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It’s the last day of @miraculous-weeks‘s AU week so how about this: WRECK-IT IVAN?

Seriously, you could swap out half the cast either way and the plots would remain exactly the same, that’s how well it fits.

- Ivan as Ralph, he’s giant and scary but actually adorable (not to mention, Stone Heart going around and wrecking Paris anyone? The most Ralph thing ever)
- Nino as Felix, because he’s adorable and wears a cap and is an actual polite sweetheart who likes to have fun :D
- Alya as Calhoun, she’s so hardcore and awesome and loves action and adventure!! (+DJwifi can exist now, yaaay)
- Nooroo as Sour Bill, having to obey the villain no matter what and is the only one to know the villain’s secret identity… save them both pls
- Chloe, Sabrina and Kim as Taffyta, Candlehead and Rancis. Chloe’s the head bully, Sabrina’s her sidekick who does everything she says, and Kim… just kinda sticks around and is a dork. (And also everyone ships Vanellope and Rancis so like there’s always heartrate if you’re into that?)
- Hawk Moth as Turbo. Whoever Hawk Moth is beneath the mask, that’s King Candy.

Bonus - please imagine this scene but with Ralph and Vanellope:

ive been drawing lots of bob’s burgers so might as well bring my au to life

LIST OF RP FAVORITES AND LEAST FAVORITES !  / repost, do not reblog.

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FIRST NAME: magpie 👀
FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY: shrugs? the canon (for chris, anyway). if it works, it works !
FAVORITE SHIP YOU’VE EVER HAD: M A N Y. ALL. (even if we don’t talk as much anymore ;v;)
FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN: dis one. :> cuz of y’all
FAVORITE SONG TO GIVE YOU MUSE: idk anything that’s painful tbh?? :’^) or fitting their aesthetic.
LEAST FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY/PLAY AGAINST: usually people who’ve done some Ultra Fucked Up Shit (like abusers/etc.) or are people i’m just “:/ yikes” about. probably gonna stay away from (popular) ytber fcs, s o. yeah.
LEAST FAVORITE RP EXPERIENCE: uhhhhhhhhhh don’t recall. shrug emoji.
LEAST FAVORITE GENRE OF WRITING: fighting? action? How Do. i don’t know fighting words that don’t sound mechanical.
LEAST FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN: uh. this is pretty much the only fandom i’ve been active in (as opposed to reblogging things) so um. u kno. 👀
LEAST FAVORITE THING PEOPLE ASSUME ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: “uwu cinnamon roll wouldn’t harm a fly so protective.” also that he has a fake-crush on ashley l mao?? Get Out Of Here, I’m Not About That Shit.
OTHER CHARACTERS YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY: uhhhh maybe Emily. but i don’t think i’d have the correct tone for her outward attitude & such stuff. maybe for her inner workings but uh. :’)

and, for the bonus round, bold whatever rp-related things appeal to you from the list below!

MUSE PREFERENCES: females / males / canons / ocs / corrupted / good / live action / animated / human / supernatural / other species / hopeless romantic / averse to love / younger (15-25) / older (25+) / easy for you to relate to / hard for you to relate to.

PLOT IDEAS: accidentally married / affairs / age gaps / angst / apocalypse / arranged marriage / boarding school / college roommates / criminals / enemies to lovers / enemies with benefits / exes / fake relationship / fluff / forbidden relationship / friends with benefits / online relationships / pregnancy / prison / professor/student / road trips / rich kids / royalty / smut / supernatural / toxic relationships.

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS IN PLOTS YOU’RE OKAY WITH: abuse / bdsm / daddy kink / drinking / drugs / dub-con / gore / incest / kidnapping / murder / non-con / prostitution / stepcest / stockholm syndrome / torture.

Hear me out

A Phantom of the Opera/Cthulu Mythos AU

* Erik trying to summon Elder Gods in the opera basement.
* The Shade is really an avatar of Nyarlathotep
* The Daroga isn’t a retired policeman- he’s an intellectual and a philosopher, who spent years working on a translation of the Necronomicon before his partner, Erik, got sticky fingers and ran off to France with it.
* The de Chagny’s have Deep One blood, which explains their unusual propensity as sailors 
* Daroga originally asked Comte Philippe (after figuring out that the main wears his collars unfashionably high in public to hide the thin gill slits on his neck, and never removes his shoes even in private to hide the webbing there) to help him recover the Necronomicon from Erik, but when that failed he had to turn to Raoul.

Idk where Christine fits in. Human sacrifice? Servant of Nyarlathotep, trying to trick Erik into summoning Yog-Sothoth? Innocent victim? Erik’s prize for opening the portal to the realm of the Great Old Ones?

LG tumblr: bihets, ace/aros, nb genders, intersex, and pan/poly/omni aren’t welcome in LGBT spaces because the str8s accept you

Bisexuals: No they don’t.

Asexuals: No they don’t.

Non-binary people: No they don’t.

Pansexuals: No they don’t. 

Intersex people: No they don’t. 

LG: Ya they do, we would kno.