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Me and @gayradwhitedad were talking n we ended up getting on the topic of domestic n married boyf riends n i made a daughter for them CUZ THEY WOULD MAKE GOOD DADS OK AY

shes a quiet kid who is the only responsible one of the three of them BUT MICHAEL AND JEREMY LOVE HER A LOT

Too Late

Voltron Legendary Defenders

Klangst Fanfic

Lance: Keith, please don’t leave me…

Keith: I’m sorry, Lance but I hope you find someone better than me…

Lance:*crying* Keith…

Keith: I’m sorry but I choose this mission over our relationship…

Lance: Don’t lie! I know-

Keith: Lance, if I can save million of lives then I want to put our relationship behind us which is why I am breaking up with you.

Lance: You-

Keith: I mean it Lance.

Lance: *crying*

Keith: I hope you find someone who will love you more than I do…

~~~ Many years later ~~~

Keith: *wondering endlessly in space*

After defeating Zarkon, everyone return to their home. Well, all most everyone.

- Allura and Coran decide to explore unknown part of the universe and form alliance.

- Hunk decide to stay in Balmera and marry Shay, of course they did throw a galactic wedding and everyone was there to see it.

- Pidge and Matt, after discovering their father is still alive, the family decide to go on an adventure.

- Shiro decide to stay with the Allura while protecting her. (And I am pretty sure it has to do with his pinning feeling toward the princess and everyone knows it except the princess)

- Keith decide to stay with the Blade of Marmora and continue his training.

- As for Lance, well he return back to earth after attending Hunk’s wedding.

- Keith try to rebuild their relationship but fail miserably because Lance had decide it was best if they kept their distant after their breakup.

- A year later after Hunk’s wedding, he is excepting a child.

- It was then, Keith was able to see Lance at the baby shower.

- Keith notice Lance has change. He seem distant, quiet, and made no advance toward the ladies.

- Lance, of course, just told him he had found someone and they are really much in love that he didn’t want to cheat on him. (You heard me, Lance is dating a guy)

- Keith was confused because when he and Lance were dating, Lance would always flirt with other people. (And it has nothing to do that Keith is really jealous right now)

- Shiro decide to confess his feeling for Allura after a long time of pinning.

“Will you princess, in my honor and sacrifices, be mine till the end and turn on my particle barrier.”

(Yes, he did and just for those who catch on)

By the way, he got reject…

Well almost reject

“Shiro, I appreciate your feeling but I had never once thought of you as that way but we had been through a lot and what I see in you is a hero who had just turn on my particle barrier. So…”

Allura takes Shiro hand.

“I will be happily to accept you as my husband.”

“Did Shiro just got propose?” Pidge comment.

“OMG!” Hunk scream while crying.

Shiro turn red as a tomato before answering “Yes, my princess.” And swing her in the air while everyone is crying at the beautiful scene.

- After the baby shower, Lance try to leave quiet and quickly but Keith stop him. (It has something to do with the fact that Lance is keeping his distant from Keith and ignoring him)

“What do you want, Keith?” - L

“I want to know why you had been ignoring me all day.” - K

“No reason.” -L

“Does it have to do with what I said years ago?” -K

“So what if it does, Keith? You told me we should keep our distant. Put our relationship behind us. Find someone who will love me better than you. I did. Keith. I did.” - L

“I’m sorry, Lance.” - K

“I’m sorry? You say that to me many times that I had lost counting. If you are sorry then leave me alone! Being with you hurt every time! So I am asking you to leave me alone!” - L

“Fine! If you want me to leave so badly, I will then.” - K

“Fine, go away!” - L

“Just one more thing…” - K

“What?!” - L

“Is the man you dating better than me?”

“He is so much better. He is kind, caring, knows what I want, always cuddles, and is a better half-galra than you!” - L

“Wait… What did you say?” - K

“He is better?” - L

“No, after that.” - K

“Kind?” - L

“With the word ‘galra’” - K

“Oh he is a better half galra than you.” - L

“What is a better half-galra than me?!” - K

“He is not a what. His name is Lotor!” - L

“What!?” - K

“Before you go all crazy: Yes, Lotor is alive. And yes, he some how manage to escape that explosive. And yes, he is the son of evil. And yes, he try to kill us many time. And yes, he is better than you at sex. And yes, I know this is bad. And yes, I know everyone will be against it. And yes, I am dating him. And yes, he is better than you.”

“Oh you-”

To be continued… Maybe XD

look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi

in case you were wondering… i have better taste in men than i do in women.

i wasn’t planning to draw these two then uh, i did, so here is a boring contribution to the boy lovin’ vidal effort

God help me I’m thinking about fucking self-indulgent/sadstuck soulmate aus for canon Homestuck like

  • Names show up on your arm in the appropriate color when you turn 6 or 13. If you’re a troll, you get five names. You don’t get to know which are which. It fucking sucks.
  • Terezi had secretly hoped Vriska would be her flushed match, but Vriska had hoped for Tavros because the Summoner and Mindfang were matched, and by the time Terezi and Vriska realized they were some kind of match, they had already gone through Make Her Pay. 
