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This is just a short college story, not public school so I hope that’s okay

So I’m going off to college this year, and our mascot is a goat. Idk if you guys have ever done the how many goats quiz, if not look up “goat quiz” and its the first link, it tells you how many goats you would be worth as a dowry. Someone posted it to our class facebook page as a poll so now we are all sharing our worth as goats, its great. Im worth 7


“Fure Fure-e-e-e driving (part 4) - the end” with Nichan, Nibansenji, Forgeru, Kamakiri and Kisaragi Riku driving to “Love Cheer” MV shooting

[Talking about favourite Musumen. song]
Nichan: What about you, Kisarin?
Kisaragi Riku: Of what genre?
Nichan: Genre???????
Forgeru: Any!!
Nichan: It’s not utattemita ranking or odottemita ranking - give your general favourite, please!
KIsaragi Riku: I guess, “Getsumen”… 
                                 [the last single]

  • Jongin: last night was..
  • Yixing: yea i had fun we should do it again sometime, next time go faster or i
  • Junmyeon: what happened last night... did u...
  • Yixing: yes as a matter of a fact we did, and it was fun
  • [junmyeon leaves the room dumbfounded]
  • Jongin: it's only mario kart, why did he he leave so abruptly
  • Yixing: idk but tonight you either go faster or i'll win yet again

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I was never spanked as a child but that post brought back a bunch of vivid memories of my mom and I going out somewhere to shop and when I would say to her "If you're getting one I want one too" which she would reply to with "What makes you think we're equal?" and it wasn't always expensive stuff either so idk maybe it wasn't always justified

thats not…. thats not in any way equivalent how you gonna say that your mom getting something for herself at the store and not getting it for you too is in any way equal to consistent explicit physical abuse like…. unless im missing something here this is dumb as fuck

I get a lot of...

Follow me so we can chat submits. But then when I click on your page I find nothing of you or about you…
Y'all gotta give me somethin to work with. Why should I follow you?? Idk if you are a dude a chick 14 or 87. Or you want me to follow and you have nothing on your page 🤔🤔🤔 what am I following for when ya don’t post anything?? So give me a reason why I should follow you, have some content up, a tiny lil bio…. anything. And sometimes I’m not very fun to chat with all the time. I vanish or sometimes I just don’t wanna or I get busy. Not a huge a fan of sexting all the damn time either I like some conversation. Don’t tell me you wanna eat my Ass without a lil conversation…. I’m funny like that.

Ok like… can people stop with assuming that everyone who disagrees with them on a mental illness post is neurotypical??? Like us neurodivergents aren’t a hive mind, we have our individual opinions. Just because we disagree with you, doesn’t mean we’re suddenly neurotypical. And it’s quite gross to use the word “neurotypical” as an insult because there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy mind. In fact, I’d personally rather be neurotypical so I wouldn’t have to deal with my shit brain!!!

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Oh god i just read part two and the sequel and THAT TOOK AN UNEXPECTED TURNS i loved it thank you for writing this

thank you!! i’m making it a whole book. if someone decides to publish it i’m going to use all ur tags as my testimonials.


Sure! I hope you guys like it! I really enjoyed writing this. Sorry it took ao long, I’m still feeling super out of it. IDK what’s wring with me. Anyway I hope you like the story!

Read the last one here!

Tom took care of Marco for a bit over an hour after their talk. “Tom, stop fussing, I told you a million times that I’m okay.” Marco laughed lightly. Tom sat down and rubbed the back of his sheepishly, blushing a bit. “How about you sit down and take a rest.” Marco suggested. “We don’t need two of us sick.” He laughed. Tom smile and sat on the bed next to Marco. “Thanks again for helping me out.” Marco beamed.

“You’ve already thanked me a million times.” Tom assured, rolling his eyes. “Besides, I like helping you.” He added. As soon as he realized what he said he blushed deeply.

“You like helping me?” Marco asked.

“No! Well… yes but… it’s uh,… It’s just a good excuse to be around you and I…” Tom trailed off, blushing furiously. Marco smiled big and scooted closer to him.

“Go on.” He urged. Tom gulped and blushed deeper.

“W-well… I like you Marco… I like being with you and I want you to be okay because…” Tom bit his lip and Marco felt a little smile creep across his lips. He moved closer and motioned for Tom to keep talking. Tom blushed deeper and coughed nervously. “I think… I think you get what I’m trying to say.” Tom mumbled.

“I do.” Marco giggled. “And I like you too.” He whispered this, part, blushing himself. Tom flared up and his face lit up, fire swirled around him and his eyes glittered.

“You do?” He exclaimed. Marco nodded and the demon him in a hug, drowning the human in affection. “Oh Marco you don’t know how happy you’ve made me!” Tom cried. “I can’t believe you actually… wow!” Tom started laughing and Marco pulled away a bit, smiling at the demon’s adorable look of joy.

“Oh look at you.” Marco giggled. “You make me so happy, Tom, you really do.” He promised. Tom wrapped the human up in a hug and Marco hugged back. He closed his eyes and fell against the demon fully, now feeling tired from being so sick. Tom looked down and saw Marco’s sleepy look.

