idk if they have an official name or

i think that hance dating happens naturally. they kind of expected it, thought about it plenty of times too. there weren’t any thoughts such as “what if i ruin our friendship?”, because deep down lance knew that no one in this world will get him like hunk does. and because they were really close, they’ve always used pet names like “baby”, “dear”, “sweetie” so it was no big deal, both of them were used to it. and they start dating, right? they make things “official” and one day instead of all the obnoxious sugary nicknames, hunk just calls lance “love” and lance just….Dies a bit. he’s flustered and fumbles around trying to answer to whatever hunk just said, except he can’t… he never called him ‘love’, not even jokingly. it felt too intimate. hunk gets anxious af and starts saying things like “oh my god?? i shouldn’t have said that without warning, i’m sorry it’s just that–” and lance shuts him up with a gentle kiss and hunk’s shoulders drop and he’s not tense anymore, he just melts in lance’s arms….  i’d die for hance


Danger Days Flashback

The bizarre world of the Killjoy Twitter accounts. The official accounts included AgentCherriCola, TommyChowMein, DrDeathDefying, NewsAGoGo, DJHotCHIMP, PartyPoison, and GaryLevko. Additional accounts were BobFillmore (which was deleted) and NEONFUCK (which somehow became a porn account, and is now suspended.) At one point, the PartyPoison account was hacked and turned into a Cher fan account. Most of the accounts have been inactive since 2013, except for a single NewsAGoGo tweet in July 2015.

Cherri’s original name was Agent Cherry Cola, but when someone snagged the account agentcherrycola, his name was quickly changed. This person, whose identity is still unknown, actually played along and had people thinking it was an official Killjoy account. More info on that here.

More Flashbacks

Reading an article about the recent Smackdown Live show and I got to the part about Naomi relinquishing her Women’s Championship. The part I circled is why is officially canceled, as well as fucking trash.

Although idk, they might actually be huge fans of Roman, since they fuckin bring up his name when they write about things that have FUCK ALL to do with the man…


ASGZC Fic Recs (Final Fantasy VII)

(becuse why have an otp or an ot3 when you can have an ot5? ;))) plus i have not been able to find a fic rec post for them yet! so here are all my fave fics featuring the wonderful polyship that is angeal/sephiroth/genesis/zack/cloud.) (also if you have any more recs pls send them to me i will love you forever)

A Cadet and a Cat by Pegz [M, 8.5k]

One lonely Friday evening Cadet Cloud Strife has an unexpected encounter, and lands himself in a situation he never dreamed could happen. 

The Best of the Best by Tobirion [T, 6.5k]

If you want to know something, you go to Kunsel. That’s just how things work. Kunsel’s been recruited by the Silver Elite to find out who Sephiroth is dating. He figures it out, that and a lot more.

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Well I’m out of characters that I officially have in game, but I can share my recent concept for a frosty sylvari. I wanted him to look both frosty and a little aurora borealis like; he also really makes me think of the Japanese Painted Fern (very neat plants).
Aside from the base design though, I don’t have anything else, not a name, I couldn’t even put together an outfit that I felt fit his design. I guess I’ll have to work on designing him outside of the game (which is okay cause I also have that ogre out of game).

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ok idk if you're able to answer this but is her name Heckapoo or Hekapoo???? Because I keep seeing both names on official things and I have absolutely no idea what it is and its messing me up

It’s Hekapoo.

abbieneedstostop  asked:

Rank the JD's!! (all the guys who have been recorded to play him, INCLUDING THOMAS SANDERS AND THE OG, CHRISTIAN SLATER)

uhhh the only JDs I know are the dan domenech JD, Thomas Sanders JD, and the official recording JD (idk his name??) ;-; I mean personally I’d rank them as 1. Dan 2. Official recording guy 3.Thomas


SKETCHESSSSS of childofsquid’s and my collab story about a prince and a knight who embark on a journey to find a princess for the prince to marry, but alas in the end the fall in love with each other. 

