idk if they have a ship name tbh

matt age theory?

we know that pidge was just starting middle school in the flashback at the end of episode 2 of season 4 because she says that she has to go through middle school without Matt there (because he will be on the kerberos mission)

most middle schoolers start at age 11 (turning 12 during the year) meaning that in the flashback pidge would have been about 12 years old. in the pilot we learned it takes months to get all the way out to kerberos so that would have taken some time.

in the pilot we are shown pidge a year after the failed kerberos mission which would have been a year and some months after the flashback in season 4 allowing the time for the kerberos mission to launch, fail, and have a 1 year anniversary of that failure. therefor pidge would have been about 14 at the time of the pilot.

we also know that pidge is 15 now which means that in canon from the time of the flashback to season 4 pidge would have aged 3 years and matt would have aged 3 years as well.

with the assumptions that the garrison is a high school program, said high school program wouldn’t send a student who hasn’t completed the program on a mission, and that most high schoolers start at age 14 (turning 15 during the year) and graduate when they are 18, then when matt went on the kerberos mission he would have been at least 18 years old.

this is also supported by the fact that keith, hunk and lance are all 17/18 year olds and were still part of the program and keith was the top student in the class but still wasn’t chosen to go on a mission. none of them were. they were all still being trained in the pilot which leads to the idea that the garrison wouldn’t send people to space until they completed the program/graduated. so again matt would have been at LEAST 18.

if he was at least 18 when he went on the mission and 3 years have passed in canon since the flashback scene, that would mean that in season 4 matt would be at least 21 years old.


Listen, these two fucking destroyed me, now they’re a tree and I’m sobbing.


Me and @gayradwhitedad were talking n we ended up getting on the topic of domestic n married boyf riends n i made a daughter for them CUZ THEY WOULD MAKE GOOD DADS OK AY

shes a quiet kid who is the only responsible one of the three of them BUT MICHAEL AND JEREMY LOVE HER A LOT

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Holy shite I do most certeiny need some Olivier/Percy headcanons now

Hokay well

  • They are just such passionate and intense people they basically rule their dorm room
  • All the other Gryffindor boys in their year (wisely) decide yeah, we’ll just stay the fuck out of their way and hope we don’t get caught in the crossfire
  • Because how is Percy supposed to study when Oliver is muttering Quidditch plays to the wall and 
  • Oliver it is green and I saw it move whatever it used to be it is not a sock any more
  • so
  • obviously they clash, but Oliver also won’t leave Percy alone because seriously he comes from the same stock as some of Hogwarts’s most brilliant Quidditch players surely there’s some potential
  • that’s definitely the only reason Percy slips into his one-track mind.  Percy, and his tall, lanky frame that would be ideal for Chasing and piercing blue eyes that would look quite dashing in scarlet Quidditch robes and his perfectly combed hair that Oliver would really like to see messed up by the wind or by–
  • anyway
  • and Percy can’t completely write Oliver off because come on he has house pride and Oliver’s definitely good at Quidditch and captaining and so he comes to watch the matches because who doesn’t like to see their house win
  • even if Oliver is a fanatic, Percy has to admire his drive and his muscles
  • so they’re not like friends but they’re very aware of each other’s existence not that they’d ever admit it except to complain
  • and it’s their fifth year in their dorm room and Percy is trying to revise for OWLs, but Oliver can’t possibly focus because they’re finally in the running for the cup with a shot to win did you see Potter in that last match Weasley he could give your brother a run for his money really this is our year I can feel it
  • and Percy just.  Snaps.
  • some of us are trying to study around here you insufferable obsessed meathead some of us care about more important things than silly games
  • and Oliver steps in, gets in his face
  • my Quidditch cup is not less important than your musty old books it’s not like you even have to study you’re brilliant you always make top marks
  • Percy, drawing himself up pompously:  well it’s not like you have any right worrying about Quidditch with your save record
  • you don’t understand anything Weasley!
  • sorry, I thought I was “brilliant”
  • yeah, you are so what?
  • and suddenly the two very worked up boys realize exactly how close they are to each other and how heavily they are breathing and how nice the other one looks with his face all flushed like that and
  • cue angry makeout session
  • it’s never anything ~official~ while they’re in school
  • but they keep orbiting each other and keeping track of the other’s acheivements and making out in broom closets
  • and after the war they both happen to be looking for roommates and, well, they made it work for seven years and neither of them will be home much anyway they’re so invested in their careers so why not
  • it’s honestly kind of a mess because domestic life is like… the absolute farthest thing from either of their minds at any given moment
  • but they trade off who brings home takeout 
  • (Oliver remembers that Percy likes curry more than pizza and Percy always makes sure to ask for extra cheese for Oliver on whatever they order)
  • on a rare day they both have off Oliver actually gets Percy on a broom
  •  (and then, in short order, off the broom and out of his clothes because hot damn his cute dork actually flying is more than he can handle)
  • and they just understand each other at the level of really fucking passionate people even though their specific interests don’t overlap
  • they’re each other’s biggest fans tbh

I honestly could go on and on but this is already long so I’ll end it here ~

Whats their Ship Name? …Keillura??…Aleith??…Akira??? im workin on commmissions istg!!this is just a warm up yeah?? …sorry voltron’s taken over my life….

also i have to dedicate this to @nyenuma for comin into my inbox an screamin abt voltron tbh!!!!

