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Now we know how soft BTS × Dogs are but let’s analyze said photo bighit posted:

Seems normal right?


Here we have sunshine line aka I can hear Jin’s laugh from acRoSS thE OcEAn

Next the I was forced-to-take-this-photo-kill-me-now™ crew that avoid the camera at all cost

And finally the ones who just came for the dogs thinking they only left their bed today to be with man’s best friend, so why are there crew members here?

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I was wondering when u can go back to posting gameplay? I mean your edits are cool but it's not even sims anymore? Like we can't even see any of their facial features if your covering up and heavily editing them. I rather you post more simple edits that actually show the sims instead of you doing a bunch of stuff to it

Hey nonny! I would love to go back but if you haven’t read my recent update post, I got a virus & I had to completely wipe my computer & I have 2 midterms tomorrow so I’m really busy with school :+( ! Also, I get what you mean! Idk for me personally, I like to see my edits as an art piece rather than just a picture of my sims? That’s how I like to be creative w/ it while others edit their pictures another way- there isn’t a right/wrong way of editing your sims :+) ! As long as you’re posting what you like, it’s all that it matters! If you don’t like my ‘heavy editing’, feel free to unfollow + follow creators who do cater towards your preference :+) Sorry to disappoint love, but I hope you have a great day!

when theres a post about french colonization and imperialism going around most people are gonna reblog it with neutral tags like #algeria #history and then you have actual white french people who will always do The Most and tag it with “ugh france is the worst” and shit like this and its so performative like we get it youre not like other whites bla bla bla just shut up 

hi can a dysphoric trans boy have some help? won’t cost a thing

i’d just like to see some cis guys (or post-op trans guys) taking a picture of what their chest looks like when they look down (with some clothes on please!) to have a comparison bc even wearing a binder when I look down I get huge dysphoria. Idk if it would help but maybe seeing some cis guys with different body proportions/shapes from the same perspective might help?

signal boosts appreciated

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Any of your roommates have good stories then?

well we once talked for 40 minutes about times they got high while we ate raw cookie dough. the only ones i really remember are:

-the time j and a bunch of friends got really high and she walked into the kitchen and 3 of her friends were doing a really weird almost ritualistic dance around her dog
-the time e was leaving her boyfriend’s house and ran into his stepfather and couldn’t figure out how to use a doorknob

hi im at work i see all yalls ask about the tragedy that is james ashtons nee fuckin face i cant wait to reply after my shift and cry with u all. rip james. i think we can kind of assume that someone on behalf of michael b jordan has reached out in some way? idk but um…. wow im SAdt


i took two videos today, this is the second one, i don’t think i’m going to post the second video, because there was a lot of traffic through the cul-de-sac today, fox handled it expertly, but one woman pulled right up to us while we where training (to ask questions) and idk i just don’t want to post it. my heart totally stopped when she pulled up to us, i was like “oh jesus here it comes, someone’s gonna tell me i’m abusing my dog”. luckily she just wanted to say that this was cool and i was doing a good job :’) 
so without video one, you can’t see all the progress, but there is a good deal of improvement in this video alone. today it was aaaall about turns. fixing the shafts is going to make this even better, but you can see how much tighter and more confident he’s getting. 
one issue we have to work on a bit, is that he’s getting a bit to excited and ready to go, then scaring himself a little when he goes too fast and then remembers the wagon. once we start going he settles down and remembers what we’re doing. (i think this is a “OH PULLING SOMETHING MEANS GO GO GO GO GO” and then remembering that we’re /carting/ and not /joring/) but it’s nice to see enthusiasm and i’m just… still so blown away and proud of our progress 

so I was tagged but the two very lovely @bisexualmctatenski and @demonfero <3

Rules: Answer 30 Questions then tag 20 blogs

1. Nicknames: Phoebss

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Virgo 

4. Height: 5′2″

5. Time: 23:10

6. Birthday: September 8th

7. Favourite bands: Bastille <3, the Chainsmokers they are more than one person its a band fight me, Imagine Dragons 

8. Favourite solo artists: Halsey and Avicii and Blackbear 

9. Song stuck in my head: Heaven in hiding -  Halsey 

10. Last movie watched: We’re the Millers 

11. Last show watched: Ru Paul’s drag race 😂

12. When did I create my blog: idk Libby tells me its more than a year ago 

13. What do I post: Teen wolf, malia and stalia but teen wolf Is dead so probs just memes now 

14. Last thing googled: how the fuck do you get an a* in economics 

15. Do you have other blogs: Yeah, @incorrectstaliaquotes, @fystalia @the-jason-todd

16. Do you get asks: mostly hate

17. Why did you choose your url: because drunk scrabble is the best 

18. Following: 139

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20. Favorite colors: blue

21. Average hours of sleep: 6 if I’m lucky 

22. Lucky number: 9

23. Instruments: guitar, piano and low key know drums 

24. What I am wearing: big baggy jumper and sports shorts <3

25. How many blankets I sleep with: a dog  

26. Dream job: idk I just want to  travel 

27. Dream trip: everywhere

28. Favourite food: quinoa

29. Nationality: British

30. Favourite song right now: the draw - Bastille 

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To start out by saying, I understand if u cant or dont want2b honest w/this stranger right here🖐🏼👈🏼 ..Im too big of a dreamer sometimes bt we must realize how short life truly is! If this is a different wig I absolutely get y u have2remain incognito. I wont flip shit&get all loud&messy. Im a chill girl. So I couldn’t help bt notice, n the pic of the multi-faceted BADASS piano !..Ur post kinda turned into, Idk as if u r Gaga. &then u mention TAIT..Idk. Jus small details have me wondering🤔😊

I’m not gaga lol

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The ONLY relative in character explanation for Lena treating James the way she did is that maybe she was like...testing him? She is going to be basically running CatCo now. Maybe she was just seeing if it was worth it to include James in the bigger stuff still? Seeing if he cared enough to still follow through even when she was trying to "exclude" him? Idk it was still stupid asf but that's the only explanation I can wrap my head around.

yeah i’ve seen a post along those lines but again James being a well-established reporter and a capable enough manager on his own right (we didn’t hear anything abt CatCo being run into the ground under his leadership & we do know for a fact that they broke a lot of huge stories for what was previously a fashion magazine) and additionally a close friend of Kara’s should be plenty enough for Lena to treat him w courtesy and respect lmao. i honestly think that this was OOC for her, especially given how she talked abt managing CatCo for the rest of the ep & also if you have to like, purposefully provoke someone so that you can get a good idea of their character you’re not a very good leader imo.

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i LOVE your drawing of lance playing hockey! i feel like he would play hockey and keith would do boxing (hockey and boxing are sometimes strikingly similar lmao)

thanks!! sorry i’ve always loved the idea of martial artist keith so rather than boxing, here you go orz. they are probably in their college team or something

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