We literally only made them just yesterday but!!! we have a lot of stories to tell about Prince Emery and Terryn his (not-so-loyal) knight so hopefully we put something together in the near future! :’) 

Captions on the pics!

1) @takeaguessitsjess and I have officially set our ship on sail. “Jececeica” is our ship name 😘 (so exotic sounding 😍)
2) nothing to see here.. I just lost a bet… 😔
(I’m usually great at bets I swear! Idk what happened this time! 😅)
3) writing the t word a whole two times? Oh boy. Don’t mind my cheeks… May be the same colour as that marker 😳
4) no writing those things in that particular area tootttaallyy wasn’t death 🙈🙈
Sigh. The things I do for you… You’re lucky I love you 😂

get to know me meme

thanks to @tarjei-sandvikks for tagging me!!

hm btw i’m @eskvilde it’s in my bio and everything but just,, don’t be confused i’m doing this for both of my blogs since you know, i’m only one person

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Name: marianne

Nickname: i don’t really have an official nickname i have one friend who calls me marie sometimes but that’s it

Gender: female

Star sign: virgo

Height: 165 cm so 5′4 i think

Sexual orientation: bisexual, i’ve been thinking about it a lot these past few months and it’s the first time i’m saying it “to someone” which makes me so damn emotional but yeah. i am❤

(woh feels like i’ve dropped a bomb, anyway)

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Fav colour: idk blue i guess but like pretty blue, i don’t really care i don’t have a favorite color i just like pretty colors you know

Fav animal: i’m not really an animal person? i mean i like them and everything, i have a cat but i’m not like heey i love animals idk yeah, but cats i guess

Average hours of sleep: around seven during school week and on weekends ten hours i think

Cat or dog person: definitely cat even though i like dogs you know, i just like cats way more

Favorite fictional person: man how am i even supposed to answer this?? i love so many but i think the one i’ve loved the most is james cook from skins? he really reminded me of this boy i used to be in love with and as soon as he first appeared i knew i was REALLY gonna love him and i did/i do… but idk if he really is my favorite bc there are so many characters i love, i just think he’s the one who’s had the biggest effect on me and continues to have the biggest effect on me because of his similarities with this person i knew (okay i rambled SO MUCH i’m sorry)

#of blankets I sleep with: one but it’s like a thick one idk the english word for it and then i have a small one

Fav singer/band: i used to be the biggest directioner but now i just listen to random stuff, i love bea miller though!! okay so yeah bea miller

Dream trip: right now i’m dying to go back to oslo, i went there with my class and left two weeks ago and ugh it was so great plus i got to visit and “live” in the city in which one of my favorites series is filmed and now sometimes i recognize place i’ve been to in gifs, videos, etc of skam and it makes me SO EMOTIONAL so yeah i just wanna go back there:(

Dream job: wah i have no idea which is kind of becoming a problem

When was your blog created: i created my main @rileysbleh around three years ago and my skam blog @eskvilde on december 31st

current # of followers: 157 on @rileysbleh and 264 on @eskvilde lmao i’m lonely (but friendly ;) ok stop)

What made you create a tumblr: i don’t really know why i created it in the first place? i guess i was just signing up on all these social medias you know like twitter, tumblr and okay i think that’s it but yeah i guess i just thought it was cool to have tumblr. but i wasn’t active from 2013 to last year (why am i even telling you this this isn’t the question)

i’m SORRY for talking so much lmao i’m just so used to rambling on twitter and in real life, i talk way too much that’s just who i am