“You can rest for a while.” Tom assured. He made a move to set Marco down but the human held onto him tighter. Tom blushed deeper. “Uh… Marco?” He asked, shyly. Marco smiled up at him and snuggled against him.

“Don’t go, please.” Marco asked. Tom nodded and pulled Marco closer. “Thank you for being honest with me… about how you feel… I mean I had a feeling after you saved me but… It means the world to have you return my feelings.” Marco yawned. Tom beamed and petted the human’s head. He let Marco doze off and held the human close for a long time. Tom hummed a little to him and closed his own eyes, resting his head on top of the human’s.

The boys stayed there for a while longer. Every now and then Marco would stir in his sleep and Tom’s heart would flutter. He held the human closer and enjoyed being so connected with him. And the best part was, Tom felt really truly loved. He knew Marco wanted him there with him, and he knew Marco thought the same of Tom. He felt so… wanted! And loved! It was wonderful and new and all he could do was love the boys who gave it to him.

“Tom…?” A sleepy murmur came from below Tom’s head and the demon looked down. Marco was peering up at him with tired eyes and Tom smiled warmly. Marco smiled as well. “You stayed with me. I knew you would.” Marco yawned.

“Of course I stayed with you.” Tom whispered, he reached down to tuck Marco’s hair behind his ear. “How could I leave you when I just got the chance to tell you I love you?” Tom asked. Marco blushed and Tom giggled. “I’m serious, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life and now I finally have it. I love you Marco.” Tom grinned.

“Oh Tom, I love you too.” Marco giggled, rubbing his eyes. Tom kissed him on the head.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Wonderful.” Marco sighed in a dreamy voice. Tom laughed.

“No silly, how are you feeling health-wise?” Tom asked. Marco blushed and looked down.

“Oh, right.” He realized. “Better, I’m still so tired though.” Marco yawned. Tom took Marco back into his arms and positioned him to be comfortable.

“Well you can rest some more, I won’t leave, I swear.” Toom promised. Marco smiled and closed his eyes. “I love you, Marco.” He told the human.

“I love you too, Tom.” Marco whispered back.

“And I love you both!” A voice interrupted their romantic moment and the two boys, jumped, nearly falling off he bed. Star grinned in the doorway and Tom and Marco both blushed furiously. “Awww! You guys are so so so cute!” She exclaimed. “I just knew you guys were meant to be!” She giggled.

“Star!” Marco cried, scrambled his feet. “G-get out of here!” He stuttered. Tom blushed violently and covered his face with his hands.

“Aww! He’s getting all flustered, how cute!” Star teased. Marco growled at her. “Okay Okay, I’m leaving. I just get excited about how sweet you guys are!” She giggled. Marco made a face and Star left, after giving him a thumbs-up. She skipped out of the room and Marco put his arm around the demon and Tom blushed more.

“Sorry about that… she sort of really wanted us to get together.” Marco giggled nervously. Tom nodded and laughed himself, playing with his thumbs.

“Yeah… I sort of can tell. She seemed way too eager for me to come over and take care of you.” Tom recalled. Marco giggled and the two held hands for a while. “I think you should get some rest.” Tom told the human. “I’ll make you some soup for when you wake up.” He offered. Marco smiled and Tom scooped him up in his arms, putting him down on the bed and brushing his hair away. “See you soon.” Tom joked. Marco yawned and closed his eyes, but Tom stayed for a while longer, watching his human rest.


er… Surprise?


It’s me, ya boi Rowan. IDK if anyone even knows I disappeared >.>

Anyhoo, I’m popping by to make a quick post about some things:

  • Inside drama is not to be discussed like gossip, we’d appreciate the privacy. Em made a video about the details to the one situation already, and you’re free to comment and ask questions there, not through our tumblr.
  • Please, please PLEASE don’t pressure responses out of us, regarding real life tragedies, we received a couple messages about the recent Manchester incident and it’s not something we can just talk about lightly. This goes for any real life worldly happenings, as we are COSPLAYERS, not the characters themselves! We are human and have differing views than the governments of the characters we cosplay. Please respect this.
  • Most of us are full time working adults now, or have lives that get in the way of videos, this has been stated multiple times, yet there are still some people who get itchy if we haven’t posted within a couple days.

WE LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. ANd it’s magical that you guys are even willing to stick with us through all this crap. <3 We appreciate it tremendously. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.


so i was…sort of tagged by @prettymacca (who said whoever can do it :~) 

rules are to post home screen (all my notifs are gone bc the red bubbles annoy me), it’s a picture of big ben from when i lived in london, the lock screen (i’m nothing if not predictable), most recent song played, and most recent selfie (i don’t take them often owing to an incurable case of The Uglies, but here we are)

i will tag uhhh @ you : ]

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Hdiosofiaoodka idk why but it reminded me of the freaking “fre sha vacado”

OMMMMmmmm. this reminds me that nobody can ever take away my hc that shiro has definitely said this and will say this lmao (”Keith. Look. I’m eating some….. fre sha vocado” / “guys this tastes like fre sha vocado.”/ “who wants some fre sha vocado” / “i dont know about your planet, but back on earth we had fre sha vocado.” ) 

