Justin, positioning myself on top of his erect dick.

With Justin positioned lying underneath me, and myself hovering over Justin with one of his hand resting on my cheeks, my lip fell in between my teeth in anticipation. It was all finally happening.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Justin questioned, all seriousness present in his eyes.

My focus flickered up to his face, spotting the lust hidden behind his orbs and instantly lowered myself onto him as an answer.

Justin growled sexily, a whimper escaping me at the burning sensation shooting through my Entire pelvis.

“Is it hurting?” Justin asked once I had settled his whole length inside me.

My head shook up and down slightly, my lip caught between my teeth worried that if I opened my mouth a cry of pleasurable pain would escape involuntarily.

“Do you want me stop?”

“No.” I quickly replied. “It hurts. But I feels really good.”

And soon I was moving just to prove that I could handle his length. It started slow and painful before soon, the pain had mostly subsided leaving me with a mass amount of pleasure.

My speed quickened as my high began approaching. Panting and breathless grunts filling the room as i continued.

“Oh fück baby girl.” He growled. “You said it’s your first time? i think you might of lied. Feels so good damn.”

“Shit Justin.”

Sweat layering my body, hair clinging to my face. Thrusting faster And faster to approach my high. And that was quickly approached, especially when Justin reached over and gripped my ass.

My vision went blurry, eyes widening in shock as my first and probably most forceful high to ever be given by a guy over racked my body.

The feeling of Justin slipping out of me, watching as he pumped himself aggressively until white streaks of cum had shot up and landed straight on my stomach was too hot handle. And as my high subsided I was left panting on his arms.

“I’ve never came that fast before.” Justin said. “Was it good?” His eyes met mine, sincerity laced between tired orbs.

“Amazing.” I smiled, cuddling my arm to nestle it on his cheek. “Couldn’t have asked for better.”

Our lips met suddenly, alarming me slightly. Wasn’t this technically cheating?


“Yeah baby?” He asked, placing wet kisses down my already bruised shoulder.

“I think I have feelings for you.”

His actions halted, eyes meeting mine. Worry flooded every inch of my body as I anticipated his reaction. Should I have just confessed that?

“Me too.”

And before we knew it, we were attacking each other in loving and joyful kisses.

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The way Maggie's mouth drops when she says the person part of 'You don't think I'm a bad person?' Even after all of what Alex has just said, there's still a doubt. A waiting... for the end? Because of course someone like Alex just could not exist. Could not be right in front of her, saying all these things. Being so understanding and kind to her. Wanting to be with her. Because of course this isn't what she deserves after what she did. But Alex is here. And she means everything she's saying. (1)

And oh god she’s here to help you heal… and aklshfgdfkls idk. just. again. FEELS. -angst anon (maybe) ;)

THE.GODDAMN.FEELS. Alex completely surprised Maggie because not only is Alex staying, but she also wants all the good AND bad parts of Maggie. She wants all of Maggie. And its almost too much for Maggie to take in. 

and it is 100% too much for me so RIP. 

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like i have no problems w/ villiankin but like. when i see kinfessions here saying stuff like "no one deserves an apology/i'm proud of what i did/i like remembering muder/abuse/etc" followed by "but im not a bad person in this life" i can't help but be in fear. you don't want to apologize for atrocities you committed and relish in them but you're "a good person now"? like i understand it's annoying when everyone asks someone to apologize but Loving what you did scares me a lot.

the feeling that some people on here hate me for some reason is killing me cos idk what I could have possibly done 2 have someone dislike me so much. like all I do is talk abt my hyperfixations and my personal life . I dont get into drama much and dont mess with other people. mayb they jst hate paranoid ppl and do it on purpose bt I dont want 2 think that of them

@akireyta wanted brotp + “remember, if we’re caught, I’m deaf and you don’t speak english.”

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve written the brotp, so. Here ya go.

“Remember, if we’re caught, I’m deaf and you don’t speak English.”

“Is that really the best you can come up with?”

“You weren’t supposed to come back here!”

“Neither were you.”

The noise she makes was not the kind that would be considered appropriate for a lady of her prestige, but John tactfully refrains from pointing this out. He did still want to make it home in one piece. Preferably with his body parts all where they belonged.

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alright so casanova @hughaz didnt really tag me in this but still forced me to do this and since i am such a nice person i decided ill do this for her. so here is my lock screen, home screen, the last song i listened to and my last selfie (and i just wanna say that i dont wear shoes indoors normally but i was just abt to leave the house so thats why) (also what do u mean i got that adidas shirt and those adidas shoes bc of louis i really didnt)

anywayy idk who’s been tagged so if youve already done it or u just dont want to do it then u can ignore this @harryfeatlouis @homelyrics @tomlinsoz @thestyles @preciousharry @zouology

Do you guys wanna see mod act like a real-life Leigh?

As in, mod is actually a cross-dresser in real life just to feel pretty as well?

Pics are SFW and just simple portraits of course, I’m just linking to my personal account since idk how many people would wanna see that while following this account xp

Well here you go. Click here if you want, enjoy XwX

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Saw your post about Shiro; I agree. Sometimes I even feel like they are attacking Shiro using his mental illness as a weapon: yelling and screaming at him, or maiming him (one person wanted his arm to be ripped off) or whatever, I am over here just trying to enjoy a character that I like and is heroic with mental illness. Idk, I just feel pissed at this fandom that I can't go through the shiro tag with some sort of attack on him

oh man, i feel u. people demonizing and stigmatizing shiro for his mental illness is a WHOOOOOLE other rant buddy. i have a Lot of feelings about that, cause i see it every now and then, the whole “is he even fit to be leader” thing or “how dare he have/do this thing thats obviously a symptom of his mental illness/trauma” thing. its ridiculous. this is wjy we cant have nice things.

I was tagged by the beautiful @hs-1dfan to do this what’s on my phone…. thingy. I love peonies, so that’s obviously why it’s my lock screen and yeah idk.. If you could call this a selfie since I am looking down, but okaay..

Here’s my lock screen, home screen, last song I listened to, and the last selfie I took. Don’t do the selfie-thing, if you don’t want to.

Uhm.. I tag: @legend-waitforit-harry @cuddlemusclestyles @aqua-harry @17-blackaf @1989rosesxx @hestylesno @narryfeels @aboutalighthouse and @stylishmuser