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Hi, I saw your post about ships in KNK and was wondering if you can do a short intro to the different ships? Nothing major, just perhaps some moment they shared or a headcannon you have?

hello anon! omg I’m really not very good with all the ships I have a terrible memory so I’ll pribably miss the best moments but I’ll try!

* ship names are not official but this is I suppose what most people use? idk correct me if I got something wrong! *

the major ships (I think?). they’re the most known and popular and tbh too real

(seungjun/jihun): seungji/junhun. this is I feel like the most popular ship and the first one people notice probably. and these boyfriends are really kinda shameless. jihun sneaking out to seungjun’s room to have his back scratched and seungjun always sticking his entire huge body to jihun. he also wants to marry jihun, confirmed fact. you can find most of this great stuff on youtube and going by ship tag, recommend 100%! they’re also obsessed with each other’s butts okay.

(seungjun/inseong): seungseong. well, while jihun is away (probably having a great battle over youjin’s heart with heejun) seungjun gets bored, so he manages to sneak into inseong’s room and have his little portion of hugs and kisses, he needs some comforting okay. great stuff, highly recommend!

(inseong/heejun): heeseong. if the recent heejun’s april’s fool didn’t convince someone that inseong is the only true love of heejun’s entire life I don’t wanna know this person. true boyfriends, hugs and kisses (especially on inseong’s part) all the time, spreading love and happiness. great stuff, and this little thing they do every time they’re on the same team? my fave ship of all times.

(I would personally add this to the main ships ‘cause maknae line’s crush on youjin is real as ever)

(youjin/jihun): jinhun and (youjin/heejun): heejin. this is so sweet and funny but jihun and heejun have some hard ass crushes on youjin (poor man), so they’re being super clingy to him sometimes, trying not to miss any opportunity to hug him and bring some of his attention to them. getting jealous of each other all the time, of course, cheating on their actual boyfriends but man I feel them.

plus my personal little weaknesses

(youjin/inseong): jinseong. inseong is the only man in the group that youjin actually shows some affection towards sometimes. like and youjin even said that if he had to choose whom to date in knk it would’ve been inseong and he excluded him from ‘they’re not gonna eat if I win this game’ squad (seungjun, jihun and heejun lmao). inseong being a little flirty precious angel of course and things like this are super cute.

(jihun/heejun): hunhee. the siblings couple. despite of war going on between them they’re like the greatest brothers out there. they’re very close and cute and often role-play (and ‘cause youjin trouble honestly what a poor thing) and hug and what a pure love it is I just love them.

and these ships mostly go unnoticed but sometimes they pop out and you’re just like WOW this is a thing

(youjin/seungjun): seungjin. seungjun just being his clingy self and youjin probably thinks of seungjun as his most problematic kid (no chances of growing up this kid will never mature), takes care of him, simple and sweet dad/son relationship.

(seungjun/heejun): 2jun. the literally raised during their 12h vlive and, well, seungjun’s probably heejun’s younger cousin they’re just quite siblings that sometimes give us some stuff to cry about.

(inseong/jihun): jiseong. being part of the crazy trio (inseong, jihun and heejun) naturally made them close like look at this and this shit, what a fantastic potential this ship has.

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hey do you know the brooke/chloe ship name?

NO I DONT…..idk if theyd have a Specific one (like boyf riends) or just a name mash like richjake? (like brookechloe or chloebrooke or chloeooke or broochlo etc etc etc)

if they had a specific name shipname in my head ive always associated them w/ pinkberry because of Do You Want A Ride LMAO hejfjdksjf

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2/2: Keith respects Lance’s opinions and trusts his judgment. Shiro didn’t. I’m sure that frustrates Lance because you can literally hear him growl after Shiro ignored his request. And as for the Lions, maybe we’ll find out whether or not Shiro is a clone making him “unable” to pilot Black. This would place Keith back in Black (:3 hehe) anyhow this is just my opinion but I thought I’d share because why not?

I actually can see this happening tbh. Idk I just don’t think they introduced that whole Shiro escaping off of the Galra ship again and then one of the officials saying something about “Operation Kuron” which literally means clone, for no reason, there’s a significance to it. And it’s going to affect Shiro and the team in the future somehow, which might cause Keith to have to lead again. They didn’t do this lion switch stuff for no reason too, it was necessary. Also Jouqim himself (I literally can’t spell this mans name) said that the paladins aren’t at each other’s throats yet, so something big is definitely going to happen. 