20 Questions Ask
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Rules: There are no rules. Rules are a lie.

Name: nah son you ain’t getting my info this easy
Nicknames: well here on tumblr dot com, @jerusalemstraycat calls me red, short for redacted, which i have accepted as my official tumblr name
Zodiac sign: no.
Height: Not Getting My Info This Easy
Orientation: just… just read my blog. y'all. y'all.
Ethnicity: seriously it should take you like, two seconds to figure this out
Favorite fruit: oooh when grapes are like really good i could eat those all day but also cherries are amazing and a lot of berries also idk fruits’re great kids eat fruit
Favorite season: when it’s like forty or fifty fahrenheit out
Favorite books: do i ask you to pick ur favorite children,,, u monster
Favorite flowers: Oooh when flowers are like two colors and especially when they’re sunset colors but idc the type
Favorite scent: i don’t… i mean i like smelling like boys deodorant for myself? i like mint generally? idk my nose isn’t my like number one sensory organ you know
Favorite color: they’re all pretty except like muddy green is gross and also orange, light or very strong pink, and yellow aren’t my faves. (sorry @sea-sahlt)
Favorite animal: the floofff! luv anything with flooff! and sharksand cute lizards!! Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: it depends on my goal y'all. if i’m trying to wake up it’s obviously coffee but there’s this chocolate mint tea i’ve been getting and it’s 👌👌👌
Average Sleep Hours: this is so oddly specific lol why would anyone care
Cat or Dog person? Yes.
Favorite Fictional Character: WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME
Number of Blankets you sleep with: One very floofy one and a smaller one also because Warmth
Ideal Trip: have fun, it’s warm out, there is nature, i am with friends and i like them and the gender binary doesn’t bother me at all the whole time
Blog created: hmm… early 2015?
Number of followers: close to 200… weird… i’m not tagging anyone here but if you like it do it yay

Pulling Namjoon’s airport mask having it sling back and smack his face.

Different Kinds of Wampus Headcanons

Alright, guys, you know I’m all about the Pukwudgies, but I thought I’d try my hand at some of the other intrahouse dynamics. Also, idk what the “official” Hogwarts-Ilvermorny house mash-up names are, so imma just pick one and stick with it. So here goes Wampus!

Wampurins being like literally the scariest people on the ENTIRE campus. These are the students that will stop at nothing to get what they want once they set their minds to it. Sports? These guys are brutal. Classes? Better watch out, Horned Serpents, you have competition. Debate Team (if that exists at Ilvermorny)? The other team better be on their A-game or they’re gonna leave crushed and crying. They form really tight groups and fiercely defend their pride, either with the sharpest tongues around or the sharpest knives. They’re expert duelists, naturally. Some of them are looking for a fight anywhere one can be found, but most try to keep that instinct in check. If you have a beef with someone and can’t resolve it yourself, you can always go to the Wumpurins, if you’re brave enough. They might not take up your cause, but if they do, shit is gonna go down. Luckily Wampurins usually won’t intervene in trivial nuisances outside their own group. They’re the boogie man you call down upon anyone who tries to get away with things like major theft and assault. Those they’ve helped see them as vigilante heroes. Those who’ve felt their wrath will never forget it.

Wampindors being the super type A personalities of Ilvermorny. Some of them are super-athletes and throw themselves whole-heartedly into physical activities. Some are really into politics and social issues, and will eagerly discuss these with others. Whatever they are interested in, they are competitive. All of them are really into having a cause and upholding that cause. Like Pukindors, they hate to see others downtrodden and will do whatever they can to make things right. Their protective instincts are crazy strong. They usually police the first years of all houses to try to prevent bullying. Whatever year, these guys really take “talk shit, get hit” to heart. 

Wampuffs being usually pretty easy-going, up to a point. They are loyal friends and like to go-with-the-flow and get along with everyone. They might like to rough-house from time to time, but they don’t go looking for conflict. That being said, if a fight comes to them they’ll lay down the hurt, verbally or physically if need be. These guys are the most genial athletes and always show good sportsmanship. Of all the houses, they have the best perspective on when to fight and when to walk away. Whenever they express an opinion, everyone shuts up and listens bc they probably know what they’re talking about. They are the quiet, soft-spoken, and most-respected of all of Wampus House. If the Wampuffs are stirred to action, they are almost as scary as the Wampurins. They show a measure of restraint that few other Wampuses can muster, even when they are angry. 

