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IF I MET YOU probs we'd like go to Aesthetic™ cafes and take Aesthetic™ candid pictures of each other AND like TRY to get work done but nothing would actually get accomplished we'd just be on tumblr scrolling and be like LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF JIMIN (idk if ur into bts i hope u are) and cackling and drinking tea lattes and just being a general Mess™ and it'd be awesome and then we'd go to ANOTHER coffee shop to take more pics and it'd be SO GRAND

CHEY I JUST YELLED OUT LOUD THIS IS SO GOOD!!! WOOOOOOOW I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS and dude yES of course i’m into bts!! (jungkook + tae are my faves though 💕💓💘💗) u know what im going to fly out to seattle so we can make!! this!! a!!! reality!!!

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Favorite Look: Ok it was hard to choose only one, but my fave is this simple one and honestly idk why :)

Favorite Tweet: This one, because I’d love to have a long discussion with him about his crazy theories

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I’m really torn on my opinion of the new Americanized Death Note. I mean people keep calling it a “white version” of the series but the guy playing Light is Jewish and the the guy played L is black so I think its better to just call it an Americanized version? 

Plus one of the producers is Masi Oka who is Japanese and I love him so that gives it points in favor in my eyes. Idk I’m torn. If anyone has opinions one way or another please tell me because I am honestly unsure about whether or not I should watch it.


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.”  T.S. Eliot

                                                  Happy New Year!


a lot of you seemed to like the previous post so i did another one???? i’m sorry i love these two so much i’ll add the others next time,

i have a,, jaehee’s version now,,

added a saeran and saeyoung’s version!!

unknown’s version!

  • Winwin: Hey guys, you know what I lo-
  • Taeyong: Love? What a great thing to talk about! You're so great and smart, Sicheng. I'll go first. I love Winwin of popular Korean boy group NCT, real name Dong Sicheng.. I love you so much you precious angel. There I said it. Like I do every day. I would kill for you, my sweet, sweet son. I would take someone's life for you, you beautiful human being. You look hungry. Are you hungry? I'll make you something right now but don't worry I'll be back in about 20 minutes to remind you how much I love you

i really hate how fanfic is viewed as less valuable than other writings because people assume it’s easy to write when you’re using the basis of another work… honestly, writing within the frame of someone else’s creation can be even more challenging than writing something original and even plotless smut takes a lot of effort and practice to get right !! idk i’m just sick of hearing fanfic trashed and fanart praised to the heavens because apparently it’s so much harder to create art than it is to write :):))

fantastic beasts but like,,,,,,,, without the plot,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just two hours of my boy newt taking care of all the creatures in his suitcase- and maybe a sideplot about picket’s struggle to fit in with the rest of the bowtruckle,,,, no johnny depp no deeper plot no awkward romantic pairings just good old newt scamander and his magical creatures