Also the fact that Lance, someone who looks up to Shiro a lot, really disagreed with his leadership skills in that episode to the point where he growled over it is really significant too. This clearly isn’t the same Shiro, I feel like the annoying ass Galra did something to him. 


okay so i wasn’t tagged in this but i saw someone else do it and i wanna do it and tag people *rubs hands together*

these aren’t in any particular order i loVE THEM ALL SO MUCH

1. Licht x Lawless from Servamp (Lawlicht/JekyllHyde)- oml lawlicht is how i die, they are very veRY gay and i can’t be convinced otherwise 

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3. Rin x Haruka from Free! (RinHaru)- I AM IN RINHARU HELL,,,, LEGIT,,, HELLLLL LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE

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4. Makoto x Haruka from Free! (MakoHaru)- okay tbh i ship haru with everyone from this anime because he just deserves that much love, but mostly makoto and rin

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5. Shinobu x Miyagi from Junjou Romantica (Junjou Terrorist)- AGE DIFFERENCE IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE,,,, and shinobu is cute bc he tries to hard to be a typical uke whose good at cooking but hes really just an small shy angry puppy (another canon bonus) XD i would say misaki x usagi but misaki needs to be way more loving to usagi he drivin’ me crazy

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6. Haru x Ren from Super Lovers (Haren?)- idk the official name but heyy more canon gays and age difference and cuteness //dies

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8. Cloud x literally any other male from the FF series tbh (?!?!)- i’M sorry my multishipping gets out of control sometimes, but hhhhh probabbbblllyyy sephiroth the most, i mean look at the way they aggressively throw their blades at each other its pretty obvious that,, they belong together,,,,,,,,,,,?

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9. Gladion x Hau from Pokemon Sun/Moon (Haudion?)- again idk alsoo i lowkey ship this rn, i only just made it to poni island in the game, and dAMN DO I HAVE THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON GLADION OH MY GAIA //breathes// but, since i’m very anti self-insertion please just throw gladion in a relationship with the other male cutie named hau and uhh theres no gifs of them so heres just gladion bae

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10. Sousuke x Haru from Free! (SouHaru)- ok i’m having trouble thinking of a last one so i’ll just put another lowkey haru ship hEYYY

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yeahh none of these are straight

I. TAG. if you want, oh my go d ok  @stirlingphoenix @smolredbean@vampysuzuki @hackertastical-elliot @crossingworld @ticklyfandoms@kairei-chan @starry-sugar @canthydefromthelicht @reimeijennoir@shibakamiko @roronoazoro1711 @absolutelyuselessfangirl@servampfangirl @judalbelike @tina-nightray @fragranceofroses@choc0bunnyqueen @katsukiisu @missy3307 @xfrozentiime @nerdy-giggles@jekyllandlawless @protect-leonard-snart @itsclowreedsfault@crystalneptuniart @bluegirl88 @kyorich @just-chats @keeaton46@pssshhh-no @nyanberri @jadedforest @elliotthezubat @angel-of-music-hyde-no-longer @mikoe24 @tenshitan @xeroeight

My Voltron Ships:

Punk (Hidge)

Other biggies:
Pance 👖 (Pidgance)
Shatt (best ship name ever btw)

Side ships:
Allurtor (Lotura?? (Allura x Lotor))
Shunk Lancelot

Ships I don’t mind but don’t really ship either:

Absolutely nots/NoTPs:
… idk if i have any at this point lmao.


great title i know

@newsiestober day 26: Davey! god knows there’s no way I could miss this day out of all the others

Rating: T

Pairing: Jack/Katherine/David

Summary: David, grasping at straws, uses an old coping mechanism to cope with his depressive slump.Or, wherein David is having a hard time in like, so he dyes his hair.

Warnings:  Anxiety and depression. General angst

The apartment was too quiet without Jack and Katherine.

They were both gone for their own reasons. Kath had been pulled away by her mother for a week-long trip. A visit to a few relatives halfway across the country. David missed her.

Jack was still in town, but his presence had been very sparse in the apartment that week. Of the seven nights Katherine had been absent, Jack was gone for half of them.

They’d held each other the first two nights, cuddled against the chilly October night under the blankets. David found it bearable, comfortable in his partner’s embrace.

And then for two nights afterward, Jack had phoned in late at night, saying things like, “It’s getting late and the rain is pretty heavy. Think I’m gonna crash at the studio tonight, if that’s okay,” and the night after, “Race and Spot’re in a spat. Spot’s at Albert’s and I offered to stay with Race.”

What could David do but agree?

The next night Jack had come home after David was already asleep, smelling of paint and cheap Italian take out.

David understood. He did. He knew all about Jack’s big projects that were nearing completion. He knew that Jack got wound up in work all too often. He knew Jack skimmed over details sometimes and didn’t really pick up on when things were less than OK, or that something had gone off-kilter in their lives.

And that was fine.

David was an adult. He would be fine . He could handle a few nights on his own. He became re-accustomed to the cold sheets and empty mattresses. The cold morning kitchens, and the ghosting laughter that David longed for.

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