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Reasons Why Keith is #Relatable
  • Likes knives too much
  • Doesn’t know what he’s doing w/ his hair
  • Stutters when flustered
  • Ready to Fight™
  • Has never been straight
  • In love with Lance, probably 
  • Has a deep appreciation for Shiro’s existence 
  • Knows that Hunk is Very Good
  • Emo as hell but loves his friends always
  • Atrocious fashion sense but doesn’t care
  • Awkward
  • Would die for someone if they gave him a hug once
  • Usually a little irritated
  • Says jokes in a deadpan voice with a completely straight face
  • Worries too much
  • “I like it out here, it’s quiet.”
  • Too beautiful to be in this much pain
  • Mothman is his cryptid bf

look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi

in case you were wondering… i have better taste in men than i do in women.

i wasn’t planning to draw these two then uh, i did, so here is a boring contribution to the boy lovin’ vidal effort

God help me I’m thinking about fucking self-indulgent/sadstuck soulmate aus for canon Homestuck like

  • Names show up on your arm in the appropriate color when you turn 6 or 13. If you’re a troll, you get five names. You don’t get to know which are which. It fucking sucks.
  • Terezi had secretly hoped Vriska would be her flushed match, but Vriska had hoped for Tavros because the Summoner and Mindfang were matched, and by the time Terezi and Vriska realized they were some kind of match, they had already gone through Make Her Pay. 
  • When Vriska figures out Terezi is one of her matches, she redoubles her friendly flattering messages trying to get her back, because she’s not sure what quadrant she and Terezi are destined in, but obviously she’s going to collect all her soulmates and figure something out, because that’s her destiny.
  • Terezi licks her arm on her 6th wriggling day, smells blueberry, and then just fucking buries herself in the scalemate pile and screams in frustration for like a whole day. It’s a whole three nights before she even reads the other names.
  • Karkat has spent his entire life hoping that his matches are his age or younger, so he can find out about and subsequently silence those fuckers before they get his name on their arms in heretical red and decide to turn him in. He’s dismayed when he knows a few of the names. He’s even more dismayed when one of the names is also in red.
  • Kanaya is hella freaked out because she has a four letter name on her arm, in an off-spectrum unnatural lavender color, and does that mean she’s an alien fucker? (yes)

Whats their Ship Name? …Keillura??…Aleith??…Akira??? im workin on commmissions istg!!this is just a warm up yeah?? …sorry voltron’s taken over my life….

also i have to dedicate this to @nyenuma for comin into my inbox an screamin abt voltron tbh!!!!


nobody is immune to nagisa’s charm 

this ova has slayed my soul goodbye world SOUCHAN-

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hiii i have a prompt for chetty if you are still accepting them that is! it's super simple and cute it's just Betty carrying Cheryl bridal style!!! bc god help me i can't get it out of my head! it could be cheryl twisting her ankle durig vixens practice or the scooby gang snooping around somewhere and she missteps idk I JUST NEED IT. sorry this is probably very messy. whether you do it or not you are awesome and i love your blog and writing very much! have a nice day! :)

umm thank u so much???? i love writing for these two assholes and like,,literally send me anything you want for them because my god i love it. also im always accepting prompts so like never hesitate. i hope this is what you wanted, if not, let me know and ill see what i can do! thank you again for the sweet message and prompt!:))))

Cheryl Blossom prides herself on being The Queen of Riverdale High.

She prides herself on the way a whole hallway can separate within seconds so that she can walk through with ease, how people will dive out of her way so they can be spared from her famous tongue lashings, how she carries herself with such grace and poise that people question whether or not she’s human.

(meaning for a solid three years in elementary, Jughead and Archie were convinced she was a robot that that Blossoms had created so Jason wouldn’t get lonely and that only stopped after they saw her cry after Jason fell down and broke his leg in the second grade)

So when she falls one day on the field as all of her little minions (read: the River Vixens) are filing out, she can’t help but feel a hot shame fill her as relief that no one saw her actually fall battles that shame. She attempts to get up but as soon as she puts weight on her right foot, she hisses and falls back to the ground, slamming her left knee against the grass.


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Nathan relationship headcanons

He doesn’t care much for public display of affection but he likes to keep his arm around you to show everyone else that you’re his

While watching a movie he likes to be the one snuggled and in the middle of the movie he would just stare at you thinking how lucky he is to have you

He likes it rough but only if everything is consensual and the rules have been set beforehand

He doesn’t do any smalltalk but when he’s alone with you he loves to talk about everything there is even if he’s a bit hesitant at first. He also thinks its a big turn on if the other person is a good listener

He also likes to be the little spoon at times even though he would never say that out loud to anyone

He is the kind of person who would do anything for a loved one, especially a gf/bf

He doesn’t like to go on dates outside, he just likes it simple and loves to spend quality time together in some private place


Sketches PrrChu

Idk how to tiles anymore ヽ(;▽;)ノ. I also have no idea what is going on here but aren’t they cute ♥.

Blond Haired Danish (?) smoothing their bae (??)