idk if they have a ship name tbh

Shallura: Mom and Dad relationship
Shklance: Orgy
Shidge: Dad and daughter/son
Sheith: Brother relationship
Shance: Lance teaching Shiro memes
Shunk: This is a ship?

Klance: Space Ranger Partners (cred to Jeremy for the name)
Kunk: “Bro…you light up my world” “..Bro..”
Kidge: Salty sister meets Bad Brother
Kallura: I have no commentary for this for specific reasons.

Lidge: Meme brother meets meme sister
Lallura: “Hello pretty lady” “I am married.”

Hidge: Cute techies wanting to have fun and play video games

Pallura: “Mom you literally don’t understand.” “WELL TEACH ME!”


Ultimate Meme Team: Lance, Hunk, Pidge

Ultimate BROTP: Lank

Ultimate sibling otp: Lidge

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Okay so like. IDK how much better this will make you feel but like I have this klance headcanon (Although it could work for any ship, really). Imagine someone not knowing Lance's last name, and someone start's a rumor that its McClain simply because they saw one of his light-skinned Cuban relatives and then it starts going around until they're arguing with Lance on it, saying shit like 'Its racist that you're not accepting all of your heritages, be proud you're white!' and then finally (1/2)

Keith just yells out ‘THIS IS LANCE’S LAST NAME COZ I’M PLANNING ON TAKING IT AS MINE’ and just gets down on one knee and proposes to Lance on the spot. They come back and Lance’s VERY EXTREMELY SUPER CUBAN last name is now Keith’s last name. It was just a thought, but I’m sorry that stupid racists are trying to give him McMarshmallowwhitebitch as a last name. (2/2)


Whats their Ship Name? …Keillura??…Aleith??…Akira??? im workin on commmissions istg!!this is just a warm up yeah?? …sorry voltron’s taken over my life….

also i have to dedicate this to @nyenuma for comin into my inbox an screamin abt voltron tbh!!!!

as much as i avoid shipping the students in MHA, i have to admit that i do think Bakugou/Uraraka is kinda cute

but like. i can only see it in a very specific way

i think it’d be super cute if Bakugou developed a crush on Uraraka (i can’t really see it happening the other way around tbh). 

mostly b/c he obviously respects her a lot after their match, which for him, says A LOT. he begins calling her by her name, something he doesn’t really do for any other character. he even does it in his thoughts, where no one can hear him. plus, he was actually concerned for her well being after their match, and even confronted Izuku about it, all but chastising him for putting that dangerous attack plan in her head (before finding out it was all her own plan). and Bakugou didn’t hold back against her, b/c he respected her experience, and he was extremely eager to keep fighting her, and looked really pensive/shocked when she collapsed

“Where do you see fragile?” indeed

(plus there’s this little omake which i think shows an interesting interaction between their characters, which i find fascinating)

there just seems to be a lot of interest and respect for Uraraka on Bakugou’s end that i could easily see him developing a crush on her. but like. since this is Bakugou and he takes his hero career Very Seriously, he tries really hard to avoid romance and other unnecessary things so he can focus on his future. so if he does start crushing on her (and i think he’s self-aware enough to recognize a crush for what it is, but also stubborn enough to be in extreme denial about it), that he gets super frustrated and flustered about it

he starts losing his composure around her, he seems to snap more easily than usual, scowls and avoids looking at her as much as possible, and randomly turns red and angrily grits his teeth (b/c he’s mad at himself for blushing so easily)

Uraraka (and the rest of class 1-A), meanwhile, has no idea about what’s going on. all she thinks is that Bakugou’s acting angerier than usual

and i think Bakugou is perceptive enough to realize that Uraraka has a crush on Izuku, which just further frustrates him. but i also think that Bakugou is the type to avoid acting on any kind of romantic feelings, because he doesn’t want anything to distract him from becoming the number 1 hero, so while he most likely wouldn’t have done anything anyway, her crushing on Izuku just further prevents him from acting. (mostly b/c he, again, doesn’t wanna be distracted from his goals, but also b/c she’s not even interested in him in the first place, so there’d literally be no point to it anyway, so. yeah)

basically, the only way i can see Bakugou/Uraraka is if Bakugou starts crushing on Uraraka and becomes a frustrated, flustered ball of explosive energy, completely unwiling to admit to or act on said feelings, while Uraraka remains completely oblivious