  • When Vriska figures out Terezi is one of her matches, she redoubles her friendly flattering messages trying to get her back, because she’s not sure what quadrant she and Terezi are destined in, but obviously she’s going to collect all her soulmates and figure something out, because that’s her destiny.
  • Terezi licks her arm on her 6th wriggling day, smells blueberry, and then just fucking buries herself in the scalemate pile and screams in frustration for like a whole day. It’s a whole three nights before she even reads the other names.
  • Karkat has spent his entire life hoping that his matches are his age or younger, so he can find out about and subsequently silence those fuckers before they get his name on their arms in heretical red and decide to turn him in. He’s dismayed when he knows a few of the names. He’s even more dismayed when one of the names is also in red.
  • Kanaya is hella freaked out because she has a four letter name on her arm, in an off-spectrum unnatural lavender color, and does that mean she’s an alien fucker? (yes)

anonymous asked:

ok..I just need some hurt/comfort headcanons for blue zircon x green zircon pls

Something like Blue’s first major case and she’s really nervous about it (to the point where she feels like she’s about to have an anxiety attack) and Green’s trying to be supportive? Idk if this really counts as hurt/comfort but I’m pretty bad at coming up with headcanons on the spot lmao.

Whats their Ship Name? …Keillura??…Aleith??…Akira??? im workin on commmissions istg!!this is just a warm up yeah?? …sorry voltron’s taken over my life….

also i have to dedicate this to @nyenuma for comin into my inbox an screamin abt voltron tbh!!!!

time-limit  asked:

This is not included in that list but may I request a piece on how bnha kids play "truth or dare" with Shinsou? pretty-pretty please?

They’re all sitting in a circle in the class 1-A dormitory common room. About half the class stayed to play the game, the other half retiring early or, in Bakugou’s case, wasn’t interested in “playing some stupid fucking game like fucking kindergarteners.”

Now they sit and watch as Ashido explains the rules for the game. It’s late enough and they’re still teenagers enough that they still feel the excitement of having to make the ultimate choie between truth or dare. But they’re mostly quiet, because there are a few new faces in the crowd.

Shinsou sits next to Midoriya. He’s staring blankly at Ashido with the rest of them, but only those closest to him can see the way his hands are clenched into fists in his lap. He’s not sure why he stayed. Maybe because Monoma and Kendou are intent on getting the most out of class 1-A’s generosity. Maybe because Midoriya had said it was okay. But this game? With his Quirk? It’s a sure-fire way to spell disaster.

And finally, Mineta, of course, is the one to point it out. He peeks from behind Kouda’s broad back and points at Shinsou. “A-Are we sure we wanna play with him? What if he takes advantage of us?”

Tense silence immediately falls over the group. Shinsou levels an idle stare in Mineta’s direction. The kid immediately squeaks and falls back into Kouda’s shadow. Kendou’s wearing an almost sympathetic expression, that megane-kun from class 1-A is frowning sternly, but most everyone avoids eye contact.

Shinsou shifts. Maybe he should leave after all.

“If anyone’s going to take advantage, it’d be you.” The frog girl’s voice is quiet, but it rings across the room. 

Then everyone is nodding, tension deflating slightly. Shinsou keeps quiet. Midoriya, however, does not.

“Yeah, it’ll be fine! This game doesn’t have to involve our Quirks at all!” Midoriya turns to him, and there’s that stupid sunny grin of his. “You’ve never played truth or dare before, have you? Would you like to start, Shinsou-kun?”

Shinsou casts one more glance around the room. Patient eyes blink back at him. He allows his hands to loosen. 

“Sure,” he answers Midoriya, and the smile that Midoriya gives him has always been out of his control.


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Today on Husbands of Changsha Seoul: Yixing keeps picking out ugly furniture for their house that Jongdae doesn’t like, so he smashes them to pieces to get the point across, but is actually just doing it to get Yixing’s attention.
This is obviously not funny, I’m not funny, and this is obviously a joke. Fake subs are no longer a thing but this was in my head for such a long time I had to get it out. So yeah, sorry if it’s not funny and don’t take it seriously, because you never know who may or may not take it seriously, and if you enjoyed it thank you very much, but obviously I’m no longer going to do more. Lol bye.

is this technically Cross faction ships? IDK xD some fun with body parts at least xD

as long as Medic and Sniper are having fun (sorry Spy)

my aesthetic:

barba and sonny sitting on a hill, watching the sun set. sonny tucks a wildflower behind barba’s ear. the wind is blowing.

the light grows dim and the stars begin shining weakly. sonny points out constellations to barba, holding his hand, laying in the grass.

everything is quiet, just crickets and sonny’s voice. barba loves listening to him ramble on, and eventually he catches the detective’s gaze. he stops talking for a second and they just listen to the crickets as they watch the last streaks of pink fade from the sky.

sonny’s trying to learn the ukelele because barba is so musical and he plays this lil tune he learned to surprise his boyfriend. he’s kinda nodding his head to the music, immersed in thought and concentration. rafael is sitting right in front of sonny now, watching him play.

he finishes his song and looks up from the ukelele about to ask if he did okay but barba just tackles him back into the grass and kisses him