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Do we have an image of baby jake? If not google baby boy with blonde hair and green eyes and the first pic that pops up would totally be him. Idk how to link it or anything so if you could post the pic that would be cool lol

Yeah remember the original moodboard? That little blonde baby is Jake

Okay so I dont have a comp right now (long story lmao) but I will be adding a faq soonish- I hope lmao..

aNYWAY if u actually are suicidal idc Im not posting those anons stop blaming dean for ur suicidal thoughts it makes me suoer uncomfy. If u send something off anon Im happy to try and help.

the discord has its own set of rules for an entry link. Please look at that post I cant add a link now but if one of u wants to Id appreciate it. Its tagged under #discord and #mod speaks- MAYBE ALSO #announcement but idkk.. its been awhile

The discord is a messaging website and on the fan channel we talk about bad jokes and we have fun its chill

I am a boy idk why yall keep asking but?? I am??

Im really honestly happy to answer any questions, if its about me why not?? Idc anymore Im p over it lmao. Any submissions are good and fine but uh..please remember Im a human being, this blog is run by one person, and while I dont mind personal questions please have some common since?? Like.. dont ask me about my position in bed and shit?? Why would u do that?? Dont ask me creepy trans related questions?? Just be good people?? I will block u Ive done it before lmao

I love u guys if u want me to be ur dad I wikl be and if u wanna tell me an accomplishment u did I will be v proud Im proud of all my kids. Dont fucking call me daddy though its gross and wierd I dont?? Care?? If ur trying to be funny Im blocking u

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So I think I might be poly?? Bc I have a boyfriend whom I adore but I'm also pretty sure I have a crush on two of my friends but I'm also pretty sure one is straight but we kind of act like a couple and I know the other one isn't and she's hilarious but I'm not sure if I actually have a crush on her or if I just want to be closer friends??? And idk anything at all about anything except Victorian and Edwardian fashion and the French Revolution

1. Try looking at polyam blogs or following the polyam tag and see if you relate to the posts
2. Talk to your boyfriend about it, explain that you like/love him a lot and liking other people won’t change the amount of love or how you love him
3. Maybe if he is comfortable you could try a polyam relationship

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Andy is all show and I don't feel bad for him one bit! HE COULD HAVE AND STILL CAN walk away or at least put this leech in line. Honestly it bugs me so much that they pretend 2B animal activists. J posts items on depop claiming she no longer is buying leather then we see her with a brand new leather designer bag! idk how andys fans are blind to this. anyone worth their salt can piece it together.if they overlook it theres no doubt they're 100% an andy crazed fans. theres no other way around it


[insert that one gif of the screaming little girl that i can’t insert bc Mobile bc Work]

I HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED THE SEQUEL TO ORIGINS, which i have decided will be titled Voyages.

And now I’ve gotta like. Break it up into chapters. And edit. I’ll be posting two chapters a week and editing as I go, like I did w Origins. I’m nervous about posting it hhhhhhhh but expect the first chapter sometime between tonight and friday! (I’m gonna be doing a Monday/Friday update schedule again so idk if I should just wait until then… I also don’t know if I can wait that long WE WILL SEE HOW LONG IT TAKES ME TO BREAK IT UP IN CHAPTERS AND EDIT CHAPTER 1)

if you could rb this esp if you’re non-muslim, it would be very appreciated. 

i’m always happy to see people supporting muslims. however, as the month of ramadan approaches, i’ve noticed a lot of the “nsfr (not safe for ramadan)” posts popping up. these are mainly made by white people, although some by muslims.

the whole point of ramadan is to be surrounded by food, water, swearing,(NSFW things are excluded from this post, those should be tagged) etc, and resisting the temptation to participate in anything. ramadan is about recognizing what we take for granted everyday and learning to appreciate it. we mindlessly feed our bodies food we don’t necessarily need everyday. to be able to let yourself be thirsty and hungry gives an insight to those who live like that daily, with no end to it. they do not get to just wait until the sun goes down to be able to eat a big meal surrounded by family. they continue to be hungry, regardless of what time of day it is. it reminds us of the struggles that poor and/or homeless people face. 

the point of fasting is to submit to Allah for as long as humanly possible, which is from dawn to dusk. fasting is indeed incredibly hard, that is true. seeing water when i fast is very difficult for me. however, people in countries who mass celebrate ramadan, go to work in the 100+ degree F weather, the kids at school don’t stop fasting just because they’re in school, etc. it’s slightly offensive that these posts are made “uwu!! be safe!! it’s hot out!!! don’t let yourself pass out!!!im tagging everything i can!!! uwu!!!” because most of those posts are made by people asking for notes rather than those who actually care about muslims. 

i’m going to wrap this up because it’s long, but please, don’t treat muslims like babies. we are mostly capable of seeing such things you guys tag during ramadan and not being affected. if you DO reblog posts about NSFR things, please do so FROM AN ACTUAL MUSLIM. 

thank you.