idk if these are new videos



like this can fit in so well with that fic i wrote a while back with some minor alterations, vlad could have been captured by the galra and forced to fight against shiro in the arena, possibly expermented on to get a boost in powers, etc.

like im not saying i like the video but i really like the implications of vlad fighting for his life against the first human he saw in years.

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The only certain thing in all this mess is the Louis Tomlinson is going to kill me. Can you believe we going to have a new song, music video and idk how many photoshoots???? I don't know if I'm ready.... no, no, I'm totally ready. My son 😭😭😭😭😭

He’s my baby and I’m very proud of him

On: The Move™

Idk if you guys have noticed but our dear Jackaboy is so, so HAPPY.

He’s getting up earlier, he’s super bouncy and active on his Instagram story AND he’s cranking out videos like nobody’s business, even though he moved like?? A couple days ago?!

He seems really reinvigorated with this new change in environment and when Seán is happy, I’m happy too.

I just wanted to say that I’m super proud and happy for he and Signe. And I’m so glad they’re all settled in at their new place. I look forward to all of the new adventures and memories they have in store.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into your channel, Seán, now and always.


Name: ██████
Nickname: Sinmenon
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 1.5m (about 5′)
Orientation: Ace
Ethnicity: White mayo
Favorite fruit: Pineapple
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite books: Dracula
Favorite flower: Sunflower

Favorite scent: Lavander
Favorite animal: Dog
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? Coffee
Average hours of sleep: About 6 to 8 I believe
Cats or dogs? Dog
Favorite fictional character: I got a small list of favorite fictional characters
Dream trip: New York
When was your blog created? This blog was created on February 10, 2017. My personal was created on March 31, 2012.
What do you post about? Here I got threads, things relevant to my muse and metas
Do you get asks on a regular basis? Sometimes
Aesthetic: video games
Favorite band/artist? None atm
Fictional characters I’d date: idk
Hogwarts house: No clue


Countries I’ve lived in: Brazil
Favorite fandom: SMT/Persona, Castlevania, TWAU, comics, Tales of
Languages you speak: Portuguese, English, bit of Spanish
Favorite film of 2016: I don’t even recall which movies I watched last year OTL
Last article you read: You Aren’t Imagining It, ‘Wonder Woman’ Really Isn’t Being Well Promoted
Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: Pop Evil - Monster You Made, Theory of a Deadman - Villain , Persona 5 OST - Will Power
Last thing you bought online:  Body-Kun, still to arrive.
How would your enemies describe you? People called me intimidating a couple times. Besides that, idk , I tend to ignore people who consider me their ‘enemy’. 
Who would you take a bullet for? My besties, in a heartbeat

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*sticks leg up in air* the rise in popularity of podcasts and vines and other such forms of audio storytelling is a cool art form
*backflips* but every new art form leaves disabled people scrambling for ways to access the stories because abled folks forget that not everyone can hear and not everyone can understand audio-based arts
*does the splits* so please fuckign caption your vines and subtitle your videos and provide transcripts of your podcasts

2032. “lets playing” is a major in several reputable universities across the country. markiplier is the head of the lets playing department at Yale. a student walks into his office. “sir,” she says, “a boy in my intro to battletoads class was making antisemitic comments towards me.” 

“and you’re telling on him?” he questions in his way too charismatic voice. 

“um,” she says, “yes?” 

“well” he says. he positions a camera light onto his face and presses record on his very expensive camera. “i really just think you’re showing a lack of respect by trying to bring down this man who did nothing but–”

meanwhile, in an apartment in SoHo, the beat letsplayer movement is in full swing. cassandra, a cigarette dangling from her lips, sighs. “my mom still thinks i’m insane for leaving NYU”

“she’s insane,” says donovan, “the letsplayer major there is total corporate bullfuckery. they only care about the numbers, man, and defending each other’s near impossible to escape racist jokes (why is that so prevalent wtf), not doing new and interesting things with video games.”

“whatever,” she says, “once my series where i play fallout new vegas while suspended 30 feet in the air on a trapeze drops, then i’ll break it into the mainstream. then she’ll see.”

they make love, both secretly pretending the other is nick robinson


falsettos side by side but it’s just andrew rannells and christian borle being pure

Things from today's live show♡:

• phil: “There’s no DAWG… at the moment,”

• phil is keeping his bedroom aesthetic

• dan is changing is bedroom aesthetic

• he has a floating white bed ??

• he’s keeping all things silver !

•playing with cardboard boxes ,?,,

• chat: “when will you get a dog?” phil: “one day,”

• gaming video room has been set up !!

• mystery glass ??/

• dan in pink :))

• they touched the sydney opera house in AUS

• they watched fantastic beasts, lion, hacksaw ridge, nerve and snowden on the plane

• dan cried watching hacksaw ridge :’(

• had a little zoo trip

• the danisnotonfire desk is not in his bedroom and has been moved to the living room :?

• phil is still filming in his bedroom

• phil: “I requested a plant.” dan: “I bought a plant!”

• dan @ phil: “prepare inspirations for me,”

• SNUG (living room) !

• dan has a white piano !!

• “are you still trying to get revenge on me for the cereal?” “yes!”

• phil: “I know we can’t have a dog, but can we have a fish?”

• d&p talking about the science art museum and taking photos of eachother !

• dan cried at the show with the metal flower tree :“((((

• boomerangs at the aquarium !

• dan was given sparkley nail polish

• phil: “It just releases your pastely aesthetic,”

• phil: “I think I can probably get away with a fish or a hamster,”

• chat: “are you gonna curl you hair?” phil: “I think i’ll do it for a video at some point,”

• playlist live !

• phil is going to florida with the family

• harry’s new solo is phil’s favourite :))

• dan cried watching the last gaming video, back :’((((((

• some videos next week !!

• favourite room; gaming room !

• phil’s new room is “cozy and quiet” ♡

• dan: “I want to make the new danisnotonfire background, pretty” ♡

• dan has a bonsai !

• dan has an idea for a new dinof video (ooo)

• he has one final video in his old room

• dan said he purposely gave us hints about them moving in his last younow (we all knew lmao)

• phil called dans hair soft and poked it

• phil: “if i had natural curls i’d let them curl”

• the new apartment is called steve/dave/thor

• dan: “phil why won’t you paint your nails?”

• someone at phil’s university painted his nails and he didn’t like it :( (rip)

• probably a dinof video on monday and dans live show on tuesday !

• phil will try to do one in florida !

• “we’re just two irrelevant twits; dan and phil”

hey guys so when do the new episodes come out because i am seriously dying


just stan monsta x


Chris Evans Debuts Trailer for New Movie DENNIS



Black Mirror: Playtest (2016) dir. Dan Trachtenberg

What, a girl never beat you at Street Fighter?

idk why people r getting so upset with dnp’s new video??? i’m grateful for absolutely any content at all they could upload a five hour long video of them licking frickin nintendo cartridges and i’d be like hell yeah!!!! i’m all for it!! i love anything they do! let them do what they wanna do! i’d watch a 24 hour video of them staring at a wall!! i love and respect dan and phil!