If you have a problem with Mark, a real human being, having a girlfriend and you call her rude names, say shes gonna die, threaten her life, etc etc… you are literally not apart of this fandom anymore. Mark has said this many times. If you say something hateful to someone, bully them, harm them, and you claim to be a fan of Markiplier, SIKE BITCH. 


Okay tbh, I adore Mark. Mark is a big bundle of dorky cuteness. Like, seeing him get a girlfriend was like..upsetting a first becausehoboyihadacrush but then I realize that he’s gonna be happy and shes gonna make him happy and they're gonna be happy and do happy things and HHHFHGJDRSKJSRHDMK. She makes him happy and y’all as his fans should at least understand this. Y’all should be glad that he has someone. This is also kinda for Jack as well because people are also pissy that he has a gf and they’re asshurt that Septiplier doesn’t exist and that two grown men are straight af and have womenses. i hope yall understand that, lol

 @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye

I know I shouldn’t have to stand up for you guys or anything but it’s time people stop being petty. Y’all have lives, y’know. You guys should be able to have girlfriends or whatever and people shouldn’t have to act like children because of that. They should know better. Yes, they’re still human and yes they have emotions but treating you and your girlfriends the way they are isn’ isn’t right. 

Mark and Jack have lives.

Allow them to live it.

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((What’s your ships? I just love talking about ships.))

I have primarily about four otps with naegi - naezono (naegi/maizono), naegiri (naegi/kirigiri), naehina (naegi/asahina) and naemiki (naegi/tsumiki). I also ship him with koizumi and sonia, but they’re not as big for me. oh and I lowkey ship the ot3 naehinagiri XD

outside of naegi, my otps consist of hinanami, hinazumi, sonata (sonia/hinata, idk what their ship name is), sondam, nekane (nekumaru/akane). I have other ships but they’re more lowkey.

I love talking about ships too tbh, and I always say no matter what someone ships, if it makes them happy and it’s not being used to hurt someone, it’s cool. I don’t judge people for what they ship. shippers gonna ship, yo.

tldr; this canon has ruined me forever I can’t not ship everyone

Tbh if gruvia wasn’t so obviously the end game for Gray and Juvia, I’d have no idea who I’d want Juvia to end up with.

Lucy? Cana? Gajeel? Lisanna? Merady? Natsu?

Maybe Juvia has a herem? (Jk jk i find herems gross)

Don’t get me wrong I love gruvia, but I just have so many other ships for Juvia as well.

The Judge in Court
  • Judge: another day of discriminating against phoenix
  • Judge: i love my job
  • Judge: who's the prosecuter for this trial...edgeworth?
  • Judge: YASSSSSS
  • Judge: wait lemme make some popcorn hold up
  • Judge: hmmm...phoenix had a very logical and reasonable argument...but idk i like how edgeworth's cravat is fluttering so...
  • Judge: lol there they go again with all the flirting
  • Judge: hey guys whats the ship name
  • Judge: tbh i have no idea whats going on rn
  • Judge: im so done rn phoenix shut up
  • Judge: whatever i guess phoenix has a point get the confetti

Like I’m not crazy into Tayvin or Calvin tbh and the boy has seriously screwed up in the past, but idk how there are people on this website who so vehemently hate him but ship Gyllenswift or Haylor. Like Jake was so embarrassed of her and her music and didn’t go to her damn birthday and Harry didn’t stand up to his fans and all the misogynistic name calling that was going on. Like sure Calvin may have been a 100% fuckboy in the past but at least he’s proud to be her boyfriend and doesn’t care if she doesn’t mesh with his EDM scene.