Wampenclaws being the ones who fight for freedom of information. If there’s a book in the library that is restricted, they want to know why. If they feel like the rules don’t apply to them, they’ll fight for a way to get access to what they want. They, much like Wampindors, are liable to take up causes. Usually the causes are less-flashy, more cerebral in nature. Wampenclaws love talking with Horned Serpents, Pukenclaws, and Thunderclaws about current and historical issues. Wampinclaws and Pukenclaws are a somewhat explosive combination, as both of them are extremely passionate about their chosen issues.

Wampus house being pretty loud and raucous almost all times of night and day. There’d be lots of pick-up games of all kinds mostly taking place between Wampindors, Wampuffs, and Wampurins, with Wampuffs maintaining order and good conduct between their friends. Older students might participate in late-night fighting rings, mostly between Wampurins and Wampindors. If Wampuffs find out about it, though, they sometimes crash them. Sometimes they just stay to watch and bet, though. Wampencalws spiritedly debate issues with Wampindors, and hold hyper-competitive wizards-chess games.Truth-or-dare games have a way of escalating out of control, and first, second, and third-years frequently get themselves into ridiculous situations bc of it. All the older Wampuses enjoy late-night games of magical quarters, too, and the Wampenclaws are surprisingly good at it. If the Wampurins need a difficult spell to use on someone who has ended up on their bad-side, they consult Wampenclaws. Wampus house parties would be so insane and legendary, and everyone would know when one had happened because almost all Wampuses would come to class the next day with little nicks and bruises. Also, don’t know why, but I feel like Wampuses would make THE BEST BBQ, with Wampuffs being the grill-masters of Ilvermorny. Wampuses are super-supportive of anyone who struggles with anxiety and depression, and anytime they learn of someone needing help, they get together and comfort the student, encouraging them to keep fighting.   

There, I took a stab at it. Lemme know if you think something needs to be added or changed!

anonymous asked:

I'm not underage and I'm not worried about getting into clubs or drinking lol. I was thinking about getting a fake in case a pot asks to see it or if someone goes through my bag. Idk maybe I'm being paranoid but I've heard about that happening to more than one girl on here... What did you mean by you have multiple fake real names?

No no no no, don’t present your ID to any POT or SD it might be a cop. Imagine it’s a fake ID, extra trouble. 

I’m glad you’re not underage. 

Everyone assumes my mom’s maiden name is my surname. So it’s like there’s me on dotted paper and there’s me on vanilla social media. I dodged so many security checks because when you search my official name online nothing comes out except for trivial stuff. 

Another real fake name is the name I give when a POT asks my real name. Lol.

anonymous asked:

So I know you as a non-bi person changed your name and all and I was thinking of doing the same thing. Should just like make up my own name or adopt like a weird nickname that wouldn't have any gendered conotations? Should I pick a real name that is unisex? Should it be official or just what I call myself? Idk what I'm doing so... halp.

Hm! Choosing a new name is a really personal thing, but you should keep in mind that you can always choose another if your first one doesn’t work out. Personally, mine is just completely made up, but lots of people choose real life names (you can filter unisex on most baby-name sites) and it’s also not uncommon to see people who have just named themselves after random words. It doesn’t HAVE to be unisex either, if you find a name that is typically gendered but you still like it. If you’re nonbinary and it’s your name, then it’s an nb name!

When you choose a new name you should ask people to start calling you that and try to call yourself that, but it takes a while to get used to. After a little practice though, you’ll get it.

Good luck, hun!

(Side note: the shortened form of “nonbinary” is “nb”)

Tomorrow is Another Day - SepticPie

i dunno. i wanted some slight angst. i needed to vent.

this fic has nothing to do with what i’m feeling. but it helped me feel a little better, at least. i don’t even really ship this but hey. it was fun to write.


The last thing he is expecting is to see Felix at his door in the middle of the night.

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